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Dolphins to run on the Vikings? Bet on it

To run the football ... or to not run the football. That is the question facing every team that plays the Minnesota Vikings. That is the question facing the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

The Vikings pride themselves, among other things, on being one of the NFL's best run-stopping defenses. They were No. 2 against the run in 2009 and folks in Minnesota were upset about because they were No. 1 against the run in 2008.

And in 2007.

And in 2006.

No. 1 against the run.

The Vikes boast the Burly Wall of Kevin Williams and Pat Williams inside and have an athletic set of linebackers. Perhaps that is the reason the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints basically decided not to try running the ball against the Vikings in the NFL season-opener -- at least not in the first half.

The Saints decided it was best to soften up the Vikings in the first half by throwing 21 times and running just three times. It wasn't until the second half when the Vikings were seemingly expecting the pass that New Orleans began to run. The Saints finished with 36 passes and 25 runs.

The Dolphins, however, aren't that type of team.

They are a run-first team. If you have any doubt about that consider that offensive coordinator Dan Henning said this week his dream would be to never pass the football.

"You want the honest-to-God's truth?" he said to me. "I'd like to line up and run the ball every down and get in the end zone on every drive. We'd go to the Super Bowl and we'd win. Without ever throwing!"

He added, "of course it doesn't happen that way," but that is what he'd love to do.

So what do the run-first Dolphins do when they run headlong into the best run-stopping team in the NFL the last four seasons?

I spoke to one offensive player this week who told me the answer is simple. The Dolphins will run.

"They're a physical defense. We're a physical offense," the player told me. "Let's see who is more physical. We're going to do what we do."

This should not come as a surprise. Last year the Dolphins faced a couple of Top 10 run-stopping teams -- the Jets and Steelers. And they tried to run the football. The results were mixed.

In the first meeting with New York, Miami rushed 36 times for 151 yards and a 4.2 yard per carry average. In the second meeting, the Jets obviously adjusted. Miami rushed 23 times for 52 yards and a 2.3 yard average. The Jets were the No. 8 rush defense in 2009.

The Dolphins rushed 25 times for 99 yards against the Steelers for a 4.0 average per rush. The Steelers were the No. 3 defense against the run in 2009.

I recognized this is a new year. The Dolphins have two new guards and Joe Berger is settling in at center. I recognize Ronnie Brown is healthy. I recognize Ricky Williams is a year older. Miami also has a star wide receiver option outside in Brandon Marshall that it didn't have a year ago. So yes, the dynamics have changed.

But has the philosophy changed in Miami? Are the Dolphins going to abandon running the ball just because Minnesota is perhaps the NFL's best run defense?

Um, I wouldn't count on that.


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I disagree. Were going to pass like crazy on the Vikings. Think about it...depleted secondary, we got to take the training wheels off Henne sometime, and we paid an arm and leg to get Marshall. Its now or never. Only teams that can pass the ball win championships and if I can figure that out so can Sparano.

.I disagree. Were going to pass like crazy on the Vikings. Think about it...depleted secondary, we got to take the training wheels off Henne sometime, and we paid an arm and leg to get Marshall. Its now or never. Only teams that can pass the ball win championships and if I can figure that out so can Sparano.

Ok my thoughts are some people took what our OC said out of context and are rushing to judgment about our gameplan. Sure he said he would love to run every down but don't forget the caveat he added "of course it doesn't happen that way, but that is what he'd love to do."

As another poster stated he is going to attempt to have a balanced attack; whether that means passing to set up the run or attempting to run to set up the big pass play by drawing the dbs up closer to the line, who's to say but he will not abandon the run and Chad Henne will pass.

Just wait til tomorrow before you criticize the game because of right now all you are doing is speculating on what will be.

You guys don't have a prayer - run the ball, PLEASE! It'll be like stuffing groceries in a paper sack. And Marshall, that prima donna, could luck relying on him to play like an adult professional football player.
MN 34-16 MIA.

