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Cutdown day the list: Not any surprises, really

The Dolphins needed to make 20 moves today to get down the NFL mandated 53-man limit by 6 p.m.

They waived Kevin Hobbs, Rolly Lumbala, Chris McCoy, Nate Ness, Julius Pruitt, Austin Spitler, Donald Thomas, Pat White, Patrick Turner, Erik Walden, Ryan Baker, Ross Weaver, Lionel Dotson, Jonathon Amaya, J.D. Folsom, Andrew Gardner, Andrew Hartline and Ray Fienga.

The Dolphins also terminated the contracts of David Martin and Montavious Stanley.

Twenty names. Twenty moves.

The Dolphins are at the NFL roster limit.

Are you surprised by any of this?

Perhaps the David Martin termination is surprising. His agent, Terry Williams, told me he was surprised by it. But if you look at the depth chart, Martin was running third behind both Anthony Fasano and John Nalbone.

It is likely the Dolphins didn't want to pick up Martin's $755,000 contract which would be guaranteed for the year if he is on the roster the first week. Also, the Dolphins will be looking for TE help. Anthony Becht, cut in Arizona on Friday, is a possibility. He was drafted by Bill Parcells in the first round back with the Jets.

The waiving of Turner and White means the Dolphins blew it with a second-round and third-round pick in 2009.

Miami will go with three quarterbacks -- Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen -- in that order with Pennington being the long-term backup. That means that if Henne is injured and out for the year, Pennington is the player who takes over. What is uncertain is whether the Dolphins will use Thigpen in a package similar to the one they used with Pat White last year. That would mean Thigpen would be active every week while Pennington would be inactive.

That package's name, assuming it exists? WildThig?

Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace made it as undrafted free agent wide receivers. Amazing! 

Another undrafted free agent -- Micah Johnson, who was picked up after training camp began when the Giants waived him -- has made the team.

Interestingly perhaps only to me, Quentin Moses has made the team for now. He missed nearly two weeks of the preseason nursing an injury but earned a spot anyway.

I say for now on so many of these because the Dolphins are spending tonight looking through the wires for the talent on other teams. So none of the guys that make up roster spot Nos. 53, 52, 51, or 50 should rush out to buy a house.


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Everyone, including the journalists, have forgotten to reiterate one of BIll Parcells' cardinal rules (which Ireland and Sparano must adhere to): Judge players on how they practice.

Hence, Moore and Wallace performed better than Turner, so they make the team regardless of the fact they were not drafted.

This also helps to build the type of locker room The Trifecta wants as well--one where pedigree means nothing, and performance is everything.

As for White and Turner being drafted last year, my guess is Parcells decided to let someone else win that battle, and he promptly took back over the draft this year after the initial results indicated both were reaches.

someone asked what thw management saw in pat white eough to draft him? wwll i will tell you. he won all four of his bowl games he played in, which i think is the only QB to so so, and to do that takes leadership and the ability to perform under pressure. unfortunately for Pat he did not perform with his limited chances.

he didnt pan out just like hundereds of other draft picks from other teams geez ppl get over it. you can make educated gusses and scout all you want but the draft is always a gamble.


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Well, you ASKED,Odi..
I was born in Miami, grad from Miami High, and da U (back when it was the University of Miami...no "Fla" that ESPN insists on using.
Matriculated in '71 to Dallas. Wrote Jingles, moved to LA in '76, wrote songs for films, sang and wrote bunches of trite but somewhat successful commercials..moved to TN (Brentwood, a burb 20 minutes from "Music Row" in Nashville. I songwriter and produce these days.
I take it you are a picker?
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Soiled, are you a musician as well?
Sorry to bore everyone, and take things OT.

My wife hasn't seen me all night. I think I hear her celebratory whoops and hollers as she watches re-runs on Fox News. My wife is just slightly to the right of Attila the Hun. I'm a Libertarian. I don't trust any of them LOL

Wonder if Mando is reading any of this?

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No major suprises as has been said.

I am suprised they let Thomas go as he had so much promise and accolades early.

I am starting to wonder if Ireland and BP are sooooo much into getting the giant sized players that they end up missing out on some pure football players due to their rigid size quotients?

As an example I believe that CJ Spiller would have been a two area huge boost as he did in college... #1 as a deadly RB with home run potential that can catch as well... #2 as a dangerous return guy that it appears we still lack. Ricky and Ronnie would make sure he did not get overused...

