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Jared Odrick (hairline fracture) out two weeks

Conflicting reports are always interesting, particularly when I'm one of those in conflict so here we go:

This afternoon I reported defensive end Jared Odrick, nursing a leg injury, would miss this week's game versus Minnesota and was week to week for his return. I also reported the injury is not considered serious.

This evening, Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reported Odrick has a broken fibula and will be out six weeks.

And this is where we part ways.

I have been told by league sources that Odrick has a slight hairline fracture of the right leg. It does not require surgery. The X-rays were checked by noted Charlotte orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson and the prognosis is the Dolphins defensive end will be out approximately two weeks.

"Max," one source told me.

So six weeks or two weeks?

We shall see which source is correct.


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Let's see ... who do I believe? .... Cross-eyed LaCanfora or the Dolphins source? ....

Advantage Mando.

well glad we have our bye early. we can still beat the vikes Sun Go Fins!!!

who starts in his place?

Even if it is three or four weeks, Its better news than six (obviously)The fact it happened early in the season is a good thing. Had it happened in late November... We would be facing the end run without him..not good. Only area of concern, do you guys remember when Shaq got that deep thigh injury? Now don't get me wrong, I know Shaq milked it so he missed a few meaningless games in a crappy season. But what I heard and read was that thing would need drained and all sorts of nasty shiznit. I would Imagine no matter what length of time it takes, he will be feeling it until Thanksgiving or longer.

No big loss at this point in time. Might hurt his development a little but he's not really contributing much right now.

Way to be on top of things Mando!!

big J fractured his hairline?!?!?!

mando, did you consult his barber? i guess he will have to keep his helmet on 24 hrs a day...

I hope it's just 2-weeks.. who got cut to make room for Dotson? I know Geathers was cut to make room for WAlden..

When will this Curse ever end?

what curse????? how many qb's went down and how many players are gone for the year in week one???

i think we came out pretty good.

no curse just crazy fans.

I want to know when are the Fins going to trade for Vincent Jackson. It is apparent to me that out current crop of receivers are not getting it done. Other teams can simply double team Marshall, and single cover the other guys, just like this past Sunday, and Henne is not going to find anyone open. Bess is a good slot receiver as long as their is a good quality number 2 guy. The Fins do not have a good quality number 2 guy.

keep in mind that the Bills had the number 2 rated pass def last yesr and number 2 in INT. so that is not gonna happen every game.

swedish_phish, I hope you're joking

guys hartline is the answer he just has to shake off the rust he made some great plays in the endzone last year he will be a fine #2

plus jackson would cost too much picks and money

Hurry back Jared.

Best thing about Henne. he is not Sanches

i don't know about just 2 weeks Armando. there are ways of speeding up the healing process with certain types of therapy, but i'd be surprised at 2 weeks. let's hope so, at least for practice. maybe you'll get more definitive info soon.

Wtached the Jets game the other night and the lack of discipline in that team is astonishing.PENALTY after penalty on pass intereference on Cromartie..How they kept so close in the end shows me what a poor offence the RAVENS have.If it wasnt for TJ Housh and Bolden, they wouldnt score at all as Rice although good is TINY....Flacco was shyte as well.Sanchez played like a confused rookie and if he has a 2nd year slump, they will lose a heap of games....

So I am far happier with how we are tracking regardless of the points.

My concerns are the play calling and creating lanes for the RB's...this needs to improve.
With Henne, I think so many people are in his head that he is becoming over analytical on every throw....Like Dan says " Pick a guy and let it fly...".....that means take a look and let it rip....dont do too much thinking...

I think Sparano needs to tell him to just throw the sucker to someone free or BM...dont analysise it too much...it creates paralysis by analysis....

Encouraging sighns in the 1st game but we can do a lot better...

Does anyone know where Donald Thomas ended up.???

I get the impresion that if Henne had 300 yards game and a los, people would be happier, I'm sure in New Orleans the are not disapointed in Bress as we are in Henne with similar stats

Bigalfy- I think with Henne( and a lot of young qbs) that they get drilled over and over to not make the big mistake, ball security first. Especially teams that like to run the ball. This has to be one of the reasons that Henne has trouble sometimes letting the play develop before he gets rid of the ball underneath, or the checkdown. I think that untill he proves that he can make good decisions, we will continue to see more of this.Now if we can keep winning with Hennes average yards per completion at around 5.5 great, but I think against good teams this will bite us.

WOW !!! That's devastating. I love you Mando !!!