I am constantly amazed that some people, who claim to be fans of the Dolphins, can't tell the difference between Chad Henne, the quarterback, and Dan Henning, the Offensive Coordinator! Henning said that he intende to run on the Vikes. Hopefully, what he meant to say is that we're not going to shy away from the running game just because they're good against the run or because their starting secondary is depleted due to injury thus making the pass a better option.d

Oh, and Telly would call everybody "Baby" and suck on his sucker! Lol!

how can so many people put pressure pn the shoulder of one player.HENNE ? for 600.000 dollars .

what about jack long?

allen ...........as for henning , you better all of you stick to cooking pork hot dog and stuff in your mouth until game time .

I think D said it best.

Establishing the run will be priority number 1.

As much as some of us don't like it, we'll mix it up with the "Dink and Dunk" to set up some running room..

I also think, or at least I'm hoping Henning has been around long enough to know what has to be done this week. Look for him to pick his spots and go deep AT LEAST once a quarter.

Kill Farve!!!!

I think you're assesment is correct odin; Piere Thomas had 71 yards rushing and Bush added another 14 so we should be able to beat those totals as long as we mix up the play calling a little. Makes it easier to stop the run when you know every first down the team will run and every third down the team will pass; solution do the unexpected.


odin has a talent .no one in this blog can match it .

go henne
go henning

Check Down Chad and the Dink and Dunk will actually be playing to our strength.

I'm not saying this as a cut down on Henne. I'm saying that this type of game plan will be very productive and more importantly, it will neutralize Allen and co.

I don't think we'll see a massive aerial attack this week, unless we're forced into it.


minnesota only gave up 14pts to a QB that's like 10 times better than Henne. Henne sucks, he's a limited QB, with cold feet in the pocket and tunnel vision. Sanchez baby! At the end of the year Sanchez will be smokin!

Minnesota 48 miami 3 henne 3ints and a fumble

Sound plan to minimize our chances for turnovers, allow our d to make plays and adding a few deep attempts since that will be open if our O line holds up. Playing that style game always gives you a few long plays (ala the one we just missed on in Buffalo), which can be the difference between winning and losing in that enviroment.

Wow a jet fan actually crawled out from under a rock. Maybe you should go back and watch your qb again before you make those predictions, and enjoy being 0-2 after the Pats kill you tomorrow

Mix the runs with the short/medium routes to Marshall, then YAC. He will eventually break one or two for big gains. It's what he does. Throw in a few deep shots.

Defense batters Favre. The ghost of Telly Savalas appears to Favre as he struggles to rise from the turf and asks, "Who loves you, baby"?

Favre has no answer.

This game should be a laugher Minnesota 35 dolphins 0
Minnesota's defense will crush miami's offense and brett farve will pick the inexperenced seconday of the dolphins apart for an easy win.

just so you jet fans remember your qb had a 47.6% completion rating, threw for only 74 yards, with a qb rating of 56.4

go ahead fin fans have a laugh at the qb all the analyst were saying was better than chad henne.

WELCOME , jet fan ....we welcome you w/open arms and an interception .

Sanchez baby! At the end of the year Sanchez will be smokin!

Posted by: Jet Fan | September 18, 2010 at 06:05 PM

End of the year? Judging by his play and the lesions on his face , I'd say he's been smoking crystal meth for awhile now.

Best bet, do an intervention, it's affecting his play. Wait a minute, it won't help. He sucks stone sober too.

Oh well, you'll have to finish the season with Brunnell(LMAO) and draft another QB next year.

Must be great being a wetsies fan, thanks for stopping by.

jets vs new england.........loss
jets vs miami..................loss

0-3 like old days ,remember when the going gets tough sanchez gets Bunkered .

The Jets are gonna get blown out tomorow..The Pats will score a TD on there first couple of drives..You'll see Brunell pretty soon ...HENNE is gonna have a big game tomorow..we might still lose cause Dan Dierdorf is doing the game ...DOLPHINS4LIFE!

maybe they can see if pete carrol wants to trade for him; oh wait he wouldn't even draft his own players.

THE NFL is a game of inches ..if HENNE would have completed that long pass to marshall..or the other one down the sideline..he would have had a big game STAT WISE ..that won't happen to much folks!Dolphins4Life!