He was not too many slots ahead of #12 so we could have jumped up. RB Jahvid Best is in that same mold as well. The logic being, if you are gonna have an outlet or checkdown pass, might as well be to a guy that score if he gets a crease or makes a guy miss.

LB Koa Misi seems fairly active but (and time will tell if I am wrong) doesn't seem to be the big impact player that will make plays that change games regularly. He is 255lbs and now seems to be plaing behind Ike-Francis a converted DE around 270lbs. I won't go on and on about it but my fav choice was DE/OLB Brandon Graham and he seems to be bringing some heat early with the Eagles like he did in college at 270lbs.

It looks like we are still unsettled at FS (although I will reserve judgement until the real bullets fly) FS Earl Thomas from Seattle looks like he is already starting his ballhawking ways like he did in college. Lotta range out of that kid.

All undersized players that seem to be more fluid, athletic and play fast...maybe because they aren't goliaths?

I am NOT being overly critical of this regime. I know ALL teams hit and miss. I was fine with the ideology of the Pat White pick. If would have been able to feather 7-15yrd passes while using his legs he would have put some different teeth into the Wildcat.

Sean Smith seems like a step slow against the whippet WRs of the NFL. Sean Smith is a HUGE corner almost novelty big. He has some ballhawk skills (preseason not regular so far) but always seems a step or two away from making a nice play. With his size he should tackle like Steve Atwater not Ted Ginn.

I hope when the regular season patented Nolan exotic blitzes come then we will get more pressure on opposing QBs which should make the secondary better.

Just kind of thinking out loud as to if the search for the next hulking LT type player has them cut out too many solid football players with marginal size but greater football skill?


Nalbone my @SS

Proof in the pudding

BP is senile

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Anthony McCoy was right there for free @ 7th round
260 lb TE blocking , great hands great route running

Instead nother @sshole that needs steroids to walk with society
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Misi is gonna be a real good football player for the Dolphins!


Wow, that almost qualifies as an autobiography.

Do you know where Lebanon is?

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Okay, from my understanding, the big three each has a vote on a player in the draft, majority wins. So, if Parcells doesn't like the guy, but Ireland and Sparano are in love with him, he gets a shot. Also, they're using scouting reports from our scouts. Not from ESPN, Mel Kyper, or the palm reader down the street. So, if the player's a bust, it's more the scouting guys fault than anyone. They're paid to find the diamonds in the rough and do the homework. True the final decision is up to the big 3, but they go by what's on film, scouting reports, combine stuff... then go with their gut instincts. It's as good as anything else. Too many players are hyped-up busts! Lot's of hype equals guys who think tthey're prima donnas who should be paid and will hold out to prove it to you.


I can't believe the number of whiners and complainers on here. When I look at this roster, compared to before the trifecta took over, it is lightyears better.

In 2006 the QB's were: Cleo Lemon, Joey Harrington and Shane Mathews. Now we have Henne, Pennington and Thigpen. MAJOR UPGRADE.

In 2006 the starting WR's were Chris Chambers and Marty Booker. We now have Marshall and Hartline. MAJOR UPGRADE.

In 2006 the RB's were Ronnie Brown, Sammy Morris, Travis Minor and patrick Cobbs. Now we have Brown, Ricky Williams, Patrick Cobbs and Lex Hilliard. UPGRADE.

In 2006 the FB was Darian Barnes, WHO??? Now we have Polite. MAJOR UPGRADE.

In 2006 the starting TE was Randy McMichael, now we have Anthony Fasano. This one is debatable. I think McMichael was better.

IN 2006 the starting OL was: McIntosh, Jeno James, Rex Hadnot, LJ Shelton, and Vernon Carey. I don't think many of those guys are even in the NFL any more. Our backup OL is probably better than that bunch.

IN 2006 the Phins had a pretty good starting defense so I am not sure we've improved there. I will say the depth was really bad in 2006 and it is not much dropoff from first team to second team right now.

All in all this team looks the trifecta has built a really good team that should compete this year and not completely embarass us like the 2006 team (6-10) and the 2007 team did (1-15), so quit your whining and save your insults for the other AFC east foes.



phinatical, i was again cut short, but zi was discussing that the secret to our armed forces has been evolutionary in style. which is what the dolphins need to do....adapt, improvise and survive. same crap i taught at the police academy! it's the basis of life! the sooner the players accept and undrestand that, the better they become. it is a mindset more than anything else. thanks, enjoyed your comments.

