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Dolphins cut bad investment Grove, re-sign Procter

The Dolphins have terminated the contract of center Jake Grove. Yes, it was a financial decision based on the fact Grove is not exactly living up to his contract and more money was about to be poured into his bank account if the team didn't make this move.

Grove, 30, signed a $29.5 million contract as an unrestricted free agent last year. It was money not well spent as Grove was injured part of last season starting only 10 games because, as has been his history, he was injured part of the season.

Those 10 games will be the full extent of his contribution for the $14.5 million he got guaranteed.

This training camp and preseason, Grove didn't fare any better. He was nursing an injured shoulder for much of camp and he was unable to beat out Joe Berger for the starting job.

Adding to Grove's issues is the fact his contract called for him to receive a bonus once he played the season-opener against the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins clearly had no desire to throw good money after bad.

The Dolphins filled their vacant roster spot by re-signing Cory Procter. Procter originally signed with Miami as an unrestricted free agent from Dallas on May 24 but was released Sept. 5.

Welcome back, Procter!

On the injury front, ILB Channing Crowder (groin) is apparently not practicing again today. He was not wearing pads and did not participate in individual drills. It's starting to look like Crowder won't be ready for Sunday's game. He hasn't practiced in three weeks. He doesn't look ready to practice today, much less play. Game's getting closer.

Jake Long (Knee) did practice for the second consecutive day.

Meanwhile, Dolphins consultant Bill Parcells was not present for practice for -- at minimum -- the first 45 minutes. Cannot say if he came late.

[Update: Parcells was seen warming up his golf game by swinging a golf club in front of the Dolphins facility while practice was going on out back. He left the facility while the team was practicing. You can do that as the consultant.]


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DC Dolfan, Satele wasn't strong enough going up against Jenkins and Wilford twice a year each. That's the reason he's now gone. And I think (not 100% sure on this one) he's playing guard in Oakland. That's what he is, he's a good pulling guard, uses his athletic ability to pull and hit people. But in the trenches, especially at the center position, you need just pure strength, he's not that dominant.

Scary, Joe Berger is our only center right now. Anyone know if Parnell, Proctor, McQuistan know how to play center? We need a backup just in case. Berger's been banged up too. If we gotta throw someone in there who's not familiar with the position, that'll be scary. I like Berger, don't get me wrong, I'm just sayin' if he gets hurt. Leads me to believe SOMEONE will be signed at least by next week. Oh, can Murtha play center? Samson Satele lookin' pretty good right now,isn't he?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 09, 2010 at 02:17 PM

Hahaha, Samson Satele, you are kidding right ? I mean, Samson Satele ?!!?! You're going to bring Samson Satele up ?? Really ?!?!!?! I would rather have Gibril Wilson playing center over Samson freakin Satele. And btw, yes, Procter plays center...that's why he was resigned.

Hartwiggy IS still available...we should snag him up for insurace in case of another banged up Ham-Berger

TN..Hartwig is perfectly healthy and ready to go. He got beat out by a rookie and the Steelers didnt want to pay him the 2MM. I think he would def be an upgrade at the position. I think if we dont grab him, the Raiders might.

This is just another clear and present example of this staff not knowing waht the ???? they are doing.

Posted by: Ace from Texas | September 09, 2010 at 02:24 PM

No, if they didn't know what they were doing they would keep their mistakes on the team instead of cutting their losses. Every team makes mistakes man, the really bad ones can't admit it when they do.

Don't get why everyone is complaining about all the 'wasted' guaranteed money the team has spent over the last three years. It wasn't your money!! And don't give me this crap about 'we the fans pays for these salaries'. Most of you don't even go to the games anyways, based on attendance. The money's not coming out of your pocket, so shut up!! On top of all that, what would you prefer they do, sit on their hands? They are out there trying to make the team better, that's the kind of money it takes to get these guys to change teams and some times it works out and sometimes it doesn't. Denver paid big money to Jarvis Green in the off-season and he never played a regular season down with them. Same with Antonio Bryant in Cinci. Carolina had to chop Jake Delhomme in the off-season after signing him to a big contract. The list goes on. Live with it people......

