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Dolphins beat Bills 15-10 to open season at 1-0

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- It was a nail-bitter, especially after the Bills scored a fourth-quarter TD, but the Dolphins held on today for a 15-10 victory in the regular-season opener.

As masterpieces go, this one was painted in crayons.

But the NFL doesn't judge beauty. Wins and losses are judged by points, be they accumulated in ugly fashion or not.

The Dolphins defense was ugly today. It was a good ugly. They snarled, they spit, they fought, they dominated for the entire game except Buffalo's 81-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi, and Cameron Wake had sacks. Dansby was all over the field.

Jason Allen was unscathed in his starting debut as he shadowed Lee Evans throughout the game.

The Miami offense?

It needs work. Lots of work.

Chad Henne was not sharp. He was 21 of 34 for 182 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He held the ball too long at times. He and Brandon Marshall are still not quite in synch.

Henne underthrew Marshall on what should have been an easy, long TD pass. Forced to come back to the ball, Marshall then dropped it. Incomplete. 


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Dont Care what others think

Like Mike Vick
Very Glad he is back

and great stats for only playing in the second half
over 100 YDs throwing and some great throws & TD passes
and over 100 Yds rushing QB

again in one half
and came close to winning the game for the Eagles

Hope Vick starts next week
Always exciting to watch this superior athlete play NFL football

If you werent a fins fan, i think the same would go for the bills/fins game as well, and i really hope they can show more offense than this next week, cuz minny is gonna be well rested and steaming after losing to the saints. 15 WILL not cut it next week and this defense will not play this well all year which is a safe bet to say. Henne, buddy you have got to show more strecthing ability with this offense. Henning, you can go burn in hell with your playbook, and of course your wildcrap.

Tony McDaniels played a very good game
Made several big plays today

and at 6.7 and with all that new weight
Tony McDaniels is One Mean Mountain of A Man

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

To all Fins haters; this was a very impressive win.

For those who know about football: Reminder - it's always tough to with the first game of the season because they all want it sooo bad.

To all real Fins fans, here's this reminder: IT'S TOUGH TO WIN IN BUFFALO...


The Godfather takes out a contract with Karlos Dansby to have Favre whacked.

Posted by: JaxDolphin | September 12, 2010 at 09:32 PM

I sent sum udder guy(Crowder) up ta NY to do em a couple years ago.

Da guy keeps coming back.

Dats OK, my new guy(Dansby) will finish de job.

It is DONE!

D. Hall nice fumble recovery for TD with only 4 seconds to go in the half!

The most exciting play of the first half for skins/boys...and yet one of the most dumbest givaways you'll see.

Vick was excellent and Tennessee played well.

glan...u nailed it on the head.... nothing more to say. we need a strong gameplan for next week because the team that beat the bills will lose greatly against the vikings. anyways..1-0 baby! can't be mad about that

Washington could definitely upset the Cowboys. The 'boys might have come into the game overconfident. They're not playing smart football.

Mike Vick 175 yards passing and 103 yards rushing. great job.

BTW, Henne was playing against one of the best secondaries in the league, and didn't have an INT. Kudos to Henne as well...

Sure, tell me that again when rodgers and Co in green bay tears that secondary in half next sunday, and then i can tell you the "told you so" line.

dfins006 great point. I think a road win in week 1 is impressive no matter what the score or who the opponent is. Miami's D looked good. Loved the Dansby play early. It really set the tone. Misi and Wake both got sacks, which is great too! Clemons made a few very good solo tackles. Randy Starks was a handful in the middle and will be for anyone with his disruptive style.

I think Henne will be pedestrian some weeks and that's fine when we have the lead and he has no mistakes. He didn't have to wing the ball all day and he took what the defense gave him because Sparano preached no turnovers. Henne will have some ups and downs but as the season progresses he will be more up then down. Biggest thing too many no knowledge having fans do is no patience with a young QB. Chill out clowns and enjoy the win!

Statically Buffalo was 4th(I think)against the pass last year.

This could be an aberration though, because of their opponents success running the ball so successfully against them. I'm not sure how well they did in rushing yards allowed.

Either way, you both make good points. It should be interesting to see how Rodgers and Co. does against them next week.

PS: Damn! I must be intoxicated, it took me five minutes to spell check this post :)

See, this type of sh#! right here gets me with people like you ANDY NJ, i am a henne supporter and believe he is going to be better QB down the road, but im not going to sit here and talk about pedestrian type #'s he's getting in games and commend him on it. we're paying a pro bowler 50 million a year to help henne exceed as a QB, hennings playcalling was awful in this game. Henne at some point has to start showing more life in these games. Bottom line we dont want PEDESTRIAN type QBs, i dont think NE would have been as successful with brady if he was just an average to pedestrian QB. We want more from henne, and as fans have seen QBs come and go in miami, thats what his goals should be set to do!!!

