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Dolphins beat Bills 15-10 to open season at 1-0

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- It was a nail-bitter, especially after the Bills scored a fourth-quarter TD, but the Dolphins held on today for a 15-10 victory in the regular-season opener.

As masterpieces go, this one was painted in crayons.

But the NFL doesn't judge beauty. Wins and losses are judged by points, be they accumulated in ugly fashion or not.

The Dolphins defense was ugly today. It was a good ugly. They snarled, they spit, they fought, they dominated for the entire game except Buffalo's 81-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi, and Cameron Wake had sacks. Dansby was all over the field.

Jason Allen was unscathed in his starting debut as he shadowed Lee Evans throughout the game.

The Miami offense?

It needs work. Lots of work.

Chad Henne was not sharp. He was 21 of 34 for 182 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He held the ball too long at times. He and Brandon Marshall are still not quite in synch.

Henne underthrew Marshall on what should have been an easy, long TD pass. Forced to come back to the ball, Marshall then dropped it. Incomplete. 


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Would anybody really have been happy if we had blown them out....we have just called buffallo weak and downed our offense for it.


Jason Allen looked solid. Sean Smith should get accustomed to riding the pine.

Are you kidding me? Henne was horrible today. He's so inaccurated with overthrow, underthrow, high, low ball, indecided, lack of confident....etc . It might be too soon but I don't think Henne is the answer at quarterback.

tied with the pats for first place in the division..sounds good to me

How about the near pick Jason Allen dropped? Man if he caught that there would be no question who the Week 2 starting CB would be over there.

We win and that is all that counts.


They both had TDs and dropped them. ALso Marshal dropped a TD on an under thrown pass by Henne. Thi one could have been ugly.

The Bills had no Couda, Shoulda, Woulda's. The fought hard and hung around and thats what they wull hang thier hat on. For us its on to MINNI.

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!!

1 heart attack down, 15 to go.

It almost seems to me that these guys aren't ready and that is on the coaching staff, OC Henning is done, we are crying out for unconservative playcalling!!!!!!!
But........a win is a win so lets hope the O clicks better next week, no INT for Henne, good Defense for most of the game, gotta look at positives, lije it or not we're stuck with Henning for the season!!!!

Horrible Coaching on both sides of the ball



We don't need fair weather fans like you showing up in the 4th quarter when you thought we might lose.

This will not be forgoten

First opening season win in HOW long?
D and Fields stars of game. Next week comes the real test.

As I missed much of the game, especially early on, is Henning really athe drive killer SOME folks here are saying?

I have to say, I really thought Spiller would be a difference maker.
Glad that didn't happen.

Go Fins.

Happy with the Defense. Passing game was suspect!! Carpenter and Fields need to get slapped around before next practice. Special teams blew. We need someone to return balls. Otherwise, pretty good. Nice intensity on D.

We SHOULD have beaten them by 3 or 4 TD's...Offense cannot move the ball. After Brown's biggest play they shelve him for Ricky. D was wicked. Bell was lighting people up, had at least 6 or 7 tackles. 3 sacks. 2 dropped picks, TONS of pressure. J Allen looked good save for one non called penalty. Edwards was running for his life most of the game. The beast had 8-9 catches for +/- 60 Yds? Drops by Bess, Hartline, Polite, and Marshall 2 or 3 times. Henne wildly erratic, only deep ball thrown was underthrown.

Mando, why not get off Henne's back, he didn't turn the ball over, our highly paid O line allowed at least 2 of the sacks and yeah the pass to Marshall was underthrown but he should still have caught it.
The playcalling is horrendous, anyone can see that.
Instead of criticizing Henne get behind him!!!

NO NAILBITER. You, however, may be a pillow biter. The Dolphins Dominated the hapless jills. They left points on the field.

Congrats to the Miami Dolphins & All Dolfans

Miami 1-0

and 3 more in a row to go

for Miami 4-0 at the start of the 2010 season

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Spiller who? He sicked today.

The O will get worked out. The D looks nothing like the sieve that played one last year.

Expect Big Plays from Brangetterdon in Minnesota

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Marc, you sir are a moron!

play-calling is ugly!! Henning is a D-Bag--out of his element, too old.


Lotta drops by the receivers today. And, yes, Allen and Sapp dropped sure "pick-sixes". But a win is a win, no? HOW 'BOUT THEM DOLPHINS!!

only better secondary we will face this year will be jets and steelers. it is buffalo's only strength. and it was on the road and the first game. its gonna be ok

Spiller sucked- correction

lol, believe me, if they ever cut Spiller I would pick him up in a heartbeat. It was our defense playing super, there is nothing wrong w/ Spiller.

Like what Home saw today

Mike Nolan and the New Miami Dolphin Defense

Starting Jason Allen Was and Is an Excellent Decision

Thank U, Coach Nolan

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Another day like this by Hartline and Bess will surely become the hands-down #2 receiver. Hartline seems to have "spit the bit" today; probably just a bad case of opening-game jitters!

were is camarillo when you need him

Miami Dolphins Start the 2010 Season 4-0

Only 3 To Go

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

It will not matter come December how Henne played today... It will not matter that we saw 14 points fall on the field on the D side and at least 7 on the o side... all that will matter is the great big -W- in the column next to their team name..
To all the detractors who said we would go 0-6...F**K YOU!!!!!

Yes, the playcalling is bad but so is the offensive scheme. They need to be playing to the current QB strengths.

