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Crowder out vs. Bills, probably vs. Vikes, too

In the coming hours you'll likely hear reports from various sources that Channing Crowder has been downgraded from questionable to out for Sunday's game at Buffalo.

Let's get a bit beyond that. The fact is it is unlikely Crowder, nursing some sort of mysterious groin injury, probably will play next week against Minnesota, either. The Dolphins are optimistic Crowder will be able to kick off the 2010 regular season against the New York Jets on Sept. 26. But the club believes the chances are less likely than more likely Crowder will play against the Vikings.

That doesn't mean Crowder might not enjoy a miraculous healing in the coming eight days and be able to get on the field versus Minnesota on Sept. 19. But that is exactly what it would take -- a miracle.

The Dolphins will go with Tim Dobbins in Crowder's absence. 


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Crowder just doesn't make any plays - he made ONE play last year when Brady hit him in the stomach with the ball - or was that 2 years ago? ONE play in two years maybe! Let's see how this Dobbins cat does tomorrow

2009 Linebackers CC, Akin and Torbor, 2010 Linebackers ??? don't know Because all we can do is talk about the 2009 bunch ?? please please we have a game Sunday and I believe there are going to be 45 players in that game.

We spend the time criticizing the moves from the coaches, can you imagine is the have not picket all those linebacker in the of season, Before game one we can see the wisdom of the Moves.. Go Fins

I'm glad that our brilliant Fatso head coach decided we didn't need Jason Taylor or Joey Porter anymore. Now that Will Allen, Crowder AJ Edds, and Jason Ferguson are all gone, we got nothing. Another wasted year with a vanilla defense. Did you see what Dallas's 3rd stringers did to our first-string D? I wish our new owner had the balls to fire Fatso Sparano along with idiotic Parcells and Ireland, but he's too busy courting celebrity ownership partenrs. What an embarrassing franchise.

Phan, you are missing my point....We got a hole bunch of young new linebackers, Out with the Old in with the new.... Taylor and Joey ?? give them credit for drafting like a million linebackers OWL

Owl, you and I essentially agree. all I'm saying is keeping Taylor PLUS all the new linebackers would have been the way to go. New guys by themselves without a veteran superstar is not gonna cut it...and Fatso should have known that.

oh no

how will we survive with his crappy play?

I hope this isn't like Matt Roth's "groin injury".

You got the weather report wrong, tomorrow in Buffalo it will snow. Bill

I'm glad that our brilliant Fatso head coach decided we didn't need Jason Taylor or Joey Porter anymore.

-I'm with you on that. I hate it when those dummies come on here crying about us cutting two 30 plus, non-loyal, self centered, washed up has been linebackers.
You can tell their just fair weather fans that don't really know anything about football.-

Did you see what Dallas's 3rd stringers did to our first-string D?

-Props to you man, another astute observation. Don't sweat it bro, thank God we're only playing Buffalo this week.-

I wish our new owner had the balls to fire Fatso Sparano along with idiotic Parcells and Ireland,

-You sound like a fairy, why don't you grant your own "wish"? Just out of curiosity, why are you making wishes about another mans balls? Your boyfriend lacking in this department?-

Posted by: The Phan | September 11, 2010 at 03:08 PM

Phan. I agree JT would had been great mentor.

If the Dolphins can contain CJ tomorrow,we should be sitting good.Parcells isn't frustrated with Henne....I'm almost positive.Confirm this for us Armando .I saw your response on twitter,but let everyone else know.

you tube video
check it out
chemtrails Buffalo 2010

NWO spraying Buffalo also

Hope no more players suffer ill from the toxic chemtrail spraying over the field


What was Armando's response?

Please tell us. By the time Armando reports on anything other than Chodder, it'll be a moot point. Please?

Chemtrails = I'm fullofSHIT fairy tales

( if dolphins wins tomorrow ,the sky will be the limit ) .who said that in a movie .

RAVENS ray lewis quote to fat rex ryan; (( THE GAME AN'T PLAYED THROUGH TONGUES )) .


I already told you that I liked the humor in your posts, your football opinions, and even your predictions.

When you went spastic over Turner getting cut it was entertaining.........at FIRST.

Once you started posting all the wets and patsies trash, you went to far.

Don't even try hiding behind the lame excuse that it's somebody else being an imposter. You could sign in blue but you know as well as I do, the reasons why you don't. You like to do a little impostering yourself and it's more trouble(and SOMETIMES you forget)to sign in and out all the time.

