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Dolphins to run on the Vikings? Bet on it

To run the football ... or to not run the football. That is the question facing every team that plays the Minnesota Vikings. That is the question facing the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

The Vikings pride themselves, among other things, on being one of the NFL's best run-stopping defenses. They were No. 2 against the run in 2009 and folks in Minnesota were upset about because they were No. 1 against the run in 2008.

And in 2007.

And in 2006.

No. 1 against the run.

The Vikes boast the Burly Wall of Kevin Williams and Pat Williams inside and have an athletic set of linebackers. Perhaps that is the reason the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints basically decided not to try running the ball against the Vikings in the NFL season-opener -- at least not in the first half.

The Saints decided it was best to soften up the Vikings in the first half by throwing 21 times and running just three times. It wasn't until the second half when the Vikings were seemingly expecting the pass that New Orleans began to run. The Saints finished with 36 passes and 25 runs.

The Dolphins, however, aren't that type of team.

They are a run-first team. If you have any doubt about that consider that offensive coordinator Dan Henning said this week his dream would be to never pass the football.

"You want the honest-to-God's truth?" he said to me. "I'd like to line up and run the ball every down and get in the end zone on every drive. We'd go to the Super Bowl and we'd win. Without ever throwing!"

He added, "of course it doesn't happen that way," but that is what he'd love to do.

So what do the run-first Dolphins do when they run headlong into the best run-stopping team in the NFL the last four seasons?

I spoke to one offensive player this week who told me the answer is simple. The Dolphins will run.

"They're a physical defense. We're a physical offense," the player told me. "Let's see who is more physical. We're going to do what we do."

This should not come as a surprise. Last year the Dolphins faced a couple of Top 10 run-stopping teams -- the Jets and Steelers. And they tried to run the football. The results were mixed.

In the first meeting with New York, Miami rushed 36 times for 151 yards and a 4.2 yard per carry average. In the second meeting, the Jets obviously adjusted. Miami rushed 23 times for 52 yards and a 2.3 yard average. The Jets were the No. 8 rush defense in 2009.

The Dolphins rushed 25 times for 99 yards against the Steelers for a 4.0 average per rush. The Steelers were the No. 3 defense against the run in 2009.

I recognized this is a new year. The Dolphins have two new guards and Joe Berger is settling in at center. I recognize Ronnie Brown is healthy. I recognize Ricky Williams is a year older. Miami also has a star wide receiver option outside in Brandon Marshall that it didn't have a year ago. So yes, the dynamics have changed.

But has the philosophy changed in Miami? Are the Dolphins going to abandon running the ball just because Minnesota is perhaps the NFL's best run defense?

Um, I wouldn't count on that.


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Did someone just say there's a vivacious hot Hawaiian all alone out there somewhere?



Yes Odon, Unfortunately your in Michigan and I'Am in Brooklyn....HOt ASHLEY

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We had the party last night instead of tonight. Couldn't wait, go figure.

Anyway, the guys I jammed with we're sending up some smoke signals if you know what I mean. Everybody there got stoned, whether they were smoking or not!

LOL @ Aloco, Michal told me you "SNIFF" Glue and other stuff.Please get help Aloco, The Future is great. HOT ASHLEY.



Lol Odinseye, glad u had a good time, thats what life is all about.

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Good Evening Guys, I see where the Jests trolls swung through and strained the very pages on which we write, disgusting. Took a can of rain and a half gallon of bleach to delouse and sanitize my computer screen.

First, I saw where Cuban Menace was keeping tabs on predictions. Some may have seen I have been doing the same from the beginning of the last blog, but welcome ANY help or Parallel list. ....IF... You have made a prediction concerning the Dolphins/Vikings game tomorrow, on either this or yesterdays blog... I have that logged and will post those predictions Monday before MNF. Some of you have posted with stats predictions also, this is cool too... I will post the stats of the game along with score.


Thanks Menace for the help.....



cuban my name is norm, what's yours?

