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Karlos Dansby on Armando and the Amigo

Dolphins defensive captain Karlos Dansby was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, this week. It was interesting, at least to me, on several levels. Consider:

Dansby was asked if the Minnesota backfield that includes Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson is the best the Dolphins will face this year: "It's one of them. We're going to face a lot of them. We're looking forward to the challenge. We're not scared. It's going to be a big task for us, but like I say, we're taking it as a challenge."

Dansby was asked if the Dolphins will go after Favre (and hurt him) the way the Saints did in the NFC championship game last year. "The Saints put the blueprint out there. You can't look away from that. You have to get pressure on him and confuse him. Otherwise he'll pick you apart."

I asked Dansby if the sack he had against Buffalo last week is a sign of things to come. "I'm definitely going to collect more. It's going to be a lot like the other night -- I came untouched."

I told Dansby I therefore expect 10 sacks from him. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

"I expect 10 myself this year," he said.

The audio for the interview is right here:


Armando and the Amigo can be heard every Monday thru Friday at 6-10 a.m. on 640-AM in South Florida.


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good news bobby.
go fins

FARVE 15-42 72 YDS 3 INT 5 SAC
AP 26 36YDS


Yes ALoco, I like the kid, glad he cleared waivers

TEST....ICLE, you sir are a hemorrhoid!

aloco, the news about micah was inn yesterday's miami herald, are you local, (not loco).

i think henne is capable, but he isn't calling the plays, henning is. they need to let him work out of the shotgun at times, use the hurry up offense, let him run if he's open....anything to keep the other team's D confused. but none of us are his coaching staff so all we have are opinions. this week, in terms of preparation, should be our best week. the Dolphins can watch a lot of film from the Saints and Vikes games. if the Dolphins can adapt the strategy the saints have used against the viikes, we'll come out on top. GO FINS!!!!

24-13 Folks

We can easily kill this team, we have a better pass rush and better coverage, judging from bills game. They have better defensive front so we have to commit to the run early and then hit them with the switcharoo right afterwards. They wont know what hit'em. Think back to the Jets MNF game last year, they came in thinking they were gonna shut down the R&R express, but we had other plans. We stayed with it and kept'em waiting for more, than Henne let loose for 320 yards!!! This is the strategy that we must follow, Fins all the way!!!


Go get em Fagami, betting you turds this week!

Zach Thomas for Mayor 2010!!!

Looking forward to the game. This should be fun. I have a lot more hope after seeing that D last week. I am enthused for Jason Allen. Finally he gets to show what he can do.

Hey Kris - please stop with the "Why Not Us!" stuff. Dude, it's really a slogan that says "We're not very good, but miracles have happened before, so why not?" Please upgrade it to something that a team that believes in itself would say (yeah, I know they have it plastered all over the locker room but I think Chowder did that in all his off time). I really do appreciate your enthusiasm, because I feel it myself, but please come up with something else... "Feed the Wolf" is pedantic too. Truly, who's coming up with this garbage? My ten-year old's soccer team is using stuff like that. I mean, they called themselves "Black Thunder." Sounds like a bad Vin Diesel movie.

That said, I'm all out of testosterone-filled, head banging, Favre slapping slogans at the moment, so I'll leave it to everyone else...

Armando and the Amigo. That's about as clever as Dingo and the Baby. Did you steal that from Family Guy?

Last week the wolf had some buffalo this week the WOLF eats some viking !!!!!!!!!!

jimmy jam, great post! i thought i was the only one to use the word pedantic! but don't pick on kris, he is a true fan! now tell kris you're sorry you took the wind out his sails! lol.

WHY NOT US...........

Um. Sorry Kris. :-)

Actually, I applaud his persistently positive outlook... just not fond of the slogan

jimmu jam, give us your own slogan .

Aloco, who do you predict will get hurt this week?

i DON'T wish any bad thing to happen to any one ace .it's a sport .

I don't wish anything "bad" to happen either. However "bad " is such a subjective word.

Now when It comes to words like:










we need a slogan for the team odinseye rhat jimmy jam loves .

Sorry Aloco,

I'm little too sober for slogans right now.

