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Dolphins beat Bills 15-10 to open season at 1-0

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- It was a nail-bitter, especially after the Bills scored a fourth-quarter TD, but the Dolphins held on today for a 15-10 victory in the regular-season opener.

As masterpieces go, this one was painted in crayons.

But the NFL doesn't judge beauty. Wins and losses are judged by points, be they accumulated in ugly fashion or not.

The Dolphins defense was ugly today. It was a good ugly. They snarled, they spit, they fought, they dominated for the entire game except Buffalo's 81-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi, and Cameron Wake had sacks. Dansby was all over the field.

Jason Allen was unscathed in his starting debut as he shadowed Lee Evans throughout the game.

The Miami offense?

It needs work. Lots of work.

Chad Henne was not sharp. He was 21 of 34 for 182 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He held the ball too long at times. He and Brandon Marshall are still not quite in synch.

Henne underthrew Marshall on what should have been an easy, long TD pass. Forced to come back to the ball, Marshall then dropped it. Incomplete. 


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is it just me or does cameron wake get held all the time and the refs don't call it? Happened last season as well.


Fault Henning not Marshall. Seems Henning still going with the dink and dunk special.

thanks charlieb

phins78 , what about the three passes he drpoed ?

Marshall is an excellent and very unselfish blocker.

Marshall Blocks on run plays and for other receivers when the balls thrown to them.

Marshall catches 8 passes in one game.

Do you know what these are Aloco?

These are things that Tedd Ginn NEVER did as a Miami Dolphin.

Aloco you fool. Marshall could have no tds all year as long as he keeps moving the chains and taking on double teams to open space for Fasano, Bess, and Hartline. Seriously my man, you are way off. Do you see that?

It's not you....

Wake gets Mega-held.


If we keep comparing all of our new young qb's to a young DAN MARINO, then yes, every qb that comes through our door will be a bust, LOL!



ok ODIN, if the god father of fooball says so ,it's so .

I agree with that, seemed like they were playing really cautious, avoiding possible turnovers, to insure themselves of a W (all that really matters)

and the defence was AWESOME today

What about the 3 passes he dropped you tool?! What is he supposed to be perfect? Everyone else in the league can have miscues but Marshall should never make a mistake because he makesd a lot of money? It seems like you're just trying to get attention. You have to know these things you're saying are dumb.

Aloco, Like Bobby said, Quit saying foolish things......

A young BOB GRIESE looks like a total bust compared to a young Marino. All Griese did was win 2 0f 3 SB's and became a HOF.


I'm happy with the off season aquisitions of nolan, dansby and marshall. They will continue to pay dividends this year.

I was also impressed with the scheme when they actually dialed up some blitzes they got to the qb and either got sacks, batted balls or incomplete passes.

Im beginning to suspect someone else is using ALOCO'S screen name, lol.

Dion Branch is still playing??????????(SF vs Seattle)What is he like 54 years old????

Someone Impersonating a impersonator?????? My God Breed, You just blew my mind........

you know the best thing about today's game ?
it was on the road.next week a super bowl game for the fins.we win in MIN
we r in the playoffs .no doubt .

p.s please god make favre melt down .

Eagle had their 1960 championship team out on the field to honor them. Ive never seen so many wheelchairs, walkers, and walking canes on one football field in my life!

Someone Impersonating a impersonator?????? My God Breed, You just blew my mind........

Posted by: Cuban Menace | September 12, 2010 at 06:51 PM


Hartline needs to keep developing...

The GOOD TEAMS may try to commit extra players to shutdown Marshall.

Imagine how amazing it would be to have Wallace Step Up! Marshall & Wallace, AS A TANDEM, would DEVASTATE opposing Defenses...

i wrote all my posts dying breed but i didn't see the game so i started to write foolish things so bloggers will answer w/info about the game so i got good info ,thank you .

Breed, I heard that the crowd Booed them.... Not surprising though, they boo Santa claus every november whem he comes out on the field the last week of Nov. games there... even the kids boo him....lol

Aloco = CIA

K Odin, I agree with you, BUT, Ginn has caught 8 passes before. He actually caught 11 passes for 108 yards against Indy...he just couldn't hold onto the last catch of the game. Just sayin

Thank God

Dolphin management went with Dansby & Marshall
and listened to Home

imagine if they listened to that Jack@ss booby
who with NJ Fraud Fan, said "NO WAY" to Home prior to them both being signed

and remember how foolish they thought Home was when Home was the only one saying "Bench sean smith"
"sean is a POSER BOY CB"
"Mike Nolan will expose sean the Fraud CB and bench him"

Best South Florida Local Dolfan is definitely, Home

Love That Home!


Now I see there was a method to madness, lol!

I usually don't start on the next game this quick, but seeing Minnesota thursday I can't help it.

The first thing that jumped off the page was Minnesotas offensive line. About 80% of the time, they use a zone blocking scheme.

