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Dolphins beat Bills 15-10 to open season at 1-0

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- It was a nail-bitter, especially after the Bills scored a fourth-quarter TD, but the Dolphins held on today for a 15-10 victory in the regular-season opener.

As masterpieces go, this one was painted in crayons.

But the NFL doesn't judge beauty. Wins and losses are judged by points, be they accumulated in ugly fashion or not.

The Dolphins defense was ugly today. It was a good ugly. They snarled, they spit, they fought, they dominated for the entire game except Buffalo's 81-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi, and Cameron Wake had sacks. Dansby was all over the field.

Jason Allen was unscathed in his starting debut as he shadowed Lee Evans throughout the game.

The Miami offense?

It needs work. Lots of work.

Chad Henne was not sharp. He was 21 of 34 for 182 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He held the ball too long at times. He and Brandon Marshall are still not quite in synch.

Henne underthrew Marshall on what should have been an easy, long TD pass. Forced to come back to the ball, Marshall then dropped it. Incomplete. 


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Good win. Need to get much better on offense. I'm still not convinced of Henne at quarterback. He holds the ball to long and does not throw down field enough! To many checkdown passes!

Looks Like Michael(Why cant this dog swim)Vick is causing the Packers heartburn.....

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Sean Smith was caught sending 'Tweets' from the bench...


Dobbins missed tackles and blew coverages all day.

The coaches said he still plays better than Crowder.

This could have been easily a blow-out with two near pick sixs and the under thrown/dropped pass. Add to that, the Bills look better than they were last year.

Look, I was very encouraged. The current o-line got more work together and are showing improvement. Ronnie and Ricky ran well. The Beast looked unstoppable.

The defense looked brilliant. Misi had a breakthrough game, Dansbary was all he has been touted to be and more, and Bell, with this defensive scheme, will be a shoe-in for the Pro Bowl. Jason Allen might indeed have turned to corner. I'm happy for him.

Henne was 21-34 for 187yd 0 tds and 0 turnovers.

Though not spectacular I call that a pretty darn solid ball game for a young qb just beginning his 1st full season as a starter.

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We should had beaten the jills by 4 td's..but the coaches and this organization don't like to bury a team..there too classy..but that will cost you soon..tony sparano needs to stop getting happy over a fieldgoal..go for td's throw in the endzone..the fins did not throw to hartline cause he was getting covered by terrance mcgee ..who's there best player..but hartline still has a drop a game!like i said before dan henning needs to be in a nusery..getting fed jell-o,,with a spoon.terrible playing calling ..2 straight wildcat runs for 4 yards..a reverse with devonne bess ..who does not have great speed..no shotgun...why not play patrick cobbs more..who can get outside..the good news is are defense is gonna be fun too watch..and the fins always struggle offensively in the first couple games..dolphins4life!ka slickrickdog in youtube.peace

We have two winners of the "coveted" plungie awards today.

For erroneously predicting a Buff-A-Blows victory, the award goes to:

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Sam Madison was on tv after the game
Impressed with starting CB Jason Allen and ultimate decision to bench "POSER BOY"
"Madison said Jason Allen played a great game."

Go Dolphins!
Thank you and love you, Home!

A win baby yeah!!! I will sacrifice viewing for a win any week. The power went out right before game time, and denied me the opportunity to watch the game. I have only seen highlights so please anyone correct me if my observations are skewed. 1 Marshall is a pysical freak, and must get the ballas much as he can. 2 Henne struggled again with throws that allowed players to gain yards after the catch, an area for improvement. 3 The defense looked stout. I don't care what team your playing, 10 points is a good job. I'm sure we would all take that each week in a heartbeat.
4 The pass protection was good. 5 First Place!

Peyton Manning 40-57 433yd 3 tds 0 turnovers= LOSS

Chad Henne 21-34 187yd 0 td 0 turnovers= WIN

Which of these 2 would you take Dolphin fans?