Goodnight John Boy.

Good night Jim Bob.

Good night Homie Ellen.

Phinatical, when you were as talent poor as we were, the only way you can go is up!! LOL Ironically, much of this happened when H Wayne's tight purse strings left. He would have NEVER paid for Marshall and Dansby.
He(H Wayne) is, in fact the reason Wolff (formerly GM with the Packers) chose Cleveland (as an "advisor") over a GM gig with the Fins.

Example...compare the Jets from 3 years ago to day. Mike Tannebaum is the reason. Rex fell into a great gig, except it's still the STINKIN' JETS!!"

I do, of course agree we're way better. But other than Long, it's the free agents like Bess, Camarillo, and Pennington that elevated us. No Pennington, no playoffs.

Odin, Lebanon TN is North East of Nashville proper, maybe 20-25 miles or so.

"are you saying you r dropped out after high school IMAWriter?
do you like underwood the singer ?
who's your favorite country singer in nashville ?

Posted by: ALoco | September 05, 2010 at 12:00 AM
No, yes, and though I've had songs recorded by Alabama and Reba (as well as Barry White) I gravitate more to alternative, or stuff like Shinedown, The Muse, or Christian like Mute Math. I'm seriously fighting the old fart/Barry Manilow syndrome. LOL

Sheesh, I've turned this into a pseudo Jason Cole gig (the traitor)

Wow, you Sean Smith haters are amazing. Granted the kid has some work to do but give him a break. If Vontae gives up a few more big plays are you gonna start calling for his head too?

Not sure where you fans think we are going to draft all of these "perfect" players.

Sean Smith our only real cover corner.
Vontae better cover better this year or qbs will pick on him like they did all last year after he was forced into the lineup because of Will Allens injury.

It is not important for a cb to hit like a lb that is why antoine winfield isn't considered better than primetime. Cover better Vontae when the games count not in the preseason

I thought they would give Donald Thomas more time. He was a walk on in college who earned a starting spot as a rookie. What happened?

Training camp studs
08 Donald Thomas
09 Lex Hillard
10 Vontae Davis

you have to bring when the games coun

Oline was much better last year at this time
thomas (superstrong but no consistency)

richie (cut by the bills)
jerry (young rookie)
berger (good backup)

Well folks the team is set!
I feel good about the personnel moves and support the trifecta...for every bad pick (White & Turner) they countered with good moves, (Dansby & Marshall).
Henne is making better decisions and taking care of the ball...I expect him to light it up this year with our excellent receiving corps.
The running game looked horrible in pre season and pray Ronnie & Ricky get that problem resolved quickly.
Secondary will also be an area of concern...so expect them to give up big plays.
Finally...coaching - I want to feel as though we have great generals running the game, but sometimes the play calling last year left a lot to be desired.

players the dolphins could have drafted instead of pat white: Lesean mccoy, sebastian vollmer,shonn greene...And wait till sean smith is cut next year. Maybe they put him at safety and increase his longevity by 1 or 2 years.If Odrick and misi dont pan out, time to re-evaluate the general manager and coach.

henne has one good game then another bad game.never know wich henne will show up.if henne has a bad game at the bills-make no mistake put in chad pen-he knows the offense,and is a great leader.the OL trusts him more than chad henne.marino like numbers from henne?give me a shot of that jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i read and heard that henne will have dan marino like numbers this year.someone say what this meeeeeeeeeeens?is henne on steroids?or is this a dream?wake me up.wait icant wake up.oh im awake now and were 0-2 again to start the season.bill you have lost your mind.

ricky and ronnie,and all the wr will help henne but he has to prove he is a leader.not an yes man>

I see people saying it is okay that we wasted draft picks, and everybody does that. While I agree to a point, the great teams are hitting on those picks and that is what makes them above average. So if 8-8 is okay with you then continue to think it is okay that we are wasting top 3 round picks.

For this team to be above average long term, they need to do above average in the draft. Hasn't the last 20 years proved this? Isn't that the reason Parcells and Co. were brought here to begin with?


So if I understand you correctly, we are better on offense and worse on defense. So where is the great improvement?

i would have kept ness, secondary looks to be giving up the big play. We stop the running game then they just throw long and score on us. Hope bell and clemmons can get their act together.

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