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Dolphins getting ready for Wed. afternoon practice

Rookie Jared Odrick will not practice today as he continues to make his way back from a hairline fracture on his right leg but the Dolphins are still optimistic the defensive end could contribute on at least a part-time basis versus New England Monday night.

The decision won't be made until later this week but the biggest clue whether Odrick will play even a bit will come whether he practices by Friday, I'm told. Stay tuned.

Linebacker Channing Crowder is scheduled to practice when the team takes the practice field at 3 p.m., according to coach Tony Sparano. "He'll do a little more," than he did last week, the coach said. The Dolphins will measure Crowder's progress or lack thereof and make a decision by Friday or so whether Crowder will play against the Patriots.

Linebacker Ikaika Alama-Francis will practice today and Sparano said he is "close" to being back to his full weight and being able to play in a game.

The Dolphins had Austin Spitler miss a couple of weeks during training camp because of a sickness. Alama-Francis got sick the morning of the regular-season opener and was knocked out for a while. And guard John Jerry missed last week's game versus New York because of a stomach sickness.

"We've had our share of sickness and it knocked guys down body weight-wise," Sparano said.

But despite the curious number of "sicknesses" the coach said there has been no common thread to the three that should raise concerns.

The Dolphins have waived linebacker Erik Walden. He missed a block on what became a punt block during Sunday night's game versus New York. The Dolphins signed defensive lineman Rob Rose off the practice squad to the 53-man roster to replace Walden.

The Patriots are already practicing in Foxboro, MA. Running back Fred Taylor (toe) was not present for the start of practice. Cornerback Terrence Wheatley and OL Nick Kaczur were also missing.

[UPDATE: Jerry, nursing the sickness, is not practicing today.]


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Dark Bacardi for Dinner and some Ice Cold Budweiser's for desert.

Then I'm taking the gauge out for some sand hill cranes or maybe hopefully a coyote or two.

I don't care, I just want to shoot the sheet out a sumpin!!!!

I really think we should've ran at JT a lot last Sunday. Audible to JT's position and ram it down his throat. Sell out punk!

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This coming from a guy that calls HIMSELF dickhead. OK buddy.

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Look at his last post. He's obviously psychologically juvenile and he not very aware of things going on around him.

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Oh, 3rd and twenty? I got just the thing. Let me just dust of this here leather bound playbook.

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We'll put the QB up under center, NObody will be expecting that. Yeah and wait, what? What down did you say it was? Oh yeah, 3rd and twenty, thanks. That's right, everybody knows we have to pass, EUREKA, this is THE PERFECT time for a play action pass....................

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CUBAN, how is ashley doing ?

Posted by: ALoco | September 29, 2010 at 07:03 PM

She's working.......

I think Sparano should talk to henning about the play calling too many times we are moving the ball and he comes up with something crazy that kills the drive like 5 wide and henne under center not a smart move, I like the wildcat but only at certain times and only if we are on the other side of the 50 yard line, and at the end of the Jets game we were inside the 10 yard with 30 some seconds and 2 time outs I believe we should have ran the ball at least once there to get them thinking just my view, they did not blitz they dropped alot of guys in the endzone where at that point in the game if you are going to throw it it has to be in the endzone not the flat, oh well I did not expect them to go unbeaten maybe they will learn from this game and play better against the pats, hopefully all of our guys will stop getting sick and start playing

Cuban Menace,

Buffoonery you say? Well of course, I'm a good soldier and I want to be just like my fearless leader Dan (Captain Buffoonery Himself) Henning.

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We keep Henne under center with an empty backfield to keep the defense honest!

Never know when we'll run the ole quarterback sneak, Eureka!!!!

I think Sparano should talk to henning about the play calling....

Posted by: scott from Delaware | September 29, 2010 at 07:12 PM

Ya think?

Captain Hook, good post .


I am with you on Henning. I have been saying the same thing since the end of last year about finding a new OC for the team. He is so predictable. You know it might not be the plays in his playbook as much as his predictability in calling certain plays.

