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Dolphins beat Bills 15-10 to open season at 1-0

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- It was a nail-bitter, especially after the Bills scored a fourth-quarter TD, but the Dolphins held on today for a 15-10 victory in the regular-season opener.

As masterpieces go, this one was painted in crayons.

But the NFL doesn't judge beauty. Wins and losses are judged by points, be they accumulated in ugly fashion or not.

The Dolphins defense was ugly today. It was a good ugly. They snarled, they spit, they fought, they dominated for the entire game except Buffalo's 81-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi, and Cameron Wake had sacks. Dansby was all over the field.

Jason Allen was unscathed in his starting debut as he shadowed Lee Evans throughout the game.

The Miami offense?

It needs work. Lots of work.

Chad Henne was not sharp. He was 21 of 34 for 182 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He held the ball too long at times. He and Brandon Marshall are still not quite in synch.

Henne underthrew Marshall on what should have been an easy, long TD pass. Forced to come back to the ball, Marshall then dropped it. Incomplete. 


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I agree with you completely.

But PLEASE, no more dancing Dolphins!

Let's see how Camarillo does against the Fins.

is a fagbitch a lesbian? or is it crowder?

OK Guys, Great win for the Mighty air-Breathers, Goota go to work, Talk to you guys sometime soon... Have a "Phintastic" Nite Peace my friends...........


Vick(why can't this dog swim)Vick?

I know you're a proud recipient of the plungie today, but to bad. This one nullifies it completely.


Did you guys see Henne run for that first down? Too cool. Settle down kids, Chad Henne to Brandon Marshall will become the duo to fear in the AFC East. They had a bad game, Marshall only caught eight.

as negative as i felt during the game i reserving judgement for when we play the vikes.

swamy, if cam is like welker then he shoukd get a thousand yards and 8 tds against us

All this bitching and moaning over a win.. Last year we were 0-1, this yr. 1-0.. Let's roll with the good and stop all the sh.t about Henne!

I thought the Fins would lose at the end of the game (with turnovers like they did last year).

They can't afford to play like they did today or they'll be in trouble.

One more post, Odin, I Actually love dogs, Have 2 Black labs that I consider my kids......Would kill anyone that harms my puppys.......



Ha ha!

It's awfully quiet in here. Shhhhhhhh......The crybabies are all safely tucked in, sucking on their pacifiers.

1-0 Baby!

JaXDOLPHINS....thank you for answering my referee question the other day.


That's what I'm talkin' about. If the Beast has eight catches in a bad game what's going to happen when they click? 21 catches? Why not, he did it last year vs Indy. And I'm real happy with the defense.

today i rather have henne not payton .what about a raise every time he gets a win ?


ALoco, no prob. Feeling good tonight, eh? Know I am. Ahahahahahah


What's up guy? Nothing like a W!!!!!

Good thing we weren't playing a real team. We would have got blown out - bigtime.

Good luck with Minnesota fellas. It's gonna be a long game.

Jax.. Agree. the D is so improved it's amazing.. When they brought it, it was a thing of beauty! So.... different then last year! They will shock the nfl nation next week!

Dansby will end Favre's career next week, dude.

Dansby is MONSTER!!

Aloco called me the Godfather of Football.

I liked it. I liked it ALOT!



Posted by: ALoco | September 12, 2010 at 07:00 PM

Y I feel someone make funny me?

Oh well, time for my Rum Cake Burrito..........

Hey.. Odin my fellow Michigan fan. How about Robinson.. He is frightening. I see Heisman coming up!

odinseye. i was not joking ,i consider you the god father of football in here.you never get excited ,you dcall as you see it and never fast to react to news .like the god father cool.you do know more than armando for sure .

Odin, I think Stafford went down for Los Lions, an arm injury. The Lions got jobbed today, I'd be a sour Mo Fo if I were a Lions fan tonight

good luck with Minnesota fellas. It's gonna be a long game.

Posted by: It doesn't matter what my name is | September 12, 2010 at

You said the same thing about buffalo just the other day.

How did that work out for ya?

Players I was impressed with:

Ronnie Brown-Any playoff aspiration we have rely on this guy, plain and simple. He looked like he always has when healthy, a beast.

