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Dolphins beat Vikings 14-10 in biggest upset since NE

  MINNEAPOLIS -- Yes, the offense isn't up to par and they made your heart skip a beat, but the Dolphins played outstanding defense and stood up to a tough road crowd in delivering the biggest upset victory since ...

Since ..

Since Miami upset New England in 2008 and ended the Patriots 21-game winning streak.

The Dolphins beat Minnesota today 14-10. Wow.

The Vikings outgained the Dolphins in rushing 120 to 156. They outgained the Dolphins overall 364 to 226 yards. But all those yards were worthless for the Vikings when they got turned away at the goal line three times, once on downs and twice due to turnovers.

Brett Favre threw three interceptions. with Jason Allen plucking two of those out of the air.

It was amazing.