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Cutdown day the list: Not any surprises, really

The Dolphins needed to make 20 moves today to get down the NFL mandated 53-man limit by 6 p.m.

They waived Kevin Hobbs, Rolly Lumbala, Chris McCoy, Nate Ness, Julius Pruitt, Austin Spitler, Donald Thomas, Pat White, Patrick Turner, Erik Walden, Ryan Baker, Ross Weaver, Lionel Dotson, Jonathon Amaya, J.D. Folsom, Andrew Gardner, Andrew Hartline and Ray Fienga.

The Dolphins also terminated the contracts of David Martin and Montavious Stanley.

Twenty names. Twenty moves.

The Dolphins are at the NFL roster limit.

Are you surprised by any of this?

Perhaps the David Martin termination is surprising. His agent, Terry Williams, told me he was surprised by it. But if you look at the depth chart, Martin was running third behind both Anthony Fasano and John Nalbone.

It is likely the Dolphins didn't want to pick up Martin's $755,000 contract which would be guaranteed for the year if he is on the roster the first week. Also, the Dolphins will be looking for TE help. Anthony Becht, cut in Arizona on Friday, is a possibility. He was drafted by Bill Parcells in the first round back with the Jets.

The waiving of Turner and White means the Dolphins blew it with a second-round and third-round pick in 2009.

Miami will go with three quarterbacks -- Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen -- in that order with Pennington being the long-term backup. That means that if Henne is injured and out for the year, Pennington is the player who takes over. What is uncertain is whether the Dolphins will use Thigpen in a package similar to the one they used with Pat White last year. That would mean Thigpen would be active every week while Pennington would be inactive.

That package's name, assuming it exists? WildThig?

Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace made it as undrafted free agent wide receivers. Amazing! 

Another undrafted free agent -- Micah Johnson, who was picked up after training camp began when the Giants waived him -- has made the team.

Interestingly perhaps only to me, Quentin Moses has made the team for now. He missed nearly two weeks of the preseason nursing an injury but earned a spot anyway.

I say for now on so many of these because the Dolphins are spending tonight looking through the wires for the talent on other teams. So none of the guys that make up roster spot Nos. 53, 52, 51, or 50 should rush out to buy a house.


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4-0 Here we go

Nice try Imposters

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

aloco, sorry

You know what, I really don't care if they miss on a 2nd and 3rd. but hit on undrafted free agents. Whats the difference? 2/3rds of our receivers are now undrafted freeagents. They blew it on one part and nailed it on the other. bottom line..as long as you improve your team and get the job done one way or the other, how you get there conventional or other wise is irrelevent.. This regime has a lot of courage. Listen, I loved Shula, but he would keep guys too long, or play guys that didn't deserve it because he was the GM and the coach and he did in fact have a bit of an ego, like a lot of professional people. I remember him playing SAMMIE SMITH, over and over when clearly Troy Stradford was our most talented back. I applaud this mentality.. It was one of the things I liked about Jimmy Johnson...

I love me too, when pats win SB i will buy all of worthless phin fans drinks of ale not that you guys deserve it

*Dynasty is Pats*

who the guy saying dallas has bad receivers?? miles austin, roy williams, and dez bryant. their 4th WR sam hurd made fools of our secondary. then you have jason witten at TE. i would trade our top 4 and fasano for their top 4 and witten.

redsky, thanks

Home is pathetic. Bottom line.

aloco, got cut off again, and i did not save. anyway, dustin hoffman did "Rainman" with tom cruise and "Midnight Cowboy" with Jon Voight. Angelina Jolie's dad. just to name a couple. i'm not a hoffman fan, but the one you mentioned, along with mine are probably his best.

Donald Thomas. Really?

