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Dolphins lead Bills 3-0 to start second quarter

ORCHARD PARK -- The Dolphins took their first lead of the season on their first possession of the season today against the Bills.

After playing stifling defense the first series (and every series afterward, really), the Miami offense marched 37 yards en route to 32-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter. That is the only score so far.

Miami's other possessions have been stalled by a reverse call and a failed wildcat try. But the defense has been excellent.

Karlos Dansby, blitzing from the outside, has one sack already.

OK, join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Tasker: "Marshall can take it to the house on a little dink pass". Nice.

Hartline! WTF!

This is what I hoped for and expected...

Catch the ball Hartline.


3rd pass to Polite?

Quit throwing passes high + low-how about on target?
Throw to the WRs

hartline drop...

polite drop...

can we stretch the field on an early down?

Need some chunk yards...

thrown way to hard

Dolphins should be running wide on early downs. Bills don't have the edge speed to keep up.

still no shotgun...

They need to get Bess on the field.

Throw a little dink pass to Marshall

Henning needs to stop the dink and dunk!!!

The old MIAMI TIMEOUT with 13 min to go....some things never change

Lots to smile about

*sigh* OK, the D stepped up. What's up with the offense. I'm going to second the sentiment around here. How the heck has Henning kept his job? Only reason I can think is so that Henne didn't have to learn a whole new offense

funny how Dexter and dyingbreed don't see eye to eye.

Is the O line not blocking well, or Henne throwing poorly, or what...no video here

Team still looks good though

Offense still running hot and cold so far

against real teams, can't be wasting timeouts like that this early in quarter

Uh, find the TE in the seam here (third down?)

RONNIE again!

That will work!


You've got to have one of the best live blogs in the country. Is there an award for out there for this?!?

Tasker's getting angrier and angrier

thats why they dont always do shotgun on third down


You've got to have one of the best live blogs in the country. Is there an award out there for this?!?

ronnie is blowing up. i got him in the fourth round too. hahahahaha

LOL@ Armando!!!

that hole was huge for ricky...he's got to get there

illegal formation.



Nice touch on that pass from Henne.

a tight end makes an appearance!


2nd time Henne trips




nice touch pass

There's a touch pass!

Always something to kill a drive when it takes 10-15 plays to score...where are the chunk yards...I don't mean 8 yards, I mean 20 yards?

FASANO may be back....nice TOUCH...from henne

looks easy for the dolphins right now.

Go Dolphins!

Thats what I mean!!

Dolphins should be able to take advantage of the Bills LBs all day long.


Again..Lots to smile about


Total net yards..Miami 122 yards, Buffalo 11

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope they don't let Brown go. I've always loved this guy. He's as dynamic as they come. Big, strong, fast.

Colts getting pushed around by Texans

"Dolphins should be able to take advantage of the Bills LBs all day long."

Nice to finally to do this to another team, rather than have it happen to us.

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