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Dolphins getting ready for Wed. afternoon practice

Rookie Jared Odrick will not practice today as he continues to make his way back from a hairline fracture on his right leg but the Dolphins are still optimistic the defensive end could contribute on at least a part-time basis versus New England Monday night.

The decision won't be made until later this week but the biggest clue whether Odrick will play even a bit will come whether he practices by Friday, I'm told. Stay tuned.

Linebacker Channing Crowder is scheduled to practice when the team takes the practice field at 3 p.m., according to coach Tony Sparano. "He'll do a little more," than he did last week, the coach said. The Dolphins will measure Crowder's progress or lack thereof and make a decision by Friday or so whether Crowder will play against the Patriots.

Linebacker Ikaika Alama-Francis will practice today and Sparano said he is "close" to being back to his full weight and being able to play in a game.

The Dolphins had Austin Spitler miss a couple of weeks during training camp because of a sickness. Alama-Francis got sick the morning of the regular-season opener and was knocked out for a while. And guard John Jerry missed last week's game versus New York because of a stomach sickness.

"We've had our share of sickness and it knocked guys down body weight-wise," Sparano said.

But despite the curious number of "sicknesses" the coach said there has been no common thread to the three that should raise concerns.

The Dolphins have waived linebacker Erik Walden. He missed a block on what became a punt block during Sunday night's game versus New York. The Dolphins signed defensive lineman Rob Rose off the practice squad to the 53-man roster to replace Walden.

The Patriots are already practicing in Foxboro, MA. Running back Fred Taylor (toe) was not present for the start of practice. Cornerback Terrence Wheatley and OL Nick Kaczur were also missing.

[UPDATE: Jerry, nursing the sickness, is not practicing today.]


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first booya!!lol

Still very angry with Dan Henning and his Wildcat debacle.

Dan Henning is not "In it to Win it."

I think being an OC is just something for Dan Henning to do - kinda like a hobby to keep from getting bored.
We need someone with a vision or someone with a "Fire in the Belly" desire to win.

We should just listen to the NON-FAN bill_connor and forget the season, its over with that bruuuutal schedule

Maybe a collective grass roots uprising by Dolphins Nation would get Dan Henning and his Wildcat canned.

Just made myself watch the game last night, Have no real good observations,

I officially now hate Jason Taylor

Get rid of the Marlins, the dirt even when is covered is killing us

Were are even with the JETS last couple games it has been a couple plays that decide the game on both sides

Mike Westoff ? is still one of the best special team coaches in the league

Every time we play the JETS the is some very curious penalty's Will Allen last year Jason Allen this year

down with the oc! booo henning.

Miss a simple block on ST and you're gone. Should've seen the writing on the wall when Sparano said "yes, and we practiced it". If you are a bottom of the roster guy, your margin for error is razor thin


With all due respect, think about what you're saying.

Poisoning us 6 billion slaves would have catastrophic consequences on the global economy. In addition it would tax the health care systems worldwide to the breaking point.

Don't you think that if the NWO is so technologically advanced, they would simply implement birth control laws very similar to the ones the Chinese already have in place?

Chem trail poisonings for population control? Sounds a little too Star Trekkie to me. There are many more feasible and efficient ways to accomplish this much needed goal.

For Gods sake, quit chasing red herons and think man!

Oh yeah, Henning sucks(football talk).

Tim Dobbins sucks too

Maybe once upon a time long ago Dan Henning applied for a job with the Dolphins and was passed over for someone else and this scarred Dan Henning forever.
So fast forward a couple decades and "Voila!"
Dan Henning is getting his revenge.

Wildcat on 2nd and 15 ! ? , is grandpa Simpson calling the plays. And I thought when we got Dansbury that we would be able to cover the TE over the middle, which Crowder couldn't do.

Crowder has been missed a lot less than I thought. The run defense has fallen apart in the past when he's been absent. Not this year.

Mark, I'm actually glad about that. This coaching staff demands excellence. Walden's had a chance to stick around (with all these injuries, etc.). He was an ok ST player, but could never get on the field on defense. So, he made a critical mistake, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. Bring in the next guy and he'll know that if he doesn't show and prove, he'll be gone too!

I think tje wildcat is more gimmik this year then anything and its killing drives, get rid of it plz


Whats your problem with Tim Dobbins? The guy is going to the Pro Bowl.

Armando, I got a plan. Turn the blog over to Soiled Bottoms, fire your Amigo and hire Dan Henning for you radio show. You can call it Armando gets HenPicked! Don't forget to maention to Ross what a good OC Dan Marino would make.

Homes how did your original post get deleted? Was it NWO?

