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The reaction from the lockerroom following Dallas loss

Interesting game this one. I thought we'd see the Dolphins run circles around the Cowboys for a series or so and get out of Dodge.

The Cowboys cooperated by serving up their second-teamers as sacrifice to Miami's starters. The list of Dallas players that never took a snap in this game reads like a Pro Bowl roster: Tony Romo, Miles Austin, Marion Barber, Felix Jones, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Jason Witten, Leonard Davis, Keith Brooking, Terence Newman and Doug Free all DID NOT PLAY for Dallas.

In fact of their 22 starters on offense and defense, only two started for the Cowboys. Montrae Holland and Michael Hamlin drew the short straws for the Cowboys and had to start.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, went with their full complement of starters except for a handful of playes held out for injury reasons. Jake Grove, who has an injured shoulder, had trouble finishing practices for  the Dolphins this week, according to coach Tony Sparano, so he didn't make the trip. Vontae Davis did travel but was held out for "precautionary reasons," Sparano said. Channing Crowder also missed his third preseason game.

The rest of the starters played. And played. And played.

"The plan was that Jake [Long], Karlos {Dansby] and a couple other guys would be in there for three series or so," Sparano said.

The starting offense got 20 plays that stretched into the early part of the second quarter. The starting interior linemen -- Richie Incognito, Joe Berger and John Jerry -- played longer.

The starting defense got 26 snaps as a unit before coming out when Dallas got the ball with one minute left in the first half.

If you want to know my opinion on coach's decision to play his starters beyond that first series against Dallas, click here.  

For a minute there, it looked as if Sparano played Long one play too many. The franchise left tackle got rolled up on his left knee and was down for a couple of breath-stealing seconds. (Relax, he's fine. He was examined and although he didn't return to the game, he wasn't limping or feeling worse for wear afterward. He will start against the Buffalo Bills, assuming nothing outrageous happens in practice next week.)

Anyway, against second- and third-team competition, the Dolphins were down 7-3 at one point before taking a 10-7 lead and then surrendering that lead to go in 10-10 at halftime.

Chad Henne completed six of 11 passes for 53 yards for a 67.6 QB rating. He had one turnover on a fumble and he was sacked twice. Ronnie Brown gained 10 yards on four carries. Ricky Williams had two rushes for 45 yards, including a 42-yarder when he ran through a hole wide enough to fit a bus. Davone Bess was Miami's most consistent receiver catching five passes for 42 yards -- three of those on screen type throws where the QB just lifts up and throws to Bess at the line of scrimmage. Brandon Marshall caught one pass for 6 yards.

"We definitely wanted to improve on last week against the Falcons," Henne said. "And I think in some areas we did. We had a big run. We scored points on the first drive there. But obviously, we want touchdowns. We don't need field goals down there. We need to protect the ball and score more points."

And defensively, in that first half, the Dolphins yielded 163 yards with 143 of them coming through the air. Dallas third-string QB Stephen McGee completed 13 of 19 passes for 152 yards with one TD. His QB rating against Miami's starters was 110.0.

"A lot of people say I'm not good enough," McGee said, "but I know inmy heart how good a quarterback I am. I've said that since day one, it's a matter of [getting] a good opportunity."

One such opportunity came when McGee found Sam Hurd on a 43-yard TD pass. Hurd beat Miami cornerback Sean Smith.

"It's just that one play. That's how it is for me," Smith said. "I hold myself to very high standards. So no matter how well I perform, giving up a play like that is unacceptable. I just have to tighten that up. It's nothing that can't be fixed. Just need to look at the film, find out what I did wrong and do better next week.

"I had perfect coverage. I looked back too soon. When I looked back, I slowed down, the receiver got separation. You give the receivers any little bit of room and the quarterback is going to make that throw. So, I don't know."

I know.

Not good enough. From practically anyone. Offense. Defense. Coaching. Not good enough right now.

I might be alone on this opinion, however.

Coach Sparano seemed to express satisfaction from portions of the performance.

"Last week, I told you guys we couldn’t really take a whole lot from the game from a team standpoint," he began. "This time, I felt like at least we were able to get some things going offensively, and we were able to do some things on a defensive end. It wasn’t really sloppy until the very end (of the game). It was pretty clean."

