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Dolphins cut bad investment Grove, re-sign Procter

The Dolphins have terminated the contract of center Jake Grove. Yes, it was a financial decision based on the fact Grove is not exactly living up to his contract and more money was about to be poured into his bank account if the team didn't make this move.

Grove, 30, signed a $29.5 million contract as an unrestricted free agent last year. It was money not well spent as Grove was injured part of last season starting only 10 games because, as has been his history, he was injured part of the season.

Those 10 games will be the full extent of his contribution for the $14.5 million he got guaranteed.

This training camp and preseason, Grove didn't fare any better. He was nursing an injured shoulder for much of camp and he was unable to beat out Joe Berger for the starting job.

Adding to Grove's issues is the fact his contract called for him to receive a bonus once he played the season-opener against the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins clearly had no desire to throw good money after bad.

The Dolphins filled their vacant roster spot by re-signing Cory Procter. Procter originally signed with Miami as an unrestricted free agent from Dallas on May 24 but was released Sept. 5.

Welcome back, Procter!

On the injury front, ILB Channing Crowder (groin) is apparently not practicing again today. He was not wearing pads and did not participate in individual drills. It's starting to look like Crowder won't be ready for Sunday's game. He hasn't practiced in three weeks. He doesn't look ready to practice today, much less play. Game's getting closer.

Jake Long (Knee) did practice for the second consecutive day.

Meanwhile, Dolphins consultant Bill Parcells was not present for practice for -- at minimum -- the first 45 minutes. Cannot say if he came late.

[Update: Parcells was seen warming up his golf game by swinging a golf club in front of the Dolphins facility while practice was going on out back. He left the facility while the team was practicing. You can do that as the consultant.]


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aloco, superphin, is it just my iphone? seriously?

superPHn .what color do you like for the new fin jersey ?

did any one listen to amando's radio show today ? worst day since it started.

Aloco, how about Black or Blue with white and Aqua stripes.
Now i have a ??? for sir, how much will tom bradys Damage convertable go for on E-bay????

yesterday was one of the best of armando's shows.was all football and nice little story.

these are very good colors , aqua stripes are key to the design .

are you a designer superPHIN ?

This whole Dolfan base is in a "Death Spiral" over nothing. This team is better on both sides of the ball than last year including Marshall and Dansby. Lighten up. Let the other teams worry--things will be better than most think.
The thing I want to see is Henne throw something
other than dunk and dink. I want longer ball action that will open up the running game.

Very close Aloco,

*lol*Finaincial Business Management,
Really its not the same but your avoiding ??? asked

financial business Management---ugh cant spell

I THOUGHT no thing left to manage in the finaincial business sector .

Man, that Dip Stick in Montreal and all the other whiners are really annoying. They remind me of little high school kids who get their hands on some Copenhagen and put too much in their lip and have to spit all the time. The complaining is that kind of attempted macho - funny.

Resource fruad, fraudulent Tax Claims, oh there is always something to do--money management with lots of crooked numbers, aloco, should i be looking you up in system???After Tom Bradys Car is exempted on E-bay!!!

YOU SHOULD have told me that before,resource fraud . goverment job;

so you r making 35,000-45,000

bad draft picks
bad free agent signings

fake media and homer fans love the tuna

wont tell, suffice it to say, its a Good living if you can stand a desk job for 9 hrs a 5 day week with a lot of overtime.

what's better for us ? vikings wins or lose tonight .

Are you guys going to watch NO-MIN game? I think NO beats up on Farve big-time. I don;t want anyone to get hurt but I wouldn't mind T.Jackson starting against us when we play MIN

I have NO kicker on Fantasy team, so i would say saints better for me, dont know about effect on game, dont care just want to see a good one


What do you do for a living. You're on the blog all the time so you must be retired, unemployed or independently wealthy.

People talking about new unis....please stop. Look, most teams in the league now have updated their uniforms to new "slicker looking" ones. And they all look very similar and very generic. And most are pretty ugly. Example; the patriots and bills unis are identical with slight tweaks and obviously different logos and colors. Falcons, Cardinals, Vikings, Titans all have same style as well. The Dolphins are one of the few teams who haven't drastically changed unis and incidentally they have one of the most original and recognizable uniforms in the league. And tradition IS important if you are a fan of the TEAM. Part of the reason I am such a die hard fan is the rich tradition of the team. I am proud of the fact that Ricky Williams wears essentially the same Helmet and laundry as Marino before him and Csonka before him. There is nothing wrong with alternate unis, however. I wouldn't mind seeing a different uni for maybe 4 games a season.


Aloco is vice president of blog operations for miamiherald and french stuartdess for armando in the late evening!!!

Packers, Bears, 49ers, Steelers, Cowboys, Colts, Raiders....What do they all have in common ? A very long and proud history and winniing tradition. Many super bowl wins and championships among them. What else do they have in common ? None of them have fecked around too much with their uniforms.

test, is your last name icle?

re: uniforms, they could wear pepto bismol pink as long as they win. just kidding, but its time to redesign the helmet. just throwing that in there since aloco and superphin seem to be designers.....lol!

Actually, I must admit, I wouldn't mind seeing the "M" on the helmet. Like the helmet the Dolphin wears on the current helmet. If that was our actual helmet, that'd be pretty cool.

I have to admited WE SUCKS SUCKS as a BIG HUGE FAN of my DOLPHINS have to admited we suckd sucks poor free agents adquisitions and bad bad draft picks, the trifecta star looking like high schools program DAMIT.A 100% fan of the MIAMI DOLPHINS.

This is dumbest collection of Dolphin fans I've read yet. Name one team that hits on all it's 2 and 3 round draft picks. Name one team that hits on all free agents. I give this team credit for being able to cut run from high paid players amd high draft picks who cant stay healthy and are being out played by lesser known guys. The team was 1-15 when these guys took over, ofcourse they were gonna make some bad choices to go with the good. They completely rebuilt this team, good or bad it's what they set out to do and the next two years will show if it worked. All these losers who get on here and act like they know this team is gonna suck and think someone else could do a better job are clueless.

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