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Dolphins pick captains but none QBs

The Dolphins have chosen captains this year, as voted upon by players. The interesting results:

Jake Long for offense.

Karlos Dansby and Yeremiah Bell for defense.

Patrick Cobbs for special teams.

All are good choices. But it intrigues maybe only me that neither Chad Henne nor Chad Pennington are captains. I understand why they are not. But it is somehow strange to me that they are not because it means the Dolphins players don't think their QBs are the top leaders of their offensive units.


Henne is understandably not a captain because, let's face it, he hasn't really done anything in the NFL yet to be able to say to other vets, "I know how it is done. Follow me!" I must say Henne has all the makings of a leader -- work ethic, smarts, likelihood that he'll stay out of trouble. But he doesn't have the on-field resume. He doesn't have the history of playing well and with consistency for a period of time. Maybe next year.

Pennington has all the things necessary to be a team captain and has been a team captain in the past. But let's face it, he is a backup player now. It is hard to say, "I know how it is done. Follow me!" when the place he is leading them to is the bench. Not Pennington's fault, but it is a fact.

So the offensive captain will be Long, who has been in the league only three years, but has been a Pro Bowl player and a no-nonsense kind of (large) man. It makes sense.

I think.

Long, by the way, practiced  on a limited basis today. Channing Crowder did not practice.


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Jimmy Jam's dad has produced the best kids in the entire world .

Thanks DC for the very kind words

ALoco, easy there homeboy. Buffalo is a division rival. Rivals ALWAYS play each other tough. If we lose Sunday it's not the end of the world. We probably have a better chance beating teams outside our division than division foes in their house. If we lose, probably predictable. If we win, then hold on to your hats, the Dolphins will be on their way!!

Not so sure about that Aloco :-) but thank you

He was an honorable man and I could wish to be as good a man as he.

OK,DC Dolpan ... you changed my mind .
go fins .

LOL, changed your mind that easily, I wish I had the same effect on women.

"Honey, can I tap little johnny behind the ear?"
"You're gross, get away."
"I said you're coming home with me."
"Ok, sure."

Why doesn't it work like that?

the division rivals in their own house did for me DC Dolfan.

I just hope guys that Marshall and Henne get on the same page. They're gonna need each other. I don't think Henne trusts Marshall yet (all those dropped passes, not sure about his route-running). He's MUCH more comfortable with Bess and Hartline. But you can't ignore Marshall. Not only is he too talented, but he'll get upset and if his attitude turns sour, then we're in trouble. So, more than anything, I want Henne and Marshall to click. Plus, you guys know how well Ricky runs against the Bills. I say, first half, use Ronnie and Ricky, but 2nd half, let Ricky get more playing time because he WILL break a long run at some point, I guarantee it.


Sorry to hear about your Dad, my condolences.

I recorded all the AFC east pre season games and then some.

Buffalo looked like they had two major weaknesses. Their Offensive line still looks like swiss cheese.

Their front 7 on defense, more specifically their 3 lineman and 2 ILB's.

On defense we have to key on Evans obviously, but maybe more importantly, we have to watch out not to over pursue. Because of their pourous O-Line they have all kinds of swing/screen passes and the draw/delay run plays. Their one bright spot has been Spiller running these plays.

On offense we should be able to run between the tackles at will on these guys. This will make our play action passing more effective as well.
Buffalo's secondary was solid last year, but judging from pre-season they appear to have taken a step backwards.

Kill Bills!!!!

To all, what do you think about the Wildcat with Henne? Penney is a different story, he's an old pro, I think he doesn't get flustered or out of rhythm as easily. But Henne's young. He NEEDS to get in rhythm. And Wildcat kind of sputtered at the end of last year with Henne. How much you guys think we should use it against Buffalo? Or during the year?

odinseye, what about Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch? I know they were hurt in preseason. Are they back to full-speed? Or will they play hurt? I'm scared of Spiller too, he'll be a beast.

All of a sudden a bunch of dolfans questioning our defense and saying were just gonna get pounded on? When will all you turncoats just go ahead and become Jet fans? Im tired of hearing about Porter and JT, especially Porter. Are you so blind to not see that our defense will be 50 times better then last season even with just the addition of Nolan? This is a better team then we've seen in a long time (staff and players), but the haters just gotta have something to say but if we do win the division, we have the weapons to do so, they'll be playing a different tune. Superbowl Champ's in 2010. You heard it here first!


It's hard to say we should use it this much or this many times.

I think the circumstances and situations should dictate it's use.

The way I would like to see it is anytime we have a lead in the 3rd quarter. The minute it looks like we have a defense on it's heels-"Wildcat Time" We should use it in this situation to grind and demoralize our opponents defense just in time for the fourth quarter.

This way we control the clock and the other teams defense gets to start the 4th quarter beaten, battered and sucking wind!

odinseye the coach .we would be better last year w/you as coach

Agreed odinseye, I'm not a fan of us using it in the early part of the game (or when Henne's on a streak).

i can be an OL coach .

I'll sit in the golf cart as a daily consultant with Parcells.

cuban could be the CEO for all of us .


Lynch and Jackson are both expected to play in limited roles Sunday.

I think they're both really good as is Spiller. I just can't see these guys overcoming such a horrible offensive line for a full 60 minutes.

