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Crowder out vs. Bills, probably vs. Vikes, too

In the coming hours you'll likely hear reports from various sources that Channing Crowder has been downgraded from questionable to out for Sunday's game at Buffalo.

Let's get a bit beyond that. The fact is it is unlikely Crowder, nursing some sort of mysterious groin injury, probably will play next week against Minnesota, either. The Dolphins are optimistic Crowder will be able to kick off the 2010 regular season against the New York Jets on Sept. 26. But the club believes the chances are less likely than more likely Crowder will play against the Vikings.

That doesn't mean Crowder might not enjoy a miraculous healing in the coming eight days and be able to get on the field versus Minnesota on Sept. 19. But that is exactly what it would take -- a miracle.

The Dolphins will go with Tim Dobbins in Crowder's absence. 


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He will be sorely missed!!....NOT!!! Can't wait until this guy is off the team. He's SO unrealiable!

doesnt produce big plays and injured...sounds like the pre-established formula for cutting guys. as soon as we got dobbins and saw that he has actually made some game breaking plays i figured crowders days were numbered. i wonder if crowder caught matt-roth-itis.

While I've been a tepid Crowder fan previously (I believed the defense was better last year with him on the field), I'm now getting fed up (finally, right Craig M?). He's just too unreliable. This was the issue coming out of college (he was hurt his senior year), and ALL through his NFL career. The guy is hurt EVERY year (one thing or the other). And one thing I respect about this team, is, if you're hurt, on a consistent basis, you're not going to be on the team very long.

So, I'm finally on board (of course, this is before seeing Dobbins in a real game, not preseason) with cutting Crowder if he gets hurt again once he plays (whenever that is). You just don't keep a guy who's on the sideline every game, enough is enough.


He Sould Swith Numbers With Who Has 98 Now So We Can Cal Him Matt Roth. That Groin Thing Must Have Been Contagious Last Year

I don't understand all the Crowder hate. He always played well when Thomas was around and I truly believe that Dansby will make him a better. Also, I disagree with the poster above. I think Crowder is solid against the run and his absence last year seriously weakened our run defense. I hope he gets better soon. Our defense will be better with him on the field.

Crowder has a sports hernia injury. If he comes back at all this year he'll play 1 quarter and it will start affecting him again. He'll finally be diagnosed and surgery will be required. He's basically out for the year. IR that's where he's going. Then another (veteran) one bites the dust.

Brent, I agree that the defense was better last year (especially against the run) when Crowder was out there. But, you need to ask yourself, do you pay a part-timer the same as a full-time employee at your job? No. Channing Crowder is a PART-TIME player. There's no denying that fact. He's out a portion of EVERY YEAR! One year, ok, two, getting frustrated, but c'mon man, EVERY YEAR? Look, the Dolphins aren't a medical facility, they are a FOOTBALL team. They need players to play! Yes, it's a tough game, I probably couldn't do it. But, that's why they get paid so well (and Crowder just got a pretty nice raise). Brett Favre got hurt like once in 20 years. Some players get hurt all the time (Jake Grove). And this team doesn't stand for that (I approve). If you're a player who gets injured frequently, they don't want you on the team, plain as that.

I don't knock Crowder's play (though I believe he has room to improve greatly), I DO knock his durability (he's proven to have none). It's a hard business, but there it is. Crowder needs to go.

Picking up Tim Dobbins seemed to be an afterthought when it happened....now it looks like a very very smart move! We need to be praising good moves just like we blast the failed moves. They usually balance out.

Damn, I miss Dan Marino!! It's been like 10 years and we have not had qb come anywhere near the kind of player he was. Not even close. I remember always feeling that no matter how far down they were,they still had a chance to win.

Man I hope I feel like this again, soon!!

Come on HENNE! We are pulling for you...

Oh and I don't think Crowder is going to be a dolphin for much longer...

I agree with Randy!!!

Sounds like Crowder is headed to the Jets.


So what?

Are we supposed to be worried about not getting to watch 3rd string RB's stuff Crowder when he blitzes that he is good for at least 2x/game?

Or is it the misreads on running plays where he hits one hole and the runner goes to another?

Or is the standing in no man's land on pass plays?

Or a loud mouth that has Never backed it up once?

Or his six tackles 5 yards + down field?

Which of those are we supposed to be concerned about not having on the field?

How come this regime keeps Crowder who's never healthy and cut W. Allen who played for like 50 plus straight games until last year and should be good to go by October? Freakin baffling. This secondary will be lit up Sunday and every week to follow.

can anyone say upgrade. i was praying that dobbins got the start. 10 bucks says he causes a fumble in his first start as a fin.

U gotta trust the coaches know best...if Crowder status is downgraded to out...U know the GM is looking hard to replace him.
That's how Ireland rolls...U play U stay....U hurt, there's the curb.

Ok we get it. You called it days ago and exposed the regime. Can we move on now?