Davone Bess-Fantastic routes, great catches, also managed to get back to line of scrimmage on reverse.

Randy Starks-Pressure all day long, collapsed the pocket many times.

Cameron Wake-Sack, 2 batted balls. consistently harassed Edwards all day.

Karlos Dansby-Good sack, nice coverage on Spiller a few times, good hit on Edwards on the sideline.

Koa Misi-Set the edge very well. Always hear of "the motor" and it is nice to see it run all day long. Also, for as quiet and mellow as he is in interviews, good to see the intensity after the sack.
Chris Clemons-Noone has beat the free safety drum more than I, he answered the call today. Great closing speed once he saw the ball. Sniffed out the Spiller screen and made the tackle in space.

Have to wonder if he made the secondary call on the Parrish touchdown (he, Culver, and Bell were in) I know Sapp misplayed his zone and Culver just let Parrish go by, like I said though, a communication breakdown somewhere though. Edwards to Parrish might be the 28th most lethal combination we face all season. Better to get that kind of stuff out now, especially considering the gauntlet of quarterbacks we are about to go through.

lol@ jaxdolphin.btw who loves the song;(jesus take the wheel)?

here's a FACTUAL statement about the Dolphins that we have NOT been able to say for 5 years. The Miami Dolphins are UNDEFEATED. Brett who?

Make Karlos an offer he can't refuse. Dansby will forever earn a place in Dolphins lore by being the man who ended Favre's career.

I'll have to check it out ALoco.


Robison definitely garnered some respect in the last two weeks.

At the pace he's moving, he'll rewrite the record books at Michigan.

As I watched him yeasterday, all I kept thinkiong about was him taking snaps in OUR Wildcat!

If he keeps it up, he'll be on the ballot for sure.


OK, then I apologize.

I would hate to sound like I'm coming off like a know it all. I just love my Miami Dolphins!

Bottoms Up!!!!

henne seems hesitant. they need to losen the leash a bit. He's checking down too much. Take more chances against the vikes please

Yep, Odin pace is what the guy has. I also had illusions of him in the wild cat then I remembered Pat White, a guy with much similar talent, but didn't make it. He's only a sophomore so we will see what the future brings, and maybe he would work in the slot or running back!

defense was phenomenal from the first.....looked like a steeler type intensity (yes i don't like the steelers either but they are fierce)....san francisco and denver both lacked that intensity in their losses today....

my point?? coaching matters and nolan is the answer for working young guys and free agents into position to win this game today....

i applaud them and can't for their attack to upset the vikings next week....

as for the offense, Henne and Marshall are warming up in their knowledge of what they like to do....in the meantime, run the daggone ball!!!

and learn how to run out the clock with improved play-calling and use of our weapons!!!! we have chad p, cobbs, lex, the new tall wr's.....use them!!!!

everything else i am good with.....that Buffalo defense was much improved and stingy in the 2nd, 3rd and most of the 4th qtr....

The leash definitely needs to be loosened and allow him to be him and not Penny. If they want a Penny playbook put the guy in or give Henne the ability to use his talents!


Misi looking good especially since he wasn't supposed to start. Alama-Francis was. He missed the game with an illness. Misi Definitely stepped up. Anybody heard how Odrick's foot is?


I'm no Lions fan whatsoever. Still, they got dry drilled in the worst way.

If the officials interpreted the rules properly in that instance, then then competition committe needs to get their heads out of their A s s e s and correct it.

That catch was worthy of a Hall of Famer-WTF!

What I think we should do next week. Minnesota definitley has the advantage when it comes tothe defensive front, they do just about every week. I'm not saying abandon the run, we will still have to try and establish that. I'm thinking that the way to attack Minnesota is going to be through the air. I would like to see us take a few shots down field, just so they know we can. This IMO could be as important as establishng the run, and the reason is that they like to play a lot of cover 2. we have to keep those safties honest, or they will have a field day zoning in on the mid range passes, and run support. This is basic football 101, b ut it is ecpecially true against Minn because the defensive line is so good that running against them can be a chore. We have to find a way to open up spaces in the pass game, and I think deep passes might help do that.