How is it that nothing is ever Romo's fault?

superPHIN, do you like kerry underwood when she sings ( jesus take the wheel ) ?

well just like i said we would barely win and it would come down to last few mins. defense looked solid vs an awful team. our offense looked horrible vs a garbage team. coaching was a joke, they want every game to come down to last min, we get up 10-0 then do nothing. play calling was horrible, and please scrap the wildcat

where all the buffalo fans have gone ?

Shanahan looks like a rat.

bootang25@ 9:30
Had to run for a minute, but I wanted to respond to your post. Your right that Marshall has to be a huge factor next week. They don't have a guy that can cover him flat out, and we need to get him the ball. It is huge that we try and get some big plays because it is usually so hard to run on these guys. It is going to be hard to accept those plays where we just plow it into the line for a yard, or a loss, but we have to do this just to keep some balance, we arent the Eagles or Pats, that use the pass as a run, so just to protect Henne we will have to eat some plays to set up stuff down the line.


He can't control the playcalling and I am sure you will get your heave it up because you are concerned with hsi paycheck but I am a Henne supporter too. He didn't call the plays and again Marshall who makes 50 mil dropped it not him.

HENNE is the lowest paid QB in the history of the NFL.

SUPERPHIN, MISI IS making more money than henne .

SuperPHIN and Andy,

You guys don't need to argue about this. you guys are really saying the same thing.

For whatever reasons, Henne had a bad game and looked pedestrian. Which is not all bad. Have you seen what a bad game for Sanchez consists of?

Henne's young and he's played alot better than this in the past and he'll plat a lot better in the future.

Hopefully the futures next week in Minnesota.

odinseye, any good college D coordinator worth a lick figures out how to stop rodriquez's off no matter who the QB is. Robinson is no different than Pat White and for you to compare him to marino makes me seriously doubt you ability to analyze true football talent. 2 good games do not make up for the last 4 seasons of a crap football program. michigan will lose 2-3 games in big ten. But hey maybe they will make the one st the end of the season competitive so Delany does not move it to the middle of the season sometime down the road.

Questions coming into this game were:

Interior offensive line - Can they run block? Yes, look at the rushing statistics.

Jake Long's health - Looked fine to me.

Outside linebackers - Dominated in every meaningful way.

Inside linebackers - Dominated in every meaningful way.

Jason Allen - Looked like a first round pick for the first time.

Chris Clemons - Did more in one game than Gibril Wilson did in one season. Robbed of an interception.

Brandon Marshall - He can still catch and barely scratched the surface today.

Brian Hartline - Jury is out.

Chad Henne - No picks, no near picks. Was erratic. Incomplete answer.

So 7 out of the 9 above questions were answered favorably, yet people act as if the Dolphins flopped in Week 1. Pretty unbelievable.

your missing the point ANDY,

All that miami has had is Mediocre to average QBS here, and giving Kudos to henne for sub-par performances like sunday says that either your happy with mediocrity or just Average and thats sad news. And when i watcthed henne today, he looks confused and unawre of what he does sometimes, and he holds the ball too long, and the deep ball was underthrown but yes catchable. Dinking and dunking will not get it done and showing no consistancy in offensive gameplan will not help us for the long hual this season. Its week 1 so its still early but right now henne does not look like the leader of the huddle and Maybe , hopefully it will come sometime Sooner rather than later.

odinseye bascially right lol. The difference is he is saying don't make excuses for him when he has Brandon Marshall. If football was always played like that it would be called Madden 11.

Yes and playing with the same old, good defense, mistake free offense has worked so well for us in the past. And ppl wonder why we havent done anything.

Miami still blows, if buffalo wasnt so bad on offense it would have been a blowout easily



I am not missing the point at all. Miami won in Buffalo. Henne completed over 60 % of his passes and had zero ints. He managed the game. Miami will never be Brady and New England or a prolific offense. They can be a very good offense that controls the clock when they have a 10 point lead. It's about wins and losses and if Henne played like this in a LOSS and only in a LOSS then you have a point but Miami won and he managed the game. So get the Henne to Marshall for 50 yarders out of your head week to week and concentrate on the only thing that matters which a W. No matter if it's ugly, agaisnt the Bills, Browns, Lions or Saints a win is a win. You take the positives you move forward and the negatives you try your best to correct them. Btw the Henne to Marshall tds and long EXPLOSIVE bombs you want to justify a performance will come just not needed in a WIN and every week.

I dont think miami will see the likes of the bills, browns, Lions type in the playoffs if they even make it that far. They have to generate more scoring regardless of what they do but it would be more of a much pleasent sight to see henne become more of the QB i think he can be.

We shall see , still would like to henne become more than the QB we've seen.

Buffalo Bill is red donkey ,

as i noted earlier - divisional games are never a lock..

Dallas is losing to Washington... with about 2 mins left. This is why they play the games, folks.

A win is a win. Enjoy it. Lets focus on doing enough to beat Minnesota. Even if it is 'just' enough.

