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Cutdown day arrives, players depart

Coach Tony Sparano will speak to the media in about an hour and he may or may not announce all of Miami's roster moves today. [Update 2:30: Sparano's presser has been postponed to Sunday. It makes sense because as you will read further on down the team is making cuts today but today's 53 may not necessarily be the 53 that goes into Buffalo week.]

This is what we know so far:

Pat White has been cut, Parick Turner has been cut, J.D. Folsom has been cut, Austin Spitler has been cut, Ryan Baker has been cut, Donald Thomas has been cut, Montavious Stanley has been cut. Baker, Spitler and Turner are practice squad eligible.

Others likely to get the axe in the coming minutes include Lionel Dotson and Andrew Gardner. Rolly Lumbala, Julius Pruitt, Erick Walden, Kevin Hobbs and Ross Weaver also have reason to worry about job security today.

The defensive line will likely be Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Tony McDaniel, Charles Grant, and Marques Douglas. By the way, do not be surprised if either Douglas or Grant aren't on the team on Monday. I'm told the club will be searching the waiver wire and other sources for a younger defensive end to replace one of these veterans. The idea is to have a player that can be a contributor beyond one season. Grant and Douglas are likely one-year contributors. Obviously, this will depend on Miami's ability to find better, younger players on the market.

The Dolphins will keep three quarterbacks -- Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen -- barring a last-second trade offer from some team.

Benny Sapp, acquired from the Minnesota Vikings two weeks ago, makes the team. Pat McQuistan, acquired from the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, makes the team.

The club is expected to keep Lydon Murtha.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are not interested in T.J. Houshmandzadeh, according to a source. Houshmandzadeh has been cut by the Seattle Seahawks.

Watch the tight end situation closely. I'm hearing that David Martin is on the outs and John Nalbone will make the team. The Martin portion makes sense because if he is on the roster the first week of the season, his entire salary is guaranteed. The Dolphins probably do not wish to do that.

Again, the Dolphins won't necessarily go with only two tight ends. The waiver wire may add a player at that position. It is also possible Martin gets re-signed after the first week of the season.

[Update 3:25: Martin has indeed been cut, according to his agent.]


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HUH????Redsky, when in any post did i campare nalbone to hartline???*now i need a shot of whiskey*


I dont believe they evr drafted White with intentions of making him a prototype nfl qb(only 5'11). They drafted him for "wildpat". But White never showed he could be consistent throwing the ball, which is the very nature of being a run throw threat from the formation.

He refused to audition for any other spot. So if you have a qb that cant consistently hit the broadside of a barn whats left but the cut list. White sealed his own fate with that decision.

The "wildpat" was dead in the water without the threat of him consistently completing the ball. Heck ronnie Brown can come in and do that, lol!

I could honestly care less about your opinion on White. I'm also not impressed with your football knowledge and IQ. "Nuff said"


You hit the Nail on the head.

Now everyone should just relax and move on!

Yann is on point. Tuna is a HORRIBLE drafter. They skip over big time talent. Odrick/Misi not going to cut it.

whoa, regressed is going a little too far now,yea they dropped from expectations a little last year but that was in part due to much inconsistancy on offense and one tough schedule....but you do remmember having NO expectations in 2008 when they went 1-15 the year before and was in tems of thinking the detroit lions as far as the AFC as teams were percieved going into the 2008 season.Funny how that changes so quickly year to year with fans!!!

superphin your post at 20:53:28, maybe i misread? sounded like you were talking about his ???? hands then you mention hartline later. no big deal, enjoy that shot of whiskey, it's after 5pm.

Pat White actually had a decent completion percentage in college. This coupled with his athleticism is what made him such an attractive lure(2nd rd) to the Dolphins as they envisioned the "wildpat".

Dont get it twisted folks, Pat White was drafted for the "wildpat" only. Because of his failure as a passer out of the formation it didnt work. Sometimes you do strike out trying to hit a homerun. Next batter up!

FB, dont get mad, go buy urself a white jersey*pretty cheap*, im sure you'll follow suit with whatever team u decide to root for*lmao*

Pat White and Pat Turner are far bigger bungles than Ginn. At least Ginn started and actually contributed. Pat White will be a Steelers highlight for a few decades and Pat Turner well be a name no one remembers ... and it only took a year.

