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Dolphins pick captains but none QBs

The Dolphins have chosen captains this year, as voted upon by players. The interesting results:

Jake Long for offense.

Karlos Dansby and Yeremiah Bell for defense.

Patrick Cobbs for special teams.

All are good choices. But it intrigues maybe only me that neither Chad Henne nor Chad Pennington are captains. I understand why they are not. But it is somehow strange to me that they are not because it means the Dolphins players don't think their QBs are the top leaders of their offensive units.


Henne is understandably not a captain because, let's face it, he hasn't really done anything in the NFL yet to be able to say to other vets, "I know how it is done. Follow me!" I must say Henne has all the makings of a leader -- work ethic, smarts, likelihood that he'll stay out of trouble. But he doesn't have the on-field resume. He doesn't have the history of playing well and with consistency for a period of time. Maybe next year.

Pennington has all the things necessary to be a team captain and has been a team captain in the past. But let's face it, he is a backup player now. It is hard to say, "I know how it is done. Follow me!" when the place he is leading them to is the bench. Not Pennington's fault, but it is a fact.

So the offensive captain will be Long, who has been in the league only three years, but has been a Pro Bowl player and a no-nonsense kind of (large) man. It makes sense.

I think.

Long, by the way, practiced  on a limited basis today. Channing Crowder did not practice.


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I am surprised that neither Ricky or Ron was not selected.


Why are the selections surprising?

The 2 pro bowl players, the most expensive ILB in the game, and Tony Sparano's favourite players. Sounds just about right.

jet in miami. You are clearly ignorant in both your spelling and comprehension skills... how typical.

Does anyone know the latest with Vincent Jackson?

david veikune any1---another samoan at OLB---kid has talent and lets be honest the browns have no idea what they are doing over there---

he was a 2nd round pick, that impressed me in pass rushing drills in senior bowl---strong kid long arms---35 reps on bench---if kno1 grabs him 1st the phins should take him---cut moses, or crowder

Tom Brady for captain on offense and they could pick Sean Smith for captain on defense. Since I have club seat and have gone to every game in a limo the last 25 years, I know Brady is a leader and Smith is going to lead the team in tackles. They should have made Taylor a captain if he did not go to the Sea Hawks.

Chad Henne Was Not Selected Not Because Of Inexperience, But, As Much As Ive Always Been A Fan Of His, He Is Not A Leader. Hes Not Vocal, He Doesnt Take Charge. Not Even At Michigan All Four Years He Started.

Expectin Henne to be a captain after a spectacular year.

Good Oprah show on right now, best one of the week.
Buffalo 38-31
Since Lemon is probably starting and Ronnie Brown is still out with the shoulder injury. Ted Ginn better toughen up this year if we expect to make the playoffs again.

Chad Henne will be a future captain. He has yet to earn his stripes, it's a good call.

fake media reports on non captain story

fake media doesn't care about:
1. bad draft picks
2. bad coaching decisions
3. bad play calling

Channing Crowder should have been captain. With all that time off the field, he'd have the coin flip percentages worked out in his head.

Special teams should have been the long snapper (denney or something). He's the only consistent player on that squad (obviously this is a sarcastic post).

In other news -- a stunning power shift took place at the Miami Herald today when Jeff Darlington announced he was stepping down and ceding complete control of Miami Dolphins sportwriting responsibilities to Armando Salguero. Darlington will continue to work at the Herald in a daily consulting role.

Neither Darlington nor the famously secretive Salguero were available for comment.

Seriously guys, it's 4 days to Week 1, team is in disarray, VP of Football Operations stepped down, "acorns" all over the league, the toughest schedule we faced in years starting next week, and Mando is giving us news about captains.

I feel like that Coors commercial spoofing the Mora presser, "Playoffs, Playoffs!!"

"Captains! Captains!!"

lol DC, Have to agree. This "story" should be a sidenote. I'd like for reporters to be reporting on something that may actually impact the game. Oh well.

Exactly Mike, here's some news for you. Teddy Bruschi was reporting on the Pats, and saying they had the worst preseason. Injuries abound, they played poorly, Moss isn't happy, defense is young, o-line isn't set, players holding out (Mankins). WITH ALL THAT, he STILL said the Pats would have a good year.

What is Mando reported that? And suggested maybe compared to them, our problems aren't all that bad. Everyone signed on our side, injuries are limited (certainly not the caliber starters they had), we're young, but not as young as they are, Brandon Marshall is happy as he can be, it's almost a night and day situation.

But that would mean Mando would have to be optimistic about the team, and we all know that can't happen. Journalists use fear to make us all come back and read their stories.

I need to go workout and take out my frustration on them weights. If Crowder's out long-term, I'll be pumped up by Week 5 if Miami needs me at Mike LB, lol.

