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Dolphins beat Bills 15-10 to open season at 1-0

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- It was a nail-bitter, especially after the Bills scored a fourth-quarter TD, but the Dolphins held on today for a 15-10 victory in the regular-season opener.

As masterpieces go, this one was painted in crayons.

But the NFL doesn't judge beauty. Wins and losses are judged by points, be they accumulated in ugly fashion or not.

The Dolphins defense was ugly today. It was a good ugly. They snarled, they spit, they fought, they dominated for the entire game except Buffalo's 81-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi, and Cameron Wake had sacks. Dansby was all over the field.

Jason Allen was unscathed in his starting debut as he shadowed Lee Evans throughout the game.

The Miami offense?

It needs work. Lots of work.

Chad Henne was not sharp. He was 21 of 34 for 182 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He held the ball too long at times. He and Brandon Marshall are still not quite in synch.

Henne underthrew Marshall on what should have been an easy, long TD pass. Forced to come back to the ball, Marshall then dropped it. Incomplete. 


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Kris, aloco has been Inhaling Inhalants all day, He's gone.....

LOL @ odin.

Thanks for the info Cuban


Wow - Penne as OC.
Outstanding idea.

kris, what i meant is the dolphins can't wait for december to know their fate about the playoffs.we must win in MIN then come back here to make it 3-0 then we talk december .

We need to put bess in the open
we need to congratulate waterboy that predicted a safety
we need to start looking for oc candidates for next year
ronnie looked in beast mode

Sorry I am waiting to chime in until after game, but it was a nail biter as usual and I couldn't deal with all the bandwagon folks complaining during the game today. Offensive line did a good job of protecting Henne. He had all day at times. Sorry Mando, I dont care if it was underthrown, that ball hit him in the hands and numbers, that even if not a touchdown it would have been great field position. However, he knocked the $#!+ out of that bills player. lol. The pass to Fasano was beautiful, don't know how you guys are calling henne inaccurate. Now on to vindication time. Each year, I have been defending Jason Allen, good and bad. Acknowledging how they have never been consistent with him and how you can't ignore his talent. Remember the year the wanted to start Betty Crocker over him b/c of his veteran swagger, even though he was playing lights out in the preseason, I could not fathom why they would do that and we see how that ended. Did you not think it odd that each year he kept making the team? They couldn't ignore his obvious skill but he has been shuffled around so much he has not had time to get good at one spot. Even when in he has shown flashes and people still choose to berate him. The only thing better about his play today would have been if he sealed it with that pick six...arrrrgh. Even on the play where he got away with pass interference he was step for step with lee. Like a vet he kept his hands where the ref couldn't see what happened. Kudos, J. you earned it. To the true fans, it was ugly, they keep your heart beating until the end but a W is a W. I'm still not convinced getting rid of Ginn in return game was a good idea. Hartline is not looking good. B Marshall has some room to drop balls, you sir, do not. We got rid of Camarillo, don't make us regret that decision. Go DOLPHINS!!!!

Armando TDH,

You need to move on to How to be a Real Dolphins Fan 102.

Sarcastic imitation is for children.

Why did miami call a time out with 2:06 in the 4th Quarter instead of letting the clock wind down???? It was 4th down and they were gonna punt, I just didnt get that.... Was it another "Coaching error"??? Just wondering...

Gotcha Aloco,

One game at a time. I with you. Its Minnisota week.

I can't WAIT for the Ravens to KILL the jets tomorrow!!!


I believe they were expecting a trick play ala New York Jets last year.

Then again, Miami pinned them inside the one so I guess well let that one slide....lol

Chris Clemmons seems like he is everywher, Koa Misi looks like the real deal and Odrick did great as well. Is L Polite like 100% on 3rd down conversions? Seriously I don't remember him ever being stopped....no Jinx.

what did the 50 million man do ? i miss ted ginn already .

LOL Aloco...I'm just saying.


He caught 6 passes knocked some bill on his but with a bone crushing block and dropped a possible touchdown pass on a ball under thrown by Henne. I think he dropped like 3 passes. But he also caught some tough balls.

Its feast or famine with the BEAST


Ted(Sideline) Ginn today so far, 3 KO returns for 26 total yards, That's a average of 8.5 yards aloco, These aren't punt returns, There KO returns were the opposing team lines up 70 yards away.......oh yeah he "Allagatored" a pass to him and dropped it... I'am watching the game actually, Hot Ashley seems to like the 49ers too for some reason....

@drsamii polite has only failed once out of 30 plus attempts.

Kris, Did'nt he catch 8 passes today???

aloco, 49rs getting trashed....i thought theyd be more solid this year.

You could be right Cuban....

don' t doubt the seahawks at home.

players buying in to Pete Carrol's style.

marshall had 8 recs for 53 yards

he dropped 3 balls ? so why we traded ted ginn ? to get some one to pull a ted ginn on us ?

henne v. alex smith? id rather have henne.

He's no ted ginn Aloco

a lot of open receivers. not good. henne better find open guys in less time next week.

Kris, Yeah he caught 8 for 53 yards, at that rate he'll have 124 catches this year.... yeah Aloco, I think I'd rather have Ted(Hands of stone)Ginn instead... LMAOROTF At Aloco....

