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Game on line as Dolphins-Vikes go to 4th quarter

MINNEAPOLIS -- The only way the Vikings could get back in today's game after the Dolphins took a 14-0 lead late in the third quarter was to beat themselves.

That means turnovers.

Ricky Williams fumbled inside his own 10 yard line and provided the opportunity.

The Viking capitalized with a TD run from Adrian Peterson.

And now this game is 14-7, Miami, and will be decided in the fourth quarter.

Join me for the final quarter of the live blog.


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I polish off little boys with Jets jerseys then swallow

Congrats Fin fans. Unbelievable defense.

Shut the F#@K up, id10t

henne ...2-0. Penny 0-5. golly what do you guys want. Henne now 9-5 as starter. Grow up and appreciate what you have and be supportive to the young guy. Some of you guys seem drugged or just plain old stupid! To Trolls

Fat Rex celebrating a missed FG. What a tool!! 0-2 Jests today

Where's Bill __Conners.Our team sucks , guy?

OhFinFan13 I like even less idiot spammers


I love the Dolphins.

It only offends you if thats what you are.. if youre gay then be gay who cares.. I mean talk about football and dont pay attention to things that might possibly offend you.. just breath

Thigpin or Pennington. Henne is not the guy

i hate to say it... but Henne looks average ay best....yall can keep talking about how he neefs time....sorry, he just doesnt look like....or will he ever be a better then average QB. And this IS a passing league. Throsing 15 times.... yeah ok... we'll keep winning like that. i am happy for the current record...but it just seems impossible to get through this extremely tough schedule and come out in the play offs with Henne.. do we have anythong better? no... but they NEED to address this in the draft.

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