And the players are apparently very confident despite finishing the preseason with two consecutive losses (whatever that means).

"I think we're definitely motivated," said defensive end Kendall Langford. "We're confident. We know the kind of team we have and we're just going to go [to Buffalo] and take care of business."

Let's hope.


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This is a 7-9 team and will be lucky to go 8-8. For the love of god put Sean Smith at safety because he will never be a decent cornerback. Infact give him once chance at safety and if he doesn't get it then cut him. This kid is a freaking idiot.

Well, playing Buffalo is a lot like playing 2nd stringers so theres a bright side to every struggling team....

I’m stunned at how ordinary we are. It comes down to talent. Dolphins simply don't have it. Parcells has built a team that won't embarrass you, but who won't blow you away either. It’s fundamentally sound, but lacking in any elite players other than Jake Long. Parcells has now had 3 drafts and free agency periods to right the wreck caused by Wanny and others, and yet here we are with a good, mediocre team. What surprises me is how mediocre the talent evaluation has been. I thought this group would have done a far superior job, coming from Dallas. And Sparano is another in a long line a very good position coaches who lack the qualities needed to be a superior head coach. Not sure where we go from here....Very very disappointed after being a Fins fan since 1985, hoping and waiting for the ship to turn around.

Hey Kendall,

You "think" you're definitely motivated?
Did you find the $50K earring that you lost in practice?
Gonna go to Buffalo and take care of business huh?
Guess you better wear your $25K necklace for that one.

Please prove that you are worth your $2.5 million contact.


Watched it all and really against a 3rd string group, we got whopped...I agree that SEAN SMITH is all talk no action at the moment....he "may" have STAR potential but is no where near that at present....was concerned LAST year with him and I still am....lets wait and see....

Lets hope that pre season form is chalk and cheese....probably will be...but I have to say that Im concerned....and if Tony is satisfied with that performance Id be surprised....

Parcells wont put up with this kind of performance...its his reputation on the line here.....out of 10 I rated them 3 or 4 today...

Positives: Roberto Wallace, Thiggy a bit,....mehhh

Sean Smith Is Going To Get Burnt All Year (still Looking For His First Int, He Has Three In Approx 3 Games Of Preseason, Go Figure) But This Team, Against Scrubs, Looked Horrible. In All Facets. If We Cant Beat An Nfc Third String Qb Then What Are We Going To Do This First Eight Games?!?!

sean smith needs to get his s h i t together, stop talking about these standards you hold yourself too cuz you're not even close

Im pissed off....sheeeeeeeeyit

I am more concerned about my jewelry right now.
Football will just have to wait says Kendall Langford.

So tell me Kendall Langford,

When you are at practice, it's all about your jewelry huh?
Instead of talking about the playbook, you are talking about how many carats your earring has.
At what point in time does football become a priority?
Do the playoffs or the Superbowl mean anything to you?
So you "think" you're ready for Buffalo?
Are you saying that you don't actually know?

You have had a free pass since signing with the Dolphins.
No more!

Teams like the bills 'are looking good in the preseason ..cause they are putting a new ofensive system ''and that's why they are looking good. but next week it's for real so .you'll see the talent take over..poor trent edwards he's gonna get sack at least 9 times..hopefully the fins keep it up..vs. favre..they are alot better than buffalo..and at home they have a great passrush..go dolphins4life!p.s can't wait for the fins to get rid of these garbage players that were playing in the fourth quarter on defense!

The guy the fins have to cover this week..more than anyone is lee evans ..this guy is just like eric moulds..a fin killer..he caught a 50yard bomb today..in the preseason final..he got lost in the shuffle when the bills got t.o. 'but now he's the man again..and watch out for him..i hope they put vontae on him and not sean smith..or he could have a monster game..but the fins will still win...dolphins4life

I will be wearing my $25K necklace for that one.

Kendall Langford

You know what?
If we win, I'm gonna go buy a $10K ring.
Then I am going to show it off in practice.
Hope I don't lose it.
It's more important than the team.

Kendall Langford.

Why stop there?

My toes need rings too you know.
So one for each toe at $5K each should do it.
That's only another $50K.
I'll where those when we play the Vikings.