Inside Scoop Is:

Jason Allen at starting CB this season
and benching sean smith was and is
Bill Parcells Pet Project

Apparently Bill Parcells
See that sean smith is No More than a Fraud CB, a Liability
Wonder If Bill Parcells ever read any of Home`s posts
Since last season that sean smith is a "POSER BOY CB"

Just Nice To See
Bill Parcells seeing what Home has been telling us all along
sean smith will be exposed
Bench sean smith

Miami 1-0

On Behalf of Dolfans Everywhere
ThanX Bill

Your Pal

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


I know they missed Benny Sapp vs the Saints. I'm sure he can tell us a few things. Did you hear? Dansby is going to end Favre's career next week.

The offense struggle too''cause of the David Martin % George Edwards connections..dolphins4life!

D was very good, offense still not clicking but it is early. As far as Denard Robinson goes lets see what he does against real defenses like the buckeyes, badgers amd hawkeyes....

You guys know we dropped two sure pick-sixes right (Sapp and Jason Allen)? Hang on to those easy ones fellas, makes this game a blow-out. We also won the turnover battle 1-0, so Sparano should be happy.

2 pick 6s and one deep pass to Marshall = + 21 points


I have to give credit where credit is due. On the Allen over Smith deal, I admit it, you were right and I was wrong(so far-lol).

See how that works?

I am disappointed with Bill Parcells.

Signed - Chad Henne.


Across the board Minnesota presents problems for us. Buffalo only tried to go deep a few times, and they had success. Favre will not get shaken by pressure, he wants to attack. We need to make him pay when he makes a bad decision. I am a good bit more confident as it pertains to dealing with AP, our team defense, swarming to the ball, everyonegetting involved is the only way to contain AP.

Offensively, we do not matchup at all, I can't see we move the ball. If not for second effort by Brown, our running game was terrible. We faced nothing like the Williams wall, and got no push. Henne struggles badly with pressure, and the Vikings are as good as anyone at doing that with only their front 4. This is where Brandon Marshall comesin. For us to even be in this game, he has to flat out dominate. 8 catches need to go for 153 yards, not 53. I do not look forward to this game at all. Fast surface, dome team, that knows an 0-2 start is not acceptable. Mike Nolan and Brandon Marshall are the two most important people heading into this game.


Home only tries to help out Bill Parcells & Dolfans everywhere
Must do what is right for the team

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


The Godfather takes out a contract with Karlos Dansby to have Favre whacked.

Henne needs to use the shotgun, the hurry up offense and he needs to become a running threat!

In fact, a heavy dose of the wildcat needs to be in store this week. We must get to the edge to run against the Vikings. Have to try and spread their D as thin as possible.

The Bills secondary played pretty good today. Henne's 3 sacks apart from being coverage sacks, could've probably been avoided if he was a bit mobile, to say the least. Henne keeps locking onto WRs and takes too long to throw the ball sometimes. Now, Henne did have some nice throws up there. Some of the players said Henne doesn't get rattled. I say he plays rattled. His ball delivery was very poor today. 6 yards and change from Marshall? come on! The guy wasn't brought here to play on a gameplan molded for our last year's WRs. And when they unleashed him what happened? Henne underthrew him and Marshall dropped the ball trying to reach back. Rats! just talking about it makes me mad.

We won though. Wins cure most ailments. The Defense played very well. With the exception of the blown coverage for TD, they were physical, fast, and tackled great! which was a nice surprise. Dansby, Bell, Clemons, Misi, the DL, Jason Allen, they all played well. No Sean Smith = better tackling. No rocket science.

The OL was ok. Not bad at all. They'll get better as the season goes. The RBs look ready.

Cam Wake filled in nicely for Jason Taylor.
Number 55 looks better on Koa Misi than it did on dum dum Peazy.


You, the buckeyes, badgers and hawkeyes are ALL going to see SOON ENOUGH.

Robinson is that rare talent that only comes along every once in a blue moon.

You know the type I'm talking about, Barry or Deon Sanders? Dan Marino? Yeah, he's "THAT GUY".

Miami Dolphins Come Back Player of the Year =J. Allen

and the best thing
No Shucking & Jiving

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

This Cowboys - Redskins game is a real yawner.

Gonna get a drink. Ltr

Nice to see that the Dolphins tried to get Lousaka Polite involved early.
Tony McDaniel's batted pass was a drive stopper.

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