Dobbins will fill in this year. It's Micah Johnson's job next year. Both will be better than Crowder.
On to more important stuff: what's this I read about Parcells being "disappointed" with Henne????
Not the kind of thing Henne needs to be hearing about a day before th opener ... what is going on?

So Jake Grove basically got cut for not being durable -- and he WAS PRACTICING THIS WEEK -- and yet they keep Crowder around?

I don't understand this regime. I'm starting to get the feeling that Ireland is a smarmy, full-of-himself dude, with zero success on his resume. I think Sparano is a good dude. But this team is not prepared with any sort of detail and clock management is brutal.

We're basically gonna start off the season 1-5, 0-6, somewhere around there.

I hope Ross cleans house. They talked him into spending all this money. He's very conscious about putting butts in seats.


No matter what you people say, he's still the 2nd best inside backer on the team. So it a loss when he doesn't play. I just don't see your logic.

this is from NFL.COM HENNE SAID (( doesn't matter if tuna is here or not,the important thing to win on sunday )) ....... War at last .

I think dobbins struggled a little in the preseason. Hopefully with the combination of him and micah johnson we should be ok.

it took cowher 10 years to win a superbowl. I don't want to wait that long. Forget about cowher

it really isnt a BIG deal. so what if parcells is gone. F%€k em. its not like hes our head coach. damn. .the FINS WILL WIN.
im so sure, that we will Win 34-13. BMarsh will show them that they wont win againt us for the next 3 yrs. D-Bess will be MVP vs Bills. The R

the R

id laugh my ass off if ravens win vs jets. that would be something to see.

First it was Zach Thomas with the Dizziness and Brain Injury
Then Jason Taylor MIND CONTROLLED Into Becoming A NJ JET
Now Channing Crowder with An Undisclosed or Dif Traveling Injury every month

All from the Massive CHEMTRAIL Spraying over South Florida

Huge Obv Cemtrails Real Heavy All Week in South Florida Pre 9.11

Was Pointing them out to dumbed down oblivious humans last week as they were in AWE watching the enormous white aerosol chemical lines in the sky sprayed by planes turn in to fake clouds after an hour or two

God Bless those attending the Miami Dolphin games at
Chemtrail Death Stadium

Crowder blows! We are actually a better defense without his a.s.s on the field.

The guy has 2.5 sacks and 1 int in 5 seasons! Are u kidding me! Cut that loser already.

That's a bad season for every other LB in the league, but for him its a career. Sad that this gator D-Bag is still on the team.

i agree DC, those stats are Horrible.

The next BIG play he makes will be the first....


Its game time men and crowder doesn't fit the bill. Time to move on. We will draft a LB in the middle of the draft and contnue to build a team that will rule this division.

It`s Gotta Be the Chemtrails over Miami causing these injuries

Check it out yourself, Man!

Was just watching you tube video:
chemtrails miami 2010

clicked 1st video footage w/music:
photos of chemtrails

It was fascinating (horrifically of course)

But Heaven forbid we wait a week or so for Will Allen, at a position of great need.

And Parcells intentionally leaked that anti-Henne stuff to one of his cronies. Something is rotten in Davie, and I keep waiting for the 'other shoe to drop.'

I agree with Randy 100%. If Dobbins plays well I dont know how anyone can continue to doubt this regimes ability to make smart moves and find talented players in multiple ways.

And just like BoulderFinFan said above, Cowher started with the Steelers in 92 and didnt win a super bowl until the 2005 season. Whats so great about that??? Stop name dropping already.

Some above compared Favres durability to Crowder. I dont think you can compare the two that way. LBs and RBs have to consistantly stop or run through a person with a head of steam. That has to take its toll more than any other two positions in my opinion. The defense has been noticably better when Crowder is playing. Dont some of you remember when Ayodele and Torbor were in? Not good. But I do admit that him being on the sideline does us no good. One thing we do know for sure, if he is on the sideline too much he will be gone.

Its the Matt Roth mystery groin disease all over again. Sounds like he was jacking off and injured himself. You know.. choking his chicken ... in a tug of war with Cyclops ... strangling the one eyed viper ... etc

i love coaches like Cower who comes after all the hard work and act like f...kg savior or like pete carrol who goes to sea hawks and act like a f..kg savior . you got to finish your work like sparano .

Report in Bill Parcells leaving the Miami area and only attending practices part time and games in climate controlled glass booth with air scrubbers after Home pointed out the chemtrails daily over South Florida

you tube - chemtrails miami 2010

God Bless

And another thing ... don't drink the bong water. Sometimes it condenses on the inside of the bong especially if you are using cold water and the vapor of the warmer smoke passes over the sides of the bong dude. We call that condensation. A lot of people who are ...well for lack of a better word ... dumb, sustitute the Internet (hey- if its on there it must be real right?) for observation, critical thinking and some respect empirical knowledge based on yes the hard work of the generations of people that came before them using not the Internet alas, but things like reason, instrumentation, repetition and peer review.
Of course its easier to go out like a caveman and gawk at a cloud and think its a dragon coming to eat you. I respect that though man cuz like, just because you're paranoid (Sabbath's best album say some) doesn't mena they're not out to get you and hey better to be safe than sorry.