Donald Thomas is working at Miami Subs on Hollywood Blvd. The guy makes a mean gyro platter.

that was funny....

This sucks. I am liking what Odrick showed in the Buffalo game. Good pressure & penetration. "Bright" side of this though is this happened early in the season & realistically I am not look to see him until the Green Bay game. Get well Jared, Come back strong!!!

The Offense Begins And Ends With Ronnie Brown.

R.Brown 20 carr/gm Min.
Henne 20 pass attempts MAX.

Time to put a leash on Henning.


from what I heard The Bucs, Rams and Vikings are all in the hunt for him but the Chargers are wanting a 1st and 2 rd for him.

Vincent Jackson

Instead of getting another WR, the answer might just lie in letting Henne get some experience. People are so impatient. If he doesn't show growth this year then you start looking for a QB (again) next year.

With Odrick out, I hope the Fins slide Randy Starks back out to DE (where he played like a Pro Bowler last season) and give Soliai the start at NT. Stopping the run is going to be especially critical next Sunday because if Adrian Peterson is allowed to run roughshod all over the field then it will be a long day for all of us. The defensive keys for next Sunday:

1. Contain Adrian Peterson. He's too good not to make some big runs. The key for the Fins D is to limit those runs and to make him work for every yard.

2. Beat up Brett Favre. The Saints showed in the NFC Championship Game last season and the opening game this season that if you knock Favre down time and time again, he becomes flustered and plays like a shell of his former self. The Fins D has to get after him and knock him on his butt every chance they get.

3. Win the turnover battle. This one is self-explanatory. The Fins D has to come up with some turnovers on the road. Peterson has been dealing with a case of "fumbleitis" and Favre's decision making isn't what it once was. It won't be easy, but the Fins D will have opportunities to make game-changing plays.

thinking the offense begins and ends with ronnie brown is ludicrous. he is not much without ricky, and it should begin and end with brandon marshall. he catches that pass and our whole day is different. and the teams that make it the dance now are usually passing teams (colts, saints, etc)

henne needs to be let loose not just on game day but in practice. it gas to start so we can see what we have. when we get a lead, we literally try to do nothing. and just because that run o. third and ten worjed doesnt mean we should ever do it. too many fgs. this team during parcells era is the most frustrating to watch i have ever seen, bar none.
lastly, is it just me or does manny flat out not like henne. you dont, and all i want to know is why not. is he a dick? what about him bugs u?

Hope it is 2 weeks. He looked great on the line against the bills.

Run the ball a lot against Minny. don't give AP a chance to play.

I don't know why everyone whines about checkdowns. Would you rather him throw INT's? Not every set of downs produces points.

How do you think Welker gets the ball so much? Moss is covered on a lot of plays so they toss the ball to the secondary receiver over the middle.

Just a thought. Why not sign V. Jackson to a rich multi year deal ungauranteed and if it doesn't work cut him and save the money since this years uncapped.
I know there are two flaws to this.
One is that he will want gauranteed money, and two is that the chargers will want a high pick for him.
I'm not sure he's worth it but it may be worth investigating?

They need to bring in Charles Grant. The D-Line was already thin... Who is going to start? Dotson?

Go out and get a vet Ireland! Charles Grant or Marques Douglas are solid vets.


Maybe they can start Randy Starks at DE and move Soliai into the starting lineup.

I'm sure there will be plenty of shuffling along the D line for a while. I wouldn't be surprised to see Soliai and Starks in at the same time. They are going to continue to mix things up for a while.
If for no other reason than to confuse offenses.

Hairline fracture is going to be longer than two weeks, maybe two weeks before he can start doing some contact drills but not play out in full pads. The stress you put on your leg is tremendous, he is going to probably be on a bike for two weeks.

When does Roberto Wallace get some play? Bess is a good WR4 not a slot. Move Wallace to #2 and Hartline to slot.

wow, some good and some ridiculous suggestions. bess should be 4th WR??? are you kidding me? he is clutch!!