I know some of you feel like were turning our backs on our team but, if miami didnt win 10 more games that first year an make the playoffs because of PENNINGTON!!!! sparono is on the hot seat this year! yes they got marshall but gave away ginn for no reason! yes they drafted Long but it was him or Matt Ryan so...... the only other star is vonta davis!! for every langford theres a merling!! there requirements for picks are flawed an freeagents are worse! cant even say wake isnt yet! i wish i am way wrong here but everyone here has thought this in some foarm!!
its all on Henne now! we rise or fall because of him!!

It's not a question of who pays it, it's a question of knowing who to sign. Everytime you miss on someone it sets you back, especially 31 million dollars worth of misses (garanteed money spent according to Armando). Consequences of that is not only you might not only make the playoffs but you'll have to either sign somebody else the next year to compensate or draft one. Duh...

joe schmo knows the nfl.

when did the midget spazano play the ol.?

I know how to blow males
"Feed Me Man Meat"

tell me why we add Clifton Smith to return punts and kicks but jettison Ginn who can return punts, kicks and stretch the field on offense. this move cost us a roster spot, we will be lucky to win 8 games.

2-watt quit being a t-wat.

Read Joe Schmo's 1st and 4th paragraph. He defeats his own argument worse than Armando did with the team captains blog.

It was too stupid to even respond too.

Enough God Damn talk of new uniforms do any of you shitheads that keep saying this care about tradition? Damn, that is the problem with this country in general (new, new, new, new,new, now, now, now). We are only 200+ years old and can't carry a tradition very long for Christ Sakes. You think the Chinese drop there traditions even after 1000 years? No not even after 2000 years. I started rooting for this team in 1971 @ 8 years old, you know why, I loved the colors and the helmet with a Dolphin wearing a helmet numb nuts!!!!!!!Then I go into team itself like the Zonk, Greise, Warfield, Morris, Scott, Boniconi, ect, ect, ect. You change the colors which would not make sense in Miami because the water if friggin Auqua to begin with, and the Helmet like some idiot retard was talking about the other day then I don't know what I would do because it is engraved in my head (Auqua-orange and a dolphin wearing a helmet jumping thru a sunburst. Nuff said, so shut the hell up aholes.

I remember Hartwig in TN before he left for the Panthers(I think). he was very good. Maybe we pick him up at the beginning of week 2. It would take him a while to get up to speed the offense, but, should be a solid pickup if healthy and still able to call the point.

Ron, you absolutely correct about that. The point I guess that I was trying to make is that they have made several poor decisions with either the draft of free agency and that I would like them to make better decisions in the future. It just seems that with these failures in recent history gives the impression that they do not know what they are doing. Of course, I hope that I am wrong and they show all of us that they made the right choices.

I played cheerleader for my high school team
"Feed Me Man Meat"


I agree, except, the Dolphin logo needs to be changed back to the Shula days... I believe that JJ cursed the team when he put the Cowboy Blue on the fish.

Berger has a hand injury......

I hope we take a look at Hartwig, if he's not toast at this point he would be a great pickup but I'd leave the evaluation up to the coaches. As for BP, he's still there, he just wants more free time and is trying to get his protege (Ireland) to stand on his own two feet. Then BP will be free to go help turn around another failing franchise for a boatload of cash. And, yes he did turn this franchise around, we went from the joke of the NFL to playoff hopefuls. We as fans don't always have a clear view of what's going in behind closed doors of the franchise so don't panic until after the 1st game.

Clammy pulled a hammy

waterboy is 2 watt toy

The Dolphins'coordinators are talking to the media today. Interestingly, when Mike Nolan was asked if Cameron Wake is ready to be a 3 down LB, his answer was that it would depend on his endurance.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Wake....

Ray Lewis goes off on the Jets
Posted by Mike Florio on September 9, 2010 2:46 PM ET
nfl_lewis_250.jpgIn New York, the talk coming from the Jets ends on Monday night, when they host the Ravens.

Before then, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis got his own licks in, during a conference call with the New York media.

"The bottom line is -- and I'm going to be very careful with this -- we're talking about the Jets like we're talking about the Saints," Lewis said, per MASN.com. "That's the Super Bowl champs. Until they play tonight, that's the only people that can be dethroned -- Drew Brees and the Saints, not Mark Sanchez and the Jets.

