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Dolphins lead Bills 10-3 to start third quarter

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- The Dolphins defense is playing very well. The Dolphins offense isn't playing quite as well, but still not bad.

Dan Carpenter? He's had better days.

The Dolphins led 10-0 after a 1 yard Ronnie Brown score and then Carpenter kicked the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, giving the Bills the ball at their 40-yard line. That was the impetus they needed to get a 51-yard field goal from Rian Lindell.

The Dolphins got the ball back and lined up for a 46-yard Carpenter field goal just before halftime. He missed it wide left.

The defense is getting the better of the Bills, with sacks from Karlos Dansby and Cameron Wake. Buffalo has only four first downs.while the Dolphins have 13.

Brandon Marshall have six catches in the first half for 44 yards. He's well on his way to 100 for 2010. Brown, meanwhile, leads the attack on the ground. He has 8 rushes for 34 yards and his TD.

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Definately not sold on Henne. He looks VERY flat, hesitant, off target. 128 YDs, 0 TD's...Not good

So, lets get this straight, Carpenter and Fields have sucked all day!!! Our RB's have run well when given the chance, Henning decides to pass three straight plays?

The Bills are trying to get back in this-poor special teams play-good protection-but Henne continues to play scared + slow-a sense of urgency would be nice

this is why you try to score TDs instead of FGs. be tued up soon

Got to look deep to somebody to loosen them up.

Henne didnt check down when he saw the blizt a the los either. You never turn your back to the los when you know the blitz is coming.

Offense getting dominated by one of the worst defenses in the league, This is BS.

i think NE is making a statement

test can we swap spit later?

Henne does seem to lack fire.

I can't wait for the Bills to put away the fish. Its going to be a great day! If CP10 was in this game would be over by the way. Henne is missing wide open players all over the field. This is the same QB as last year - just wait until he plays a real d. Fish will be lucky to score 10 on the Vikings. Oh wait a second they aren't going to score more than that this week!

Loving this D!!

allen hasn't been tested all game

thank god.


Let's pray the defense doesn't forget how to tackle because our offense has forgotten how to score.

Matt ATDHE.net

I dream about licking Rex Ryan's sweaty sack.

offense and Henne suck. You can all flip out but they are not a good offensive team. Henne is not a playmaker.

The book on Henne is beginning to be written...right now it read...NOTHING SPECIAL....He has to step up get the "O" together and lead this team to a score


just as wrote about allen, we got away with a allen PI


Bills announcing team yelling for a flag in the CBS booth

Wrap up MISI...J Allen getting away with holding

Clemons has looked really good today!

clemmons is having a good game

I think alot of you haters were wrong about clemmons

I can't wait to buy new panties, pink

Man, where the hell is the big play from this offense at????

We have an Offensive Coordinator problem. Now that the Tunas turned they can fire him

Bad news: The Bills have discovered Jason Allen.

The defense is studly, at least...,maybe the o will come along.

Is our D this good or is the Buffalo O that bad?

Got to flip field position.

I would pull Henne and put in Pennington...at least that scarecrow has a brain.

Henne is extremely slow on his reads!

Armando-If the offense could equal the fire + intensity of the defense-we would be killing them

i think i jinxed allen with my comment at 2:51


we need 3

yeah if we got an aggressive offensive coordinator with the guys we have we could be blowing up


Bad news: the offense sucks.


Good news, Jason Allen got away with one

Buffalo has 61 net yards and is in this game...YGBFKM!!

so much for offensive rythm


2 wildcats


my expectations are lower

FIRE HENNING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Fkn Wildcat,, gonna smack henning

channelsurfing is not showing the game. Does anybody have a good stream for the game?

Henne can't even get his small feet from under center...he really is stupid.



Henning needs to be replaced...bs play calling. Too big an rgo

enough with the wildcat.

Stretch the damn field.

yuk.. this series sucked again

Dolphins are desperate for offense right now. They now Henne is blowing goats so they go to the Wild Crap.

Three * three and out. Pathetic Fish O.

what atrocious play calling

two useless wild cats in a row?

Come on Hartline

I'm such a tool, I only watch NFL teams I don't like and post on their message board. I have no life.

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