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Dolphins pick captains but none QBs

The Dolphins have chosen captains this year, as voted upon by players. The interesting results:

Jake Long for offense.

Karlos Dansby and Yeremiah Bell for defense.

Patrick Cobbs for special teams.

All are good choices. But it intrigues maybe only me that neither Chad Henne nor Chad Pennington are captains. I understand why they are not. But it is somehow strange to me that they are not because it means the Dolphins players don't think their QBs are the top leaders of their offensive units.


Henne is understandably not a captain because, let's face it, he hasn't really done anything in the NFL yet to be able to say to other vets, "I know how it is done. Follow me!" I must say Henne has all the makings of a leader -- work ethic, smarts, likelihood that he'll stay out of trouble. But he doesn't have the on-field resume. He doesn't have the history of playing well and with consistency for a period of time. Maybe next year.

Pennington has all the things necessary to be a team captain and has been a team captain in the past. But let's face it, he is a backup player now. It is hard to say, "I know how it is done. Follow me!" when the place he is leading them to is the bench. Not Pennington's fault, but it is a fact.

So the offensive captain will be Long, who has been in the league only three years, but has been a Pro Bowl player and a no-nonsense kind of (large) man. It makes sense.

I think.

Long, by the way, practiced  on a limited basis today. Channing Crowder did not practice.


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Can see this place needs a Home Invasion so here goes

Chemtrail Death stadium will soon be rid of the baseball field for good next season ...but

soccer is coming next

Soccer of the Americas already practices there in the daytime

and Miami is trying to compete with 8 other countries to bring the World Cup to Chemtrail Death

This makes absolutely no sense at all.You understand and explained in full detail why neither QB should be captain but yet you say it's strange and intriguing?

Posted by: NYScott | September 08, 2010 at 06:42 PM


I was going to comment on the same thing. Then I thought about Armando, the fruit cake posting as NJ and started to get depressed.

I don't think Parcell's announcement makes that much difference right now. I just think it was severely bad timing.

Other than that, I can't wait for this weekend. Then we can actually talk about THE DOLPHINS.

PS: I missed the morning acid, but from the look of the blog lately, I think I could use some.


Good point about Armando and his "intrigued" statement. That's too funny.

Jake Long will be fine for Sundays game in Buffalo

sean gets the pine

Jason Allen has played better than sean and will start

No trade deal yet with sean as nobody is interested with the delusional media constantly over hyping this CB simply becuase he is taller than the average NFL CB

Now they r realizing his height is actually a disadvantage to tightly cover the moves of an NFL WR as Home pointed out 15 months ago

ok guys, armando know his readers .most of them a little dumb so he give them some INTRIGUING .

As Home reported 3 days ago

Crowder does not look good to start

Expect Dansby & Dobbins

and with Dobbins having very similar starts than Crowder and seemingly wanting the job more
and Crowder making a living being injured

Home Believes
Crowder may have trouble winning his job back

ODIN, I NOTICED when the discussion becomes INTRIGUING you take a rest from it all .wise guy .

I think Fasano and Bess will have a great game this Sunday. I think we will use our TE's and slot receiver this year much like teams did against us last year.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Captain Jake Long
Captain Karlos Dansby
Captain Yeremiah Bell

Rear Admiral Chad Henne
Admiral Chad Pennington

Swamp person Channing Crowder

Gossip Columnist Mr. Salguero

Soiled :)

Good Obs BuckeyeFinFan

The Bird with the Bills is a good CB
A ball hawk
very good at Ints

He should be covering B-Marsh

that opens it up more for lots of Bess and big plays for Hartline

Also with B-Marsh
Fasano can get open more and light it up

Miami 27 - Buffalo 13

is my Prediction as posted the other day

mr soiled, mr salguero is real good in radio .you might ask him for a gig comes october ,his co host is just an empty suite and you can be plus .

The future is now with Jake Long. Good choice.

what does captain really do beside screaming ?

Byrd is a safety excuse me

but 9 Ints his rookie year


How`s that sean smith?

Jairus Byrd Career Statistics
Season Team Games T Ast Sack Int Yds IntTD DefTD FFum PD Sfty
2009 Buf 14 30 12 0.0 9 118 0 0 0 11 0
Jairus Byrd Career Statistics »
Jairus Byrd Last Five Game Logs

Expect to see Byrd all over B-Marsh

In Buffalo
Byrd is the word
and he does not Shuck & Jive like sean 0 Int smith

Player Bio

PRO: Drafted in the second round (42nd overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft…fifth draft pick taken from Oregon in Bills history.