"All of this 'We're the Miami Heat of football.' If you're the Miami Heat, we got to be the Lakers. We're aiming for multiple rings. But you listen to all this yap, yap, yap, the bottom line is you got to buckle up your chin straps."

A reader captured, and uploaded to YouTube, a portion of the remarks. And Ray's voice oozes with passion.

"The game ain't played through tongues," Lewis said. "The game is played when you buckle up your chin strap. So all this pressure that [coach Rex Ryan] put on his team? I hope they can cash the check that he's writing. . . . [T]he bottom line is there ain't no man over there that's just gonna flat-out whoop me, so I'm good with that part of it.

UPDATE: The Jets have circulated a lengthy transcript of the Ray Lewis conference call. And the transcript circulated by the Jets strangely omits the quotes set forth above.

The release of Grove doesn't have as much to do with his performance as money. the team didn't want to pay the extra money he was due after week 1 and by cutting him now we can get out from under a big contract and not have it affect the cap. I think some of you guys need to think about some of this stuff before you jump all over management for their signings.

Does anyone know if Grove could be brought back after week 1 and have a non-guaranteed contract for this year? Hartwig was good at one point. No idea if he can do the job now, either as a starter or a back-up.

With the money the Dolphins gave to Jake Grove, obviously they thought the center position would be resolved for a few years. That's the key here. Now we're back to square one. Unless Joe Berger becomes Dwight Stephenson, we'll have to either sign another one in the offseason or draft one in april. That's what I mean Craig when I say these misses in the end hurt you. We could of focused our free agent search and our draft on another position.

I know some of you feel like were turning our backs on our team but, if miami didnt win 10 more games that first year an make the playoffs because of PENNINGTON!!!! sparono is on the hot seat this year!

Sure pal, it had nothing to do with leading the league in turnovers, the easiest schedule or the wildcat. It was all Pennington, fire Sporano Rah1 Rah!

yes they got marshall but gave away ginn for no reason!

Right on again brother, we shouldn't let the fact that he couldn't catch a cold and was afraid of contact bias us any. CAM! Please get the Ginn family back for us.

yes they drafted Long but it was him or Matt Ryan so......

Long made the pro bowl, Ryans numberes dropped considerably last year. Question: You worked for Cam Camoron in the past haven't you?

the only other star is vonta davis!!

Huh? Seems like Bell and Starks are Pro Bowlers and Dansby ain't nothing sneeze at.

for every langford theres a merling!!

All NFL executives agree if you're batting .500 your doing good. WTF? Have you not a CLUE?

i wish i am way wrong here but everyone here has thought this in some foarm!!

Good news phinsman, you got your wish, you're "way wrong here" :)

Posted by: phinsman | September 09, 2010 at 02:39 PM

tell me why we add Clifton Smith to return punts and kicks but jettison Ginn

Posted by: melbournematt | September 09, 2010 at 02:48 PM

Smith led the league in retyrn averages as a rookie. He younger than Ginn and tougher.

Seriously, the only stat Ginn ever led the league in was avoiding contact by running out of bounds. Serious stat, google it.

odinseye, that was inspired!

# Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

The first thing you need to realize is adding players in free agency comes with no guarantees. You pay the money, you hope the guy makes your team better. You just don't know. There are too many examples to give but how about Antonio Bryant, Jarvis Green, Houshmanzadah and on and on.....It's how the game is played. The alternative is to do what teams like Buffalo, Jacksonville and San Francisco do.....you can sit out free agency. But something tells me if the Dolphins did that, you and lots of other guys on here would be bitching and complaining too. You build through the draft and hope to add through free agency. Now last year with our White and Turner picks we were wrong but how about Bess and Wallace and Moore. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. YOu hope you win more than you lose or you'll be out the door pretty quick.

Ginn was seen chalking out a square box on the sidelines near the bench.