The only thing that comes to mind is a chant:




PS: I feel sorry for Farve and McKinnie when we overload the right side with:


that's very good for me odin .dansby he sure earned his money so far .

Aloco, neither do I. I also hope that the Fins escape without any injuries. With that said, I wouldn't mind if a few Vikes got busted up.

All predictions aside, this is it. This is the real acid test baby. We can turn the proverbial corner this weekend at the MetroDome.

The only respect worth having, is the respect you beat out of your enemies!


give us a slogan ace .


Don't forget the Yellow Eyes!

I'll be making offerings and sacrifices to Odin and Thor!


"Build the Team".

"exciting....but I will wait to drink the koolaid"

Posted by: Scooby | September 17, 2010 at 09:03 AM

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP WITH THE KOOLAID NONSENSE! I can't take anymore cliched used up lines and the koolaid one is the worst. SO PLAYEEEDDDDDDDDDDD!

Can someone please come up with a new line to describe not buying into something to quickly. Seriously that is a reference to one of the biggest mass suicides in history. Does everyone realize this?


While I share the sentiment, I question your enthusiasm.

let us all give the yellow eyes to the VIKINGS .

ACE....try again.your slogan sound like home work for fourth grade .

THANK you NYScott .....these lines are well used and old .

What the hell is yellow eyes?

I thought yellow eyes meant you had hepatitus?

Aloco are you saying we should give Farve and the vickings hepatitus?

I will try again, but the slogan came from the Military, as in if you build a solid team,through teamwork, than the team has a strong chance of being sucessful.

mek67, I agree to a point. I'm not going to insult Armando (like you did when you insinuated he was a simpleton:) because chances are some idiot at the radio station came up with it but really? Seriously? Armando and "the friend" doesn't make sense in any way shape or form.

I mean how about 'Armando and friends' (Armando y amigos) or 'Armando and his friends' or 'Armando and his friend' or 'Friends of Armando'? Any of those would be better than "Armando and THE friend".

That's just horrible, horrible I tell ya.

Funny stuff, NYScott. I guess it's cliche bashing time!

ALOCO - I wish I could come up with something... Lame, huh?

Here are some I stole that are in the vein of what I'm looking for (none quite make it, but it's a start) but still quite cliche'd:

Our blood, our sweat, your tears.

All Out, All Game, All Season

Pain is temporary, pride is forever.

This one was funny (but hopefully not applicable) - from a TShirt:

On front: We’re Going To Win
On back: So Coach Doesn’t Lose His Job

"Aloco are you saying we should give Farve and the vickings hepatitus?"

Posted by: odinseye

LMAO , seriously odinseye that was hilarious. You crack me up. lol.

yellow eyes meaning ; let say there a rich healthy man live next to you and you and your wife keep looking at him at a big deal and wish him really ill but when you see him you smile at him like you love him but when he turns around you give him THE YELLOW RYES without him noticing .after few days he gets sick from the yellow eyes .

i hope that help... no disease here .

How about "Armando and A friend"?!

jimmy jam, all your slogans are fine but they were made for a different ERA ....when players were making a few thousand a year,

IN TODAY WORLD no SLOGAN WILL DO .marshall makes 50 MILLION,brady makes 72 million .you think a slogan will move them,hell no

OH!!!! Yellow Ryes.

I thought you said yellow eyes, my bad.

Yes, Yellow Ryes it is then, give em to Farve and Give em to him good!

my slogan.......

((( if you don't play well ,we will cut you ))))

al davis said it best

I am all for giving Favre hepatits on Sunday. Just make sure not to let Camarillo get it. Also, can we find away to take revenge for the AJ Feeley fiasco and make sure Rick Spielman gets it

((( if you don't play well ,we will cut you ))))

Posted by: ALoco

Now that's perfect.

we should make sure dan henning gets hepatitis... his play calling is pathetic and has been since he got here

DEATH WISH , the movie is on AMC .

Bounty of the hills, tonights menu courtesy of my neighbor who shot an elk this morning. Elk backstrap, with hunters sauce, roasted root vegetables from the garden, heirloom tomato salad. For desert wild huckelberry sorbet! Now it is time for some Fernet to settle the stomach. Go Phins!

