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Crowder out vs. Bills, probably vs. Vikes, too

In the coming hours you'll likely hear reports from various sources that Channing Crowder has been downgraded from questionable to out for Sunday's game at Buffalo.

Let's get a bit beyond that. The fact is it is unlikely Crowder, nursing some sort of mysterious groin injury, probably will play next week against Minnesota, either. The Dolphins are optimistic Crowder will be able to kick off the 2010 regular season against the New York Jets on Sept. 26. But the club believes the chances are less likely than more likely Crowder will play against the Vikings.

That doesn't mean Crowder might not enjoy a miraculous healing in the coming eight days and be able to get on the field versus Minnesota on Sept. 19. But that is exactly what it would take -- a miracle.

The Dolphins will go with Tim Dobbins in Crowder's absence. 


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odin, armand's post today is crap.let's face it .talking about food will get us some where.what do you think the OL players favorite food and the DL PLAYERS favorite food and the QB ?

Buffalo Burgers are great!

OL................... grilled sword fish and BB lean meat and choc moose /

DL................... chili and pork chops and meatball pasta and boston cream .

QB............... grilled fish and vegtables and rum ice cream .

R EXPRESS.............buffalo burgers are real good .
what do you like for desert ?

not looking good for Crowder this season ... Dansby will be a beast and Dobbins will have a chance to win a job ....

now let's got get a GD snack!


Miami Dolphin Cheerleader.

RRR , tell me one line if you say to the dolphin Cheerleader she will come home w/you .

p.s the line should not be cheesy .

6-10 year upcoming.

marlins panthers dolphins hurricanes all suck

thank god for the heat.

the real team of so fla starts soon

the heat the ugliest team in basketball .lebron,dwyan .are 2 ugly for me to watch

**Impostor Alert**

Whaaah! Whaaah!

Help! Armando, Chris T, Somebody help!

Someone was impotoring me a@ 7:43!

Whaaah! Whaaah!

Everybody, PLEASE, disregard impostors post @7:43.

That was NOT me. I repeat, that was NOT me!


Denard Robinson

Quarterback-University of Michigan.

This guy could run the Wildcat. I wonder if he can strike that pose?



Chem Trails getting too me.

Haven't had drink all day.

Time to pop the cork and fire up the guitars!

Mississippi Delta Blues Time.

In the Key of E minor:

Pock marks on my forehead
Skid marks in my shorts

I wanted to be a pretty boy
Turns out I'm just a dork

I got me a woman
She ain't to kool

She kinda cross eye'd
And all she do is drool...................

I got dem blues baby!
YEAH, I got dem blues!




My all time favorite song to sing and play on is:

Pride and Joy

Stevie Ray Vaugn

Gotta go the amps are warm!

"The Time" .... now that's a funky band ....

why is this even a story.... he sucks anyway!

they can't trade clam crowder he's not worth anything. they will just have to release his sorry ass. the canes looked like s4it! harris chokes in big games. he's to small just like p.w. has no durability. every time he f@%ks up he acts like he's hurt and starts limping. shannon has to go too. he's a terrible coach. no coker, that's for sure.

get ready for marshall to have a field day!

He is always injured. Time to get rid of him.

Can't believe another season is about to start.

You must be kidding...CUT this guy already.Unreliable,NEVER makes a play that stands out and IS ALWAYS HURT.Another J.Porter wannabe with his RUNNING OF THE MOUTH...YAP....YAP....YAP.Cut his A#$!!!!!!!!

i must say i am a little nervous for tomorrows game. especially after reading all the negatives comments. but i have a feeling Miami will surprise us and put bills away quick. the sad thing is after all the negative hype, if we win 34-13 like i predict then the haters will say, oh well its the bills.
still, were take the "W" anyway possible.Fins All Day!

Saw you post earlier about Tony Littles destress pillow. Those pillows are the best! I won't sleep on anything else. Believe in them so much I'm one of the people in his infomercial giving testomonial.

Oh Lord... Don'tcha buy me a Mercedes Benz..

Let the Phins be 1-0. =)


I'm fired up! I think i will fast for the next 12 hours untill kickoff(7 of those hours will be spent asleep, but you guys get the point eh?) Jesus should move Thanksgiving to opening day of the football season. The pilgrims would have loved proffesional football, and the Indians would already have a team (Redskins). Some of us unluckier fans(or dumber) that live in cooler climates could enjoy the bounty of the land in short pants, and flip flops. We eould have something to really be thankful for, rather then pretending we love our inlaws, and their children while the Bird dries out because aunt Bessie got drunk on hot toddies(my point is that no self respecting cook gets beer drunk, and warmer weather makes outdoor cooking, and beer more of a practical application) Anyway I'm thankful for the start of the new season. I'm thankful that Rob in OC has made a few cameos of late, and that Odinseye likes Eastern European womean as much as I. I'm thankful that ALoco is a gormand, and that Mr. Soiled Bottom is alive, and graces us with his thoughts each day. If I left anyone else out be thankful that I finally ended this post!