When I can see the play that's being called you can bet the DC's of opposing teams can as well. Also, has Henning ever heard of shotgun? Also if he likes dinks and dunks so much why not create better short yardage plays then he has?

Look, Henning does not have a good reputation as an OC. Look at the job he did with the Panthers and how they spiraled downward.

Mike Nolan gets a pass because of his outstanding career as a proven DC but Henning? Nada!

BUCKEYFIN, you got to give credit to the coaching staff to take a dirty team w/1-15 record in 3 years to a team today that all other teams fear facing ................ can you tell me who did we have for OC last 12 years before henning ?

Brandon Who?

I liked Marshall Dillon better dammit.

Has he caught a lot of criminals?

He catches what?

Passes?(blank look?).

Oh yeah, I get it, sounds like he'll be an excellent decoy! Now we can run the ball even more. Wawhoooo!

DOH! Get outta the way fella's, this prune juice works wonders.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I think Coach Sparano should tell Dan Henning he's gonna put him in a nursing home if he doesn't straighten up.

This way the play calling improves or Dan Henninng will probly move out on his own.

Soiled :)

What's up fellas? I had a blast at my first Dolphins game. The end result was disappointing. Where was the pass rush? I guess gotta credit the jets O-line. Where was the big plays from the D? They had their chances Allen could of made a play and Langford, ahhhhhhh! I'm still screaming about that one. San-bag played good early then went dink and dunk and then reverse Karma struck with b. edwards. If one dirt bag didn't deserve a shining moment it's him. I think he is an immature clown but he made 2 big plays.

Henne looked very good. He proved nothing because it was in a loss. All you guys calling for more passing, well you got it. I bet you'd rather take a 15-10 or 14-10 win now. Marshall proved nothing because he was already a beast trying to find chemistry with his young QB. Brown and Williams were pedestrian and didn't show up. The O-line was pretty decent against the pass but didn't open the running lanes at all. This is old news fellas I just felt like venting.


I don't think Henning had much to do with it the turnaround. David Lee and Sparano came up with the Wildcat, so it's not like he was a font of offensive creativity.

Look just like the FO gets rid of players that aren't good for the team then they need to do the same with assistants. You really think Henning is the right OC to get us to the next level and a long-term solution? Not me.

Maybe Henning will prove me wrong but I think he is too set in his ways to change his philosophy and that philosophy is not going to work in the AFC East.

Mark- channing looked very quick sidleine to sideline in that game against Tampa. He was the best defensive player on the field(except Micah Johnson, who roughed up the QB, and made 2 crushing tackles) If he can play with that same quickness it he will help big time in coverage, and outside containment. I wasn't so down on dobbins until last week, he was out of position a lot, and it showed in coverage breakdowns, and missed tackles. THIS BY DARRYL!!!

before the love fest with dobbins and carpenter began!!:
i've been trying to get people to see the difference dansby had already brought to channing game by being on the other side of him!! danby will free channing from having to much on his plate(line the d up and call plays)! i saw the same thing channing was sideline to sideline looking extremely quick,made explosive tackle for a loss, and was in the right spots at the right time!! DARRYL i agree 100% with you on channing

Against the Pats this week it is a MUST WIN! Miami can't open 2-0 on the road and follow that with 2 losses at home. It kind of puts Miami back at the middle to bottom half of AFC teams.

I thought Miami would of won if not for blowing the 17-14 in 1 play. Miami is a good team they lost a game they were in a fight to win. This week will be no different. The Pats offense still is capable of making any defense look bad. The Pats defense isn't very good. They are thin in the front 7 and their secondary isn't good either. Miami needs to go back to ground and pound but also now that they realized they have a pretty good WR core they should pass more on early downs too.

