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Dolphins cut bad investment Grove, re-sign Procter

The Dolphins have terminated the contract of center Jake Grove. Yes, it was a financial decision based on the fact Grove is not exactly living up to his contract and more money was about to be poured into his bank account if the team didn't make this move.

Grove, 30, signed a $29.5 million contract as an unrestricted free agent last year. It was money not well spent as Grove was injured part of last season starting only 10 games because, as has been his history, he was injured part of the season.

Those 10 games will be the full extent of his contribution for the $14.5 million he got guaranteed.

This training camp and preseason, Grove didn't fare any better. He was nursing an injured shoulder for much of camp and he was unable to beat out Joe Berger for the starting job.

Adding to Grove's issues is the fact his contract called for him to receive a bonus once he played the season-opener against the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins clearly had no desire to throw good money after bad.

The Dolphins filled their vacant roster spot by re-signing Cory Procter. Procter originally signed with Miami as an unrestricted free agent from Dallas on May 24 but was released Sept. 5.

Welcome back, Procter!

On the injury front, ILB Channing Crowder (groin) is apparently not practicing again today. He was not wearing pads and did not participate in individual drills. It's starting to look like Crowder won't be ready for Sunday's game. He hasn't practiced in three weeks. He doesn't look ready to practice today, much less play. Game's getting closer.

Jake Long (Knee) did practice for the second consecutive day.

Meanwhile, Dolphins consultant Bill Parcells was not present for practice for -- at minimum -- the first 45 minutes. Cannot say if he came late.

[Update: Parcells was seen warming up his golf game by swinging a golf club in front of the Dolphins facility while practice was going on out back. He left the facility while the team was practicing. You can do that as the consultant.]


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Good move
clammy is next

we suck

Terrible, just terrible. How many bad acquisitions or draft picks did we end up with.

Oh well, on with the new, looking for a win in buffalo.

Who will serve as the backup center?




if the players are to be purged, this is the year to do it.

How about us picking up Antonio Bryant. We were high on that before we got Marchall, his price tag has come down and is a solid player... just a thought. Who is going to be the back up center? Good questions.

This year will be messy. BIG TIME.

If the Dolphins get any injuries to starters on the offensive line, the season is over, we have no quality depth. Once again due to bad free agent pickups and poor late round draft pick selections and failure to develop them. Run Parcells Run.

You have to build thru the draft. They have blown close to 40 million in wasted guaranteed money in 3 years. I know they took steps to be competetive but they need to use draft picks wisely and steal from practice squads.You can't afford to miss on 2nd and 3rd round picks and expect to be cost effective and good at the same time.



@Poizen, antonio bryant doesnt play center so why would they go after him?

Seems like this regime isn't doing much better than our previous regimes. Failure after failure.

T. Sporano supposed to be an OL guru. But the churn in the interior OL is amazing. can he identify\draft solid longterm starters?

Good decision.

Trifecta has made an awful lot a mistakes, but at least thet tend to correct them quickly.

That won't prevent Ireland & Sparano to be fired at the end of the season.

Ross will want to start from scratch, with his own guys.

Well Said wu1sabes . I am so tired of this front office and all the bad calls made on players over the years..It s_cks.

If the Dolphins get any injuries to starters on the offensive line, the season is over, we have no quality depth. Once again due to bad free agent pickups and poor late round draft pick selections and failure to develop them. Run Parcells Run.

Posted by: wu1sabes

Crowder will stay for the year, he's not worth the money, but Edds got injured so we have to keep him one more year. Once Marshall and Henne get into sync look out, the next Carson Palmer/Ochocinco.

wu 1sabes.....i didn't know Ochocinco became a LEGEND .

The move makes sense. However this is a regime that is not looking good regarding acquiring talent. The mistakes from free agency and the draft are mounting. If the Dolphins have a losing season we can start looking for owner Steven Ross to make some changes of his own.

I feel like Ireland is playing with the Fins' roster like it's his fantasy football team! Settle down!

Yeah really. This whole Trifecta genius thing is just silly. They have made as many mistakes as any of the previous regimes. Look for 8-8 if we are lucky, with a terrible defense and no offensive line. Ugh.

