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Dolphins lead Bills 3-0 to start second quarter

ORCHARD PARK -- The Dolphins took their first lead of the season on their first possession of the season today against the Bills.

After playing stifling defense the first series (and every series afterward, really), the Miami offense marched 37 yards en route to 32-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter. That is the only score so far.

Miami's other possessions have been stalled by a reverse call and a failed wildcat try. But the defense has been excellent.

Karlos Dansby, blitzing from the outside, has one sack already.

OK, join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Still dwelling on the bad throw and drop...That's what we've been waiting on

Agree Jeff F, step on their throats right now!!!

like what hene's done, so far in this game

4 down territory here for me - long FG miss would give them a shot at two minute drill.

Henne missed a wide open Ronnie Brown running up the sideline alone.

Head first Henne? Not smart!

he had ronnie, didn't need to run it
but 1st down none the less

Henn first down!!! Nice

smart ply by henne!! need to do more of that when its available

nice pick up ricky!

we need more shotgun

Good lord Ronnie Brown was wide open down the sideline on that 3rd down play and now that loser Henne takes a sack. He is so pathetic. Next marino? Give me a break.

The blitz is the only way the Bills are going to get to Henne today. Their pass-rush is not good.

agggggghhhhh come on

When they blitz, you don't have 30 seconds to throw it dumbass

Here's where the wheels fall off.

don't agree Armando...there are 2 halfs

Ricky blew that one

Throw the damn ball-one good play-2 bad-2 sacks on Henne-unforgivable

Pathetic Henne and Pathetic Marshall will cost the fish points on this drive. Henne holding the ball too long, missing RB, and under throwing Marshall.

Too many plays, always a mistake...we need to score quicker...these long drives are simply too much to sustain...have to be perfect on almost every play...

at least 17-3

I'll never understand trolling....

Wow... So critical!!!

can we classify tortured as an enemy combatant and take him to an undisclosed location for waterboarding?

tortured dolphin

shut up please, henne is not even close to pathetic give me a break. NO ONE said hes marino so you saying that makes you look stupid

The Bengals are embarrassing themselves.

ricky half ass block..

Get Miami CSI on the line, this blogs getting ready to kill Henne. Relax guys!!!

or lock him in a room with Biden, Pelosi or joy behar?

that was dumb

Only we can come ut of a time out F'd up

Patriots blowing out Cincy, 24-0.

TD colts!



My life as a total butthole

patsies 24-0 lol

they are gonna kill us

did they give them that timeout?

Why do you throw at Marshall's knees?

Trolling = Loser


patsies 24-0 lol

they are gonna kill us

Posted by: test

no they are not.....im flying down for the game and its gonna be a great game! dont jinx me.

The Dolphins had that screen set up perfectly but Jake Long missed the block.

Miami never capitalizes on putting these teams away...they always let these teams linger around...one 80 yd. TD bomb and the bills are right back in the game.

New England = Plays for touch downs.

Miami = Plays for field goals.


Dolphins = trash. This may be the worst team in the NFL they are playing and they are letting the Bills hang around. Henne and Marshall tag team to foil that drive.

Nice work by Carpenter too. Give the Bills points by kicking the ball out of bounds and misses from 46.




1st drive: henning bad wildcat
2nd drive: bad henning reverse
3rd drive: TD
4th drive: stupid timeout BS crap/ricky poor blocking/missed FG

46 FG attempt by Dan Carpenter goes wide left.

I'm also a Jet troll worthless human trash

Thank you for keeping the Bills in the game, Carpenter.

why did they leave so much time on the clock?


13 play drive -- zero points -- arrgghh!!

patsies going for TDs

useless fins going for FGs

Why did we call a time out with so much time on the clock....so we can kick a field goal

thats a waste of a drive. come on guys. why cant the offense just get in sync

Keepin em in the game, we'll pay later for all these blown opportunities

the bills are the worst team in the league...

we should be killing them

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