Kendall Langford

Forgot about my man-thing.
A D - ring would really impress my woman.
I will withdraw another $15K to get my man-thing a ring.
I might just keep it on when we have an intimate moment.
Gee, sure hope I don't lose it in the process.
This is definitely more important that Dolphins football.
I am invisible to the fans.

Thanks again,
Kendall Langford

Sean Smith says:
"I had perfect coverage. I looked back too soon. When I looked back, I slowed down, the receiver got separation. You give the receivers any little bit of room and the quarterback is going to make that throw. So, I don't know."

Perfect my @&&....If it was "perfect" coverage, the WR would not have made the play on you.

The Dolphins are once again moving downward, despite all the "fan-fare" and the "hooplah."
If you can't protect, you can't get the ball to BM. We have a bunch of puzzle pieces that don't quite fit together.

Dear Miami Dolphins,

Looking forward to this season against Miami's secondary.

Your friend,

Brett F.

Dear Miami Dolphins,

Looking forward to this season against Miami's secondary.

Your friend,

Tom B.

Dear Miami Dolphins secondary,

I forgot to ask you, please send me your waist sizes in advance so I can send you home with some Wrangler jeans after you visit us here in Minnesota. The jeans will be your best memory of your visit.

Your friend,

Bret F.

Now Brett and Tom.........
Kinda funny how you posted the same message at the same time.
You two hanging out together?
Brett, does the same offer go out to the Bills and the Jets?


When you and Tom are chillin', does he take the time to belittle you by showing you all his SB rings?

And Brett, how does it feel knowing that the football universe thinks of you a self-serving narcissist?

wow.....some of you are already ringing out your crying towels and the fins haven't even played game one of the REAL season.......what a sad existence some of you must live....lol.

Hey y'all.

I just got back from the 24 hour jewelry store.
Did I miss anything?

Kendall Langford.

When We let a 3rd string QB throw for 304 Yards....SOMETHING is WRONG HERE?????????

At least we got the U. to carry us for the year! This Fins bunch will be lucky to be 2-4 after six games! S. McGee 27/42 304yds. God help us!

Its gonna be a long year, I expected more from Parcells, I know its preseason, but I just don,t see a lot of talent , the O has got some players but the D doesn't really have any body, 3rd string QB lights them up, they are going to be a swinging gate

Start Pennington and trade Henne for Sam Mcgee! Go back to what we were doing in 08,at least we were eating the clock,if they make the play offs I'll change my name to Big Whitey!

please bring in bill cower next year

Now we have to hear about the positive things that happen in the game, the only thing positive was the plane not crashing on the way home!

thigpen proved he has what it takes;he is young,can make all the throws,can run and seems to make things happen. he does make mistakes but keeps coming at you just like when he was the K.City QB playing the fins. i hope the regime will recognize what they have and quit trying to trade our future starter.if there was a fair QB competition thigpen wins the job!

The Dolphins starters were terrible. They should have been in there for the entire game.

@ Stan Carino
Sean was in good position he just have to keep his body on the same level with the WR. He was right about being in good position he just have to make a play. I don't think you REALLY know football by that comment but it's OK you only a dolphin fan. Sean had a descent game as that was his only major mistake. Defense was not awful but i am worried that they allow so many yards through the air. seems as if they lack a burst or a step too slow. Watching film will help, more concerned about henne as penny seem more like a starter right now and the run game has struggled

QB looks lost. They have no cohesion on the oline (and there is no way Cognito / jerry are better than Garner / Smiley). Declining productivity from the RBs. Drafted the wrong DL. Crowder = Roth. Lost their two best pass rushers. Starting two rookies on defense and four in their first two years. Smith is awful at CB. Questions everywhere on this team - 3rd maybe 4th in the afc east. Pathetic once again.

The Camarillo trade demonstrates how terrible the secondary is and how concerned the team is about the back end. You guys are going to be whining for Porter and Taylor by week 3.