Chemtrails this, Dolphins 31 bills 7

Hat tip to ya Darryl Dunphy,

You can light a blog with some interesting dish with the best of em. ;)

T-Minus oh so few precious hours till Bill Kill'n time strikes that fateful hour.

In honor of Odin let the blood that is spilled be of the Bison'y type.

In honor of Soiled, let it be a loquacious and pedantic victory filled with superior vernacular.

In honor of Aloco may his caps button never wear out.

In honor of DD, let it rain turkeys, Pilgrims and Euro chix.

To all others... bottoms up, Fins for the win!

That was the longest 5 hours of sleep I've ever experienced. 6 hrs left (what am I gonna do with myself)?

DC, amc and watch the three stooges or watch the movie on tcm called young bess .

is anyone else tired of paying five bucks (i did anyways) to hear abiut crowder's booboo? like it matters. its crowder.
sorry, im still crying over the worst day in canes football since january 2003, and the worst day for the
acc uhhh ever.
but, the beauty of
football, and loving it in mist of
its major forms, is that saturday is proceeded immediately
by sunday. and while
i have been critical and disappointed in my fins, i have a strange feeling they will be picking me up today (playing the bills may have something to do with it.

dc dolfan do what i do. crawl into the fetal position in your bed, suck your thumb, abd hold your lifesize marino doll. there is no cure for the hope of dolphins week 1, playing an interdivision rival like the bills.

just got off wrk and gonna take a nap then cookout. Almost time wwwwooohhhhooo of course were making Buffalo wings!!!!!

Go Fins!!!!

wwooottt!!!!!!! Domination by the fims then domimation by the wife in between gamws later!!

ok everyone what ya wearing for openimg day???

me I'm honoring Zach T. and his retirement by donning an orange 54 and everything else dolphins from head to toe!!

favre looked very old in saints game .it's our chance to knock bills today then the vikings ,if all this happens playoffs it's in the cards .

ok Men of Phination, Today we do not earn our respect.Today we Take it. the men in blue near the country line say they have enough arrows to block the Sun. Well i say...... Then we shall Fight in the Shade!
No Fear,No Doubt,No Disbelief. None!
Fins Win...34-13.

Finally the day is here!!! After all the off season drama it is time to see the real thing. I'm betting we have a really good team this year, young but hungry. It all comes down to Chad Henne, how far we go will be up to him. Let the games begin

Dear Mr. Salguero

I look forward to hearing Chris Bermans prediction of todays game, then for him to realize that Channing Crowder isn't playing But Tim Dobbins is.

Chris Berman says Dolphins 27 Bills 10
Edgar Casey says Dolphins 27 Bills 10

Soiled :)

why doesnt miami just cut crowder

Mr. Bill

"why doesnt miami just cut crowder"

Cut, shoot, stab, mangle, drop off at the bus station, any of these would also be fine by me

Soiled :)

Mando, i need you to answer this. I got a negative update sent to my phone about te Dolphins. Obviously said Crowder is out, and tha J. Allen beat out Smith at CB which is not great news. But it then went on to say that Parcells is dissapointed with Henne, and thinks he is not making progress. Is this true? Did Parcells actually say that hours before game time? Or is it media BS?

Gayturd = loser, what do you expect when you draft UFelony players. They never amount to anything.

C.Berman yesterday as the Swami picked Buffalo 19-Miami 17.

that is weird. different than the prev post, he never picks against Buf.

poizen,It's media BS about Parcells said about Henne.At least that's what Armando posted on his twitter page.He might have said it to fire up Henne and the troops,but I'd be real surprised.Anyway,I can't believe the season is hours away...it's about time.Let's kick some ass Miami.


Anyone I see wearing red and blue is going to get donkey punched.

the octopus picked dolphins in spain last night .

F all that other noise up until now gentlemen... It's gameday, Miami wins today...Period! there is no "what if's", it's time to ball!! Enjoy the game everyone, and have a great day!

I agree, 1st game hours away, this is great!

another season with tony morono

i seen a cloud that that read a "W".
what does this mean? it even started to look like a Double "W". omg omg. its so vivid!
all the way across the sky!!!Wooow.
aaaaaaahhhh, wwwooooohhhhaaaa,wwooww.

Another year of DickinmyAss

I'm a total As@Hole here

ir him

Test is short for test-ticles

Which I love in my mouth

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