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Karlos Dansby on Armando and the Amigo

Dolphins defensive captain Karlos Dansby was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, this week. It was interesting, at least to me, on several levels. Consider:

Dansby was asked if the Minnesota backfield that includes Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson is the best the Dolphins will face this year: "It's one of them. We're going to face a lot of them. We're looking forward to the challenge. We're not scared. It's going to be a big task for us, but like I say, we're taking it as a challenge."

Dansby was asked if the Dolphins will go after Favre (and hurt him) the way the Saints did in the NFC championship game last year. "The Saints put the blueprint out there. You can't look away from that. You have to get pressure on him and confuse him. Otherwise he'll pick you apart."

I asked Dansby if the sack he had against Buffalo last week is a sign of things to come. "I'm definitely going to collect more. It's going to be a lot like the other night -- I came untouched."

I told Dansby I therefore expect 10 sacks from him. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

"I expect 10 myself this year," he said.

The audio for the interview is right here:


Armando and the Amigo can be heard every Monday thru Friday at 6-10 a.m. on 640-AM in South Florida.


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1 good news mando!

I expect Dansby 10 Sacks, Wake 14 Sacks, Misi 9 sacks, Bell 5 sacks, Langford 6 sacks, Starks 6 sacks. That is what I want to see. I don't think anyone would be upset about it except opposing teams and I don't like them anyway.

exciting....but I will wait to drink the koolaid

I'm surprised that Dansby is only shooting for 10 QB sacks this year...I thought he wanted to prove to the NFL and the world that he was better than the other guy that plays for the Ravens...

Dansby is the true Sportsman...A true leader....we have been missing a voice like that for a long time...

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

this defense Will put up the best stats against the vikes this year, and will be the leagues#1 defense.

Makes you honored to be Miami fan. A tear streaming down my face as I'm listening in awe to a revered figure. Now go up there to Minnesota and tear the ever-livin' sheeeyat outta Brett "I'm collecting Social Security" Favre.

You jokes on here talk about Favre like he's the Father AND the Holy Ghost. HE'S A BUM! We treated him like a bum in that Jets game, and we'll treat him like a bum Sunday! Have him hobble home in his beat-up, torn Wrangler's. As a sign of true devotion, I'm going up to the next Favre fan I see and punching them in the face. THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE!!!


I hope he ends Favres career to be honest.I'm so sick of hearing about him....please make it stop.Percy Harvin did not practice but he says he will be playing this weekend.
This game can be won by the Dolphins.The Vikings are a little off their game with their receivers and secondary.They're not the same team as last year(which I've said all along that last years schedule was easier than the schedule we had when we went 11-5 after going 1-15 the year before)and I sense that Favre is going to regrett playing this season.I don't think he knew about his favorite receiver (Sydney Rice)having surgery and being out half the season.
I expect a close game and hopefully a win by the Dolphins.

I hope we win this game. If we do then the we are legit. Go Phins!!

20-13 dolphins win. Touchdown comes in forth quarter on a Vonte Davis pick 6!!!! Close game all the way until Bret throws his 2 pick of the day.

Touchdown Brandon Marshall
2 field goals

Int for a touchdown

From Eric's mouth to God's ears. Let us pray.


Fins 17 Vikes 14 (OT)

Hey beern,

Didn't you hear? Karlos has a contract on Favre. Look for ol' wrangler boy to get whacked! This is going to be Favre's last game. Ever.

Nolan's boys are coming to play.

Miami 21 Minnesota 6.

relax folks, bills and vikings are opposite ends. make your cases for best defenses AFTER this game. don't get it twisted - you have to have an offense that works too. Vikes are a playoff contender and way better on both sides of the ball, bills are a JV squad that the phins ESCAPED last week. it will be a good barometer for them. good luck phins!!


Wildcat formation scores a TD

We are going to lose to Minnesota.

Favre has 16 million and ONLY 16 million reasons why he returned and took snaps in the first game of the year. He can get hurt now and go on IR and collect his biggest payday ever and not even play in another game after Sunday...... smart retirement plan.....

