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Dolphins lead Bills 10-3 to start third quarter

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- The Dolphins defense is playing very well. The Dolphins offense isn't playing quite as well, but still not bad.

Dan Carpenter? He's had better days.

The Dolphins led 10-0 after a 1 yard Ronnie Brown score and then Carpenter kicked the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, giving the Bills the ball at their 40-yard line. That was the impetus they needed to get a 51-yard field goal from Rian Lindell.

The Dolphins got the ball back and lined up for a 46-yard Carpenter field goal just before halftime. He missed it wide left.

The defense is getting the better of the Bills, with sacks from Karlos Dansby and Cameron Wake. Buffalo has only four first downs.while the Dolphins have 13.

Brandon Marshall have six catches in the first half for 44 yards. He's well on his way to 100 for 2010. Brown, meanwhile, leads the attack on the ground. He has 8 rushes for 34 yards and his TD.

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lets get back to football, lets go d

So Ted Marshall is having himself a game isn't he. Honestly what is the difference between the two other than salary?

Welcome to the NFL, Jared Odrick.


go odrick

Odrick... nice...

What is wrong with Henne....look in his eyes....the lights are off and and the door is locked from the inside.

Odrick ate em up!!

any body missing JT on this defense....NOT ME!

two things are apparent here. one, Henne is not now and probably wont ever be an elite QB. Two, they still need speed on offense especially at receiver. Still a 15 play for 50 yard offense.

please get a TD here.

Has anyone seen Misi yet?

nice to see the rook

Will we ever have a good d and good o at the same time, in my lifetime...I've been waiting for a l-o-n-g time.

The Bills specialists are very good.

It's the Bills, our offense and our special teams vs our defense and our defense is winning. :-)

Any good internet streams for the game?

GIVE IT TIME...jrtrk2rse

Misi was providing the pressure on 2nd down, he spun and would have gotten the sack, but, Trent rolled out

I have a great idea...lets rush the ball here.

Dont get excited defensiely either. this is the Bills here, not the Pats or Colts.


we need a TD this possesion

come on henne is not doing too bad. nice touch on a few and the marshal one was underthrown but still catchable. he makes that and henne had an awesome half


@matt p2p4u.net

do you ever read your comments on here? buncha chicken littles!

Is it the QB coach or Henne? Still hasn't learn to look off WRs

I enjoy the company of a man

Weak blck by Polite there...

need this first

still automatic mr first down

lets runs again please

jrlj2, dumbest coment yet, thanks for stoping by

POlite still 100% (not counting the preseason)

Henne is a moron

the good news from this game is the oline is blocking well in both the run and pass. thats good.....especially after all the sky is falling crap from when grove got cut on this site.

Great play by Henne, thats maturity right there

keeping the crappy bills in this game

Wow, that 28 guy is a dang good corner

That was a pass interference! Climbed up Marshall's back early.

Mark Sanchez has dreamy eyes, don't you think?

thats was close

Henne is a moron....

i have never seen a QB stand so robotically going thru progressions. hes had a ton of time. henne needs to make plays. Marshall looks good but has a couple of drops. they look the same to me overall.

Henne is going to throw a pick six before this is over. He is locked onto BM.

telegraph from henne to D throwing to marshal

Man, even the Bills know the fins receivers only run 10 yard curls...never anything deep.

bills D has picked it up

god damn it

Disagree Mandy, it was a good play by the corner

What the freak!

Henne seems to not have a fire today.

Wow... that was horrible..

Pitiful, just pitiful

Wow the mighty fish. Sending chills through the rest of the AFC.

at our 49...

one long run and its tied!

This is what happens when getting to conservative before putting a bad team way!!!

special teams are awesome, awesome...

henne should have hiked the ball when buff went offsides. thats the second time he missed that opportunity.

The book on Henne is beginning to be written...right now it read...NOTHING SPECIAL....He has to step up get the "O" together and lead this team to a score

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