Westcoastphinfan, Ginn was the previous regime's draft pick. The current regime kept him because they didn't have anyone faster, and had other more pressing issues. Once Marshall came on, then he was expendable. Funny how everyone says that Ireland, etc. stinks but no one mentions their unqualified successes: Pennington, Davis, Hartline, Long, Bess, Langford, Starks, Carpenter, Polite. Marshall and Dansby are most likely home runs as well. Jury is out on a few others like Henne and Smith, so time will tell.

dishpan, home is hilarious and homesmom is better. what you talking about willis?

Thats funny coming from a kitchen utensil, whats even more pathetic is that you think miamis any better than last year.

Watch a true football team play this year as in the Pats and you will soon learn why its better to be a pats fan than a Dishpan or a Dolfan

*Dynasty is Pats*

jefferson, valid points!

Martin was relaleased last year becouse of injuries. He will be back they just dont want to garantee his contrack in case he gets hurt

Dolfan Dean,

I made the same point earlier. I don't care how we get them, as long as we're getting better.
I also agree with on the point about Shula. That was the one thing I didn't like about him. There was another way of looking at it though. Once he decided to give you a shot, he gave you a shot.
That reminds me. Anybody remember where we got Bernie Parmelee?



Is that you?

I thought you were out trying to get a refund on that defective crystal ball.

CJ Spiller is going to eat up our defense. Everyone seems to be taking the Bills for granted. Keeping in mind our recent history of slow starts, and the fact this is an away game, our defensive better show more energy.

Henne can have a great day against the Bills. If he does, we win.
I mentioned several days ago my displeasure at our draft misfires the past 3 years. Other than long, no impact players. Chad Pennington is the guy who took us 11-5, NOT Chad Henne. Hopefully, Henne will gain the consistency our #2 QB has shown for a decade.

BTW. why is everyone pointing the finger at Ireland? Do you actually BELIEVE BP isn't involved? No Lawrence Taylor's here, because the Giants had one of the best GM's in the business back then, and he wasn't named Bill Parcells.

again I get cut off....dishpan

again I get cut off....dishpan

again I get cut off....dishpan



dishpan, i cant send, but homes got you good!

oldenglish, why?

Bill Parcells is beginning to make Matt Millen look like an in-his-prime Bobby Beathard. This franchise is going to hell. Fast. 1-15.

There's no LT's here because, ah, well, there's no LT's to be found.

Can somebody name a LT that we've missed out on?

Can somebody name an OLB that compares with LT?

I don't care how good your GM is, it's not like you can find an LT in every draft.

wow! lhfcp

Liffort Hobley,

You remember that time in training camp you tipped a Marino pass away from Irving Fryar and I caught it and threw it back to you?

That was AWESOME!!!!


really funny how people are whining about Ireland "whiffing on picks" but our starting FS was a fifth rounder... we have 3 undrafted wr that have made the team.... hell 1 st rounders aren't guarantee's let alone 2nd or 3 rd's... the main thing is to realize if someone isn't up to snuff that you cut him and move on...not waste a roster spot cause your Gm's ego is in the way....

to the start pennington crowd... please see 2008 playoff game against the Ravens.... that's why he is done... that is Pennington's max....we are looking for more then that!!

