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Fourth quarter is here with Dolphins leading 10-3

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- That third quarter was forgettable.

Nobody scored.


Dropped passes.

Dropped interceptions that would have gone for a TD by Benny Sapp.

The game will be decided in this coming quarter. Let's watch it together during the live blog in the comments section.


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So, those rumours about Parcells being "disappointed" in Henne seem pretty plausable


YOUR COMPLETE GARBAGE....comming on here in the 4th quarter to root against ur team. u sir, u suck

Pennington gets us those 5 yards.

Not only is Parcells disappointed with Henne, so is Dolphin nation

Henne suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

Dan Henning will have some explaining to do. That was poor decision making on his part, his judgment has to be questioned.

the run game was rolling...and henning calls two pass plays...

come on

tony morono has to override that

This isn't going to OT. Buffalo is going to score and you douche bags are well on your way to 0-6.

Start the next year talk now and what former great is going to continue the tradition of sucking that JJ started after Shula left.

why did Sparano call a timeout when the clock was going to drain to the 2 minute warning anyway? Ugh...

Does anyone think our defense can hold them?

just close your eyes and think what a GOOD team will do to us....

As a side note ... I love how the spelling skills degrade over the course of these games as we get drunker and drunker watching our team blow it!

Very sad! Somebody put hlue on that ball. End it here and go on fourth down.

Im extremely disappointed in Henne's play....I thought offense was strength this season....just pathetic. I am pretty sure this ineffectiveness is based on HORRIBLE COACHING!!!

henning sucks, Put him in the shotgun. damn

Lets see if our idiot kicker can pin them down inside the 10 yard line

Sorry but Henne is not the answer. He is going to get eaten alive against minny

So much for marshall creating mismatches in the defense, Henne thinks like penny, but yet sometimes too much than expected!!!

Sack after a time out? Wow, what play did we call...why not a two yard pass play or wildcat?

Wow ... nice punt.

Brandon Fields is the game MVP.

99 yards and the Dolphins will be spiraling to 0-6.

Buffalo is going to score here and this will just highlight how pathetic the fish are.


great punt, we might have a shot

I blame this all on going to conservative too early in this game. You put the damn team away first then go conservative. A 7pt lead isnt putting anyone away.

He almost stepped in the endzone

four downs for buffalo...makes it hard on defense.

turnover here would be good!

Best ST all day!!!!

SACK ... come on SACK!!!!!!!!!


This is the team supposed to win Super bowl as the owner Ross claimed? We are lucky to go .500. It's Buffalo for crying out loud, not Jets, New England.

Fields baby, Fields... the Punter



Awwwwwwwwwwww CRAP!!!!!!!




J Allen drops the sure INT...3rd big play today spoiled

Catch the ball!!!!

another miscue in drops


Where u at u loser

Catch that!!

here is comes, missed opportunity now leads to a td for Buffalo

Jason Allen almost cemented his starting spot for the season!!!

Gotta love a punt inside the 2 inch line

I forgive you Dan Carpenter.

Choke Choke Choke
Sounds I make when suken bill_cnnrs Di@k

LOL at the bills punting


No rush!!!!!!!!

watch the fake

watch. muffed

Only show up when ur team is down...how pathetic....ur pathetic

Good call now the onside kick.

Miami's coaching staff would never have thought of that.

Okay, thanks buffalo???

ooo some people got a back door dolphins cover

line was -3 lol

Thank you for the 2 points ... GOD WE SUCK!!!!!!!



its onside kick

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