Captain, Shmaptain...

As long as the "Captains" "Yeoman" as well as the "Cannon Fodder" block well, make some plays in the passing game, put heat on Edwards and tackle C.J. Spiller everytime he has the ball we will be ok.

Set the horses for charge,... full attack,... come back from Buffalo with a victory! They even got rid of T.O. so it should be very attainable.


Agree with you Allen,

David Veikune looked pretty damn athletic at the combine. As many guys as they run through on the bottom pf the roster, he should be checked out.

I am amazed that Cleveland can find a home for him. Maybe he is just a tweener but he reaks of the Ike-Francis kinda player that you have to labor to find a home for but when the light goes on... it stays on.

Good to see you still postin bud.


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I would of really like to have seen Ricky as a captain. I feel he is an important player within that locker room and considering this is possible his last season as a Fin I would of like to have seen it. Does anyone know if Ricky has ever been a Fin Captain?

Ricky has a shyness disorder

Remember Ricky used to do his interviews with helmet and black tinted face shield on

Ricky will never be a vocal leader

Henne needs to step up

Ricky is not the same person he was when he came to Miami. He had serious personality issues when he got hear but I think he is a player that others will listen too when he does speak up.
On another note did anyone catch that Boise st vs Virginia tech game.. Did u guys check out the wildcat in action... That was awesome... Does anyone remember which NFL team was the one that really started this 2 running back trend.. I think it was us but I'm not sure...

Why not Marshall? He's the best player on the offense right now.

f..k the leader .just win in buffalo .

Miami will lose now that Marino is listed as probable
and Jason Taylor on the Sea Hawks.

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Another completely useless article. Then at first he says it intrigues him that there are no QB captains and yet goes on to explain why it's perfectly logical. So you are intrigued because???
It intrigues me that elephants don't fly.

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Miami 3-13


That's just wrong on so many levels.......


Whats up with that storm?

Henne isn't a rah rah guy and he also hasn't done anything yet. I think he will have a good year something like 3800 yards, 25 tds and 15 ints. He will be a captain in 2011. Miami 10-6!

Wow, real interesting posts. One guy is impersonating a guy who is impersonating him, there are still only 3 to 4 people in here who sign in and back up their opinions, someone who apparently hates NJPhinfan is writing paragraphs worth of recipes and any other stupid s**t he can think of, the stories that are written in here are of the 'mountain out mole hill type'. It's unbelievable what this place has come to and I miss Jason Cole more each year.

And to the Parcells hating crew I guess you got what you wished for. And since he will most likely be leaving after the season get ready for Peterson to take over and bring in his own people. Which means we will be starting all over again instead of sticking with a crew and letting them grow together and build a perennial contender.

So hip hip hooray for you jackasses who want to run every new coach and GM out before they get a chance to build. The fan and media pressure is unbelievable in Miami and contributes greatly to this. We will be rotting in mediocrity for the next decade. Can't wait!

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Monday-->"I hate Parcells and wish he would die"!
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Right on NYScottie, I used to like it here most of the time telling people about my job and my benefits and my season tickets to the Marlins, i mean phins!
Go Heat!
Hi to all my bestest friends here

Hey jerkoff impersonating NJPHINFAN,

Do you realize that not ONE person gives a crap that you don't like Jersey? Or that we don't care if you're making fun of him? Or that no one cares if he wronged you in some way.

And this is how you're getting revenge? REALLY? Acting like him in a blog? Boy you really showed him, he must be so humiliated right now.

So sad.

nyscott , you r encouraging NJPHINFAN.stop it.

Mando! "All are good choices. But it intrigues maybe only me that neither Chad Henne nor Chad Pennington are captains. I understand why they are not. But it is somehow strange to me that they are not because it means the Dolphins players don't think their QBs are the top leaders of their offensive units".

This makes absolutely no sense at all.You understand and explained in full detail why neither QB should be captain but yet you say it's strange and intriguing?

Did everyone in here take acid together this morning? Weird, weird, weird.

NYScott, why would anyone drink acid?

He's not NJPHINFAN ALoco. He's some disgruntled weirdo who is impersonating everyone who doesn't sign in. He's amusing himself but very soon his mom will be calling him for dinner so I expect a 1 hour break from the poopie and workout jokes. And if that's not a kid,,hahahaha oh my God that's pathetic to even think about. I'm out of this insane asylum. Need to find a good blog to talk about the phins, this is terrible.

? I don't know why anyone would drink acid. Why don't you go try it and get back to us on that.

Make sure you use the bottle with the skull and cross bones on it, I hear that's the best stuff.

thanks NYSCOT....

go fins have a win in buffalo,this the only thing we ask of you .

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