Unbelievable. Another bad free agent pick up that turns out to be a big waste of money. Grove, G.Wilson, C.Crocker, E.Wilford, J.Smiley. etc etc... The only productive free agent this front office has brought in is Randy Starks. Big year for Mr.Ireland. Need a playoff win desperately. Mr.Ross is breathing down your neck. You might be reunited with your former boss in 2011.

Relax. The Colts are picking up o-linemen we cut (Reitz). Does that mean they are doomed? No. Let's see how our guys play in a real game. I think all of you doubters will be pleasantly surprised. Sure the front office has made some mistakes, but so has every other team's, even the teams that are praised (Ugogh). That's life in the NFL.

I'm excited about the year and hope you guys wait for a few meaningful games before you jump off of that ledge.

What will be remembered from this regime? Signed Pennington (short term fix), drafted Henne & Long, started Wildcat, signed Marshall, and wasted money on bad free agent signings. Its yet to be seen how Henne will do this year, Marshall may not fit into this run first offense, Wildcat has lost its effectiveness, so Long is the only proven good move, but thats what you expect from the #1 overall draft pick.

D F IN Montreal.......ireland is a figure head .mike dee make the money moves to recover the owner's losses .

Be happy that we still have a center who can play.

rebuilding since 1974....LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait..."Jake Long did not practice for the second consecutive day". I thought previous reports said he was practicing on a limited basis. Brilliant coaching decision there!! Grove never really impressed...we should have seen if the Raiders wanted to trade again!!!

why do people keep saying ross wants to start new with his own people? Who are these football gods that are Ross's own people? His own people is the trifecta. Firing of Irland and Sparano after this season is the worst decision Ross can make and I don't care what our win loss record is.

too bad my folks r shrimps

Bunch of crying btches here.

boulder......by firing ireland the figure head won't affect any thing ,bu for sparano is a little different .you need a new blood to inject in these young talent we have .


Boulder, what's up with those fires?

Aloco. Ross is not an idiot. Even if Dee is in charge of the financial business side of the Dolphins, spending 31.5$ million freakin' dollars for nothing doesn't look that great on your resume. Even if Ross is a billionaire, I wouldn't think he enjoy's flushing 31,5 million dollars down the toilet bowl. And to whoever brought up Ugogh, I don't think he was anywhere near 30 million dollars worth. Highly unlikely.

would the Steeler center be a viable backup Mado? He was looking for a trade...

1972dolphins are you kidding? These guys made us relevant again. Maybe you want cam cameron or saban back. Take a look at the franchises that win consistantly. There is stability at the top. You don't get rid of your coaches and GM's after 3 years because they took a free agent that didn't pan out. They have picked up some undrafted people for very cheap that are working out very well. These guys work under a salary cap. So if they are under that cap who cares if grove works out or not.

I had to leave my house yesterday. The fire came about .25 mile of my house but it rained last night (thank god). They let us back in this morning. So all is fine. Although 160 homes got destroyed so far. Burned to a crisp.

starting over with a new regime is a mistake. this is not a 1-15 uninspired team (thanks Scam Cameron, the team is on the up, with a good coach, let's give Ireland more time, despite the mistakes.

Good to hear.

aloco, didn't parcells and ireland work for enron.?..lol... ross is going broke. he shouldn't be in the same room as all of the other nfl owners.that's why it took a looooooooong time for him to buy the team from h.

My sister is getting ready to move to Colorado. I can't remember the name of the town but I think it's a suburb SW of Denver.

I didn't know 7-9 was relevant. This regime hasn't accomplished anything yet. This season will tell everybody how much progress this team has made, if any at all. Another 7-9 or 8-8, would that be relevant?? This year is the big year. I'm a big fan of Sparano, I hope he stays, but Ireland is nothing special. So far anyway.

Wow. This team doesn't have much tolerance for injury-prone players. Or just being injured at all. The fact that money is the ultimate determinant by which players make the roster has me a bit concerned. I'm all for younger, cheaper players making the team because they tend to be more athletic and just plain hungrier than some established veterans. The problem with that of course, is that inexperienced players make more mistakes.