Derek, My Man says the fins are gonna be blown out like 28 to 10,cause there's a lot of concern\s of the offense and a bigger question about the Defense, I personally think he's a Idiot.HOT ASHLEY

Home Predicts:

Miami 31 Minnesota 20

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Miami 1-0

3 To Go

Miami Dolphins start the 2010 NFL season 4-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Miami 31 Minnesota 20

Brandgetterdon Marshall 2 TDs at Minnesota

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


Enjoy the Game!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

cuban my name is norm, what's yours?

Posted by: cuban my name is norm, what's yours?

Posted by: redsky

His real Name is Michael but he thinks of his-self as a Cuban (Third generation), though his Spanish is the equivalent of a third grader . LOL HOT ASHLEY


I said Miami by 3, earlier but I didn't give the score.

I hope you don't consider this a double post.

Miami 24

Posers 21

Jet Fan, you're so pathetic, and stupid. As most, um, all Jet fans are. Sanchez sucks. More smoke and mirrors for ya. Unless your defense scores 20 pts a game, you're in for a long season, because you let your 2 best RBs go and kept the one who fumbles and got a worn out has been! LOL. Pathetic and stupid.


Does the Cuban look like Armando Salguero?

PS: I think my Harley could stand one more "road trip" before the weather gets here?

Mahalo Ashley

Odin, No the Menace looks nothing like "Mando:... Mando doesn't even look like , That picture of Mando that was taken in his high school.

guys, why respond to jet fan, you're just encouraging him.

His real Name is Michael but he thinks of his-self as a Cuban (Third generation), though his Spanish is the equivalent of a third grader . LOL HOT ASHLEY

First off his name is miguel and second you're miguel's imaginary girlfriend or should i say blow up doll !!


That was anti climatic.

For some reason I was hoping you would say, "yes, he looks just like Armando".

Name some people we recognize that you and the Cuban look like.

I logged your friend's prediction, let's hope your right about him!....THXS

Got your score and 2 Marshall TD's covered..THXS

No worries, Gotcha covered.....

Also... For those that have heard his show, do you think Armando's voice is a little..Ehhem...Whiny?... Or is it just the Amigo always disagreeing with him?

Just a thought flashing by...

miguel salguero?

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Sorry but Armando looks like a "Chipmunk" Through the "Cuban Menace looks like a "Car-Wreck"That you cant look away from.IMHO. HOT ASHLEY., Gotta go guys, have a good night.

I'm sitting Brown this week in my fantasy league..then again I'm starting Bradshaw against the colts who gave up 231 yards to some random dude. Still picked the Fins to win in my pick em league, I really hope we end Favre's career this week.

RED COMMIE, Doubtful, The guy hasnt missed a game in 15 years, HOT ASHLEY


I judege people by there own merits, I'm not into racism.

I find ethnic groups and heritages different from own very interesting.

I don't want this to sound wrong, but I couldn't help wondering if you're Black and If you are, how did Home find out?

Just curious.

PS: If you find this offensive, I apologize and please feel free to just ignore.

bobbyd12, is an african american .no thing wrong w/that .

who is HOT ASHLEY? link?

And I think he is due for an injury..my prediction is Starks breaks his ribs..hey I can always hope!! Sorry Jet trash..haha

Hot Ashley,

I picture looking like Lucy Lings prettier sister?

If I'm wrong, tell us someone that you look like.

If it wasnt for African Americans our football team would suck ass...how did this even come up????????????

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Who cares how this came up?

Ok, it was me. Bobby alluded to it in his response to Home. It's not an issue with me whatsoever. It's just that me an Bobby get along here real well and I like to know things about the people I converse with. That's all.

Bobbyd12 real name is jakson .

gotcha...nothing wrong with that, just didnt see what led up to the question...GO FINS

For example:

I know Aloco is French and has a man crush on Armando-LOL!

armando ,handsome .

Posted by: ALoco | September 18, 2010 at 09:11 PM


what do you think cuban looks like ?

i have vikes 27-17, hate to say. sucks with jets and pats coming up, schedule is brutal

Odin, you should see armando's picture w/the amigo on the radio page .just beautiful.

Hot Ashley,

I'm positive The Cuban Menace looks exactly like a Hispanic Greg Brady ;p

I look just like Tom Brady..no joke...its creepy

last 15 minutes of the movie AIRPLANE ..CLASSIC

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