Stadium personnel dubbed it "The safe zone"

Craig, first off, I'm not a big believer of free agency. I'm a believer of the draft. I look at the way Bill Polian, Ozzie Newsome, Bill Belicheik and the Pittsburgh Steelers do business and I want to be like that. How much money has Dan Snyder spent since he took over the Redskins? And they suck! You think I would be bitching if we wouldn't sign anyone? Not really. Give me 10,11,12 wins every year like those teams get almost every year and I can garantee you I won't give 2 shi...s! about it. And I understand that you can't hit a homerun everytime, but between a homerun and all these wasted free agents that are all gone and guys like White, Turner and Smith, there's a difference. What was the logic of drafting White anyway? Our QB of the future was clearly Henne. We had Pennington. You can always get a QB later in the draft. Why in the 2nd round? It turned out to be a wasted pick. And those second rounders are very important.

Ron Burgundy, I was half-joking about Satele. We just need a backup center. But you said Proctor plays that position, so my fears have ceased. But yes, b/w someone like Satele, or a true center like Hartwig, I'd rather a true center.

If we are talking about the colour of uniforms all I can say is'Alllllwhite Miami!!!'

The issue with our free agent pickups is that they were injured or did not perform for previous teams.
ex. Wilford, Green, Wislon - played with Miami like they did with their other team.

smiley, Grove were often injured.

If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck it must be a duck. They were all ducks.

The Jury is still out on Wake, however, history tells us he was a pass rusher when added and his limited time tells us he is a pass rusher. I hope he pans out over the course of a year to be an all around LB.

Uniform wise I like the Aqua Jersey with the White pants or all white. get rid of the aqua pants. The orange was pretty cool, but, why mess with tradition.

The new regime has been clear in thier appraoch; if theres a player with equal talent who produces as much or more then you keep the most cost effective player over the expensive one.
That's smart. That's business. That's the way it should be when these athletes are getting paid so much.

The new regime is weeding out the old and we will see almost a full team of new regime breads this season.

Only remaining starters who were not picked by the new regime are on Defense: J. Allen, Bell and Crowder (who may-be next?). On offense: Carey and R&R (Ronnie & Ricky) - who are top RBs.

I think they've done a good job at picking starters, now we just have to put it all together for those new regime players to become good/great in order for us to become a dynasty.

2008: 1st: Jake Long - starter, 2nd: Chad Henne - Starter (step it up) 3rd: Langford - starter, 6th - d. Thomas - starter/out, lex Hilliard - best 4th rb in league.
2nd - Phillip Merling - pot. starter/IR

2009: 1st round V. Davis - starter. 2nd - S. Smiht - pot. starter. 4th - Brian Hartline starter, 5th - Clemons - Starer, Nalbone 2nd team.
top 5 rounds produced starters excpet for the gamble call on Pat White wich was worth the gamble to expand wildcat and Pat Turner which I never agreed with.

2010: 1st – Odrick – starter, 2nd – Misi – starter, 3rd – Jerry – starter 4th – Edds – 2nd team/ir, 5th – N. Carroll – 2nd team., S- Jones – 2nd team.

I'm sure we'll be fine.

AFC EAST Champs here we come!!

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

We ALL want our teams to be like the Colts and Ravens and Steelers and Patriots. It's a copy-cat league, my friend. We all want our team to win 11 or 12 games every year. Easier said than done. Teams all over the league are missing out on draft choices, including the teams you just mentioned. The Colts just released the left tackle they drafted three years ago because he didn't pan out. There's questions about the wisdom of the Ravens picking Kindle and Cody in last years draft. People are still waiting to see consistency from Maroney in New England, a former first round pick. It's not just our pick who people have these questions about. I'm convinced that you and everyone else on here would be bitching that 'the team isn't doing all it can do to get better' if we weren't trying to add free agents. Quickly now....are Dansby and Marshall good moves? The answer.....we don't know. We THINK they are but what if only one pans out or if NEITHER pan out. Are you going to complain that it was a waste of money or a missed opportunity? But what if BOTH pan out and they take us to the playoffs. It's tough to know for sure....