You can do what you want. However, if I have to read:

****The Dynasty Be Pats****

One more time, I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!

ODIN, nfl.com says ; no one should be benched for allen .it could be a ploy by sparano


What does this mean?

Have Homes and the ChemTrail Haarp Rays gotten to Sporano?

A ploy? A conspiracy?

Crazy like a FOX!

ODIN, Does C. J Spiller gives you a nightmare ? he runs 4.27 40.


I think CJ Spiller gives everyone nightmares.

PS: I've said no one should be benched for Jason Allen. No news here.

We put in Allen for Smith in that last game and he was getting burnt just as bad as Smith.

I don't think either one of them is playing good right now, but I would still have to give the nod to Smith-JMHO!


where did you read about the ploy?

I'm looking but I can't find it-Duh?

you scroll the page until you see BLOG BLITZ ON YOU LEFT UNDER that the 8 item it says ....this sunday fins should win , press on that


You Da Man!

Thank you.

Going under a variety of names – atmospheric geoengineering, weather modification, solar radiation management, chemical buffering, cloud seeding, weather force multiplication – toxic aerial spraying is popularly known as chemtrails. However, this is merely one technique employed to modify weather. The practice of environmental modification is vast and well funded.

Hosted by the Belfort Group, which has been working for the last seven years to raise public awareness of toxic aerial spraying, the Symposium included chemtrail awareness groups from Greece, Germany, Holland, France and the U.S. Belfort published five videos covering only May 29,[1] when filmmaker Michael Murphy (Environmental Deception and What in the world are they spraying)[2] and aerospace engineer Dr. Coen Vermeeren [3] gave the most dramatic presentations.

Consensus is possibly Channing Crowder has come down with Morgellans Disease from microbiological agents in the chemtrail fallout

The Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2002 in honor of a two-year-old child with an unknown illness from a bilogical agent coming from heavy chemtrail spraying, which his mother labeled "Morgellons disease". The MRF is dedicated to raising awareness and research funding for this poorly understood illness, which can be disfiguring and disabling, and affects people of all age groups including an increasing number of children. The number of families currently registered with the MRF is believed to represent a fraction of the true number of affected families.

The MRF fully supports the formal efforts by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente's Northern California Division of Research to investigate Morgellons disease. The MRF will continue to financially assist the ongoing efforts of private research scientists who are dedicated to solving the mystery of this tragic illness.

Consensus is possibly Channing Crowder has come down with Morgellans Disease from microbiological agents in the chemtrail fallout

Posted by: NFL football weather today | September 11, 2010 at 05:37 PM

Consensus? What consensus?

Oh, you mean the consensus between you and that poor little poodle you conduct peanut butter "experiments" with in your Mommy's basement?

NostraHomeUs`s 2010 NFL Season Prediction

Week 1

Miami 1-0
Buffalo 0-1
New England 0-1
NY Jets 0-1

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The New England Patriots Have NO DEFENSE

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NostraHomeUs says:

Miami Dolphins Should & Will Succeed
Running the Football against the Buffalo Bills

Bills r hurting @ LB

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NostraHomeUs`s 2010 NFL Season Prediction

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I have DickinmyAss disease, it's uncureable because I love it

I also guaranteed the stock market at 8000 in August

I love Fairy tales, and young male tail too


Huge white lines invading across the sky, other days a spider web of toxic clouds clotted the horizon. Usually four or five planes would work together, turning their 'aerosol switches' on and off as needed, sometimes trying to disguise their operations. These are not random actions by these white, unmarked C-130s, but seem to have an objective, even changing their distribution patterns day by day, depending on the weather.
Many times whisper quiet drone air craft is used for the toxic aerosol spraying.

Reports from all over the globe tell us this is happening over big cities as well as very rural areas.

These "chemtrails" appear differently, in their looks and actions, from the regular ice-forming contrails we've seen in the past. These 'special clouds' are quickly blown by winds into a feathery white haze that spreads and persists for hours. They begin early in the morning and work all day making these cirrus-aviaticus clouds that would stretch out and grow in size, covering the sky and obscuring the sun by late afternoon.

Some of these jets would work in tandem producing parallel lines, others would curve through the first straight aerosol trail in a back and forth S-shaped curve. If it is a cloudless day, they make short lines; on and off. Other times they are blatant and make lots of lines miles long, coming back only to fill in the last bit of blue hole left in the sky (http://bariumblues.com/chemtrail_ca...) .