Miami still blows, if buffalo wasnt so bad on offense it would have been a blowout easily


Posted by: BuffaloBill | September 12, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Now there was something i wanted to say but it got all fked up when you actually posted as Bufhomo bill, o yea ......noone could be bigger losers than to have a frachise such as bufhomo play in a place like canada, u two are made for each other.

Chad Henne has major upside how can you not be happy after a lack luster preseason performance on all ends offensive, Marshall is a beast and can own the first five yards of contact look for Dan Henning to feed Brandon the ball the problem with this dynamic duo ?

Dans lack of ability to call plays

last play o the game Td, or no td?

Henne to Marshall
Its going to be ok

if only Home could be our offensive shotcaller

A win is a win guys. I am glad that we are 1 and 0. We could have had more points if you figure in the near misses with the drops on the O and D side. Henne will keep improving, I am just glad he had no INTs.

Buffalo Bill go away and drown.

I've got to say that we are lucky Wade Phillips is not our coach. Could imagine the hell to pay if Sparano would have called that stupid little screen play at the end of the second quarter? That was like Sherm Stick Edwards picking up the fumble when Pisarchek fumbled the ball. That could go down as the dumbest coaching call all season, and I hope it costs the Crackwagon a spot in the playoffs. Again, it is easy to second guess everything that happens in a game when your on the other side of a computer screen, but that was just plain dumb, and I'm thankful(more giving thanks for stuff) that at least we have more compitent leadership.

remember week one last year... bills almost pull off huge upset of pats. Bills first week at home are not an easy out... it is a division game.

That's 2 consecutive passes on final drive with game on the line and Romo hits the Redskins in the hands twice and not 1 criticism of Romo by the booth.
Imagine if Henne had thrown either of those pases.

Heck yeah! I will take EVERY single ugly as sin win in the NFL...it is rampant with parity.

That is why it is so hard to bet on and win consistantly. Washington and Houston pulling off upset wins. Detroit and Buffalo making things tight. It's why they play the games.


Both of the big FA's (BM and KD) move extremely well. Brandon Marshall is a freak athletically for how big he is. It will be a thing of beauty the first time he and Henne truly meld. Love a big WR that obviously takes pride in blocking too! No worries about the Albert Haynesworth disease with BM it would appear. Dansby brought the speed we have been craving at ILB all game long...love it!

I finally saw numerous plays from Misi that reaked of what the Trifecta must have seen in him at the Senior Bowl. He played with some power and motor which got him involved in a number of plays. It will be very interesting how they do the Ike Francis vs Misi play split next week in Minnetonka. Odrick I didn't see as much out of but he plays a harder to distinguish himself position and it's only one game.

I agree with others as it looked like Wake was being held several times with a no call. That is a great sign.

I loved the way a ton of the tackles were made with great authority as if well coached and confident in what they were doing. Y Bell is out to ring other's bells for sure. Parrish and Spiller, two hard to target at full speed players got tattoed pretty good.

J Jerry was solid as a rook starter goes.

Fasano bringing it nicely at TE.

Opening day wins have been tricky for years.


It was Buffalo. Would have more weight vs a perceived better team but there are plenty of those tests looming.

Fins WR drop numbers need to be cut down overall.

Henne does need to improve his look offs, pocket awareness and heat seeking targeting systems. That has been well lamented.

OC Henning does have curious personnel moves at times when most would likely ride a hot hand more often. On the flip his offensive play call tendencies are probably harder to track than a $50K diamond earring on the practice field.


It's a win and I will bask in it until the Minn kickoff. They will better than 16 other teams that played in week 1. That Las Vegas over/under wins total of 8.5 just got easier to hit on the over.

They need to knock off a team they are not favored against for real belief to creep in.

Foosball is back and that means my world is rounder!


I think that David Lee and the coaching staff have raised Henne to be too cautious. He won't throw the ball until the receivers are out of their routs and he knows they are open. Holds the ball too long. Needs to start slinging.

kula why do you think that

Mando I think its funny how so many people are talking about how brett favre will destroy us.... I understand it was the bills but not only am i a Fin fan im a Football fan and watched the thursday game and dont think he and his receviers are going to suddenly click in 10 days granted he's Favre and we saw our secondary against the Bills but if we can somewhat keep Peterson in check And Ronnie and Ricky get something going (P.Thomas pounded them why cant Ronnie and Ricky One of the Williams Duo is talking about retirement no?) So why im not claiming victory by any means after week one There should be more confidence in the fans that We can beat some of these playoff teams from last year

Home...you are a weirdo but I do agree with you regarding Jason Allen over sean smith.

That's about it though...

Very Good Win dolphins!! This team has a rough
five ahead of them but they will get better and
better-suprising many.
Now for Sean Smith, I'm disappointed in the way that you have developed. I think you ego development has outpaced your on the field performance. My humble advice is for you to get out of the blog business and focus on your career development--before you don't have one.
You have much potential--so does my genius IQ
cousin who drives a cab. Get focused on the game and your inner self- while you have a
choice. You do have great potential- now go do something about it.

Hey Herb... Smith isnt going to be reading these blogs mang

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