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Dolphins lead Bills 3-0 to start second quarter

ORCHARD PARK -- The Dolphins took their first lead of the season on their first possession of the season today against the Bills.

After playing stifling defense the first series (and every series afterward, really), the Miami offense marched 37 yards en route to 32-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter. That is the only score so far.

Miami's other possessions have been stalled by a reverse call and a failed wildcat try. But the defense has been excellent.

Karlos Dansby, blitzing from the outside, has one sack already.

OK, join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Guess thats why we were able to get Smith on waivers, lol!!!

hell caroll could have done that

another tight end appearance

Thanks CBS for giving us the Bills announcing crew.

Fasano, believe this year

Ronnie Brown was too hot. Gotta take him out.

got to make it easier to switch feeds

Was he down...I like the fire from ricky

Run Ricky Run!!! What a block by fasano...

patsies up 17-0

2nd td for welker


damn beast!!


Ball has to be caught.

Who threw that pass??? Pennington???

Ted Ginn sighting

Many issues on what should have been a TD.

Underthrown pass by henne.
Dropped pass by Marshall.

bad pass + drop pass


How did Marshall drop that aghhh

under thrown

Ball underthrown!!!

Damn Marshall


Pass was into the wind...

Who threw that pass??? Pennington???

Posted by: Jeff F., Long Island, NY

i was typing that too...haaa


If we let them hang around...just saying.

WOOT a shotgun!


MARSHALL welcome to the choking Dolphins. You will be a nice fit.

1st down

It just feels like Miami should be up 24-3

Henne is getting good protection. He need to slow down and take his time..Mandy go tell him

Come on Henne-over their head, by their knees and ankles to high too low-too-do your job-everybody else is!

come on marshal!!! henne hits him in stride thats a TD

damn HENNE not sharp today...

New England putting a whoopin on the bungals.

No staring down a reciever this time..good job henne


Underthrown but still shoulda caught it!!

if you post comment, link for next qyarter shows up

hennes not sharp? what are you talking about

hes 10-15 and had 2 drops.

7 play drive...too many plays, too few yards! Gotta make the big plays when they are there.

Shotgun! Can't believe my eyes

Henne isn't even handing off right-he delays the hand off every time

nice move marshall

we are lucky we are facing the crappy bills today

that drop/bad throw would have killed us against a good team

Marshall has 5 catches already!!!

NE is manhandling the bengals

looks like 100 catches should be on time barring injury for marshall

Need to go in 17-3 and half.

15 pass plays, 18 rushing plays...balance for certain...117 yards passing, 52 yards rushing...which way is better?

Eating up the clock and moving the ball, nothing wrong with that. The Henne-Marshall timing will come!!!

Shotgun is right all these new-where's Davie-lineman keep stepping on Henne's toes

need more shotguns, gives henne a chance to see the field more

Marshall had 4 catches in the 1st qtr. Ginn struggled to get 4 catches in an entire game.

Posted by: DyingBreed

I'm on the floor laughing!

Agree, AC - Henne looks fine to me. Are haters watching a different game?

Bring back AJ Feeley.

Well, I think it is fair to say the Dolphins have the superior team. Only way they lose this game is if they give the game away.

WOW.. So critical! Let'm play!

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