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Dolphins lead Bills 10-3 to start third quarter

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- The Dolphins defense is playing very well. The Dolphins offense isn't playing quite as well, but still not bad.

Dan Carpenter? He's had better days.

The Dolphins led 10-0 after a 1 yard Ronnie Brown score and then Carpenter kicked the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, giving the Bills the ball at their 40-yard line. That was the impetus they needed to get a 51-yard field goal from Rian Lindell.

The Dolphins got the ball back and lined up for a 46-yard Carpenter field goal just before halftime. He missed it wide left.

The defense is getting the better of the Bills, with sacks from Karlos Dansby and Cameron Wake. Buffalo has only four first downs.while the Dolphins have 13.

Brandon Marshall have six catches in the first half for 44 yards. He's well on his way to 100 for 2010. Brown, meanwhile, leads the attack on the ground. He has 8 rushes for 34 yards and his TD.

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I dont care if we win by 30 or 3....This is a NFL game, home opener, on the road. Our defense has been awesome and Offense will get there. How many fake ass fans can u get on one blog who no shyt about football? A win today is big no matter what

Miami d this game has permitted 75 net yards on 34 attempts...2.2 average. why we're still winning.

quick qurstion, where are all the dynamic play calls that were held back in the preseason? talk about vanilla. Henne is clearly scared to fail.

the D looks like tje studs of old.

Can't wait to hear Sparano's presser defending Henne...praising him for taking what the Defense gives him. BS!

Henne is TERRIBLE. Has zero vision, cant throw on target and generally sucks. Looks super nervious in the pocket. time to move on. really

look at that Jason Allen, Mando!

what is henne's problem....he doesnt see his WRs or he's afraid to get hit....but he had time to throw, instead he is settling for throws short of the marker. he is making buff look better than they are....

Henne is TERRIBLE. Has zero vision, cant throw on target and generally sucks. Looks super nervious in the pocket. time to move on. honestly

My guess is that next season we'll have a new Offensive Coordinator.

Buffalo net yards passing -- 24!

Let's go 3 and out...

This defense will not hold up against minny next week, offense needs to put up a score, hell even a FG would be nice.

Actually if the Dolphins are smart they will let Ricky and Ronnie win the game. Only way they lose this is if they let Henne continue to drop back and lock in on receivers. Man he sucks.

Henne is TERRIBLE. Has zero vision, cant throw on target and generally sucks. Looks super nervious in the pocket. For christmas' sake

Foot on the throat now. Feed the wolf.

Special teams and "D" need to bring home the game cuz the offense doesnt seem to want to finish it!

I'm glad I'm a loyal fan or I'd be pulling for the Bills after watching Henne.

open up the playbook offense looks good way to conservative

man o' man, vernon

will any or has any Qb ever had more time than Henne today? imagine Jarred Allen in his face next week. could be a blood bath.

Now we are going in the wrong direction.


let Bess step up!

if you have "enn" in you laat ne you should be fired

Henne looks like he is calling the receivers name in the formation...Even that guy spoofing me could read the play.

what aggravates me more than anything is sparano's arrogant way of telling us that what we see isnt really happening. guys, its been a long time since the fins have been really good. its very frustrating. does anyone think this team can compete?

more passing will soften up the run D

good quarterback bad play caller

its good!

are you kidding me???????? a three yard pass on 3rd and fn five?

chill out..first game. stop the henne bashing! everyone knows more

chill out! first game... stop the henne bashing! everyone knows more than sparano, right?? f u. all


Armando-Why does it take Henne so long to throw the ball-he's standing behind a Secret Service contingent and I know before he does where he's going

last offseason we fired our DC, now its time for our OC

playin the Odds sucks. saprano is like rainman. tons of facts in his head, but cant figure out how to wipe himself

Gee another 3 points. I say now that we have a substantial lead...bring in Thigpen or Pennington...after all this is Preseason game 5

I'd like to bash Henne...with my helmet.

Can you say here come the Bills?

Geez this offense is wack!! Pass the damn ball more than 10 yds.

they cant score here

Sack-interception-come on

I can only hope that our Vanilla playcalling is the team still hiding stuff so that they have it for next week... In theory, we should win this game with nothing fancy. If we're NOT holding anything back, we're screwed for later down the road.

cmv, becausr Sparano is such a great coach. this team is terrible and eill get pummeled at Minny.


amen david! from your lips to God!

wast a timeout again

Tony, has a rather high pitched voice...

another year of mediocrity.

I just told my wife the difference between a good team and the Dolphins is that a good team finds a way to win, the Dorphins find a way to lose.

Are the Dolphins competing with Randy Shannon on wasting time outs?

Dolphins can't tackle, with flippers.

Anybody nervous yet?


misi misi misi!!!!

Misi....we love ya


Told you...they will find a way to lose

Eight guys in coverage

there have been a couple of holding calls not made on the Bills.

We can't loose this game-offense

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