What I saw from Nolan and our D today looks like the perfect way to attack zone blocking. I got a good feeling about this because when we get in Farve's face and shut him down, we shut down Minnesota period.

drsamii.....................thank you for that info about ted ginn.answer ODIN .

I hate chicks who love HOME!


leave my bobbydummy12 alone, he is dumb@ss government slave and too stupid to think for himself

and he loves my club

Yw Aloco

Chicks lure Home into black van...

Home gets Interrogated...stripped naked, and dropped off in Overtown.
Home is forced to walk home:)

Good Game Eh, Menace


3 To Go!

Miami Dolphins start the 2010 NFL Season 4-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Chicks lure Home into black van...

Home gets Interrogated...stripped naked, and dropped off in Overtown.
Home is forced to walk home:)

Posted by: Mr ~Lova-Lova | September 12, 2010 at 07:02 PM


Aloco and other Dolfans here

Check out NFL.com
Click on Dolphin vs Bills game near top of website

Watch montage on Brandon Marshall

Very Good

and imagine if Henne threw the ball 3 Yds deeper on that east TD cuz of Marshall excellent juke to shed 2 defenders

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Young wonder qb Aaron Rodgers just threw his 2nd pick of the game. Henne= 0 trunovers today, lol!!!

Hey Home, i had nothing to say to you today yet you have a man crush on me obviously.
Patrick Turner 100% Lock
Stock market 8000 end of August, panic in streets.
Stop being such an arrogant AS@HOLE cause your nothing special OLD MAN with NO life.

Guys, The next 3 out of four games contain 3 pro bowl QBs, Farve,Rogers and Bunchen... Ohhh Sorry ment to say Brady, Just remember that that was Buffalo today, Gonna be Tough the next 4 games......

Now excuse me while I sit on the toilet and drop a couple of your relatives in the bowl.
When im done it will look like a Home Family ReUnion Picture


I know Ginn had his moments(very few), I was just trying to make a point with Aloco.

It's all Good!

In other Dolphins news

Channing Crowder was able to wrestle an Alligator to the ground, but only after it had gained 10 yards.

Soiled :)

U know those were your post imitating me
just like last year with your impostering
U cannot stand my success

Brangetterdon should shove the ball up your @SS after each and every game

U Got That, Huh?

So Bite Me, civil servant boy
and get me a beer
The Cowboys game is coming on

Your Pal

Concussed Kevin Kobb = Vick stealing job!!!

oh...now be nice...he had more than a few

I thought Clemmons was prob best player on the field for Fins. THe kid can bring it, and was sure tackling.

Clemmons play was very encouraging today!

This day will be complete if Ray Lewis and the Ravens dance on the Yets faces, and slap Fatso's belly. Go BmorE!

NFL wins are to hard to come by with only 16 games to play. Henne is the #1 QB he's the starter but when he's having a very bad game you've got to put Pennington in. Chad P. should have been put in middle of the 3rd quarter.Henne was awful, very bad, he just sucked the whole game.And the play calling sucked the whole game.And the wildcat sucked.Let's not go back to the days of Wanny, happy to keep it close and hope to win by 3 points.



Great Job with Dansby & Marshall call. Both contributed in a huge way in todays win. Benching of sean smith was also brilliant and starting a guy that should have been given a game ball for his play on defense and special teams, Jason Allen!

Apparently HOME
You and Mike Nolan were on the same page with sean smith needing to ride the pine. How did you know,HOME?

Home u got a good eye, man.

All you clowns criticizing Miami are straight up clowns. You guys don't know football or understand the game at all. How can you be down on a win. It was a win in the division and on the road.

Miami's defense kicked ass! The offense played it how they were supposed to close to the vest and controlled the clock for over 36 minutes. Buffalo was never really a threat to take the lead.

Miami 1-0 clowns. Why don't you just enjoy the win?

Home just like Wheel of Fortune
Buy a vowel
F _. C. K. Y. O. _
LMAO @ Fairy Tale Homes

I think I'd Rather see the Jets come down to Miami underfeated to be honest with you, what better way to ruin ol blowhards season then a Miami Beat down......

Henne had 0 turnovers, he's just beginning his 2nd season and full season as a starter. There will be some up and downs with a young qb.

CP may have another 2 seasons left max. You dont wanna start messing with Henne's head unless he starts to constantly turn the ball over. You'll pay for as a coaching staff and team later.

I'm the one who said Clemons would be a beast.

I said it BEFOR every one else. Bow down to me everybody, I am so smart.

I was saying Clemons would be a beast before Armando or Soiled or anybody.

Remember the numbers 1,198,249 and 2,850 and 3 they will be very important.

You have been warned!

PS: Please worship me everyone.

How sick do you have to be to pretend your a girl and comment yourself.
We all know you sukDick Home. Your wife left ya cause she caught you in bed with another male
You gaycocksucker

LMAO @ Home-O impostering as a girl!!!

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