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Game on line as Dolphins-Vikes go to 4th quarter

MINNEAPOLIS -- The only way the Vikings could get back in today's game after the Dolphins took a 14-0 lead late in the third quarter was to beat themselves.

That means turnovers.

Ricky Williams fumbled inside his own 10 yard line and provided the opportunity.

The Viking capitalized with a TD run from Adrian Peterson.

And now this game is 14-7, Miami, and will be decided in the fourth quarter.

Join me for the final quarter of the live blog.


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Miami goes 2 -0 today

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Posted by: Home | September 19, 2010 at 11:27 AM






ditto game ball to Jason Allen and an AARP membership to brett favre

Po White H o m o? what's yer beef?

what's wrong with Dyingbreed? he lose his padded helmet?

Great, Great Win...I dont wanna talk about anythimg EXCEPT we won BOTH opening road games and now we coming home for an incredible Sunday Night Showdown with the Jets!!! Number 1, ONE, UNO Defense in this league. We Are The 2-0 Dolphins!!!

Amazing win by the Miami Dolphins Defense. Very impressive for such a young squad to play so tight and the best thing is they should and will only keep getting better has they play more and more together. But lets not kid ourselves. If the offense does not pick its game and the play calling does not open up the Dolphins are going to be in trouble. Tell yourself whatever you want, but there is no Defense ever that can continue to shell out when your offense is putting up 7 points per game. If it doesn't change soon it will come back to cost Miami more then just a football game, it will cost them the season. Quote it!

And Thats how Sue Cs it!

2-0 on the road! now we come home!!

Where's tortured? Rex Ryan ate him

Home Predicts:

Vontae Pro Bowl Davis w/ INT today

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Posted by: Home | September 19, 2010 at 11:34 AM


Test, you wish b i t c h!

Does that mean you guys call eachother the F word all the time, the way black people do the N word?

i really like Chad, but he needs to do more to help us win. and of course tje 2 fumbles really hurt

the offense needs grooming i.e. why when henne is in a groove to we pull out the wild cat shouldnt that be used when we are not in a groove. dont disrupt a 2nd year guy ... also can we throw one up to marshall in the endzone when we get near the 15.

the d is impressive ...

2-0 way to go

Henne, 9 of 15 1 TD 0 INT, and they won, without the 2 R & R fumbles we'd be out of sight, awesome D, lets go stuff the Pats at home next week!!!!!!!!

Fire Henning please!!!!!!!!
This consevative Offense is gonna give me a Cardiac Arrest

Great road win. Henne still needs to make more plays - but remember the coachs are drilling into him not to make the big mistake. Favre showed how 2 big mistakes leads to points for Miami and leaving points on the board. I'll take Henne's performance provided he starts to make some plays in the next couple of game - time to get going.

On D what can you say but they won the game

2-0 Baby! This defense is awesome. Henning draws up plays with a bid crayola. We need to open up the pass, where was D. Bess?? We will take it! Jason Allen....WOW! Nick Saban must be shaking his head now.

po white cross dresser, I do wish, because i bet you're praticed at what daddy needs

Best defensive performance I have seen since I was a teen in early 70s

Henning will be gone next season.. he slows the offense down

Reading the whiners' comments at the end of the game reminded me of a bunch of girls dancing around with their knees together trying not to pee their pants, with their palms on their cheeks (face). You whiner little girls. And stay off the bandwagon; we have your names!

Sean Smith HUGE PLAY!!!
Cameron Wake GREAT GAME
2-0 Dolphins!!

Life is good!

all you negative so called fans can go crawl back in your holes now! Another great Fins Win on the road! our D-fence is on fire and rexy and dirty sanchez are next!

I agree bobbyd12 - we won the game, on the road, again, to start the season 2-0. Yes, 2-0.

Sure, the offense is not clicking, but take away the fumbles (which had nothing to do with Henne and his receivers) and this game isn't that close.

The offense will continue to improve. They will start scoring points.. but remember, the wins are what count and we are 2-0.

why when we are goin to throw have no rb in backfield is henne under center? he should be in shotgun

2-0 folks! 2 and 0! Go Fins!

Test. Not.

I will dump a load on ya, but it will be brown!

thats how you feed the wolf! viking and bufflo meat!

ya two things to take away from week2 2 wins and no injures this week nice day

People complain about coaching, and everything else to do with this team. We are 2-0! And, the defense looks much improved. The offense will come around.

guys, i didnt dare blog! didnt wanna do anything to jinx the dolphins. ive been heavily sedated by a vodka IV and strapped down to a hospital bed in front of the TV in order to prevent damage to any part of the house. as it was, neighbors could hear me yelling 5 houses away!!!! Go fins! TREMENDOUS DEFENSIVE EFFORT!!!!! i was critical after Buffalo, because it's Buffalo, but I expected a battle here, we got it and came out on top! GO FINS!!!! oh, and BTW, Jet Fan, FU as we now watch NE pummel you!!!!!

Po White Fellatiator, why you calling anyone out?

great win!!! lets go fins from italy! 2-0 yyyeeeaaahh!!!!

86 Giants Baby!!!' Heart Attacks every week BUT a defense second to none!!! All the way to the BIG GAME baby!!!

Karlos Dansby Is also a "BEAST"

a brown load?
wow, yer kinky, but i prefer you on your knees, as everyone says that's the only area in life in which you excel

Test, ready to dump that steaming load on ya.

Ate mexican lastnight.

again, po white turd eater, stick to what you excel at, read post directly above yours

I'm a Jets Troll, piece of shyt who all of a sudden wants to jump on the wagon. I want a Jets fan to blow his load on my face

Test you lil b i t c h' time to get back to the truckstop and earn a living.

Po white orangeeater, i don't really care what you did to any mexicans last night..

you know where you need to be little man

Hey haters- Test, Zaphod, and Tortured- Go pull a David Carradine.

- Gunnery Sgt Hartman FULL METAL JACKET

LOL @ Timeb0mb!

Dropped one on Test's mom last night. She told me how much he loves the Jests.

I wanna suk Mark Sanchez's analcavity

flaco throws 4ints and lose, henne throws 1td and 0ints, and won! but alot of you just love hating on henne!

Oh, well. I guess "negative" Bill is so overcome with joy that he's too emotional to type right now. :-)


This D is just as physical as early 70s greatest D of all time but this one has more speed

nevermind cuban menace, where's hot ashley today?

Test, Shut up and get back to slobing my Knob.

Please do not say F*ggot on here. It's offensive to gay people like me. It is like the "N" word.

bobbyd12, welcome back!

Time to watch Jests get pounded!!

Where are all the "Miami is gonna get killed" losers at???

Horace...Where are ya???
Bill...Where are ya???
Test...Where ya at???
Jests Fan...Come out come out where ever you are!!

Come on now... you guys ran your pie holes all week...Where are ya???>?>


2-0 BABY......Go Miami!!!!

TorturedDolphan, ur season is about to come to an end bwahahhahaha. GAG!!

trucker what you want is
Po White sh-longrocker.
He is awesome at it

his mom was polishing me off and his dad tried to help her out, i guess that's where he gets it.

armando, mi amigo, you are 0-2!!!! comments?

Dallas loses to Bears! Keeps getting better all the time!!

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