I am not a Bills fan as I love My Phins, That being said, we'll see about the Bills after this weekend. They are supposed to be run over, passed over, and look like a JV squad. Somehow I don't think they are that lousy.
I like Lukes post and want to throw some sacks for Smith, Clemmons, and Sapp in there also..

Just want to say lets watch all the Bills games IN BUFFALO. Let see how many teams score more than 15 point up there. That is one hostile place to play and with the wind blowing..... I put a bet right now that no team other that the PATS put up many points there. and im not defending the JILLS. People who say we squeeked by do not watch many BIlls PHINS gameS THEY ARE ALWAYS CLOSE90% OF THE TIME.


You're right about Vikes being miles ahead of the Bills. But let me warn you in thinking we didn't thoroughly destroy the Bills last week. A) Bills secondary was BETTER than Vikes last year, they're one of the best in the league. B) Bills are a division rival, and usually those are the closest games an NFL team plays. C) Ask Craig M, it was very windy in Buffalo last week. D) Vikes defense is worse this year than last, not better. E) Favre really showed his age last week, if we can pressure him, don't think he'll fare much better. F) Our strong suit is defending the run, we do that, puts more pressure on Favre. G) Favre's #1 WR is out (Rice), and no one's stepped up to take his place yet.

H is for HEART! Something I'm not sure you have (or are showing), because on Friday, EVERY FAN SHOULD BE RALLYING AROUND THEIR TEAM! Be the killjoy on Sunday, after the game. But from now until 4pm Sunday, you're either with us, or you're the ENEMY! KILL PURPLE, that's what I'm screamin'.

My career just like my prediction has been down the toilet for a long time

Jerry Seinfeld, I know it's Yum Kippor, but you're depressing the hell outta me. Dead that!

Dolphins 27
Vikes 20

Iw ill be at this game with all my roommates who are Vikings fans. I am the loon Dolphins fan and I have every confidence in the world that the Dolphins are going to lay it on the Vikings...Let's go into their house score arly and get the crowd out of the game, from there go after Farve and send him back into retirement! Let's go fins! I bleed teal and orange, we gat this!

DC, you were close it's Yom Kippur. That aside, I think Miami's D will be effective against the Vikes weak offense. It's basically up to AP to run effectively and not fumble the ball, so I like our chances. If our offense steps up even just a little and can put 21 pts on the board we go 2-0 to start the year. And DC, L'Shana Tovah (Happy Jewish New Year). Just so your current with the holidays... I'm just saying (sic)

I'm loving the excitement the defense is creating in that locker room, we finally have guys that know they can go up to anyone's house and slap 'em around a bit. Great stuff from a true leader!!! Go Fins!!!


Thanks for the corrections. Since Jews are the Chosen Ones, it's always good to be right with the Tribe of David (my favorite King). Happy New Year to you too!

But the only thing I want to see spinning like a dreidal is Brett Favre's head.

Dolphins 24
Vikings 13

im telling u guys the offense will open up especially marshall darlington said he was open nearly every play last week and the have one of the best secondaries i say we win 31-17

Enrique, you're right, defense was exciting. And with all those injuries/setbacks, still looked good. Can't wait until we get everyone on the field. Nolan is a GENIUS! Hope they aren't only exciting for 6 games though (like Denver last year). I want to see this all season!

I am very optimistic about this game vs. Minnesota. I honestly had this as a win since openening day. Dansby played great in week 1. He was all over the place. I expect him to get a blitz call or 2 his way but I'd much rather have him cover Shiancoe then blitz in this matchup. Outside of AP they aren't much of a threat without Sidney Rice. Harvin is explosive but he can't run routes yet and doesn't understand how to get open yet. I'm more worried about him scoring on special teams then anything else.

Marshall has 7 catches for 80 yards and td. He will blow up in the home opener against the paper champs on the 26th.