Any truth to the Henne stuff from Parcells?

seems Bill Parcells has read the evidence at Harvard and the like on chemtrails:

“CASE ORANGE: Chemtrail Science, Its Impact on Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted by the United States and Its Allies”

By Rady Ananda

At an international symposium held in Ghent, Belgium May 28-30, 2010, scientists asserted that “manipulation of climate through modification of fake man madeCirrus clouds is neither a hoax nor a conspiracy theory.” It is “fully operational” with a solid sixty-year history. Though “hostile” environmental modification was banned by UN Convention in 1978, its “friendly” use today is being hailed as the new savior to climate change and to water and food shortages. Military forces stand poised to capitalize on controlling the world’s weather.
“In recent years there has been a decline in the support for weather modification research, and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.”
~World Meteorological Organization, 2007

Rainmaker Charles Hatfield, in 1915, destroyed much of San Diego.

The only conspiracy surrounding geoengineering is that most governments and industry refuse to publicly admit what anyone with eyes can see. Peer-reviewed research is available to anyone willing and able to maneuver the labyrinth of scientific journals. So, while there is some disclosure on the topic, full public explanation is lacking

lol at chemtrails


The issue with Crowder is that his talents are well suited as a 4-3 weakside linebacker and not a 3-4 inside linebacker. The year or two he played in a 4-3 system as the Weak LB he played very well and was on the verge of becoming a top 10 LB. After the switch to the 3-4 and playing inside LB he is at best average. He is not suited for this style of defense. We should trade him to an NFC team that runs a 4-3 and call it a day. It will work out well for all sides involved. And he will again play like the player he was in his rookie and 2nd year and we will get some kind of compensation.

Why do you think they call me son, Chemtrail Crowder?

It`s not funny. Have you heard my son speak?
Doctor`s say now with all the chemtrail spraying over Chemtrail Death Stadium in Miami, that my son has been reduced to bench warming,bicycle riding, jiberring idiot.

Glad to see you bother qith your blog we paid for. you are worthless.

Why the sarcasm Mando? And why direct it at Crowder?
According to you the players get fined if they speak to the media about injuries.
The 3 stooges are the ones denying you the info.
You don't hold the inability to stay on the field against Cobbs, Brown or Penny so why hold it against Crowder?

How come we are waiting for Crowder but couldn't wait for Will Allen?

What the heck are you talkimg about Pricemaster? I am reporting the facts. No sarcasm.

pricemaster also known as back doorman because he likes to give it to you in the back. H0M0

if u guys dont like armandos posts then quit reading his stuff u think hes going to lose sleep over u idiots?

January 31, 2010 at 2:34 pm

i was eating my double philly cheese steak sandwich , but then started puking when i saw this:

Hmmmmmm I wonder if he has same pre-season groin injury that Roth had....symptoms sound smiliar.

kids against chemtrails says:
January 31, 2010 at 2:15 pm

chemtrails to die for in Boston

Bills vs Dolphins

Buffalo forecast for Sunday
70 degrees and partly chemtrail clouded

Enjoy the game!

Wow Armando!

Between this Crowder thing and the AM Radio gig, you sound seriously shaken:

In the coming hours you'll likely hear reports from various sources that Channing Crowder has been downgraded from questionable to out for Sunday's game at Buffalo.

-Armando not only have we ALREADY heard this from various sources we've been posting it here on your blog for two days.
What is REALLY going on with you man? I got it from a very reliable source, Crowder will be doing a cable TV gig hosting upcoming episodes of Swamp People.-

Let's get a bit beyond that.

-Armando, we've ALL been begging YOU to "get over it" for days now, C'mon Man!-

The fact is it is unlikely Crowder, nursing some sort of mysterious groin injury, probably will play next week against Minnesota, either.

-Huh? There is so much wrong with this sentence It made my eyes cross just reading it???? Take out the descriptors and the casual reader just thinks WTF? I ain't got none skills at English either, but unlikely and probably ain't very factual words. Neither is either.-

The Dolphins are optimistic Crowder will be able to kick off the 2010 regular season

-Who are you trying to fool Armando? Is this the Johnny Red talking or the Johnny Black? Crowder couldn't even hold onto the starting ILB spot and now you're trying to tell us he'll be taking over kickoff duties? Fool me once Armando, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!-

But the club believes the chances are less likely than more likely Crowder will play against the Vikings.

-That narrows it down for us, thanks. (and a very gay-ly pronounced)SHEESH!-

That doesn't mean Crowder might not enjoy a miraculous healing in the coming eight days and be able to get on the field versus Minnesota on Sept. 19. But that is exactly what it would take -- a miracle.

-A miracle you say? Well we have been praying for Channing and according to Homes, that Jesus Dude should be back any day now.-

Crowder isnt going to make it to the vikings game, hes going on IR

how about we talk about the guys that are going to Play Sunday. The 2010 Miami Dolphins

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