They will break a run every so often, but mostly they'll be getting stuffed.

PS: These are just MY opinions, so take it for what it's worth.


Mia-35 Bills 17

Limit the use of the Wildcat until we play the Pats! Then, shove it down their throats! All game long! Seriously, we've got to use the Wildcat sparingly. Everyone's expecting it and we use it too much in the redzone. Henning needs to come up with a few new wrinkles in it. Something that the other teams aren't prepared for (like throwing out of it). It shocked the NFL when we iintroduced it and by the time they'd figured it out we were the AFC East champs! But, they've watched all the tapes now and the same stuff just isn't gonna work anymore. Maybe we should dust off the old Single Wing or something (wishbone?).

Feed the Wolf (Buffalo wings make a nice snack!)

Aloco and DC,

If one of you were the GM, the other the CEO and I was the Coach, Would you guys be mad at me if I got our Pro Bowl left tackle injured in a meaningless pre season game?


RotoWire.com Staff - RotoWire.com
3 hours, 27 minutes ago

Update: While Spiller is the nominal No. 1 running back on the Bills’ current depth chart, coach Chan Gailey suggested Wednesday that his star rookie won’t be given the heavy workload of a typical featured back in this Sunday’s opener against the Dolphins, The Buffalo News reports. “We have to be very smart about how we handle him, especially early in the year,” Gailey said. “We have to make sure we don’t throw too much on him very early in the season.”

Gailey's trying to be slick putting this out in the press. I think this means they'll be throwing at Spiller as often as they throw at Evans.
I asked this before and I never got an answer, SO..........I'll ask again:

How do we defend Spiller?

Do we put a spy on him man to man the entire game?

Should we just play him like we play any other featured back?

YOU ARE TOO VALUABLE to be fired odin for that injury.

mam to man the entire game on Spiller .


Yea still at it, The crazy thing with david veikune is he was Mangini 2nd round pick last year, Yet they carry 12 LB on thier 53 man roster and he isnt 1 of themmmmmm

I would fire Mangini for that on the spot---

David veikune cant have 1 spot out of 12 linebackers---that is rediculous----

Here’s the list of injured Dolphins for Week 1.

Did not practice
LB Channing Crowder (groin)

Limited participation
LT Jake Long (knee)

Full participation
C Jake Grove (shoulder)

Crowder hasn’t practiced since Aug. 17 due to a lower abdominal injury, so his status is very much up in the air for Sunday’s game. Most reports out of south Florida are indicating that Long should be able to play in the opener provided he practices more extensively Thursday.

Player status (probable, questionable) is not provided until Friday of each game week.

Did not practice
LB Antonio Coleman (hamstring)
LB Reggie Torbor (chest)

Limited in practice
LB Kawika Mitchell (foot)

Full participation
FS Jairus Byrd (groin)

should HAVEB been carey instead of long

Patrick Cobbs has spent 30 of the past 32 regular season games on IR.
And he's the special teams captain?

Jake Long is the highest paid offensive player on the Phins and Dansby is the highest paid LB in NFL history.
Convenient how it turned out for the front office isn't it?
I'll bet anyone here 5 that it was a secret ballot.

And David Martin will be given that opportunity right away. One of only two tight ends on the roster with starter Jonathan Stupar(6-3 254-2 yrs. ex.), Martin will be called upon early and often in Sunday’s opener.

“He’s going to have to (contribute),” said Gailey. “There’s no question about it.

Gailey. Hahahahaha

Patrick Cobbs was on the active roster for 35 games out of 48 over the last three seasons. He was on IR for 2 games in 07, played in all 16 in 08 and missed the last 11 games this past season

Yes, he's the special teams captain.

Talk about game planning.

The article on Martin ended with this:

The tight end may also prove helpful to the Bills defensive staff with a good working knowledge of Miami’s offensive playbook, though defensive coordinator George Edwards likely has good familiarity with it as well having worked for the Dolphins the past five seasons.

“I don’t know how much help I can be,” said Martin. “Whatever it is, if I can help anyway to help this team win I’ll do it.”

Patrick Cobbs has 21 rushing attemps over the past 2 seasons. 1 went for 44 yards. 1 went for 19 yards. The other 19 carries produced 61 yards total. Over 2 seasons. That's it.
Patrick Cobbs (not Pat White) is the dead weight on the roster.
And he's the captain.
I'm so glad Henne had Parcells fired.

Beast and Big Jake for captains , Beast is elite and Jake for two PBs , two seasons in league.


That is quite an indictment one way or the other Mangini or Veikune.

I can't imagine an athlete of his size and pedigree not being at least in their top 12 on a Browns team lacking talent. Who knows, maybe he has issues we are unaware of?

I guess Mangenius serves up Pat White 2nd round throw away picks too!

I liked Micah Johnson as a late round pick/FA type but I thought he may be too slow on an NFL field. After a stint with the Giants here he is. He sure does try to hit with authority and as long as he has few coverage duties should make a good thumper vs the run.

Maybe LB Veikune can be an addition as well in the same manner...at least a practice squad somewhere I would think?


what about ronnie? certainly a vet that this offense has been built around.

Thanks for the wishes and the analysis Odinseye. A true fan watching all that film...

My new closing is "Feed Me Man Meat"

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