Miami 20 Minnesota 17

Expect Dansby to get help on Shiancoe, as good as a mlb as he is this would be a mis match in favor of the Vikes. We don't play a Tampa 2 coverage, so Dansbies drops wont be in the deep seem where Shiancoe does his damage. On shorter stuff, depending on the technique of the nickel corner, Dansby may have resposiblity. But one on one this is an advantage for the vikes. Now if we have the lead in the fourth quarter, I could see Dansby putting a huge lick on Shiancoe ala Ray Lewis, because he will be able to take a positon deeper down the field, knowing they have to pass. For us to win, the burden is going to be on the shoulders of Chad Henne. He has to find a way to get Marshall the ball, if B-Marsh can get 8-10 catches chances are there will be a big play in one of those.

I still am feeling confident about our chances for this game. What bemmed me out, and I know the experts are only 50% right anyway. But Cote and all people who pick on ESPN picked the Vikes. I do not put stock in it, but I hated the lack of respect. Meaning we have not earned it yet. And that is what this victory in Minn. will do!

Go Phins.

On another note, I do not attack the people who are not optomistic about this team and where it's headed. I get it. We had a lot of years where we drank the early prediciton Kool-aide with the Marino years and early 2K. Only to be dissapointed and frustrated. For all the "best fan in the world" people here who praise the Tri-fecta and and every move this group makes. Lay off the negative fans. They will come around IF we start showing our potential, and from history they really do have a right to not be so optomistic. But hopefully, we can start at leat 3-1 or 4-0. If that happens most will be on the positive band wagon.

Go Phins.

I hope no one gives Favre a candy bar so he plays all day long like Betty White! (No offence to Betty)

We will be the team that puts Farve's consecutive game streak to an end this Sunday.
I predict Farve goes down hard by Wake and gets carted off the field...forever!

Hey Mando, can you tell the radio website person to put those interviews on the Ipay list. Thanks.

be interesting to see how well our OL does against them. The saints couldn't run the ball at all. I think our running game is better, but we'll see.

Why does it seem the most passionate fans on here are from other states? I LOVE DC Dolfan,and NHFinsfan as well. Love your team,have some confidence(and maybe a little faith)in your team. Alot of doubters say they are Dolfans,so if thats the case,have NO DOUBT we will win Sunday! I too think one of our linebackers/d.ends are going to be remembered for ending jean boys career. Forever they will show the video of the Dolphins taking out the drama queen for good!
GO FINS!!!!!!

I think Miami will come in and start the game off making alot of plays through the air then work into their running game, when they have the Vikes off balance. I think the smart game plan will be to pass early and often against the weakened Vike pass D. It sure would help for the D to play with a lead.

At least if I were the OC that is what I would do...


I feel very good about the game. I know that the "They's" say Minnesota has a great run defense. I am sure they do. But ever team does not run like each other. I can see Nolan being VERY crafty with his Defense Sunday. There is not much film to see on our secondary with a decent WR corps up against it yet, So The Vikings will be playing a little in the dark against us where as we have several years of film on Them and they have not chnaged as much as Miami has.
That being said about the running game, I feel thios will need to be one of those days Henne has been told would come. I am certain Chad Pennington has told Henne that there are games that you are judged on that stick with you for life. Marina had not only his first brilliant season, But, the 1985 Orange Bowl MNF game against The Bears. A BRILLIANT even REMARKABLE game played by one of the best against arguably one of the best defenses to ever take the field. That is only one example of hundreds QB'S have had that made them what they became. The games Brady played when Bledsoe took a bad chest injury, ended Bledsoe's run in New England forever.
Henne has a chance to do that Sunday... a chance to make us all believers. Even if Miami should lose, and Henne goes out there and plays well and throws some TD's and makes some good choices... He can cement the start of his legacy. I fear should he fail, and fail bad. The "Controversy Clan" will be out in force asking that Pennington and his experience take us onward through the season. This would indeed be bad... Yet, Think about KNOWING we have a QB like Pennington who WE KNOW can get us in the playoff show. Then Consider what the Jests have behind a very questionable Sanchoke, Brunell.... HHMmmmmm, Sorta had his run and did not make it happen... Didn't he?

My $4.99 Wal-Mart Crystal ball tells me...