* NFL Defensive rookie of the month – October
* Selected to the 2010 AFC Pro Bowl team as a reserve free safety
* Pro Football Weekly/Pro Football Writers of America All-Rookie Team Selection
* Sporting News All-Rookie Team Selection
* Football Outsiders All-Rookie Team Selection
* Dallas Morning News All-Rookie Team Selection

PRO: Drafted in the second round (42nd overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft…fifth draft pick taken from Oregon in Bills history.


* NFL Defensive rookie of the month – October
* Selected to the 2010 AFC Pro Bowl team as a reserve free safety
* Pro Football Weekly/Pro Football Writers of America All-Rookie Team Selection
* Sporting News All-Rookie Team Selection
* Football Outsiders All-Rookie Team Selection
* Dallas Morning News All-Rookie Team Selection


* Tied for the NFL-lead in interceptions with nine (Charles Woodson-GB, Darren Sharper-NO, Asante Samuel-PHI)
* First Bills rookie defensive back selected to the Pro Bowl
* Third Bills rookie selected to the Pro Bowl (RB Joe Cribbs – 1980, RB Greg Bell – 1984)
* First Bills DB to represent the Bills in the Pro Bowl since Nate Clements in 2004
* Holds the following Buffalo Bills interception records
o Most consecutive games with an interception – 5 (weeks 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10, 2009)
o Most interceptions by a rookie/first year : 9
* First NFL player to record three consecutive multi-interception games since Dave Baker of San Francisco (1960)

Simply The Bess should have a very good day Sunday


You got mad copy/paste skills-LOL!

So what are you saying?

Henne should stick with his reads and check down and away from Byrd?

I thought everybody gets all pissy when Chad checks down?

Saying "find the open receiver and let it fly"

but watch out for Byrd as that ball hawk will be all over B-Marsh

Henne could make a living Sunday feeding
Simply The Bess

and Hartline should get separation to make some big plays


I got a really intriguing prediction for Sundays game.

I'm going way out on a limb here and I'm sure I'll get some ridicule.

We have the players! It's up to the coaches to call the plays! Let's see what happens Sunday. Good match-up tomorrow!

U see the Bills got 9 Int Byrd 42nd in the 2009 draft
a rookie who went to the Pro Bowl as a reserve

the Dolphins O Int and now benched sean smith 61st in the 2009
a rookie who eats at McDonalds at twitters a lot

"find the open receiver and let it fly"

is a quote in the Home memory bank

from Dan Marino
to newly starting Miami Dolphin Franchise QB ...
Chad Henne

Dolphins TriFlunka also got at # 44 ... Pat White

and man, did they do the worst job in NFL history developing this player

fake Bobbyd12 at 2236 A S S H O L E Homey at it again. But at least he got it half right I do also have season to Marlins. I still like it here but SS is much beter because Home got Banned for life for being an obnoxius racist. I would tell Home to meet me outside stadium at the Jets game but I know that ball less P U S S Y wont show so its a waate of time. My best hope is Home will riot in the streets one day and i will be lucky enough to be the Officer who gets to club him. Conspiracy Anti-Americam whackoff

im going to SS so have fun impostering tonite Home-O


Why me?

I love U man, and your S10,000 government raise ROTFALMAO

and the way u pull out your club and service yourself

What is all this banned for life stuff?
Sounds Intriguing?

thanks booby
your fans really, really want to no where you go lol

Has the official Injury report came out yet??

spiller starting sunday for B. Wings, nothing says welcome to the REAL game like knocking him out high,low, and plenty early.

Miami 31 Buffalo 17

Miami Dolphins 1-0 as of September 12th 2010 @ 4:00pm


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


I try to talk football with you and all you want to do is argue with Bobbyd12.

Thanks a lot.

I even had a prediction I thought you'd like to laugh at.

Go figure????

Prediction Time

Miami 27
Buffhomo 20

I think it stays close through 3 qtrs but we play tough in the fourth to hold out, I dont think we're ready as whole team yet to win out right, especially in windy Buffalo. Marshall has okay performance but i think ronnie or bess will be the star player in this game. Defense plays So-So while doing good against Buff's Backs but struggles against pass....with no shock there....PHIN OUT****

how we win vs bills means alot vs vikes. miami needs to win 38-6. we need to score first and fast.

Funny but bobbyd12 said 31-17 Miami 3 days ago and twice in his posts today. I think Home is stealing predictions OR he has a crush on bobbyd12? I vote both

to get to the big game u need to be a PowerHouse! all ur prediction scores only predict that we are not at that high level...

Home has prediction it has been posted twice

not the one by imposter above

Home prediction is:

Miami 27 Buffalo 13

that is my one and ONLY prediction


how many times have players and coaches said sofar that they need to start strong out the gate.(like a broken record). The Fins wont lose this game. they will win! My prediction:: 34-13. Final Answer!

Dear Mr. Salguero

These are not the Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Don Beebe, Pete Metzelaars, Steve Taskar and Bruce Smith Buffalo Bills.

