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Fourth quarter is here with Dolphins leading 10-3

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- That third quarter was forgettable.

Nobody scored.


Dropped passes.

Dropped interceptions that would have gone for a TD by Benny Sapp.

The game will be decided in this coming quarter. Let's watch it together during the live blog in the comments section.


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I think EARL hit the nail on the head Armando

thank god the bills offense is so bad

Armando you better rip Sparano and Henning's butt for this pathetic excuse for playcalling. Why even get Marshall if we arent going to use him and GO DOWN THE FIELD?

Is our defense REALLY this good? Or are we just beating up a teams that's slightly more inept than we are?

I like culver...little less hesitation though

I really had high hopes for Henne, but, I'd be lying if I didn't say they are wilting...FAST

on the brite side, the Bills offense is terrible.

Cinncy has it coming back against Patsys

J Allen with good coverage again

Can't wait to hear Sparano's presser defending Henne...praising him for taking what the Defense gives him. BS!

smith stinks

no wonder why he got cut

This smith guy is killing me


We will know next week

RUN EVERY PLAY...averaging 5 yards a carry.

fire henning

This game is FORGETTABLE offensively!!!

Miami Offence telling Patriots Offence: Its not the size of the Offence, its what you do with it.

Patriots offence: Yeah what ever.....31 17 pats

let's go run on 1st down

That was Chad henne's best play of the day in that he did not fumble.

vernon carey....................

More bad news for henne...sacked!!!

that was close

Henne is bad.

the Answer to the 3rd Q question is, our offense is that bad, not B's def.

Henning needs firing, his playcalling is truly pathetic!!!!!!!!

Yeah ... I'd make the offense practice IMMEDIATELY after this game ... like 30 minutes after this game is over ... I don't care how tired they are. Put them to work ... keep the pads on boys, get out there in a vacant Ralph Wilson Stadium and run some patterns ... you REALLY stink.

I guess Sparano was right....we HAVE to win the turnover margin to WIN this game!!!

Another 3 and out....Maybe???

Henne, "underneath"...Seems like I've heard that ALL DAY!

BESSY, Maybe not.

Bess, saved Henne there

Those of you praising Henne and dissing Pennington, if this is the offense we are going to run then Pennington is the man to run it.

Easily two of the worst teams in the conference. Henne is just terrible. Holds the ball too long, Stares down receivers. Misses wide open receivers. Michigan trash.


throw a bomb!

finally they're using Bess, he's our welker

The Dolphins D is awesome, a major upgrade from last year. A 4th quarter meltdown will not happen. Not against this pathetic Bills anyway. Our Offense unfortunately is pathetic as well. I fear Henne is not the real deal. But we'll see. Don't believe in a playoff run though.

lets run it down their throats

"Dutch Oven" offense ... it REALLY STINKS!

Carey WTF!!

The play calling is atrocious; predictable; fails to use the tools available; plays into the hands of a bad defense.
My question is the play calling this way because Henning has no faith in Henne?

Bess is starting to come on here

There we go, nice first down after Carey gave up a sack

Moore with a nice move was open 10 yards deeper

its like 2009

Who is calling the plays now; really; who?

no wild crap or crappy cats or reverses

no wild crap or crappy cats or reverses

no wild crap or crappy cats or reverses

give it to Ronnie. Run out the clock. Go home 1-0.

Offense waking back up

Browns rips off a 17 Yd run, pull him and put in Ricky!

Throw the ball and suddenly there is room to run.

Time for the Flying Walenda version of the wildcat.


I can see how Parcells was dissapointed in Henne during pre season. This guy hasnt had a tight spin on anyof his throws, no wonder the DB's are getting hands on it. Im a big Henne fan but this guy needs to step the "F" up!

I thought marshall was the closer here????

Would one of you fish worshipers explain to me why you have a QB with a canon of an arm and one of the best big play receivers in the game and you have thrown deep once????? Come on. This is just terrible play calling and despite the skill you may have this is exactly why you will win less than eight games this year.

back to rush, rush...they can't stop the pass; pass!


get passed the first down line and turn around

you DA

3rd and 5 lets throw for 2

aren't u suppose to go past the sticks?

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