Glad for the win

BUT, it seemed like the Fins were doing a long of dink and dunk

I can really only remember ONE pass (the Marshall drop) where Henne threw it over 10 yards

So either the Bills secondary is really good at coverage (possible) or the Fins need to start airing the ball out a bit more

Try being an Eagle fan right now. They clamored for Cobbs, McNabb traded, now Cobb has concussed 1st half of 1st game.

I think I'll take our problems over thiers, lol!


The will look at the tape and get it fixed. Next week Jared Allen is comming and he is comming on 10 days rest. We will see more dinking and dunking.

my favorite players to watch today on offense was John Jerry he played great and am glad he is starting. And Jaaon Allen on Defense not that they had the best days. just glad to see improvemnet everywhere. Clemons was also very impressive too


Kolb looked horrible. Now he has an excuse. It was the best thing for him

Took Ginn 4 games to even have a decent shot at having 8 recptions, lol.

Wake was awsome today. and he did most of it with a bill defender holding amost every play.

Shcaub, both Mannings and Farve all looked "rusty" this week.

If Henne's bad games amout to 62% completion, no INT's and a big W in the win column, I'll take it.

Clemons looked extremely solid in live action as did the three rooks Odrick, Misi AND Jerry. Yeah even Jerry had a SOLID outing. Dansby and the 4 previously mentioned looked completely different from pre season.

We got the win, but Nolan has to be feeling bitter sweet right now. We got 3 sacks and pressure all day. 2 pick sixes would have put the icing on his debut. Not mention instantly turning Jason Allen(5 tackles and an assist) into a star.

We gave up 50 yards on the ground(only 6 to Spiller)and a 130 in the air(only 8 to spiller). Add in the sacks, pressure and solid special teams coverages and it's an all around solid defensive effort. Kudos Mr. Nolan!

Hennings play calling and some key drops were a damper and probably cost us some points. Still, 132 yards on the ground and 182 in the air with no fumbles or Int's is good enough for me. Henne had an off day as well as Marshall. It's pretty kool that an off day for these two include 8 catches for Marshall and another W for Henne.

I got the feeling it's only going to get better.

PS: I feel Coach Sporano looked a little rusty too, his fist pump just ain't what it used to be :)

1-0 Baby!!!! AwwRiiiight MIAMI!!!!

wake has talent .marshall has money .

Board, I Think there gonna have to in the next 4 games, Minn.,NY,New Eng, Green Bay, The dink and dunk at gonna do it, But then again, it was only Buffalo, I think the fins knew if they dont turn it over and play conservative they'll come out with a "W", but there gonna have to open it up in the next 4 games.. IMHO...

With the dink and dunk offense Marshall on pace for a 128 reception 850yd recieving year.

Only in a Dan Henning offense can a wr have 128 receptions for only 850yds. LOL


Well Said

I do think Bills db's did a great job today!

what about the other players , moore,hartline.wallace and fasano ?

i have a strong feeling that the 50 million man is a BUST .

LOL @ Breed.....OHHHHH Snap Look everone Alpo's "Man of the year" Michael(Good doggie)Vick in playing for the Eagles....

Hey Dolfans who was the pro bowl safety we had during the Jimmy Johnson era that we got from Dallas???? Does anyone remember???

Cuban, the dink and dunk resulted in 2 wins against Jests and split with NE. I will take 3/4 from those teams dink and dunk or not to be honest with you. Not scared of Minn either.


Marshall is not a bust. You dont put up 3 consecutive 100+ recieving using smoke and mirrors.


We could have put the entire GINN FAMILY on the field and never have seen that, lol!!!

CUBAN, CAN ISAY i dink and dunk a girl ?

Bobby, If the fins dont commit any turnovers I too like our chances, E.G 2008 with Pennington, 7 turnovers all year equalled 11 wins....May not be exciting but it'll win you games......


ALoco, please stop ur looking like a ridiculous fool. Marshall had some super runs after the catch, something we havent seen for years and he blocks like an animal. The guy is everything he is cracked up to be and more. I was SO WRONG about Marshall it was ridiculous. Guy is an amazing receiver

Brock Marion

One of my favorite Dolphins, he's on my all time list.


The answer you were looking for is BROCK MARION.

dying breed, let's see marshall score TD in MIN .100 yards or more without TD will not take us any where .

Chris Clemmons was my greatest defensive concern going into the opener. It really made me feel good to see him play well!

i said earlier. Marshall is a beast. henne is a bust. That said, this offense still needs another fast playmaking receiver to complement Marshall. hartline and Co. are average at best. althoigh Bess is very good at times, just not very fast. Henne looke scared and indecisive in the pocket. Missed lots of open guys. threw short on 3rd and manageable alot.

ok bobbyd12,i will stop bashing marshall until the MIN GAME .you made a good point .

Aloco, I'm going to try and be respectful here but it's going to be hard. If you think Marshall is a bust than it is obvious that you no very little if anything at all about football. The guys first half numbers alone surpassed the numbers of what 95% of the WRs in the league get in a full game. He CRUSHED Donte Whitner opening a running lane. Blew by a DB and would've had a td if not for a short ball. And was relied on in the hands department of special teams. Excuse me but WTF are you talking about? Time to go back to football 101.

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