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Cutdown day arrives, players depart

Coach Tony Sparano will speak to the media in about an hour and he may or may not announce all of Miami's roster moves today. [Update 2:30: Sparano's presser has been postponed to Sunday. It makes sense because as you will read further on down the team is making cuts today but today's 53 may not necessarily be the 53 that goes into Buffalo week.]

This is what we know so far:

Pat White has been cut, Parick Turner has been cut, J.D. Folsom has been cut, Austin Spitler has been cut, Ryan Baker has been cut, Donald Thomas has been cut, Montavious Stanley has been cut. Baker, Spitler and Turner are practice squad eligible.

Others likely to get the axe in the coming minutes include Lionel Dotson and Andrew Gardner. Rolly Lumbala, Julius Pruitt, Erick Walden, Kevin Hobbs and Ross Weaver also have reason to worry about job security today.

The defensive line will likely be Jared Odrick, Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Tony McDaniel, Charles Grant, and Marques Douglas. By the way, do not be surprised if either Douglas or Grant aren't on the team on Monday. I'm told the club will be searching the waiver wire and other sources for a younger defensive end to replace one of these veterans. The idea is to have a player that can be a contributor beyond one season. Grant and Douglas are likely one-year contributors. Obviously, this will depend on Miami's ability to find better, younger players on the market.

The Dolphins will keep three quarterbacks -- Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen -- barring a last-second trade offer from some team.

Benny Sapp, acquired from the Minnesota Vikings two weeks ago, makes the team. Pat McQuistan, acquired from the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, makes the team.

The club is expected to keep Lydon Murtha.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are not interested in T.J. Houshmandzadeh, according to a source. Houshmandzadeh has been cut by the Seattle Seahawks.

Watch the tight end situation closely. I'm hearing that David Martin is on the outs and John Nalbone will make the team. The Martin portion makes sense because if he is on the roster the first week of the season, his entire salary is guaranteed. The Dolphins probably do not wish to do that.

Again, the Dolphins won't necessarily go with only two tight ends. The waiver wire may add a player at that position. It is also possible Martin gets re-signed after the first week of the season.

[Update 3:25: Martin has indeed been cut, according to his agent.]


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If I have to hear you whine about the ball being thrown at Turners feet one more time I'll stick myself in the eye with a pencil.

DUDE! Turner ran the route way to deep. His route running is one of his problems. It was an improvement because usually his 6-5 225 lb frame has trouble getting past the jam of 195 lb CB.

No Home,
But Vontae Davis is going to school Brady again.
Remember when he did it last time? as a rookie?

Take your washed up QB (who won't even be with the pats much longer) and go back to the boards for your team (which, btw, most ex players hate)

Its a conspiracy,

everybody knows that will not Blow on the first date. Dinner and movie first.

Complete Dolphins cutlist:

QB Pat White
WR Patrick Turner
OG Donald Thomas
DE Lionel Dotson
DT Montavious Stanley
OT Andrew Gardner
OLB Erik Walden
OL Andrew Hartline
CB Kevin Hobbs
ILB J.D. Folsom
DL Ryan Baker
TE David Martin
ILB Austin Spitler
WR Julius Pruitt



home's mom! home is out of control! help! LOL

I thought Pruitt made the practice squad????

Check It Out
3rd Sam Aiken who destroyed sean smith in last years game literally catching and running over sean for Brady`s longest completion of the season at that point

Was considered such a bad WR
The Patriots have cut Aiken ROTFALMAO

Go Phins!

oh yeah and for Odin
Wish Pigpen would stop throwing at Turners Ankles ;)

Brady ...this name scares the hell out of people again .

Jake Long & Vontae Davis needs to get traded to a real team

The AFC East Champion New England Patriots

I disagree aLoco
Brady isn't good with a pass rush in his face.
I watch him get red and flip out at his own guys when he gets hit, and he starts throwing picks.

Not worried about Brady at all.
Hell, i'm more worried about Spiller

Tom Brady is so good
He can even play with long hair and
NJ PHIN FRAUD thinks Tom is sexy with the long hair


Cut players have to clear waivers before they can be signed to the practice squad buddy.

*Dynasty be Pats*

*Mediocrity be Fish*


This is a good news bad news deal.

Bad News. Turner didn't make the squad as Home strongly predicted he would.

Good news: Turner didn't make the squad as Home strongly predicted he would.

Now I can stop shaking in my boots that and live my life without the fear of Home's predictions comming to pass.

Miami Dolphins start the 2010 season 4-0

I can't believe you added tortured to that list. I'm very disappointed in you.

Pat White inking a deal with the Patriots
Spread offense 4, even 5 wide coming to New England with Pat White & his instinctive,elusive, running skills.