Fatcels needs to find another gimp because that little gnome Ireland sure as hell doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Massive FAIL by the entire organization.

Redsky, o no i was talking about Bess hands at times, and hartline having ups and downs to where guys like moore and wallace can move up and shine. As far as Nalbone , no absolutely dont like that move at all.

Seattle relesing Hous-yo-mama. Lets see is Pat Turner's former college coach Pete Carroll has any interest in picking him up. Carroll had Turner for 4yrs at USC. That will show what Carroll actually thought of his abilities. He's seen more of Turner than anyone else.

Dying Breed,
You have made the most compelling argument to date. Maybe he did refuse to switch positions; but then again, don't you remember Spore-ano saying: "We have drafted Pat White strictly to be a QB"? Anyway, the topic is dead now; I just had hopes and expectations for what could have been.
Good luck to you Pat. You're a gentleman.

Now you idiots are making excuses for the White selection. LMFAO.

1. The Wildcat accounts for less than 5% of their offensive plays from scrimmage.

2. They had a guy that ran it just fine - Ronnie Brown.

3. They had needs at just about every position at the time White was selected.

This selection was 100 times worse than the Ginn pick, but you idiots continue to worship at the altar of Fatcels. Whatever.

Whats up FB? I think that going from 1-15 to 11-5 in their first year was sort of a perfect storm of luck, and good play by the Phins. Not so much the genius of Parcells, or Sparano. 7-9 also was dissapointing after 2008 but really more realistic then the Dolphins repeating what they had done previously. Sure this regime has made mistakes, but they haven't been picks that can kill franchises, or set them back for years. We have now a team that will be competetive. a team that in reality is closer to the team that went 11-5, but now with Parcells guys, Sparanos guy. If the Phins have a poor year, and do not compete, perhaps it might be time to re-think the strategy, but I think what we have the future looks bright, and we will have a winner.

The Big Tuna can't cook anymore he lost the grocery list, or he is shopping at Save-a-lot

Dying Breed,
You have made the most compelling argument to date. Maybe he did refuse to switch positions; but then again, don't you remember Spore-ano saying: "We have drafted Pat White strictly to be a QB"? Anyway, the topic is dead now; I just had hopes and expectations for what could have been.
Good luck to you Pat. You're a gentleman.

Sparano never lied he just never detailed just what that meant coming from his lips. If they drafted him "specifically for the "wildpat" then they did draft him to play quarterback. sparano just never accentuated on it, lol!

Plus think about it. Parcell's been in football 30+ seasons. Do you really believe he would now all of a sudden draft a 5'11 guy to be a fulltime nfl qb? I think not. But I do understand visions of sugerplums dancing in his head(wildpat)in the 09 draft.

understood superphin, how' the whiskey?

Actually the Patriots haven't won a Superbowl Since they got caught cheating hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder why.

Am so happy we kept Wallace & Moore. Turner wasn't a bust at all. He was injured last year and when he came back and had a solid preseason there were two better WRs in camp. It's a shame we couldn't trade him but it's impossible when Patrick Crayton was just traded for a 7th rounder. Same goes for Donald Thomas. It's a shame he suffered that that injured his foot against the stinky jets: but before that we all thought the trifecta were genius for drafting him. He was a steal. How soon do we forget Fins fans. Merling was injured but he's still a dominant player - ask the Jets. As far as Pat white; he was really a waste of a pick, but I have a feeling that he never developed into the real player they wanted him for - a WR. Again, he's not a QB; he's an athleate, but wasn't special. The trifecta really screwed up on that pick when we had other needs. Odrick is going to be a dominant player - will never forget the game he had against LSU. Midi is more of a protect but he's definitely has a future, and Jerry is our starting guard so what else can I say. I trust the Trifecta and I would prefer for them to keep the better player regardless of draft status. Go Fins!

To all Non-Fins fans: write on your own team's wall. This Fins Nation!!!!

*still drinking*, trying to get all the pat white lovers on here some reality checks on his NFL career...postmoterm career i should say


Im not justifying White's selection. It's just like some situations you witness in life and say to yourself, "I dont condone it but I do understand." Sometimes while trying to hit a homerun you whiff and strike out. Better luck on the next at bat.

What's done is done, once you dump your load you cant get it back, lol.

FO just couldnt validate keeping White since they never had plans to make him a prototype qb anyway.

