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Dolphins lead Bills 3-0 to start second quarter

ORCHARD PARK -- The Dolphins took their first lead of the season on their first possession of the season today against the Bills.

After playing stifling defense the first series (and every series afterward, really), the Miami offense marched 37 yards en route to 32-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter. That is the only score so far.

Miami's other possessions have been stalled by a reverse call and a failed wildcat try. But the defense has been excellent.

Karlos Dansby, blitzing from the outside, has one sack already.

OK, join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Marshall had 4 catches in the 1st qtr. Ginn struggled to get 4 catches in an entire game.

Mando - are the Bills just very weak up front, or were pre-season fears about the OL premature? That was an impressive drive.

Lets get another before the half

Nice kick Carpenter

DANG IT carp!!!!!!

Terrible mistake by Dan Carpenter on the kickoff floating one out of bounds. Awful.

Why did Parcells step away from this?!? Did he bump his head at Saratoga?!?

Way to go Carpenter, IDIOT

has sean smith been in the game yet?


Who is stepping on Henne?

I'd rather have Carpenter take the penalty than give Spiller a chance to return it

Channing Crowder doesn't travel with the team...Miami 10 Bills 0 ..connection ?

Looks like its gonna be a LONG day for Bills offense!!!

no shotguns!

Marshawn Lynch in the game for Bills now.

Carpenter needs a major ass chewing for that

team looks so much better today than at any point of pre-season! defense looks very STOUT!! i was completely wrong on PAT WHITE!!

Solai made that play. Bell cleaned it up...Another good tackle by Clemons!

I tell you what ... Clemons can tackle!

ill tell you all one thing.....so far anyway.....

we sure do tackle a shiitton much beter than we did last year.

Miami looks like the tougher team.....NOLAN might be the best pick up of the free-season

Dansby can't get off the block to make the play on Jackson

Early days, gents.


Yeremiah Bell took a bad angle to Lynch on that last rush, otherwise it's a 5 yard gain instead of 15.

how come when we score the D lets up????

Thats enough of that sir....

Were getting run over, WTF

Put Spiller back in.

Mistakes by special teams can be critical...too good field position costs usually

all they can do is run...

put 9 in the box

let the crappy qb beat us

Lots of gang tackling, love it

this comment isnt a downer on Jason Allen...

just curious if S. Smith has seen the field yet?

Now get them off the field on 3rd


Sack count for 2010

Cameron Wake 1

Joey Porter 0

cam wake!!!!


yea baby!!! Cameron Wake baby!!

JT and JP who???


Wow, Trent got sacked by 4 Fins

Was that a 4-3 formation?!?

Thats what i'm talking bout...right Home

Thank you Dan Carpenter.


special teams mistake = 3 points...cost you every time...

Edgar Casey told me phins 27 bills 10

51 yarder with a lot of wind, Fins kickers never make that.

Please keep Wake on the field!
Armando-when is the last time the Dolphins blocked any kick of any description?

They can kick 50 yard field goals all day as long as we score TD

Wakey Wakey hands off snakey.

Good question, David. Have to look that up.

My score prediction was 31-3. There's the Bills 3pts!!!

lets get a TD here!

bills chicks are hot

pop, we don't charge for access. what are you talking about?

lolol @ Mando, let Porter play a game?

Bring back Teddy Ginn...

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