I don't think even Tom Olivadotti can stop us from from beating the Bills on Sunday.

Dolphins 27 Bills 10

Soiled Edgar Casey Bottom

Sure thing Home, the convenient imposter thing. Give us a break, you predicted same as bobbyd12 and now it's an imposter.

Week 1 surprise PREDICTION.

We'll throw out of the double TE set on 1st and 2nd down.

Buffalo's right CB and FS will be locked on Marshall all day. The left CB will draw Hartline.

The SS will key on Fasano running intermediate seam routes.

Surprise Prediction: Nalbone has a "breakout" performance. He gets multiple catches running underneath drag routes against Reggie Torbor all day.

Miami 31 - Buffy's 17

Dear Mr. Salguero

Theres only 2 ways we lose to the Bill this Sunday

The first way we lose this game is if the Bills suit up Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Don Beebe, Steve Tasker, Pete Metzelaars and Bruce Smith while being coached by Marv Levy.

The second way we lose Sunday is if the Dolphins rehire Tom Olivadotti.

Phins 27 Bills 10

Soiled Edgar Casey Bottom :)

Bobbyd12, Home and now odinseye all predict 31-17. The three amigos or a conspiracy? Mmmmmm?

We don't have the TEs to do what has been proposed above. Sorry. :-(

Henne is not named a Capt. but a third string RB is? Doh. Unless it's just because he's a special teams capt.?

Okay, lets hunker down and see what Sparano and Nolan can do on Sunday. I really hope everyone who says they held back in Preseason is right. I am looking forward to watching a real game.

BTW Dobbins is far better than Crowder IMO.

dolphins ............31

vikings............. 6

jimmy, im no fan of Crowder but we really havent seen enough of Dobbins to say he is better. i hope we have a good year but I see 8-8. that would be improvement over last year but falls short of many here expectations. too tough a schedule to be any better. this team still hasnt proven it can beat a good team on the road.

No conspiracy. I'm the thief.

Homes has been saying 27-13.

Bobbyd12 has been saying 31-17.

Right up until now, I have been saying 28-17.

After reading Bobby's prediction it occurred to me, there's no way we get out of Buffalo without seeing Tony's patented "Field Goal Fist Pump". Thus my amended 31-17.

then we go to min......and favre has his worst game in the season

dolphins .....17
vikings ........ 6...........now we are 2-0...the gate of the playoffs is wide open .

aloco, I think Vikes upset Saints....Buffalo is good enough to beat us

ALoco, what r u smoking bro? 32-6. Here's what you'll be hearing ALL night tomorrow:

Favre drops back. He finds Camarillo in the seam, Camarillo down the sideline, TOUCHDOWN CAMARILLO!!!

Saints 24
Vikings 17

jr - I am in agreement on the 8-8. I watched what video I could find of Dobbins in SD and he appears to be a good LB. I think my rating him better was perhaps an indictment of Crowder, but I think Dobbins is good - not great, but not simply average either. Time will tell...

I don't know how to call this one. I am hopeful for a win, and it SHOULD be a touchdown or more difference in Miami's favor, but I just haven't seen enough to commit to a prediction. Anyone here watch any of Buffalo's 1st team pre-season work?

By the way odinseye, thanks for the compliment earlier man, appreciate it. I should not respond to idiot posts, but sometimes my candle burns at both ends.


Cobbs represents Special teams.

Not only is Dobbins better than Chowzda, Micah is too.

All I proposed above is that Fasano clears out the safety and Nalbone beats Torbor on short/intermediate underneath routes.

What's so tough about that? I'm pretty positive I could beat Torbor and I'm a GUMP!

if we don't win against one of the worst team in the nfl ,buffalo that is ,say good by to the season ,forget about this losers game of 8-8,9-7 ...etc

playoffs or every body salsa .

Remember that last year's schedule was ranked the hardest in the NFL. I believe this year the Fins schedule has been ranked 17th hardest? If that is true, they should (by pure numbers) go 10-6. 8-8 would be a failure. 9-7 would be a numerical improvement but, with regard to schedules (again, based on last year's sched and teams fielded), would not be a success (if success is regarded as improvement each year on a rebuilding team).

I love my Fins and I hope they blow all critics (including me) out of the water with a huge improvement.

I'll be watching without my Dad this year for the first time in what seems like forever. I'll be laying his Ricky jersey out on his chair, for sure. It will be bitter sweet if they surprise everybody and go a long way.

picture this we lose in buffalo then for sure will lose in min .who's going to buy a ticket to see the team .

B.Marshall will be run out of town w/his 50 million .

Jimmy Jam, sorry to hear about your dad. Always sad to loose a Dolphins fan. May he rest in peace.

Odin - haha. True dat.

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