V Jackson? yeah, i'm sure he'll go for a big money no guarantee contract. are you kidding me? plus you have to meet the chargers demands. i can't imagine that being less than a 2. which we don't even have.

odrick hasn't shown much?? he played fantastic against the bills. how many rushing yards did they have? 50? he will be missed no matter how long he is gone. i'd imagine mcdaniels will start.

unleash henne? not against the bills. i thought he threw to much in that game. we were running great and they have a great secondary. unleash him when we play the jets and pats. the pats secondary is weak and cromartie and wilson are horrible for the jets. double moves all day long. cromartie can't move side to side and wilson never looks back for the ball and bites hard on pump fakes. revis may be an island but the rest of the field is a vast ocean filled with chum-ps.

there is no reason to try and get all these top receivers with our style of offense. we run a dink and dunk with emphasis on ball security. we probably won't even get the ball downfield to marshall(50 million). henning and henne have to decide to make some downfield throws to keep the defenses honest. we are playing "not to lose" football;rarely successful in todays NFL. its a pass driven league as evidenced by the top qb's;brady,manning,favre,rivers,brees etc.we were even afraid to throw the ball in training camp when it didn't count. look for more 12-10 games with FG's being cheered.

In order for our Offense to move into the next level Henne HAS TO start throwing the ball to Brandon Marshal a lot more that he has during pre-season and in the week 1 game. We have to create that threat and fear other teams must deal with as they prepare to play the Dolphins. I understand that it takes time to build that chemistry but guess what, WE DON’T HAVE THAT LUXURY! We play Minnesota, NJ and New England. If we truly want to be 4 -0 and at the top of our division as we head into the bye week these two guys have to start firing up points and instill fear into the hearts of our opponents!

Adalius working out in miami---i been waiting for this move before he was even cut in NE weeks ago----you dont talk about the Jetsonss in the locker-room, and belittle belichick---

Im a big AD fan, letsss gooooo---we need a VEt on Outside

Months agooo...

we should let mr. Jason La Canfora hear it from us dolphanatics how we do when we get b.s. reports!!!! dumb ass making shiz up

moving starks to DE and starting Solia is not gonna do anything for the run game. Isn't that what we had at the end of the year and people ran all over us?
Actually i was very surprised to see how often we ran a 4-3 instead of 3-4 in the bills game.
Maybe now we'll run more 4-3

I watched the game again last night and in the 3rd quarter when henne was in his slump he kept looking at hartline first. Hartline just couldn't get separation. Neither could anyone else. So henne kept checking it down to marshall or brown.
Either bills have a really good secondary or our receivers aren't getting open. BTW henning is getting worst at calling plays. They should have dumped him last year as well.

Boulder, AT 600,000 salary you can't ask any more of henne plus he's doing way better than a lot of a QB'S in his first full year as QB .try to complain about some thing else .

aloco, has henne thrown a td yet.?. how many games do the phins expect to win when your qb doesn't throw any td's.?. against cream puffs like the bills, you can get away with it. barely.

Donovan Macnabb of the red skins didn't score a TD in the win against cowboys .

2-joe Flacco didn't score a TDin the win against jets .

p.s 2watt ...at 600,000 you should just be happy you have a QB

2 watt, if marshall,hartline didn't drop balls like no tomorrow henne may have a TD .

Biagini (8:15 AM) is always the smartest guy on here.

Just a hunch, Mando...

But they may take advantage of the early bye-week and let Odrick heal up even more. Pilfering Lionel Dotson off of Denver's practice squad was a real smart move! I think Dotson is a very good player when his motors running hot and he comes cheap. The team will be fine with that temporary replacement.

a. thomas worx out.

PS, Mando.

The injury to Odrick could have been alot worse. Just consider Kris Jenkins injury for the Jets. Thats two years in a row on the same knee! Uuufaa!!
And he's the powerful centerpiece of the Jets defensive line! Ooouch!!

There sure are alot of out of work doctors on here......

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!


Miami is in trouble with LB'ers too. Read A. Thomas worked out today. Dobbins who was with the team almost all offseason, was slated to start and play. Turned out Bobby Carpenter had more meaningful snaps and played alot more & he was newly signed less than a week. In fact, I can't remember seeing Dobbins on D cept for 1 or 2 plays.

Might be time to cut Crowder or shelve him. We'll get Edds back next year. Alama Francis should be better with 1 year experience at OLB & maybe Micah Johnson shows enough promise to get a permanent place at ILB.

But, I think we need to consider drafting another stud ILB. It's not like Dansby is 24, he's 28 already.

I was sitting right behind the Dolphins bench last Sunday and Odrick was limping noticeably. I thought there was no way that he could play in a week.

Parcells, "Are you hurt or are you injured?"

He definitely looked injured.

That Inez chick is SMOKING....D A M N.

Sorry Mando but I gotta believe he is out for six weeks as that is why they brought back Dotson. If it were for two weeks, I think we could weather the storm. Just my shot in the dark.

My boyfriend threw a TD in my ass

"Feed Me Man Meat"

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