White's not the first great college player to go nfl bust and you can definitely believe he wont be the last. The stage is just to big for some guys. They seem to shrink at this level.

good thoughts dfins006, i think there are some behind the scenes actions going on that will play themselves out between now and buffalo. let's hope they are good, a game at a time guys.....


Pat White wont even get a tryout with another team if he continues to play any other position. How many nfl teams are looking for a 5'11 qb.

Doug Flutie was a far better passer than White and even he had to begin his pro career in the CFL. So go figure. IMO, using Flutie as a model proves the fo intentions were never to make White a prototype nfl qb. The wildpat was his calling grace to the nfl and he failed.

I like your post brother. It's a good way of looking at things. I hope we do have a good season, but judging by our preseason play, it doesn't look too bright. Too many mistakes and Henne doesn't seem to be on the same pages as his WR's. I hope things change quick.


Posted by: finn*n*ginn | September 04, 2010 at 05:45 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/09/cutdown-day-arrives-players-depart/comments/page/3/#comment-form#ixzz0ybI2FXG3

1. Learn how to spell.
2. Nice name.
3. Who are you again?
4. Later buddy.

Pat white is dead to miami now, and after this week, nobody will care except for the few misunderstood fans who cant understand what the difference is between someone who was talent and someone who was not blessed with nfl talent at all coming out of college. No, i'm afraid pat white will fall into the column of the leafs, Russels, and Becks of the NFL.

Micah Johnson made the 53.

Micah Johson has made the team according to the SS. That's good news; this kid has made a lot of plays. He hits hard and is a good tackler. Seems to be around the ball a lot.

UPDATE 5:25 p.m.: Source tells me ILB Micah Johnson has officially made the Dolphins’ 53-man roster. The undrafted rookie out of Kentucky had a tremendous camp and preseason. Giants must be kicking themselves for letting him go in June. Now if he can just keep those knees healthy.

Look at this:

Cirrus Logic (CRUS) also advanced 3% in rapid turnover. The chipmaker's stock is trying to rebound above its 50-day line. Cirrus sits 16% off its July 27 high

FB i know mt opinion is not wanted or needed but i belive Pat White will never be a star in the NFL its not his fault that hes barely 6 foot and he cant complete a pass in NFL its suspect though considering he holds every related QB record at WVU this pick was a reach for anybody and i expect Tim Tebow to follow suit its not there game at the next level

punjab, you're right. he shops at save-a-lot. i agree with the absent salguero that the david martin move was probably financially motivated. hoping they can rehire him later. a page from the marlins book....the ultimate cheapskates. i hope they bring martin back, unless someone better becomes available. any recommendations guys

On the contrary, I welcome your opinion. This is a dolphins' blog and I respect everyone's opinion as long as it's not disrespectful. We're all entitled to our opinions...How else would this blog run? LOL.

I'm not going to go as far a saying Micah Johnson is going to be a great player, still a lot to prove. But damn if he doesn't look the part of a crushing middle linebacker. This is one of the arguments against shortening the preseason, is a player such as MJ (ha ha ha)
would probably not recieved enough reps to prove himself. Nice work Micah, I can't wait for you to crush someone!

any chance tony gonzalez gets waived by the falcons cuz i dont see many options out there at TE.

Nice post Darryl...LOL


Go Phins!

"Trifecta's draft record

1: Long (very good, not great)
2: Merling (bust)
2: Henne (?)

1: Davis (physical corner, nothing special)
2: White (bust)
2: Smith (average, wouldn't start with a healthy Allen)
3: Turner (bust)

1: Odrick (see Merling)
2: Misi (obviously not a difference maker)

Worse, our OL is still a mess, altough is the most expensive in NFL history.
Our OL is Long (1st round pick), Carey (was there before the Trifecta) and 3 other guys.
OL was supposed to be Sparano's specialty. They haven't been able to develop one single player on the OL. They had to ship a draft pich from their 4th draft (2011) to get who? Mc Quistan?

Oiur roster is weak. Trifecta is a joke. Parcells was a good coach, he's not a good personnel guy. Sparano is a line coach, not a head coach. Ireland is Mr Overpay.

Seriously, let's get rid of those guys."

Yann, You are the biggest idiot on this board.
And thats taking the title from the previous head-idiot champion, test, who wrote:
look at all these tuna picks failing
this year is going to be a disaster."