Good thing that Dolphin games are going to be "the biggest party in town" 'cause the football part is gonna suck. I'm sure people won't care that they suck as long as Buffet sings that stupid Fins song. NOT!

sean smith f3cking sucks. he will get torched all year long. need to put him at water boy.

the whole coaching staff needs to be revamped. they haven't even played a meaningful game yet, and they look like s4it.

blog infected with Chicken Little Syndrome. Some of you need to jump off a tall building and end your suffering now

I agree with Jets sucks- too much chicken little- Let the season start before shooting yourself. go support another team with your infectious negativity

is it me or the DL coach NOLAN didn't do a thing to improve from last year team defense which was run by an owner of a pizza joint .i think in BAL he had better players .it's all about the players not the coach .

sparano said clemons had no mental errors in 490 training camp reps. who would bother to count that? the fans can see with their own eyes clemons always arrives late to the play and has 1 total tackle in 4 pre-season games. nate ness(4 tackles last nite) and reshad jones(7 tackles last nite) are better. jason allen should start over s.smith. Play the best guys!

Parcells consistently builds .500 teams in the age of parity: big deal.
Sparano had NO head coaching experience before this job.
Ireland had NO GM experience before this job and repeatedly makes everyone in the organization look like an a s s h o l e.
Between them all the 3 stooges let 4 linebackers and a safety go and GOT NOTHING IN RETURN.
If they were the top three people in the company you work for how confident would be that your investment in the company stock ws a good one?
(Bus drivers and sanitation workers do not need to answer this question bobbyd12).

we folks the pre season is over and no one is really feeling great about our teams prospects this year.
we are not professional football talent scouts, but we do know talent when we see it.
I live in NE and from the moment Brady took over for Bledsoe you knew he had the goods.
I don't see many Brady's on this team and without standout talent, we'll be an average 8-8 team.
But, we'll still root for them every sunday and hope for the best....GO FINS

Some of you people need to get a life. Because of one bad preseason game you are ready:

to throw a young promising corner out the door.

Get rid of Henne who I believe is gonna be great.

Fire the head coach.

I'm sick of the needless negativity coming from the press and some of you know nothing fans. We are a very young team and they are still developing. Why dont you at least wait until they play a game that counts before you flip out.

What the hell is with all the jokes about Langford. The guy forgot to take his earing out before practice so what.

im hopin' will allen gets better soon!!

sean smith is mielda!!

moore showed up last night thank God!

cuz the more i see sapp getting burned or juked the more i miss camarillo

reshad seems to be getting comfortable out there trying to take some heads off

Wow, I thought the jets suck, but after carefully reading this blog it is apparent to me that many of you fans suck. Sure the fins have some issues, but the season hasn’t even started and they haven’t even shown their game plan yet. Did you really expect them to go to the super bowl this year? Take a chill pill and let it play off. You guys are so quick to jump ship. Maybe you should go jump on the Jets band wagon along with JT. Chemistry takes time so deal with it and grow a set

thigpen and c.penne give the phins the best chance to win. henne will sink the boat.no control. not a leader. happy feet.. LETS DANCE!! DANCE! DANCE.!!!!!! LMAO


Right now, WE are looking like 2nd stringers. Not Buffalo.

You guys are cracking me up.

any one know football says ,trade chad penne and let the young and the beautiful run the show .the more thigpen and white play the better off the dolphins will be .

so, went out and got a money wide out.
1. if he is double covered, throw to him and this will increase the INTS.
2. continue to double him and start throwing to Bess/Hartline.
3. Marshall will start to show his true self. Whine, and start controversy.

see you in a few weeks

Brady 12

Get used to these performances - 8 and 8 here we come.

are all of you people dolphin FANS? you sound as if you are NOT. try this suit up or one of your children and see how the game is really played, WISDOM FOR YOU speak good over your team and watch it happen. SEE U

it's all bs.. the real team is going to show up vs. Bills.. be patient. you mean to tell me that their 2nd team is better than us and our 2nd best team is better their 2nd? that's what the #s said yesterday..

it's a preseason game and the starters don't care about it. there's no reason why should have been there, but then again Henne needed to click with Marshall and line needed more time together...

we'll be fine... trust the Trifecta.. They've done good so far...

I can see R.BROWN,marshall,moore,sean smith,davis ,wake and henne having a great game in buffalo ......it's going to be a win and start the season on the right foot .

bottom line with this team to this point...NO CHEMISTRY!!!

any one notice marshall is sleeping during these 4 games /he's going to be a monster in buffalo.they are tricking people .another one going to be a monster dansby .

Everyone that is bitching over a little preseason game, root for another team. Dont come back to the bandwagon when the Dolphins end up 11-5. WHEN YOU GET OFF STAY OFF!!!!!

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