I feel sorry for any sick children.
Anybody that commits criminal acts against any children should get some Nuremberg type justice here on earth and some God imposed justice in the after life.

That being said, other than any of your misguided and misinterpreted conspiratorial ALLEGATIONS, do you have any, just one iota of data to back up your claims.

Morgellons disease has not be linked to any NWO Haarp Rays or Chem Trails. Instead of feeding your warped and biased brain with "fast food" style Internet "911 was a conspiracy" garbage, check your facts with JAMA. The Journal from the American Medical Associations.

JAMA AND the CDC in Atlanta for that matter does not have any data, nor criteria in the works linking Morgellons Disease To 9/11, Alaskan Haarp Rays or NWO haarp ray emitting weather machines.

It is sick and disgusting how you try to exploit the plight of an innocent child to further your narcissistic delusions of grandiosity.

PS: This is a Dolphin blog and we start a new season tomorrow, so please take you and your sickness to a qualified medical proffessional or an appropriate website. Thanks in advance for your co operation.

Why no talk about Parcell's disappointment in Henne?

It's all over profootballtalk.com, nfl.com, etc.


I don't know why more people aren't talking about it.

My guess would be because it's an obvious psychological ploy that Parcell's is so famous for. No doubt in response to a rather lackluster pre season performance by Chad Henne.

Crowder would not be the 1st Pro athlete to contact Morgellons disease from bilogical agents in chemtrails

ABC news did a report on one of the best relief pitchers in MLB, Koch who routinely clocked in at over 100 mph before the chemtrail disease

True Story

Check It Out:
"OAKLAND -- A horrifying and fascinating disease is affecting thousands of people in the Bay Area, along the Gulf Coast and in Florida. Though some doctors have claimed the malady is psychosomatic, other scientists are making headway unraveling the mystery of Morgellons Disease.

Former Oakland A's pitcher Billy Koch has it. And so do his wife and their three children. And though they can afford top medical care, doctors have no answers.

It started in Oakland four years ago. Koch saved 44 games and was the top reliever in the major leagues. His fastball wowed crowds. And then the strangeness began."

"Within two years -- at age 29 -- Billy Koch was out of baseball, partly because of the uncontrollable muscle twitching that went on for months at a time and often kept up him up all night.

The disease is characterized by slow healing skin lesions that often extrude small, dark filaments, especially after bathing.

"That's when it would really just ooze -- literally ooze out of my skin," explained Brandi Koch."

No talk because the Smiley Face fans keep clapping louder, hoping that all is well.

I have no data, just a bunch of horseshyt from the Internet

But we know the Internet gives only the facts, so join me

The 10 people who believe this are geniuses

While the other 350 million are fools

The government is purposely spraying chemicals on the populace

And Patrick Turner is a 100% lock to make the team

Home has spoken

Know U R a bit drunk but
As Ricky Williams said
"We are all scared of things we do not understand"

So here u go dum@ss lol

Dr. Z’s Medical Report
Ed Zimney, MD
Health and Medical News You Can Use
January 22, 2008
Morgellons disease to be studied in California

In October of 2006, I wrote a story about the unusual, if not completely bizarre, illness known as Morgellons disease. At the time I said that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was initiating a study, but since government-related things often take longer than expected, it’s just now been announced that the study is finally getting underway. According to the CDC, “Persons who suffer from this condition report a range of symptoms including non-healing skin lesions associated with the emergence of fibers or solid material from the skin, abnormal skin sensations (such as stinging and biting or pins and needles) and non-cutaneous symptoms such as difficulty concentrating and short-term memory loss.”

The CDC is studying Morgellons in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research because although the illness is reported in all 50 states, the highest concentration is in California. The CDC refers to the illness as an “unexplained dermatopathology,” which basically means it’s a strange disorder of the skin without any yet known cause. They have a website on this disorder.

But if you really want to get a good understanding of this disorder you should visit the Morgellons Research Foundation’s website and be sure to look first at their Images link, which dramatically shows the strange skin lesions with the bizarre filaments that protrude from them. In real cases, the filaments are small and can require some magnification to be seen (the photos on the website are already magnified). The filaments come in a variety of colors including white, blue, red and black and can also be associated with white or black granules similar in size and shape to sand grains.