Dobbins! Dobbins! Duh................

DC, I have no problem with cutting Walden. he's on the team to do one thing and it's considered a pretty rudimentary thing. If he can't do it, like you said, try someone else.

mrmr, run defense has been outstanding giving up almost 300 yards in the last 2 weeks, sigh. Let's get Odie and Channing back in there please.

Phin, problem is Dansby can cover the TE's but with the sive Dobbins in there, he can't do both at once. With Crowder in there, you free up Dansby and improve your run defense. I don't know if anyone realizes how valuable Channing is and am I the only one who was impressed by how good he looked against the Bucs in preseason before he got hurt???

Come back Chan!

Home, take your fairy tales to the Disney Blog up POS

Tim Dobbins is a great actor, the one that was married to Meg Ryan or Sigourney Weaver or whatever generic middle aged broad he was married too.

The football player??? Rubbish.

The only D.U.M.B thing on this blog is Home and his B/S conspiracy garbage. Get lost you Dumbassss

Dear Mr. Salguero

Recently while channel surfing I came across and older episode of the Antiques Road show.

On the show this woman had a pristine condition 1920 Dan Henning offensive play book.

The appraiser said it was the earliest known copy but they believe he may have been calling plays at least a decade earlier.

Go figure

Soiled :)


this post is classic,you should go have a paten for it .

p.s did i say you never lost your place on top ?


I'm telling you, you're chasing red herons. Even though you're educated and suspicious, they're still pulling the wool over your eyes with a "limited hangout".

Just like Deepthroat said all those years ago, follow the MONEY!

Those Deep Underground Military Bases are nothing new. They've just become a little more state of the art. They were originally implemented at the end of WWII as a means to survive Thermo Nuclear War. Nothing new here.

If you really want to learn about the control mechanism that's in place for the 21st century, google Odin Technologies Inc.

Tim Dobbins SUCKS - he missed 5 tackles I counted last night - channing aint all that but dam dude...your opportunity was there and you have screwed it up - TIM DOBBINS SUCKS TOO

Odinseye, it's not a "Heron"...


did you hear me TIM DOBBINS SUCK

dobbins sucks

okay thats how I really feel - Dansby is great but imagine if he had some help....


Did you just call me Odie?

You know Toronto is right next door to me.

When the bell rings, bring your lunch money and meet me on the playground!!!!

Mayock and Shnnon Sharp called out Brandon Marshall for being tired and lacking effort on the last goal line debacle. They broke down the film and they were right.

Also if you look at the last pass, why were 3 receivers within 3 yards of each other?

Go Phins!

Mark should sell some goog money and give to odie .

I thought it was red herring, not heron. Although a heron is a beautiful bird. The Blue Heron Casino is down the street from where I'm working right now.


It is a heron.


Bring in Lady GaGa and her meat dress and...

FEED THE WOLF! Howwwwwhhhhll!!!

Go Phins!

So let me get this straight? This week it's blame it on the Henning!

Go Phins!

I am not ready to sell GOOG.

Odin, I was using Odie as a short-form for Odrick. it's an old hockey nickname strategy. Whatever a player's last name is, you just take the first few letters and add IE to the end.

Odrick = Odie
Smith = Smittie
Davis = Davie

We do some weird things in Canada


Yeah great, heron herring, Dobbins, Crowder.........

What the F-ck do I know????

Odin, you know a lot, my friend. And I can tell that you are feeling testy today and I like it. If the players are half as cheesed off as you are on Monday, the Pats will go running off the field.

Where has Mr. Soiled Bottom gone? Has he been abducted, do we need to send some veteran bloggers to North Carolina to get him back ala the players on the Vikings. I'm worried for his saftey, especially if he ate some of those chem trails.

Mark- channing looked very quick sidleine to sideline in that game against Tampa. He was the best defensive player on the field(except Micah Johnson, who roughed up the QB, and made 2 crushing tackles) If he can play with that same quickness it he will help big time in coverage, and outside containment. I wasn't so down on dobbins until last week, he was out of position a lot, and it showed in coverage breakdowns, and missed tackles.

Crowder is hugely important especially next to Dansby.

Allen slipped and otherwise played an ok game. Not great but not as bad as everyone thinks.

Funny how a PASS RUSH can make a difference? Wake better step up because he is a total liability on run support and his speed diminishes playing as an every down player.

Sanchez threw 3 pics that were dropped! Whole different game if even 1 was caught.

Give Ronnie the Damn ball! He gets stronger with more carries, he is that type of back. Sure no break away speed. But a high 4 to 5 yd, avg. ALL DAY LONG!

