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Dolphins lead Bills 10-3 to start third quarter

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- The Dolphins defense is playing very well. The Dolphins offense isn't playing quite as well, but still not bad.

Dan Carpenter? He's had better days.

The Dolphins led 10-0 after a 1 yard Ronnie Brown score and then Carpenter kicked the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, giving the Bills the ball at their 40-yard line. That was the impetus they needed to get a 51-yard field goal from Rian Lindell.

The Dolphins got the ball back and lined up for a 46-yard Carpenter field goal just before halftime. He missed it wide left.

The defense is getting the better of the Bills, with sacks from Karlos Dansby and Cameron Wake. Buffalo has only four first downs.while the Dolphins have 13.

Brandon Marshall have six catches in the first half for 44 yards. He's well on his way to 100 for 2010. Brown, meanwhile, leads the attack on the ground. He has 8 rushes for 34 yards and his TD.

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We blow them out in the 2nd half


I hope your right!

Hennings play calling SUCKS.

We get in the make it break it situation and he wusses out everytime.

Grow some you wuss bag.

Marshall, Marshall, marshall!

So far so good. D has to keep them off the field and lets get out of here with the win!

Bengals playing oucho-zero offense and defense today!!!

NE whipping the reality stars butts

I'm really let down by Henne's play, he looks like "Dumb of Dumb and Dumber"....I bet he calls his play...duh...duh....duh...

Pats 24 Bengals 0. Oucho-zero!!!


I hope so....still Lots to smile about :)

I guess that was more PC

Ya, am happy too bobbyd12 - some of these guys expect to win the Superbowl today..

I just want to get the win this one with some nice plays, solid defense and few "minus" plays.

henning play calling sucks

don't they learn from last year the bad plays suck


1st and 10 buff 17

FB up the gut

Wildcat up the gut

1 yard bubble pass to Marshall


PS: Beautiful **TOUCH** on the pass to Fasano to set up Ronnie's TD!!

Deep to Marshall on first play of second half?

Henning IS terrible...I'd "cut him on the field" ala the Jets coach

Things to look out for in second half...Henne throws interceptions, and defense forgets how to tackle.

if we fans can see that henning sucks and is a huge weakness of this team, why can't the team and media see this?

holy crap what a block by marshal

Brandon put somebody on there butt

Did you see that crackback by the BEastr!


Marshall decleated someone on the last play, lol!!!

Marshall levels Whitner!!!!

I agree with you, they just said Henne had a great first half...I need my eyes checked.

Saw that coming -- first play rush...two yards...real effective.

Lets march this ball down and take them out NOW!!


hope its not too serious

I swear, when he puts on the number 19 jersey, he should actually dissapear, I mean, he is the EXACT opposite of everything Ginn was...

Henning better lock the door on his booth.

If I can get in there, I'm kicking his A s s!

Puzzlovely's out...Sweet

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Brandon Marshall is a BEAST!!!

I never saw Ted Ginn or his family do that!!!

we need a nice long TD drive here.
how about some chunk yeards

Test - you consider yourself a "fan?" Not the kind of fan I'd want.

Another Bills LB is out of the game. Interesting.

You can bet that safety will remember that...

drop # 2 Brandon...

I never saw Ted Ginn or his family do that!!!

Posted by: Earl | September 12, 2010 at 02:35 PM


Things to watch for in second half
More stupid comments from me

Henne still off the mark


keeping the garbage bills in the game

we've run 39 plays and have 10 points...Buffalo has run 19 plays and has 3 points...hmmm?

This is getting more painful

YEAAAAAAAAAAA Biatches. I can feel the fish choke job and you all can to. You had your chances. Now the typical fish capitulation like we saw all last year begins.

Oh yeah, another Marshall drop.

looks like Marshal may be feast or famine....I think we will eat way more than we starve...he's T.O. like

great start to the second half!!! the start of the game and start of second half are so slow for us.

Ive never heard an announcer so jacked up for a 19 yard punt return, he's not too biased

What is wrong with Henne? He waits forever + telegraphs, throws too hard-I don't get it-he's being protected well-let's try the shotgun + see what happens

Not looking good.

Do we have any patterns designed to go deep, or put a receiver in free space to make a big play??

buffalo defense made some adjustments.... lets see if our D can continue to hold.

sorry im not a useless homer fan like you

come ion D we need a turnover

thank god evans can't catch any more

I'm a Jets as@wipe

Misi getting doubled and still did a decent job

special teams not so special

This is how you keep a bad team in a game, they need to develop a killer instinct.

does anybody have a good internet stream for the game?

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