That's right, this "dolphins(patsie) fan" thinks that the team was just hurt, and his ingenious response is "hahahaha"..

You are more boneheaded than even that, so you've made a massive accomplishment here.

Lets break down your stupidity:

Jake long being very good and not great > probowl probowl probowl

Merling being a best > no, he's a beater, not a bust, granted that's not something to be proud of either.

Henne (?) > the guy did good last year, and you apparantly are whining about his skills in -preseason-, holy crap dude..

Davis being physical but nothing special > many project him to be a life time member of the probowl when he settles in, as it often takes corners a while to do so, he's shown skills this pre-season, and he has shown he can make game changing plays last season with half a season starting

White being a bust > gotta agree there, he wasn't ready, holy crap, they made a bad pick, FIRE them all.

Smith being average > maybe, juries still out on him, he had an exceptionally high success rate defending passes last year, problem is, when he got beat, he got beat bad (think that might have been different with safety help, smarty?)

Turner bust > at this point, i agree, i think he's still developmental more than bust, and if they found improvements over last years team, wtf are you whining, anyway?

Odrick and Merling. Here we go.
It takes a complete, frothy mouthed moron to call players busts that haven't started a single game.

Thanks for wresting the head-idiot trophy out of tests hands, i'm sure he'll thank you (if he ever gets a clue enough to know he had it in the first place)

Oh, and your last whine-rant about the o-line.
It was a good line last year, eh?
it's PRE-Season this year so far, why don't you quit talking like there is even a snowballs chance in hell that anyone would ever pay you any cash to figure out any type of sport at all?

lastly, your calling for their heads, churning coaches every 2-3 years builds nothing, if the idiot fans i see posting got their way, we'd be the lions for eternity.

Go root for the pats or jets, with idiots like you on their side, it'll only help miami.

let's bed clear;

1-for dolphins to gp to the playoffs they need MIRACLE

2-as a result the tuna and co will take a firing

3-tuna is right now looking to land a new job which is already landed .

4-all 3 QB'S fins have now they all lack a lot .

5-next year fins will draft in the first 3 teams which allow theteam to lunch a rebuilding a new .

Brady will actually throw the ball between Turner`s number for completion after completion.
Pigpen throwing at Turner`s ankles or missing all together ... is ... never mind .....LMAO

Go Phins & Marc Anthony LMAO!

Heisman trophy winner Andre Ware turned the collegiate world upside down while at Houston.

He was a first round pick and complete a pass in the NFL.

They're few and far between, but these types of "players" do come along every so often.

Leinhart won a trophy too didn't he?

Chris, you need to save the speeches when miamis in the hunt for a division title this year, especially for guys like Home, and pretty much all the fin haters on this blog!!!

Wow! Chris has an awful lot of time on his hands. The guy just rewrote the entire Marx-Lenin manifesto, Again, WOW!

I'm going to blow my two boyfriends, FB and Home

Pat White inking a deal with the Patriots
Spread offense 4, even 5 wide coming to New England with Pat White & his instinctive,elusive, running skills.

Trifecta forgot why they drafted Pat White and Dan Henning could not remember either ???

Expect another AFC East Championship from the best in football
Tom Brady & The New England Patriots

Damn Chris that was Awesome!!!

henne ....600,000
thigpen....1.2 mill
penne......2.4 mill

pat white took 2.4 MILLION GUARANTEED.............MOVING TO BOSTON .


Jason Taylor is gonna throw Henne like a rag doll
and yell ...


will someone please give me a hand massage, all this posting, its giving me arthritis.



sean smith is gonna stop Welker,Moss,Aiken and now Turner

Sorry, can`t say that with a straight face


Go Patriots!

WHY home is mad ? can any one tell me why ?

Aloco, welcome back. It's good to see you're still alive. You've spent all this time doing research? Good for you,it's paying off; these numbers you keep posting look good, even though I have no idea what they mean.

Aloco *Whiskey and prime Ribs*

i suggest you pour yourself a drink as well to celebrate pat whites demise in miami!!!

i am a live FB, these numbers the only numbers i know .lol

Tortured, don't get it twisted. You meant to say FB & Home are going to nail you from behind. Lmao.

Alright people, im still here and im not going away until i get some attention right NOW

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