The way the offense is currently designed, it is for Pennington not Henne. Either start throwing the ball down the field with Henne or start Pennington with the short throws. Pennington is known for his short field accuracy not Henne.

Also, maybe we need a change in QB coach. Something is wrong with Henne. Why does he seem like he has not grown at all as a QB since last year?

Defense was agressive and played well, with exception of the one drive. Too bad our d-backs don't have better hands, we dropped 14 points!

Henne looked out of sync and Harline dropped both passes to him. He better pick it up or we will regret trading Camarillo like we did Welker!

An ugly win is better than a pretty loss, I'll take it

i saw the ugliest slobs on tv that i've ever seen in the stands at that stadium. fat, ugly, gray, bald...the ugliest group of fans ever...they never did show any hotties...until they showed a couple of cute fins fans....they should not allow new yorkers to breed.

I thought Henne looked solid. A lot of drives were stalled or made more difficult by drops by the receivers. What game were you guys watching?? lol.

Nice to start with a win!

our offense still needs to get in synch but i'm glad to see the "D" come up big. That was the big question mark for me coming into this season. The Vikings will be more of a challenge so I hope we're prepared.

Write this down. Whipple (OC with the 'Canes) will be OC of the Fins next year. Hopefully, he won't bring Jacori with him. LOL

Sorry, just bored with our offensive, which was truly offensive today.

Henne wasn't great but he managed the game and made a beautiful touch pass to Fasano and some soft throws to Polite so it looks like he's getting better with the touch. Lets be fair to Henne though, there were at least 5 catchable balls that were dropped. And to the person complaining about his inaccuracy open your eyes! He put the ball where it needed to be in tight coverage to avoid turnovers. Yes he had a few bad throws, who doesn't, but it wasn't as bad as the Michigan haters want to make it out to be. If Dan Henning would stop with the excuses "we took what they gave us" and start opening up the offense down field the phins will score more. We have a young QB with a cannon and Henning is still calling the game like Pennington is in there. Enough with the dink and dunk bull crap. They also need to spread the line of scrimmage out more on offense. It was way to tight and was causing confusion in regards to which defenders were going to rush. Get the DBs and CBs away from the middle of the field and give these WRs more room to run. Hennings too old school for my taste.

We gotta step it next week if we want a win next week.

Step it up that is.

hey, a win is a win, and i am thankful. however, so much for no culver mistakes, a huge td mistake. this o does not show much more than last year. need big improvements to be a playoff contender.

MD dolphin fan you are dead wrong on Henne. His touch passes are better and he's more poised in the pocket. The kid doesn't get rattled and he was playing against a very good secondary in Buffalo on opening day, not an easy task. He has grown since last season.

Newyorkers suck said..."i saw the ugliest slobs on tv that i've ever seen in the stands at that stadium. fat, ugly, gray, bald...the ugliest group of fans ever."

And that was the females....sorry...not PC.

BTW, I fit 3 out of the 4 criteria...not fat.

Armando, EXACTLY!! Great D, offense out of sync but that will come with practice and time. Actually Offense looked good first half, pulled back second half. Asked you earlier in year about Henning, the guy needs to pull off the WildCat, especially inside the red zone and let Henne take charge. Hard to build confidence when ur constantly putting Hene in 3rd and long if WildCat dont work. A win is a win Dolphins 1-0 all that matters

Good to win an opener finally.

Way to go Phins!

Ronnie and Ricky
Few penalties
Fasano ready to forget a bad year
Pass rush with base 4 coming

Nickel D
2:00 minute playcalling
Return man Smith

Yeah they should let all the unemployed welfare recepient mongrols in Florida breed.

Henning is still too cute for my tastes ....

keep the Wildcat and show it once or twice to force teams to prepare for it ... it should not be as prominent as it was today ...

Also, Mando, you are correct on all points.

Yeah - it was a nail biter. I agree with severinno, Buffalo has a solid secondary. Henne will get more confident over the season. Here are some things, on the good side, that folks have been worried about that we saw live action:

-Clemons and Misi: both looked good and showed that they were around the ball alot.
-O-line: Though Henne held on to the ball for a long time, he definitely had a lot of time. RBs had good holes for most of the day as well.
-Would not be surprised if Bess starts over Hartline next week.

Oh brother: winning a game the Dolphins should've won...by five points. The Bills offensive line is playing third stringers.

This is rediculous.

I don't think Orton and Marshall had many issues with "connecting" at the beginning of last season.

You can't make the playoffs like you're still playing 80s football.


Alright Miami
1-0,but marshall and henne needs to build chemistry,once they do that our offense will be unstoppable,and our D look very nice,lets go Dolphinss,

Alright Miami
1-0,but marshall and henne needs to build chemistry,once they do that our offense will be unstoppable,and our D look very nice,lets go Dolphinss,

We have to be better on offensive game plan...if we keep playing dink and dunk, we play into the hands of the defense...will it change? Nope. Can't do much about it either. Ah well, we did win.

ArmandotheDhead, dont worry, u will be banned quickly, but before you do could u tell us how it feels to be such a coward and pus@y to use that type of name? ur parents must be proud they raised a douchebag hiding behind a keyboard.

Defense looked great, Jason Allen has always made plays when given the chance. As for the officense, Henne looked scared at times but seemed to settle down in the last 5 minutes of the game. Marshall is a rock, good catches and did everyone see the block he put on the Bills safety, knock him on his butt. I did not feel great about the win, but hopefully we learn from our mistakes.

1 - 0, we broke a long slide. Great job.

What do you think about the game B12?

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