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Dolphins lead Bills 10-3 to start third quarter

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- The Dolphins defense is playing very well. The Dolphins offense isn't playing quite as well, but still not bad.

Dan Carpenter? He's had better days.

The Dolphins led 10-0 after a 1 yard Ronnie Brown score and then Carpenter kicked the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, giving the Bills the ball at their 40-yard line. That was the impetus they needed to get a 51-yard field goal from Rian Lindell.

The Dolphins got the ball back and lined up for a 46-yard Carpenter field goal just before halftime. He missed it wide left.

The defense is getting the better of the Bills, with sacks from Karlos Dansby and Cameron Wake. Buffalo has only four first downs.while the Dolphins have 13.

Brandon Marshall have six catches in the first half for 44 yards. He's well on his way to 100 for 2010. Brown, meanwhile, leads the attack on the ground. He has 8 rushes for 34 yards and his TD.

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Watch them come out and run 3 times for 9 yard and then Henne....under pressure throws the pick

someone might wabtto cover the guy running free to the endzone.

wake got tackled around the neck from behind. no call. wow

Here comes the pick thrown by Henne...run back to put the Bills ahead.

Dolphins suck. worst of all is now the game is in Henne's hands. OMG. we suck. Period. the bills are one of the least talented teams in the league. this is embarassing.

1st down 2 yd gain
2nd down 3 yd gaid
3rd down 5 yd pass
4th down punt

Same ole lame!!

Wait for it, here comes the pick for a runback


so much for that prediction

Do NOT let Trent Edwards march. That is shameful.


They just said, Dorphins calling their "Four Minute Game"...seems they've been playing that for the last hour.

run out the clock....c mon ricky

still a very, very boring team to watch. no playmaking ability at all.


let's go BILLS.........

I want a HIGH DRAFT PICK FOR Cowher or Jon Gruden

The only way Henne could get any slower is if he were to put that .....------ Tony on his back.

henne sucks. period

Henne's brain works like a stopped watch.

Honestly, no screen passes? Do we even have em in our playbook?

So now maybe all of you Henne supporters are waking up from your drug induced trance?

My goodness..Henne??

.Henne pass incomplete short right to B.Marshall-every quote on game center says has the word short attached to Henne

i hope they lose every F'n game so they can clean ot the coaching staff and get hogh draft picks. this is an abortion to play against a terrible team like the bills.

Henne can't handle the pressure, he looks scared, indecisive and its against the bills....wait till next week and later.

Henne, short feet, short on brains, short on time left with the Dorphins/

We are snatching a loss from the jaws of victory...i am nervous people


Pennington would have put this game away a long time ago


you guys are comedy. quit crying

hope our defense seals the game

Watch them repeat that one long throw beyond our secondary

thank God the Bills suck or we'd be 0-4 to start the year.

whining crying

I called that Safety. Lucky guess

ts and jrljr2......did you forget to take your meds?

ts and jrljr2......did you forget to take your meds?

I couldn't help but notice you repeated yourself severino...that must be some good stuff you're smoking.



In spite of themselves the Dorphins will win this one. Next week let's see if they can beat the old guy.

Benny Sapp-Jason Allen-2 sure touchdowns-Coach have them practice catching this week-because you KNOW Farve will throw right to our secondary

its gonna be ok

Way to work that clock there Tony...

No Hail Mary try here, Tony.

1 and 0 baby... SUPERBOWL HERE WE COME

Game ball should go to Edwards, he was our best player...oh, forgot, he's on the Bills.

first opening road win since nam. a W ia a W damnit. i'll take it. defense much improved


MIKE NOlan, you are a stud!!! Here we go defense here we go!!!

What a game, meanwhile the Pats shut out the Bengals and somehow manage to score on demand.

edwards never had time to throw, T.S. its called pressure and the D had it today.

Favre and Pederson will be be a whole different story next week. any final score predictions ? mine is Vikings 34 Miami 10

jrljr2.....waaaa waaaa waaaa. stop the crying and whining. miami dominated every aspect of this game. the scoring will come

Severinno, the Bills arent very good. talk to me after next week. ive been a fin fan for too long. this is not a good team. if they are, i will eat my words and be as happy as anyone. they dont look ready to compete. answer me this, if it was the Pats and not the Bills, do yo think the game would even be close? come on be honest.

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