The skin lesions can be painful or itchy and can progress to open wounds that heal poorly. There can be very strange sensations of movement either on or beneath the skin that are variously described as moving, stinging or biting. Systemic symptoms include fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, headaches, cognitive dysfunction (problems with thinking, memory and attention), and a variety of unusual emotional changes. Other less common symptoms relate to visual, neurologic, GI, skin and joint problems.

According to the Morgellons Research Foundation, there are more than 10,000 families who have reported suffering from this illness, but they believe the actual number may be much higher. In some cases, multiple family members are affected at the same time, including several children. Some parents report that their children “are no longer able to play sports or attend school, due to fatigue, pain and difficulty with mental concentration.” They also note that “It is difficult to understand the tremendous suffering caused by this disease. Many patients report feeling abandoned by the medical community, as they experience increasingly bizarre, disfiguring and painful symptoms, while often being unable to receive medical treatment for their condition. A large number of patients become financially devastated and without health insurance because they can no longer work. Most people who suffer from Morgellons disease report feeling frightened and hopeless.”

Now let us just hope Crowder does not have it like MLB player Billy Koch as listed above

We can give two Fu@ks less about your bullshyt theories
Blow it out ur douchebag fat ass
Chemtrails don't cause pollution, it's your douchebag posts
Get a life

Hope Chemtrail Crowder is OK

As of right now
Do not see Chemtrail Crowder returning any time soon

I love Chinese drywall, agent orange, asbestos, led paint and chemtrails, but only in the Jets locker room

Crowder love continues to run deep in bloggers everywhere....did the game get canceled on sunday or something,WTF. Anything not related to Crowders sub-par value to miami on the agenda???

Home says Miami Wins and

Buffalo,New England and NY Jets ALL LOSE in week 1

I also love DickinmyAss



there is also no such thing as the CIA
does not exist
nothing to see here

shhhh ...

Odin.... on Armandos twitter page (which you should all follow)he says he can assure you that Parcells is not concerned about Henes' progress at this time.

Tony little selling some thing called ( de stress pillow ) crap for my eyes only on HSN .
he said ; we all got to sleep .lol
go fins .

I also love DickCream in my throat

Douchebag Chem Trail,

Drunker than shyt I got more brains than you.

I never denied Magellan's exists d i c k brain.

Don't try to blur the issue. That's what all you simpleton conspiracy theorist do. The fact is nothing ties the two together. You got nothing.

What I said is you have no data NOTHING that ties it in to your retarded claims of NWO Chem trails blah blah Harrp rays causing Magellan's.

Here's a good example of your obvious stupidity. Above you say here you go dumb a s s, and then continue on in your fantasy, not offering one single bit of fact or evidence tying Haarpy fantasies to Magellan's.

How F'ing stoopid are you?

You took up half a page here proving my argument for me.

Show us one bit of proof. One statement from any RESPECTED and RESPONSIBLE Medical facility that establishes one is even slightly related to the other.

You can't do it. All you got is your delusions of grandiosity. Obviously in your case ignorance is bliss.

Even if Crowder is a no go for this year the fins will be much better than last year. just pretend that Dansby is replacing Crowder and Dobbins is replacing Ayodele. much, much better ILB unit.

I just have the feeling that Crowder will be traded sooooon.

ODIN, be happy,eat some rice pudding or eat some baked apple pie .who care about Chem Trail .

rum raisin ice cream is my favorite ,what is yours ?


Again, by bringing up the CIA you attempt to blur the issue.

The entire copy/paste you did above mentions absolutely nothing to back up your original claim, which was Chem trail blah blah blah haarp rays cause Magellons.

So again, until you offer the slightest little bit of evidence, other than your delusional bull s h i t, you are the dumb a s s.

If you want to talk the CIA and some REAL conspiracies, I'm game, but for the bloggers sakes, let's take it somewhere else.

Your original "fantasy" was that Chem Trails cause Magellons. You haven't offered anything too substantiate your erroneous claim.

Summation: Other than your stupidity, YOU GOT NOTHING :)

Beer Drums

Thanks for the info.

odin, i had milk fish for dinner for the first time .did you ever had milk fish ?

rum raisin ice cream is my favorite ,what is yours ?

Posted by: ALoco | September 11, 2010 at 07:28 PM

UMmmmmmmmm................Rum GOOD!


Oops, sorry Homes, I thought you wrote HAARP and Morgellons. Now I realize you said chemtrails. I have been drinking the rum again and know I`m acting stupid.Sorry.

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