Reverses, end-arounds and flea-flickers are for the schoolyard. They don't work in the NFL consistently. Whats next the Statue of Liberty play?

Oh and this O' line is starting to gel and it will be scary good.
Go Phins!

Darryl, Dobbins has sucked the big one all year. How can an ILB go through a game with 0 tackles????



Never mind then, you can keep your lunch money.


It's not been just this week. Did you just jump on the bandwagon or something. This is Henning's 3rd season here and a pattern has been developed and established.


They have a similar facility at Midway airport in Chicago. It was originally used as an underground corridor to get war planes from the assembly lines to the runways without the threat of airstrikes.

Google Odin Technologies Inc. THEN we'll talk!!!!

I know the drill its always something with this group though from game to game.

I get fricken frustrated with him a ton. But do we really want to go back to three handoffs to Ricky/any back, and then try and throw on 3rd and long?

This team needs to run in the cold AFC East period! Yes and pass in CHUNKS!



I agree with your last post except for your assessment of Wake.

He did take himself out of the play on that wildcat option. He DEFINITELY should have know better.

Other than that, he's actually done a great job against the run. He's set the edge well and he chases plays down from the backside better than JT or JP ever did.

Mark your right, Dobbins has been bad, I just had the mindset that if we kept winning, why try and fix something that was working. But I was delusional, and last weeks game I clearly saw a player that was hurting this team. It was painful to watch. To be fair though,the outside containment has to improve, the jets had their way on anything outside of the tackles, and as well as Wake did rushing the passer(he was the only guy that sniffed the QB) he was getting schooled on plays run to his side.

the term you are looking for is "red herring"
and that's still wrong, red herring would only be accurate if the government was propagating this in order to throw us off a trail.

Please learn the definition of a term before you try to use it, all else makes you look ignorant.

Most dolphins fans are guilty of this with their calling for a players head after a less than stellar game, and thinking they can GM/Coach better then those that are paid MILLIONS of dollars to do so.
they assume they know when they're idiots.
Don't be them Odinseye
strive for more.

Dear Mr. Salguero

In my last post to you I mentioned this woman having a pristine condition 1920 Dan Henning playbook on the Antiques Road Show.

Well I decided to look further and have now found out that among serious collectors the holy grail item is Dan Hennings first playbook written by him in 1910 when he was just 27 years old.

Back when first published in 1910 Dan Hennings plays where considered Old and outdated so most play books where destroyed.

Soiled :)

DD, you know who has been just atrocious on setting the edge against the run? Quentin Moses. I don't know what this regime sees in this guy. I yelled at him every time he hit the field in Buffalo and he was equally inept against Minny and NYJ.

3rd year on the roster, can't rush the passer consistently, can't play the run, can't play special teams, but he's always here.

the stock market is sure is cooked .how can a market down every day 50 points then come back and close up 50

Here is a question. What should we do with Bong Pipe? He seems to have caught a case of fumbleitis. Is this just a short tearm illness, or should we trace this back to last year, when at the end he was geting overworked liked an old draft horse? We have 4 running backs, why not get everyone involved. How many more fumbles does B-Pipe get before we move on? The Pipe is one of my favorite players, but does anybody think that if we play to our strength and run it 30 times a game, that Ronnie can hold up, and be affective for a whole season without some sort of help?


Testy is an understatement and thanks for understanding. I'm probably too passionate as a Dolphin fan and I was completely psychologically destroyed Sunday night.

I usually shake off losses and move on, but seriously, I don't know If I'll live long enough to get over this one.

Then again, a bottle of Rum and watching Brady get sacked 5 times just might do the trick!

The only sheep here is the jackazzz Home who spends his life chasing after the boogeyman and a bunch of discredited scientists who are considered nuts by their peers. No one in the mainstream media or any "normal" human would spend more then one second on this garbage. Grow up you dumbazzz.

ALoco, your problem is that you are too contrarian. Much easier to make money following the trend than fighting it. People want to buy, keep buying.


we will sign r.brown for next year as a result of mr fumble r.w .

Odin, I feel your pain too man. I am as passionate as they come and I was thrust right into enemy territory in Buffalo and proceeded to yell my lungs out to the point that my head almost blew.

And I am partial to Bermuda Black Seal Rum. Good stuff.

ALoco- I'm preparing braised tongue(lengua) for dinner this evening.

Dear Mr. Darryl Dunphy

"Is this just a short tearm illness,"

Ricky Williams has sacrificed a lot to play in the NFL.

Right now Ricky's body is suffering from nutrient deficiency known as Lac-of-weed.

I have myself suffered from this once in my past.

Soiled :)






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