2nd try....wow! lhfcp



I am very happy they took Nalbone over Martin. There was a time perhaps 2 or 3 years ago I would not say that, But in watching Martin this year he did not have the same physical presence he did in 2008. Its not a "Surprise" that a guy still around in August (when Miami picked him up)does not make the team. Coaches likely see something we don't. It may be practice habits it may be blocking issues. But 32 teams let him sit till Miami gave him a chance.
Pat White was no surprise. I understand why they brought him to Miami, with the desire to develop the wildcat more, believing White to be the perfect trigger man for that package is easy to understand given his NCAA performance. I believe White will land on several teams until he ends up out of the league in 2 or 3 years.
Wallace and Moore have made us a MUCH BETTER offensive threat. I could not be happier about them and have worked it around in my head where one is the Turner pick and the other is the White pick...sick huh?.. So what! it works for me! They bring quickness and good hands to a WR corps that needs both. I feel very safe in saying Miami will have one of the better WR corps in the league by years end.
I believe Miami will go poaching for another saftey, a TE for the 2nd or 3rd spot. And I am not sure if they are done tinkering with the damn O-line or not.
Being a nearly constant optimist, I still must admit that I am not one bit pleased with Miami and the way they have built this O-line. They have the experience for getting t done but their player selecions (Minus Long) have all been questionable. Jerry is okay and I believe Incognito could get it together also. I do not feel the line will lead to a disaster by any stretch of the imagination, I just feel its time ti fix the problems. And 3 years in we have not seen that happen. That needs to change. Miami also needs to evaluate their choice of Special Teams coach. Wannstedt firing Mike Westhoff back in the day still makes me vomit every time I think about it (eeeeuuuwhh god what a mess...)
I'm happy at our QB situation, we are 3 deep and comfortable there. The D-line simply needs to work as a unit for more then 20 minutes at a time... this team needs to work its starters cover to cover in some games to really see what is going on.
Buffalo will play us tough... they always do, they are a division rival but I do see it as a MUST WIN for Miami so the season starts on the right foot. If we lost that game.. it is entirely possible to see a 0-3 start and that would be a disaster. I think we will win just fine.

Go Miami!!!


sorry liffort, can't post my comments, though they were not offensive....

LT was an example. Can you honestly tell me we drafted ONE guy other than Long in the last THREE years that compares to what the Jets, Colts, Cowboys (check out THEIR receivers, drafted and free agent), Texans and others have grabbed. Parcells sticks with Brown and Williams, 2 guys on the downside of their careers, one due to injury.
Why not move UP and get Spiller. Now you have Spiller (who we need as well on returns) Henne, Marshall, Polite. Why not? Because our "Trio" have no cajones. Long was safe, a consensus by all. NOT Davis, or Smith, nor Edds, nor Jerry, etc.

Our D has no athleticism, nor smarts. Davis and especially Smith blow coverages like crazy, We have no real impact players, guys with "take away" ability as do the Texans...who regularly beat us with talent, not coaching. Anyone who defends these last 3 drafts as even adequate needs to look closely at the facts.
It's no coincidence the Texans are better, as our the Chiefs. Take a look who made their selections. Experienced GM's not assistant, like Ireland.

Parcells plays by the "Peter Principal." NEVER hire anyone who could possibly 1 up you.

im just sayin this we r gonna miss ted ginn and his speed on this team

BTW, Odin, your statement, "I don't care who the GM is" is really not very well thought out...or else teams wouldn't have thrown the bank at Polian, Peoli, and others of their expertise and experience. We get a relative amateur in Ireland, who answers to BP.

I generally agree with much of what you say, but here I must respectfully disagree.

I had season tickets in '66, so i'm not a newcomer to the trials and tribulations of my beloved Fins. (also means I'm an old fart!...LOL)

Cheers toi all, and hope y'all have a great holiday!

bless you, i'm a writer, glad i'm not the only old fart!


Season tickets in 66? DAMN!

You might be right about my GM statement. In my defense, I was using that to empasize my position that LT is a freak and guys like him don't come along very often.

I do understand the points you're trying to make. However, to compare our first three drafts with anyone elses I think is unfair. We had a completely different set of circumstances to deal with(1-15 and bare cupboards)and a lot of ground to make up quick. While other teams were targeting impact players to get them over the top, we were drafting for a serious multitude of areas.

So...............I generally agree with much of what you say, but here I must respectfully disagree.

Bottoms Up! I hope you have a great holiday as well.

Hurray for old people

Soiled :)

redsky. we need tj because he still had better stats then any of our starters last year. because marshall is greay but tj would make him amazing. because tj is only as god as a number one wr. because even if henne does not show up this year a runner up for his third comeback player of the year award can win with them as a option. because he will be cheap no2 and a proven player who SHUTS HIS MOUTH AND PLAYS FOOTBALL. because that is the only reason the cammariklo trade makes sense. other tham the fact we ger rid of all our reciever in their prime but keep rb long after we should.