286 Yards for Henne 2 TD's 1 Int 3 sacks
10 catches 1 TD for Marshall
4 catches 1 TD for Fasano
7 Catches 51 yards for Bess
3 Catches 40 Yards for Moore
4 Catches 49 Yards for Hartline
61 yards for Ronnie Brown 1 catch 1TD
47 Yards for Ricky Williams 2 catches
266 Total Yards against...
2 sacks
3 Hurries
1 Int
1 Fumble recovered, stripped from
Peterson by Bell.

27 -17................. Miami wins.

Okay... so I'm out on a limb... I'll check back to see who nutted up and gave their best shot at a prediction later this afternoon... Don't be scared now... let's see them numbers!!!

Go Dolphins!!! 0-2 and coming home as true road warriors!!!!

2nd quarter 5:02 to play Ricky Williams run over right tackle, the play right before Marshall drops the long ball, Polite just simply lights up Donte Whitner, I mean he destroys him. Polite is a beast. Courtesy of NFL Rewind, and they have taken down the scores....fantastic.

BTW... Yes... I am aware there are a HELL of a lot of catches there on my predictions.... I am hedging that ONE of them will hit the mark.... I'll say Henne goes.... 21 of 32....286

Derek, I think you meant 2-0 (not 0-2).


I really liked your post, and it is important to remember we play to the level of our opponent, we have done this since the Trifecta arrived. Prior to the Buffalo game, and undoubtedly after, I did not like our
chances. However, after thinking about everything, I really like our chances this week. Their is only one way we win this game, and that is to force multiple turnovers. Well, I think a combination of Mike Nolan's scheme, Favre's propensity to make the throws he knows he shouldn't, and AP putting the ball on the ground, adds up to them having multiple turnovers. Here is my best guess

Henne 26-37 294 3 TD's
Brown 13 carries 49 yards
Williams 11 carries 31 yards

Marshall 11 catches 98 yards 2 TDs
Bess 9 catches 74 yards
Fasano 5 catches 57 yards 1 TD

Defensively 4 Sacks, 2 INT's and a fumble recovery

Final score Miami 27-21

I know we want to run the football, but if our offensive coaching staff doesn't watch how the Saints attacked Minnesota I will be pissed. The Saints forced the Vikings to move players off of the line of scrimmage by throwing early, then running the ball. We need to show them we can hurt them with the pass, otherwise they will simply load the box and destroy us.

Derek, good stuff yesterday, and this morning. You were on the money with your analysis of Marshall. If you go back and look at his big games in the past, he has been a YAC beast(kinda souds like a mountain Yeti) He can get behind defenders, but this is not his strong suit, and not the reason he was signed here. I look for him to have a big game this week.

LET SAY , we lose in MIN ,what the reaction from the fans ?

well we will be 1-1 .we can't let that put us down .we move on to the jets .

meanwhile i think we will win in MIN but we have to be realistic .
time for my meatball sub


Not really a numbers guy...i'll stick with what I said early this week...Fins by 10 going away (means not ever really in danger of losing)


almost forgot....

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!

henne 25-38-308yds 2td 2int 1sack
R&R 85yds 2td
Fasano 4 catches 55yds 1td
B-Marsh 8 catches 90yds 1td
bess 10 catches
Hartline 1 catch (benched next week)
Moore 3 catches
2 field goals
defence only gives up 20pts
3 sacks
1 int
they hold AP to 65yds

"We got better players," Sapp insisted. "They got better coaches."

FEED THAT M@#%^& F(@$%^! WOLF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAPP picked the Phins, the first and only I have found so far.

He is a wise man.

He played really well, we finally have an elite ILB

every time JT moves some where he brings his black magic w/him .

Going with all the 20-17 Dolphins predictions previously posted past couple of days. We need points off turnovers, as also previously posted, but Farve will make that happen once he gets beat up/impatient. This is doable.

Go Dolphins.

vikings 31 dolphins 9

6-10 season incoming

Apart from a fins win, Henne shuts all the negative Pennington fans up my other wish is for the Dolfins D to end Favre's career once and for all, I'm sick of this egotistical selfish QB, no more Favrewatch every goddamn season no more Favre!!!!!!

Go Fins!!!

I hope Dansby gets all 10 sacks on Favre!!

Go Dolphins!

Fins resign Micah To practice squad.

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