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Dolphins getting ready for Wed. afternoon practice

Rookie Jared Odrick will not practice today as he continues to make his way back from a hairline fracture on his right leg but the Dolphins are still optimistic the defensive end could contribute on at least a part-time basis versus New England Monday night.

The decision won't be made until later this week but the biggest clue whether Odrick will play even a bit will come whether he practices by Friday, I'm told. Stay tuned.

Linebacker Channing Crowder is scheduled to practice when the team takes the practice field at 3 p.m., according to coach Tony Sparano. "He'll do a little more," than he did last week, the coach said. The Dolphins will measure Crowder's progress or lack thereof and make a decision by Friday or so whether Crowder will play against the Patriots.

Linebacker Ikaika Alama-Francis will practice today and Sparano said he is "close" to being back to his full weight and being able to play in a game.

The Dolphins had Austin Spitler miss a couple of weeks during training camp because of a sickness. Alama-Francis got sick the morning of the regular-season opener and was knocked out for a while. And guard John Jerry missed last week's game versus New York because of a stomach sickness.

"We've had our share of sickness and it knocked guys down body weight-wise," Sparano said.

But despite the curious number of "sicknesses" the coach said there has been no common thread to the three that should raise concerns.

The Dolphins have waived linebacker Erik Walden. He missed a block on what became a punt block during Sunday night's game versus New York. The Dolphins signed defensive lineman Rob Rose off the practice squad to the 53-man roster to replace Walden.

The Patriots are already practicing in Foxboro, MA. Running back Fred Taylor (toe) was not present for the start of practice. Cornerback Terrence Wheatley and OL Nick Kaczur were also missing.

[UPDATE: Jerry, nursing the sickness, is not practicing today.]


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I know, I was wrong about heron AND DOBBINS, arrrgh, I cant stand it.

Anyway, my use, or ateempted use I should say, of the phrase was correct.

I was trying to tell homes that what he thinks he understands is just a ruse(god I hope I used that word right)to throw him off.

The "chem trails" he speaks of is actually a program that grew out Chaffing capabilities that our Air Force used to defeat heat seeking missiles in the past. I don't want to go on and on about it. So I'll just say that it has evolved to a point where it's being used experimentally to manipulate, magnify and/or defeat radio and radar waves.
It's ultimate purpose or goal is to defeat enemy GPS systems and stealth technologies.

They're trying to stay one step ahead of the enemy, you know, like what Hennings TRYING to do!

i'd love to have henning and henne sit down and watch tape of tom brady all week and what he does in the pats offense. then i'd like to see henne in the shotgun in a 5 receivers spread offense and let the better team win. forget the wildcat and the reverses because we are the only one it fools. the wildcat has become one dimensional without a qb(thigpen) actually throwing out of it. henne needs to learn how to set up a screen, slide in the pocket, sense pressure,look offf receivers, use touch,let the receiver run underneath a deep fly route,a legit play fake (not one where he doesn't come within 2' of the back,move the defense with his eyes etc etc etc. thats my wish! if he cant learn it,bring on thigpen or penne.

greg, thigpen or pennington would not have been able to do what henne did last sunday. he's the best we got - by miles.

yeah moses sucks

Home sippng on LSD cocktails while whacking his little pecker off telling fairy tales. What a half ass

oh good Aramando still works at the herald. I thought he may have quit.

over/under for wild cat plays against the Pats.
I say 8

ronnie brown will def not be back, fins know hes in decline

All of Home`s reports are actually factual data provided from reputable scientific journals and simple videos are also offered for posters almost as uneducated and ignorant as the imposter poster and his very limited vocabulary and lack of an education of any kind.

I will be happy to see Channing back. He is a sure tackler and should free Dansby up to cover the TE that burn us. Crowder is going to step his game up playinh with the talent next to him.it should be nice not seeing 51 missing tackles

BIll, not so sure Ronnie is in decline ... yet. I wouldn't sign him for more than 3 years though.

I don't think our pressure was as bad as it seemed Sunday night.

As much as I hate to say it, we have to give credit to the wets O-line. Maybe more accurately, their O-line scheme.