Ahhh, Ok this year if you cut anybody on the team its does not count towards you Salary Cap in the future.... If you are a veteran player with a big contract and nagging injuries and there is a Rook close to your performance...well goodbye...yes it would had been cool if the Vets had been greats but really how much more fuel in the Thank this guys have, I believe by being aggressive as the have been with the youn moves, in one off season we may have set our self for numerous years of very young and good teams.. we are going to have the salary space get more big name players like Karlos and Brandon, and wont need to just get the stop gaps like we have been doing..OWL

Craig, I hope Marshall and Dansby do pan out. Cause they didn't come cheap. But what I'm saying is there's a difference between being perfect and being average. Yes, the Colts failed with Ugogh. But what about the other 7 or 8 that make the team every year? That becomes productive. The more you draft well, the less you need free agency. When was the last time the Colts spent Marshall or Dansby money on a free agent? Or the Steelers? And yet I'll bet you anything they'll be in the playoffs this year. So I'm not asking to stike gold all the time, but a productive player once in a while would be nice. The only one left is Starks. Hopefully Marshall and Dansby will make the average go up a little.

Ok guys, nice talking football here. Have a nice day everyone, enjoy the game tonight.

I don't think Nolan's statement was a knock on Wake at all. Nolan didn't say, well he needs to work on this or work on that. Nolan said It depends on his endurance.

My translation of that would be, he's done all the things we've asked him to do. We've only seen him in limited pre season games, but if he can make it a full 4 quarters, he's good to go.

PS: It might have been some kind of inside joke. Wake is known to be a workout freak and won't have any problems playing a full 60 minutes.

What a bunch of negative fans we have here.Sad.

Lets think this true !!! Young team, Lots of salary cap space.. a few super Stars.. Humm.. Buffalo to open the season... whats not to like ?? we will rather have a veteran team that run out of fuel in the second half of the season ???

i love the orange jerseys and besides were undefeated in them!! still deciding what color to get my marshall jersey in peobably gonna stick with aqua.

Orange Marshal is slick..got mine last week can't take it off, I also have a Throwback Marino

Miami lacked so much talent when Parcells, Ireland and Sparano took over. They made some bad investments to try to patch up the roster to make it competitive and not suck (1-15 season which should've been 0-16). Wilford and Grove busted but guys like Pennington, Fasano and Ayodele and Smiley (both no longer with team) were all instrumental and played a part in Miami's 11-5 turn around.

Miami's biggest free agent splash to date was this past season. They didn't take questionable or marginal players they went after a top 5 WR in Marshall and a top 5 MLB in Dansby. These are the free agents to judge this regime by not patch work guys even if some were highly over paid. They all had contracts that were backloaded and easy to dispose of if need be.

What would you rather have a group that sticks to their guns and says this is one of the guys we brought in an won't admit to our mistake. This group owns up to its mistakes and sends guys packing if they don't cut.

Is there an orange Cszonka?

Any guys with Klecko Jerseys? I wanna blow you and swallow
"Feed Me Man Meat"


You're right. The first set of Ducks were stop gap and Grove/Wilson were a gamble. it is what it is.

I am ready for some meaningful football. How bout you guys!!!!

Well put Andy, that's what I was trying to say...The future is Sunday....



2 watt

glad you ain't 100 watt. If you were mando would have to ban U. Please no more XXX junk.



2WATT, please stop it and be one of us .you can do and be a great guy .
bobbyd12 used to be like you but now look at him .

Don't know about Ginn, to much $$ for just a kick returner, I spend a few minutes looking up the new kid, straight line penetration I don't believe he knows were the sideline is...


It is pretty clear by now that they are scrambling and it looks like they don,t have a clue as to what they are doing how is it that they cut somebody a year after giving them a 5 year contract and they have done a few times now they need someone who can pick the players right the first time and stick with them, hey if you think grove can't play anymore that is fine to get rid of him but maybe you should have taken a closer look before you gave him the 5 year contract when other players are looking to come to the dolphins and they see them making moves like this, just about money they may not want to sign here and I think that has already happened one thing we can't afford is to stick with somebody like Ireland that can't pick the right players this year will tell alot about his future with Miami I think if they stink it up and get no pressure on the QB there is gonna be a lot of bad press for Ireland , I am very dissapointed he was groomed by Parcells and he looks like a deer in the headlights we have had some horrible GMs over this past decade , oh well enough bitchin go doplhins

odinseye was playing for collage as a CENTER .may be he can do it by the hour.he can make more than 14 dollars per hour as henne does .

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