The only way Langford is getting six sacks is at the grocery store, good run defender but he is not a pass rusher. Ten is a great number for Dansby as he is mostly and ILB though we will move him around. If he plays a lot on the outside I can see him getting ten.

Vikings have a lot to play for in this one, in front of their crowd and although i like miamis chances hanging tough this sunday, i think the vikes score just enough to win. Obviously i would love to see the upset but i had us pegged for a loss in this one when the schedule came out. It wouldn't hurt our chances in the AFC conference or the division much with the Wetsies and Patsies coming up.

sad to say


If you shine a spotlight at a wolf while he is looking at you,what color are they?just askin.

Thanks to those of you who through your Predicted Numbers in the hat.... I have made a file with them and will post the Monday...

I believe the most important thing for Miami in this game aside from the obvious (Winning) is having a decent showing on offense. Henne really needs to get his groove on this week. I am not saying Dan Marino 400+ numbers, I would like to see him break 230 yards and have at least 2 TD's.

I still believe Miami stacks well with the team, Match-up's are what makes Football go. The Vikes are gimped in a few spots so it may help.

If we are to lose a game in the next two... This would be the one... WE DO NOT EVEN WANT TO LOSE NEXT MONDAY NIGHT....!!!

Thanks again for tossing your numbers out there guys, if any more show up and I see them I will copy them to the file also.

Poizen, it is one thing to be realistic in your assessment of your team. It is another to bash every move they make. Unfortunately we have many so called fans who like to partake in this behavior. In my mind we are better off without them. The press feeds off them and most importantly, negativity breeds the same.

Ok, speaking of being realistic, while I believe the Fins can win, I think it will take an absolutely perfect game.

Final Score
Vikings 27
Dolphins 17

Let's hope I am totally off base.

ODINSEYE.... Your Post

I don't wish anything "bad" to happen either. However "bad " is such a subjective word.
Now when It comes to words like:



Posted by: odinseye |

Caused me to Violently spew Liquid Beverage from my Mouth and nose from utter hilarity onto a bran new $2600.00 lap top... I hold YOU responsible from the keyboard should it suddenly s op typi g le ters or Ch rac ers.
I eel th t you s ould be ve y so y for w itting such fun y sh t, ple se st p fu king my comput r up so I do not ha e to spe d ann ther $2600.00 fo a n w f ckin Ma hine!

Do Y o F king U ders and Me Du e?
Sh t!... Th s F cki g Th ng is Ru ned...

Mike... I have recorded your game predition with all of the others, I will try to keep the best eye on those who post predictions through tomorrow night, If I miss some... sorry.... I am doing it for fun, send a check and I'll make sure to get everything perfect! :~\

So far we have a pretty good size group... should be fun to see who gets the closest by either points or calling Yards and TDs/catches/ints etc.... place what you wish in your post... I will post game stats also when they are available after game.

Thanks again...Derek

My game prediction.....
Fins - 24
Vikes - 17

and that's is what the fu@k is goin to happen my friends...
the Vikes are missing key peeps and it will show ladies

mando is slackin on the stories...must be all his newer projects...i feel neglected, i have been hoeing around espn's app for good NEW stories daily...at least they post new stuff during the day...we used to have that luxury here....

Cowkilla...... Gotcha on the record...
Thanks for posting them...!

The slogans that we have been using (Feed the Wolf, etc.) were posted in the locker room by Coach Sparano himself to motivate the Fins. WE didn't make this stuff up, HE did! Ok, they're kinda lame. But, if lame works, so be it!
When I was in the Navy (back in the day), one of the ships that I was on had a motto "Dare to Excell". If it makes you feel better, use it instead. It's just as lame and you're probably shaving with what's left of the ship! Lol.

my predictions
henne- 24-37. 315 yds 2td 0 int
marshall- 7 rec. 110 yds 1 td
hartline- 6 rec 65 yds
bess- 9 rec. 55 yds
brown- 13 att 75 yds 1 rush td
williams- 8 att 40 yds 1 rec 26 yds 1 td

some def predictions lol

misi 1 sack
wake 2-3 sacks
davis 1 int 3 pass def.
dansby 1 int 11 tackles

final score 31-17 fins

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