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Dolphins lead Vikes 7-0 to start 2nd quarter

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Dolphins wanted to knock the Vikings back on their heels today. And they have done it so far.

They've stopped Brett Favre and his offense twice in the first quarter. On offense, they got a 46-yard completion from Chad Henne to Brandon Marshall on their first play. Later Henne completed a five-yard TD pass to Brian Hartline.

The Dolphins are clearly picking on Minny CB Lito Shepard.

Miami leads, 7-0.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog rolls on.


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So guys... there are 100 yards on a field not 51...

how is that a sack it should be a run of no gain thats bs

how much better would this team be if penny was starting?

We can't continue to get breaks and not score-grandpa will use his 20 years on-sack-intercept + score!

guys....we went from at best being up 7-3 to flipping the field and chewing up 5 mins.....i dont see how that was a negative.

sure i would have liked some points....but its not like we just elected obama president again....things are ok....

can we get ronnie more touches please

One big pass to Marshall and we are ready to canonize Henne.

any live stream links?

has bess caught a pass or even been targeted yet

come on D we cant expect turnovers on every drive stop them


google that...it worked earlier.

Henne needs to sustain a long drive ... we need to rest the defense for a while so they don't start getting worn down.

Zahod, Pennington/Dolphins had tons of problems with 3rd and long the first 6-7 games in 2008.

Here's the question: Ronnie Brown got through an enormous hole and had one guy to beat.

Should he not beat that one guy?

nice coverage davis


Have to use mozilla or chrome


vontae is the man

vdavis is looking nasty

Get to Faaarrrve

shank needs to be stopped

sean smith! damit

yes mando, should have, but nice run eitger way

How many times does SEAN SMITH have to get beat?

cant give that up

They are killing us on 3rd downs...

Sean Smith siting.

oh sean

the guy had the angle to catch brown! the sideline squeezed brown into smaller space to work with


Gotta get off the field on 3rd and long.

Nice catch by Shiancoe.

sean smith on the lousy coverage of the obvious TE 3 & 7 for a First Down


come on we need to keep them from scoring before the half. sean smith need to not let a TE catch a ball on him.

The safety took a good angle against Ronnie.

why is dansby not covering the te. everytime he covers we dont get burned. mando whats goung on with the te coverage today?

Sean Smith's star is falling faster than a meteor

That's why Sean Smith lost his starting job and will not get it back.

mando, your qurstipn is obviously rhetorical

this D is getting stuff done for the most part.

It should be 21-0 right now. At the least 17-0

gotta start knockig farve down!!!!

It doesn't matter is Sean Smith is covering an offensive lineman, the guy will make the catch. This is ridiculous.

sean smith whiff


This game is moving FAST ... bills still have ten and a half to play in the second.

Safety has a good angle against Ronnie, the RB must cut back, no?

Revis Island? How about Vontae Island! Vontae is the real deal.

Farve is getting rid of the ball fast. Not much time to get to him

We DON'T need to Shut up. If we don't give the D some rest time, they'll wear out, as happened all too often last year.

Our play calling is suspect, and we MUST not let chances like this to slip away. These guys averaged over 30 points last year.

Anyone remember New Orleans last year?
This is a game Pennington should have been given playing status.
Thigpen cannot maneuver against the Vikes.
Pray Henne/Henning start to get it. Our D can't hold them all day.

damn we need channing

The olb gotta get better jams against Shiancoe on the line.

Yeah, they need to take a late hit penality

goodbye harvin

Home Predicts:

Vontae Pro Bowl Davis w/ INT today

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Posted by: Home | September 19, 2010 at 11:34 AM

U Get That, Huh?

"Here's the question: Ronnie Brown got through an enormous hole and had one guy to beat.

Should he not beat that one guy?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 19, 2010 at 01:59 PM


Hold'em here and we pitch a first half shut out!!!

VD! is like Herpes...He doesn't go away!

Vontae nice hit on Camarillo

we should not be winning this game they are running all over us

seem like yesterday since a wr has caught a pass for us

Nice pressure
Love that Misi & Wake

Favre may not make it this game

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