They have practiced week in and week out going on two seasons against a pressure defense very similar to our own.

The pats on the other hand..................

Do not buy Monsanto stock. That chart is UGLEE

Nothing's changed on beating Brady, pressure up the middle. Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Kendall Langford, Jared Odrick, and Karlos Dansby I'm looking right at you!

i let brown go. get some speed in here

That 55 yard run against Minny says he has wheels. Brown's combine time was also pretty high in the 40. DOn't know exactly how much has evaporated though. Parcells' has never really had a burner back there though, has he? Ottis Anderson, Curtis Martin, Marion Barber, Ricky and Ronnie. These are the types he's always had.

They couldn't address everything in two off seasons.

We'll be targeting R&R's replacement, as well as Fasano's in next years draft.

parcells is gone. now lets get some speed on this offense

Maybe they can get Tedd Ginn?

uh no. speed with talent

Armando, I don't catch falling knives. I don't buy anything that trades below any of their significant moving averages (50, 100, or 200). It is oversold though.

He has talent, just no balls.

Brooks foster was added to the ps
Some dude rose was called up to replace walden

Maybe foster can help in the return game after the bye week
Straight ahead cobbs is not the answer
PS long live clammy chowder

Home is an ASSWIPE,

Why don't you try saying that again AFTER you watch this Alien Autopsy Video I e-mailing you?

Yeah, thats what I thought, NOW WHAT!?!?

Brooks Foster, 4.38 40 at the combine. Interesting.

Who actually fires a truly offensive coordinator?

Would that be Ireland's job? Soprano's? A collaboration of the two?


Odin, the coach can do it. usually - unless the Dolphins have a unique setup.

Dont get your hopes up... We had an x pro bowl kr and he sucked

If I was a woman, I'd be a lesbian too.

Lebron, CLifton Smith was a little guy. Foster is 6 ft 200lbs, a guy has to have hope!

our special teams might be worst in nfl

My psychiatrist thinks I'm a woman trapped in a man's body.

Thank GOD I'm a LESBIAN!!!!

Armando, sounds like you are very much a day trader. My approach is very different. Although I have a short time horizon, my trades are held for 27 calendar days on average. So, I look to catch a bit of a trend rather than make a quick hit.

too bad we couldnt have gotten leon washington who the jets gave up on. he gives you that speed back and boy does he return kicks!(2 last wk. for td's). thomas jones is doing good in k.city too.95 yds last week.

Ricky has too much massage oil on his hands...hence the ball slips out easier.

Go Phins!

Stop trying to get rid of Henning! He's been in football longer then most of us been alive.

We did not lose to the Jets because of our offense. Actually the only thing good about Sunday night was our offense. Our defense did not step up. Who didn't step up? It was our front Defensive line. No pressure on QB!!!!!!!!! For that you can't blame Jason Allen. He leads this team in INTs Cut him some slack.

Also we need a real kick off returner. Patrick Cobbs is just too slow. He will never make it to the 40 yr line.

Football is still football. First 2 games we are 2-0. We lost to a very good team. No dough we should of taken advantage of being at home and without Revis and holmes. Next time in NY is going to be sooo much harder!!!! But it wasn't Hennings fault.


Go Phins!

the best trade which isn't for every one is to short on the closing of the day of results .XRTX TODAY I DID SHORT IT AT THE CLOSE .it's down tonight 1.20.nice

Gatorade bath on our sideline?

As the priest once said in a Dirty Harry Movie years ago after someone was shot in a church...
"I close my eyes to this"

Go Phins!

Hey did you guys notice the gave Henne a bigger helmet this year?

Go Phins!

Armando the .. ,

your posts have talent,smart and wit .we are 2-1 .HENNE is playing great.what's the problem ?

Ricky has been massaging Channing's Hammy back to health and last week Sanchez and Wandstat's Pornstaches dropped in for a looksie...lights camera action!

Go Phins

Armando is busy filming Napolean Dynamite #2 the sequal. He was so good in the 1st one especially when he shaved his hair because he was hot. Vote for Pedro!

Go Phins!