SANCHEZ got his 42 million guaranteed.......doesn't matter what he does any more .

henne .......got his 600,000 ,he could be homeless in few years if it doesn't work out for him .

OK Guys prediction for tomorrow's game.....

some one said did you know that J.TYLOR had 12 sacke vs new england .i say that was 40 years ago .

did you know that pats won last 8 out 9 .the fat coach will kiss some one's ring after the game .

Aloco, IO can see your still Inhaling Inhalants.......


vikings.... 0

This Miami Dolphin team can beat the vickings but a few things have to happen.

We can't afford any penalties. Dumb a s s jet like ones or otherwise.

We can't give them any turnovers. We HAVE to win the turnover battle.

Special teams have to step up. Farve's hard enough to defend, we can't give him a short field.

Lastly, and I think most importantly, our secondary has to be spot on. No mental lapses. Speaking of which, I'd like to see Rashad Jones get some experience in certain situations. He can't do any worse than Culver did last week. We waited too long getting Clemons in the game and it hurt us a lot last year. Get Jones involved, the sooner the better.

Thank you Aloco, Your down to 6-0 fins..... Good luck on that score.....

Miami 20
Minnesota 14

KY, Your prediction has been logged.


who's the person odin when he comes in the news you say enough already? sort of giving him the plungie as the case w/TO .

Miami 16
Minnesota 13

16-14 Miami

Cuban Menace,

I can't make the Minnesota game, but I'm almost positive I'll make Green Bay.

I got a prediction for you: We'll be leading the vikes by 10 late in the 4th. They'll score a TD to get within 3. We recover the onside kick, game over, Miami by 3.

Odin Prediction please????(Also will you be representing the Mighty Air breathers sunday??)

As long as Henne doesn't play like AMrk Sanchez we will be fine

Aloco, ????

Didn't understand your last post.

Dolphins 30
Vikes 10

let say TO COMES TOMORROW AND SAY SOMe thing.you say oh my god him again ,enough already . for me who makes me sick the fat coach every time he comes on the news i say ,please .

could be any body .


How do you like that? I answered your question, BEFORE you posted it.

Home ain't got nothing on me.


Are you calling me a blabbering idiot? If you are, save it, I already know.

Aloco, ????

Didn't understand your last post.

Posted by: odinseye | September 18, 2010 at 06:58 PM

Odin,Alocos 2 sheets to the wind.........

Odin, You might win thew "HOME POST BEFORE IT'S ASKED AWARD" , Not quite the "PLUNGIE" award but close to it.......

O'reilly's of fox news.......enough already .

STORies about crowder.........enough already .

Fat Rex!

OK I get it. I'm with you on that Aloco, I can't stand listening to the blowhard.

I didn't watch any hard knocks episodes either.

I do look forward to seeing a lot of post loss press conferences from him this season. I'm predicting he'll start crying by the time we make them 0-3.

I for one cant wait to see channing comeback to the defense! finally for the first time in years channing wont be sandwich between two sorry ass players in akin and porter! the lb core is already much improved over the last 3 years, and now channing dont have to try to play for the weakside lb or the other mlb spot! judging from the one preseason game we did see, channing was all over the field! i dont really like gators as nfl players but channing has something that most gators dont have in the nfl? HEART!!!!!


I'm not quite sure what that award entails, but I'll graciously accept nonetheless.

I'll proudly display it right next to my GED and Department of Corrections release papers!

Odin, I think too that fat Rex will be crying in week 3, there gonna lose to New Eng. tomm. And i'll bet my last dollar that the loose to the Mighty Air breathers on sundays main stage next week......


You know who I say enough already to.


A great player and generally knows what he's talking about, but after about 2 minutes of listening to that Nasally dribble, I've heard "ENOUGH ALREADY"!

LOL Sorry I couldn't have stayed longer but my beeper went off.... (I hate my new job) But I leave you with the the vivacious and hot " ASHLEY"........

right on ODIN, what about simon and the american idol ...enough already .

Beeper...is it 1993 again....

HI Guys, Michael is trying to see if he can work more hour's then me. LOL.HOT ASHLEY

what's a beeper?

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