My key to a victory against the jets was to stop the run and it didn't happen at all. The key versus the pats is for Miami to be successful running the ball. They need to keep Brady on the sideline because he is that good to beat us all by himself just like Manning did last year.

when channing gets back this defense will be light out verse the run!! to many times dobbins came up short on cant miss plays for losses and sack!! im not saying channing is a beast in coverage but it will be a little better than what we been getting!!

dobbins is a special teamer and supposed run stopper. let him play ST and on run downs when one of the starters are tired! you can also use him to blitz if you wanna bring him in for a d-lineman on in passing situations!!!!

carpenter is a special teamer and supposed cover LB but stat dont prove that!! let him play ST and when a starter is tired bring him in on passing downs!! you can blitz him on run downs if you take a d-linman out!!

it a reason chargers included dobbins in a trade and its a reason carpenter got cut by the rams(of all teams)!! nuff said!!!!!!!!!

channing all day over these 2 and until i see someone better!!


HENNE needed henning last 2 years to handle him .henne is young and needed these hands of henning to show him the robes .henne must feel real good to henning on his side other wise he won't be here .

of course i think part of the turn around is henning ,who call all these plays for two years in the OL .

p/s......you remember the pizza guy who was THE DC .he's gone b/c he was a problem ,now you need to fire the special teams pizza guy not henning .look at henne's numbers and tell me other wise

andy nj,

its hard for me to just say the jets better us because the game dont say that outside of the score!!! i haven't pulled myself to watch the game again but i dont need to, i saw it right the first time!! we actually lost our identity when we sorely needed it most! we can pass if need be! we are a mlb away from being dominate on defense!! special teams are not special at all!! block punts,missed tackles,and no blocking for our own return men whatsoever!!(look at lex hilliard, never blocked 1 person on kickoffs)!!!

as far as the jets go, i saw fear in their eyes and it seemed as if they were about to quit once we took the lead!! if j. allen dont slip we win that game!! their defense was extermely gassed at that point!! we gave up a couple of run to the outside but it wasn't that bad(rookie mistakes and bad tackling). sanchez coupled 15 passes and had nearly five 5 picks as well!! whatever we did to the te in the 2nd half we need to do all game every game!! with revis i think we still get passing yards if we choose to throw!!!!

WE beat ourselves by making mental errors not by being over matched by the jets in no shape or form!!!!!!!!! we have a damn good team!!!

oh yea we missed jerry on the oline too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sanchez is not better than henne!! thats for sure!! allen dropped 2 picks, allen should have had another if he dont have mental lapse with safety help over the top! wake tipped a pass that always a second late bobby carpenter should have got to, and the one that hit langford rite in the chest!!! is it me our does sanchez throw deep passes in the hopes he get interference call vs actually putting the ball where the receiver can really catch it(just throw up)

aloco has odin mentioned dobby and carpy

aloco, re your answear to Bukeyefin, sounds like you've over imbibed! I think you're great, but you've been sucking on the juice dude. Reformulate and reorganize your thoughts!

Dolphins4Life73, we lost to the jets, but they are not a better team. The Dolphins need to realize that.....we have the talent, IF PROPERLY COACHED, to beat EVERY team remaining on our schedule. Including the jets, at the meadowlands.

Mando, I told you when Odrick got hurt he wouldn't be back in 2 weeks. I doubt he'll be back for NE. The plate, or support he has there makes him more suseptible to injury above or below the metal support. For any one of us it would be fine

Mando....continued. But for Odrick, they may need to switch him to the other side of the defense....

I say if Miami has a coaching problem it resides in it's head-coach Tony Sparano! I still think that the Tuna's "Italian thing" experiment will end up being his biggest failure in the NFL! Otherwise, Parcels can build great teams with the possible exception of quarterbacks, so far only excluding Phil Simms! I'm not sure how Tom Brady got to New England, but I know Parcels did not play him. Do you also realize that Sanchez came to the Jets after "only" playing like 16 games at USC in college, while Henne played like in 45 games for Michigan? My point: you don't coach-up greatness, it's just an innate thing!

The Wildcat helped the Jets get 2 first downs. Stupid to say we should can it, it just needs to be used more wisley... Like when we are ahead and need to run the ball.

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