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Thank You Odin, I proudly accept this prestigious award , I'd like to thank the following people and organizations, first being my cousin Amando, I listen to you and this is what happens, Next I'd like to thank the Dolphin organization for not winning the last 7 opening away games, And again I want to thank the Phin organization to playing Bad teams badly over the last few years... I accept the "Plungie" tonite and only want to know one thing.........Can you PLEASE, And the menace means PLEASE, BEAT THE JETS in 2 weeks... Thank you all very much..............


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bah...good night guys. great day...1-0.

The Dolphins arguably left 21 pts on the field and i'll chalk it up to shaking off the rust...for all intents and purposes the Dolphins won this game 34-10

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Guys the Bills usually always come out the chute tough. Its usually by the 6th game thier dreams of granduer falls apart.

Remember they played the Pats tough early last season and should have won that game.

Cuban Menace,

Do you remember when you made that acceptance speech for the Plungie award?

That was AWESOME!!!!

Good promising players in rookies O`drick, Misi, Jerry and Carroll
2nd year safety with first start today
Clemmons looked real good
Like the ball hawk he was in 1st year preseason

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Odin, Lets not forget who the "PLUNGIES" are Named after, I almost forgot to thank The "Father" of the "Plungies", NJ Phin fan, Without him we wouldnt have the "Plungies", So I want to thank him too....LOL..

Canfin, you are correct. The problem with this offense lies on the playcalling. Henning is a bad OC. Running two WC and running plays in a row when it has been stopped?? If we are going to beat contending teams, Henning needs to figure out how to get the ball down the field and stop with the conservative crap and laying on the lead. If the defense gives opportunities to score, Henning needs to learn how to take advantage of it.

Dolphins secondary can shine more next week as DEs Cameron Wake & Jared O`drick apply pressure on Favre

with WR Rice out and Harvin not quite himself since migraines have forced him out of practices

Think our secondary will be much better, quicker and more athletic this year
Strongly believed sean smith was our weakest link
and Now apparently Mike Nolan agrees as sean has been benched this season

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Henne didn't look good, but there were drops, and the secondary is Buffalo's best unit, so the coverage was tight on our WRs.

He'll have a better game in Minnesota.

Miami 1-0

3 To Go!

Miami Dolphins start the 2010 NFL season 4-0

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Menace, Yeah right before kickoff BOOM power out. No Rhyme or reason. I was phsyced. No football, and a barfull of sour patrons who came in to watch the games only to be served a big fat glazed doughnut! What a let down, especially after my drunken Thanksgiving ramble from last night!!!

Lets see, Payton manning had 445 yards passing today and lost, and Chad(Neck fat) Henne had only 186 yards... What really matters here guys??? Who Won?????Payton or Chad????

LOL@ Darryl, Only in Montana........

Fins win, divisional win on the road is always tough. Wildcat was very vanilla, not a big fan of it but they were defintely holding back in that formation. We will see more in coming weeks. DEFENSE............BURLY. I see the tools that Henne has and many are sceptical, but I really believe he has training wheels on and Henning needs to take them off and let this kid either make it or break it. I personally believe he will be a stud, if allowed,

Watching "Football night in america"And I said it before but does Tony Dungy look like the uncle you dont want your children spending the night with???? Just wondering..

How many Quarterbacks were injured today?

I know Detroits and Kolb in Philly.

Any others?


The Trifecta's entire Dolphins drafting history seems to have changed after just one divisional road game.

Go figure...........................

Henne really Needs to make Faster Better decisions and him and Marshall Look like and awkward couple having sex one moves too fast the other to slow no rhythm somebody needs to send these to dance class together and see if that helps

It was a win today and that's all I really care about. Going into enemy territory and coming out with a win is no easy task, even if it was the Bills. I actually thought the score was closer than the game itself. I never felt watching the game that the Dolphins were in danger of losing it. Defence looked great and again I know it was the Bills but I am hopeful the team will get some confidence off this win.

Odin, Though he did'nt play today I hear that Ben Roethlisberger got a contusion to his penis due to a early morning rape attempt, Hope this helps.....

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