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Dolphins lead Vikes 7-0 to start 2nd quarter

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Dolphins wanted to knock the Vikings back on their heels today. And they have done it so far.

They've stopped Brett Favre and his offense twice in the first quarter. On offense, they got a 46-yard completion from Chad Henne to Brandon Marshall on their first play. Later Henne completed a five-yard TD pass to Brian Hartline.

The Dolphins are clearly picking on Minny CB Lito Shepard.

Miami leads, 7-0.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog rolls on.


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Oh no...

brett looks like he is getting serious


Incognito is gonna have a long day

can't blame it on the play calling....

oh wow, that would have been NICE

We're still up 7-0 and playing good D!@!!

Such awful play calling and execution.

Don't like the give up play on 3rd and long....

run on the outside its always open

We really needed to capitalize there. The pressure is on us right now. 7 point lead isn't much cushion...

A great special teams unit would have gotten the muffed pun-however, we're doing well so far

I think that series was over once they got the sack... then Incognito blew the assignment, nothing to play for everyone was out of sorts.

2 and 18....we run.....3rd and 17 we run with the full back. WHAT KINDA COORDINATER CALLS THOSE????? AN IDIOT LIKE HENNING!!!!!

7pt lead is a great cushion on the road especially when you score first!!!

lets see the int farve

Jason Allen seems like a much improved player. good for him.

Thats ok make'em work for it on this drive "if" they can score!!!

we got some tacklers

Why isnt Dansby on Scianco?

Favre is holding his hand almost constantly.


Is Gibril Wilson back there?

i hate when that ref calls our game

Yeremiah Bell is terrible in coverage. He simply can't cover a decent opposing TE.


we need a game changing sack

Yeremiah Bell is angry I don't know why other than the D is getting gashed.

uh oh....should have played to win last series

Again, as in years past, the Fins can't defense the TE up the middle of the field

Face it guys no one expects us to shut the Vikes out!

anybody got a good link to watch the game? I'm stuck overseas...

every week you people kill me.....

one minute you guys are taking it down to the balls....the next....we are terrible.

....shakes head....

pick six would be appropriate now.

3pts would be a victory here

Watch the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!

send'em back

3pts would be a victory here!

Way to gang tackles guys!!!

this D is pretty good guys. As long as our secondary makes as many big plays as they give up then they can be special this year.

I call a Pick 6 ...

looks like the fins are trying to strip

make them kick field goals

Vontae baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Clemons shaken up.


is that a catch?????

dying..0 points is a victory

How bout that Phins D!!!!!!!!!

3pts would be a victory here!

Posted by: DyingBreed | September 19, 2010 at 01:45 PM

we did even better baby!!!!

It wasnt a pick six, but i'll take it.

Let's hope there's not a good angle....


Childress will ask for replay.

Vontae kept it alive and picked it himself. Outstanding play Vontae babyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Time for an 85 yard TD to Brandon!

Playin with the BIG BOYS ALL DAY!

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