Expect another AFC East Championship from the best in football
Tom Brady & The New England Patriots

Posted by: Home | September 04, 2010 at 06:26

Here's some attention, even though it'll be a waste because of your severe attention deficit disorder.

Do you even read what you type?
Look at what you just typed above. If you don't see a problem with that, you need some attention, psychiatric attention.

Go outside and play with neighbor boy, quit screwing around.

FB,DON'T BE DISAPPOINTED........tortured of the list .lol

It was simply a conspiracy
Turner wants to play on a winning team

Miami 7-9 last year
Miami 7-9 this year


Pat White said to the senile Parcells & Henning

Thanks for the 2.4 mil guaranteed cash

Now watch me flash on the New England Patriots spread offense

Good luck with Pigpen throwing at Turner`s Ankles or throwing INTs on his back foot

Go Pats!

How many of yoos guys imitating HOME?

Home is the next serial killer. Don't get him mad.

I demand you apologize to me odinseye,

that was uncalled for, screwing neighbors kid would get me thrown into prison, and that is highly unethical.\\

Besides little boy concented to having adult relations with home so take that

rex ryan keeps talking like a hot dog stand farmer .he will crash harder than the guy in tough men fighting .

Pat white will help pats to the super bowl .


Hope we get Jon Gruden aka "Chucky"
After the "Tony Sparano Experiment"

2 Pats will win with the Pats
Complete Miami Dolphins drafting & coaching disaster

Aloco, it seems like we are the only 2 people here upset about Pat White's departure.

How come Sparano`s team is not ready again for the start of the NFL regular season?

Did he not learn from 0-3 last season?

So much for the "Tony Sparano Experiment"

Where`s "Chucky"



superphin, atlanta did not cut TE Tony Gonzalez. But interesting to note, they cut nickel CB Chevis Jackson

Patriots acquire LB Tracy white from Philadelphia for a conditional pick according to Adam Shitter. That's pat's cousin. Sorry aloco.

Chucky is my uncle and i like him very much,
reminds me of satan when he looks at me and smiles

*Dynasty be Pats*

Home also like Pat White
Problem is Dolphin senile coaches could not remember why they drafted Pat White
So they would stop the drive
Send in Pat White to look up dazed & confused waitng for some bogus play from 100 year old Dan Henning that was designed for a 6.6 NFL QB

Bellicheat wont forget

Go Pats!

Didn't gave Dinner yet Aloco. I'm in Virginia right now. It's beautiful up here. Ever been?

Typo. Didn't have dinner yet.

Go HOME loser. The Pats choked. Made me a Giants fan for a bit :)

We have perfection. You have a cheaters legacy. Enjoy!

They are not consistent with their 'the best player will play' mantra. In some cases that appears to be true (i.e. releasing Turner in favor of an undrafted player). In other cases, they are thinking more about the future and less about TODAY! I like Henne, but it seems clear as a bell that Penne is the better QB right now. He just knows where to place the ball and to who. The most accurate passer in NFL history still has some game left.

"F" Home and Yanns an idiot.


beer braised short ribs on the grill
grlled new potates hobo packes
rich creamy banana pudding

chilled german beer

Bon Appetit Aloco. Have a cold one for Pat white.

You will all see White flourish in system like no other

that is the difference between a Hall of Fame coach who knows what he is doing and a coach that can barely speak fluently at a press conference.

*Pats Forever*

now, i love my ribs 100 times more than pat white .

AFC East - the most overrated division in the NFL. Pats, Jets, Fins all will finish worse than expectations.


You were wrong about the tornados.

You were wrong about the hurricanes.

You were wrong about the floods.

You were wrong about Pat White.

You were wrong about Pat Turner, on and on, etc, etc, infinity.

Now you're saying the Pats will win the division? SWEET!

Awesome hated the Pat White pick. New he was a bust and now he is gone.

Everyone knows Tuna hate's black QB's.

The Fins were confident enough to put Pat White in key situations last year yet not confident enough to play him in preseason for a substantial amount this year. He went 0 for 5 passing last year. OH NO!! Not that! As far as i can see he had zero turnovers and never hurt the team badly. He also had some positive plays. Pat White needed more reps and more development and he did not get it in Miami. Not even worth it to keep him in the practice squad? Maybe the guy isn't NFL caliber but how is ANY player supposed to improve or show anything with out reps in real games? I don't think he got a fare shake.

"Pat(TKO)White" haha, you are to funny man....

People seem to forget that he actually got tripped on that play and was probably caught off guard which in turn would have made it harder for him to protect himself. Not to mention it was a helmet to helmet hit. Why is it that Pat White is too small for this league when there are other players his size and even smaller playing in the NFL but Pat White is too small.

Some of you are really ignorant.

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