Would love to see it, if someone could show me one single play... one... that demonstrated what they thought they had in Pat White. Never saw anything other than an undersized college QB that did not translate into playing QB in the NFL, let alone the Wildcat formations they played the year before they drafted him.

Bet I'm the OLDEST fart...LOL. Thanks for the blessing.

I'm sorry I'm wound up about this. It's just those damn announcers extolling the virtues of everyone else's draft, year after year, I guess.

Regarding Tony's comments ass to our 5th rounder FS starting?

He HAS to start, as our other guys don't have a clue. How many years ago was J Allen our Savior? Clemmons (can't remember if he's strong S or Free, sorry) No answer there, apparently.

Check it out, and you'll see there were 10-11 rookies db's starting for other teams last year, and most were better than Davis and Smith.
It's a position that players are EXPECTED to make a run at a starting position. same as running back, defensive end, etc. Instinct positions.

And Penny's loss to the Ravens? It would have helped if we of actually could have RUN the ball a little bit. Penny is no Marino, but Penny had NO receivers with speed, and the Ravens had our number.

You'll be seeing the WildPigpen this season.


SoiledBottom: (@ 10:55 PM)

Hurray for Soylent Green!

myron rolle. we should give him a shot.

Odin (and all)...This has been a great forum tonight. It's clear we ALL BLEED our awful colors. Damn, all my teams have ugly colors...the Lakers, my Canes (well, the new style uni's make it bearable...TCU's were awesome tonight) and of course, the Fins. The smiling Dolphin certainly sets the proper tone. Fearsome.

I'm praying for 10-6 for our heroes, but I'm afraid 8-8 is probably closer.
Beat the jets and Patsies at least once each, and all will be (almost) forgiven.
Gawd, I HATE the Jets.

BTW, any word on possible FA's? I'd love to get Kevin Mawae, but his gig as president of the players association does not sit well with Parcells. At 39, he's still better (and dirtier) than anyone we have, save Richie "I still have to Find myself" Icognito, the greatest name in the NFL. (We did have Junior Glymph back 3 years ago, for 2 weeks. Brought in by Parcells, actually.

Ginn and the two Patricks. Bad bad bad.

Quentin Moses definitely isn't surprising. He might be the most consistent, versitile OLB that they have. Anderson sucks. Wake can't cover. Misi can't hold the edge. I wouldn't be surprised if Moses took over the starting spot at some point during the season opposite Wake.

Soiled Bottom,

I sat in with a Country Music band last night.

I didn't abduct and torture any young unsuspecting hotties but I did stalk a couple.

A drop dead beautiful honey walked up to me at the bar. Just as I tried to start brainwashing her, she dropped her money on the floor.
As she bent over to pick it up, she looked even more gorgeous.
I noticed orange thong straps hanging out above her waistline. Then...........I noticed it!
This girl had more hair on her bum crack than I do!
As disgusting as that may sound, all I could think of was, "I've got razors"!

after the guantlet of the first half they're lucky if they get to 9-7.

it'll probably be 8-8

Gotta take my Glucosimine/Chondroitin. Bad athlete/Old fart remedy.
Y'all have a great night. Thanks for allowing me to pontificate.
Y'all rock...TN is Titan country. yawn.

The tuna and the scouts have been Bad bad bad.I was under the impression that this regieme knew what they were doing.A first(ginn) a second (P. White) a third (Turner). Why have a draft at all?

ody likes men with hair

oldenglish, i assume we are talking about T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who Seattle discarded so they could save money by not printing his name on their jerseys. do you think the dolphins can afford him and his jersey?

Scotter, as was mentioned earlier, Ginn was from the Cam "I Am" regime.


Are you from Tennesee?

If you are where?

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