Martin, that's funny .

bill_conners, why you here? I mean really? Your major no nothing douchebag with nothing to say. All you do is talk like a little girl. Our STs are NOT the worse in the NFL, not even close. Stop making shyt up and get the FU@K off our blog, worthless POS

Surf Punks!

My Beach! My Wave! My Blog!

Go Phins!

FYI, The Toronto Stock Exchange had it's highest close today since the crash of Sep/Oct 2009. The Equities traded within the TSX are heavily weighted towards oil, gold, and financials. Let the bulls run wild!

Armando, when i said (( what's the problem )) that was a question for others to answer not you .


You chood bake her a cake...

Go Phins!

DC Dolfan - I agree with you - I am so sick of seeing these guys on special teams make stupid mental errors. You miss a block, you're gone. End of story.

There is just no excuse. Keep your damm head in the game!

Mark, I'm actually glad about that. This coaching staff demands excellence. Walden's had a chance to stick around (with all these injuries, etc.). He was an ok ST player, but could never get on the field on defense. So, he made a critical mistake, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. Bring in the next guy and he'll know that if he doesn't show and prove, he'll be gone too!

Posted by: DC Dolfan

Lots of Buffoonery going on this blog today...


you have a lot of valid points .any one who can't see that is just playing dumb .

This just in Henning got some new tennis balls for his Walker and will be on the field to get a better view of things.

Scratch that!

They are going to takie Shula's Rascal out of retirement from the Achilles Tendon injury year and let Henning Scoot around on it during the game. This will help people he will be on the field!

Go Phins!

How much longer before the Phin's unspecial team's coordinator is fired??


Leave the penis references out of my name. Yours is more fitting........in your boyfriends mouth.

Young, improved, blah blah blah. Here's some cold hard facts for you gay boy. Letting Henning have the keys to the car is like letting the church bus driver, drive a top fuel dragster. Cold hard fact, he just can't handle it, PERIOD.

I posted it a year ago, I posted it at draft time, I posted it during the pre season. Cold hard fact, it doesn't matter what personel you have or how good they're playing, when the guy calling the plays is senile and clueless about his own condition.

Cold hard FACT, this is a playoff caliber team, right now, TODAY! Unfortunately, with Henning completely convinced that he's smarter than everyone else in the NFL, we'll never be much more than a 500 team.

I didn't just come up with this. I'm not being a fair weather fan. The fact is, it's becoming much more apparent now because we are so much improved. Previously we've been able to blame it on defensive breakdowns, injuries, Henne's developmant, etc, etc.

There's no more excuses for Henning to hide behind. The proofs in the pudding, eat it and eat me dickhead!

Ok, first of all "chaff" is little strips and pieces of aluminum foil dropped by planes to defeat radar and have no use against heat-seeking missles. For that you use "flares" that burn at about 3000 degres (but only for a few seconds). The missle locks on to their heat instead of the exhaust trail. At high altitude, an aircraft's vapor trail is created because of the hot gases being released against the cooler air. This chemtrails stuff would only have merit IF somethingwas actually being released by the aircraft at high altitude (which isn't an easy thing to do).
Not to say that it isn't possible.
Concerning football, here's a thought. While the Pats are working on defending the Wildcat, why don't we spend the time we would normally use to pratice it and instead work on Special Teams? We've seen the Offense step up, and two games dominated by the Defense, so now it's time for ST to dominate! And, if the bottom of the roster can't block on a KR, starters should be used! The best SpecialTeams are the ones who want it more! Where everyone wants to run down and hit somebody! Right now, no one WANTS to play on ST for the Fins. Change that and we'll be successful!
We really, really need this win against New England before our Bye week. Go Fins!!!

Ok, first of all "chaff" is little strips and pieces of aluminum foil dropped by planes to defeat radar and have no use against heat-seeking missles.


What was the chaff used for then?


Never mind, I see what your saying.

Your right it's not heat seekers, it's to defeat radar and laser guided missiles. My bad.

Anyway, my point remains valid. It's not chem trails, it's high tech weapons development programs.

the "D" better tighten up on monday night or they are going to get torched. Again! clam crowder is a waste!





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