We've got an awful lot of guys with < 2 years experience on this year's team. Hungry? Hell yeah, feed the wolf. I just hope we don't get inundated with a bunch of unnecessary yellow laundry come game day. So you go kick ass, you bunch of hungry kids, but please try to keep the boneheaded penalties to a minimum okay? The team just needs to be aware of it.

Grove really was hurt too much though, and I am glad to have Procter back. He's a great pulling guard and all around back-up. I think we'll need him at some point.

Defense dominates this week.

Miami 27 Buffalo 13

I have always heard if you realize you have made a mistake correct it NOW! Seems Lot's mistakes and hopefully some good fixes. We will all see the good and/or bad of all this!

I have a feeling he might be back with a restructured contract or we might have a look at hartwig...

#1 I think as long as the phins are in the mix in december I'm happy. At least they were relevant in december last year and the year before. The reason I say that is because under Wanstedt's last year then saban then cameron we were out of the playoffs by mid october. Those football seasons sucked.
I'm afraid if we change regimes again we go back to that.

I like that we cut grove because frankly he never looked that impressive and I Like Berger's attitude. My concern now though is who will be backup center in case Berger goes down? Garner was a good option but he is out for the year now. Hopefully Procter can play center.

i think some of these underpaid vets are worth the money; guys like charles grant,marques douglas. the big money hot shots arent worth it;too easy to get injured or lay down after big guarantees. you see it all the time;look at fat albert!

i really dont see the need to keep mentioning the fact if BP is there or not. whats done is done lets move on. dont we have a game coming up sunday???

"Dolfans" (and I use that term loosely) are always looking for something to complain about. Get over it. The season hasn't even started and you're calling for Sporano's head on a silver platter. When they got a hold of this organization it was a dung pile. Yeah, they've missed on some FA acquisitions but they've also brought you a franchise LT when they could have easily taken Chris Long instead of Jake. In that same draft we got Henne, Langford, and Hilliard who, although he isn't a stud, he is a solid contributor. They brought you the big name wide receiver that everyone had been crying for. Yeah, they've made their mistakes but are also quick to correct them ala Grove. Sometimes you take chances on guys in order to get to the next level, doesn't always mean it will pan out. Get some perspective people.

I don't think Ross will get rid of Ireland or Sparano, at least not yet. They are both still new to their level of positions and their level of decision making. I would say they both need two more years on the job before you can evaluate how good they are as GM and Head Coach. They both have made mistakes in the past but this season should tell us if they are heading in the right direction. If Sparano gets the team ready for games and get the Dolphins off to a good start and doesn't lose games because of bad decisions he makes then he is worth keeping. We need to see how this years draft picks stick next year and how the 2011 draft picks turn out before we talk about getting rid of Ireland.

Boulder, that's why I'm saying I would give Sparano another chance. Players seem to have a lot of respect for the man, and that's good. He's not the one that drafted Pat White, Patrick Turner, signed all these free agent busts. You can tell when you watch a Miami game that the players really give a total effort the entire time, and for that the credit has to go to the coach. But having said that, it's also time to give the coach some playmakers that can make a difference in a game. I think that has started with the signings of Dansby and Marshall. But it has to continue, and it has to show this year, starting Sunday. No excuses against Buffalo. Another down year and some decisions will be made by Ross, I can garantee you that.

Can not wait to hear you babies cry next week after we kick your butt! Buffalo 37 Fagfins 13. We are NEW YORK!

pennington is the only player on the phins team that has drive,the rest don't care.

dansby maybe a bit.

I give knob jobs at football games.

You friends with the team Watt? You play with them? I didn't think so. Who are you to say who cares and who doesn't. Moron.

You turds are looking at 0-6 after we slap you around on Sunday! Our secondary will eat Henny up! We are New york.

how is it the powers that be fault that a guy gets injured and cant play up to their potential and then ends up being cut. You should be saying thank god we got rid of him and freed up some dough so we can replace him and move on. instead of lwetting him hang around and taking up space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who the $

The Bills stink and will be lucky to finish 2-14. You will get crushed on Sunday but enjoy fantasy land while you can.

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