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Jared Odrick (hairline fracture) out two weeks

Conflicting reports are always interesting, particularly when I'm one of those in conflict so here we go:

This afternoon I reported defensive end Jared Odrick, nursing a leg injury, would miss this week's game versus Minnesota and was week to week for his return. I also reported the injury is not considered serious.

This evening, Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reported Odrick has a broken fibula and will be out six weeks.

And this is where we part ways.

I have been told by league sources that Odrick has a slight hairline fracture of the right leg. It does not require surgery. The X-rays were checked by noted Charlotte orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson and the prognosis is the Dolphins defensive end will be out approximately two weeks.

"Max," one source told me.

So six weeks or two weeks?

We shall see which source is correct.


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Why does David Neal have a tweet that read Adios micah Johnson?

That would be a shame. I like the kid.

Quentin moses absolutely sucks. 3 years on the roster and still nothing. He gave up the edge so easily while in the game on Sunday too.

down the drain season next week for the following teams;

1-Buffalo in GB
4-denver vs SEA HAWKS

Thats because Micah was cut today, I agree too bad. If he clears waivers maybe he be on PS??

Why does Quentin Moses continually stay on the team and someone who has value and promise like Johnson get cut? Bollas!!!

he must be ok to stay on the team unless he's married to ireland cousin .

Jets could easily start 0-3. All that talk and bravado and ypu get total lack of disipline. Ryan drilled Sanchez so hard about no INTs that kid is scared to throw bal dowmfield. Gronkowski gonna kil them...

right on every point bobby

Bobby couldn't agree more. Ryan set his team up to fail this year with all his yapping, not to mention some of their additions were really questionable. Cromartie looked awful Monday and I don't think Taylor has much left in the tank.

graig, let's wait before it's official the jets will be done.just give them the yellow eyes .did you notice the fat coach isn't talking any more ?

Rex Ryan is a darn good if not great DC. He put a great big target on his young QB with all that "we are the best, see you in Dallas" talk. Cromatie looked awful. Jason Taylor was respectable IMO but is not an every down player.

ALoco, they go 0-3 Brunell will be their QB but all the fight wil be outta them.

Darn it, they waived Micah J.

Moses and Crowder are still here. We resign Walden, workout Agelius Thomas and cut Micah Johnson.

Is Ireland getting bored or just f u c k i n g stoopid?

Dansby is going to see to it that we don't have to talk about Favre anymore. Ever.

Agree it shoulda been Moses waived.

Dotson couldn't beat out Langford, Merling or Mcdaniels.
With Odricks expected return he'll be a stop gap at best.
Dotson's been practically invisible in two years here, but I bet you noticed Grant and Douglas in just a few pre season games here.

Hopefully/probably, this is just a third string, stop gap non-issue.

Ultimately and seriously it's a scary peek into Jeff(is your Momma a ho)Ireland's pompous, egotistical, Bill Parcel-less MIND.

Parcells stepped down less than a week ago and this guy is doing his best Matt Millen impersonations.

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come with Odrick, being injured chronically. He sure looked good sunday, and we need everybody on the field this first half of the season.

Mark my words people, dis guy is trouble.

5 months ago he proved he didn't know how to conduct a pre draft rookie INTERVIEW!

Now all of the sudden, he miraculously knows how to run an NFL team?

Bill WTF were you thinking?

September 15, 2010 at 12:28 am
HELP!!!! HELP!!!! Chris T...HELP!!!!. My boyfriend Tim/Knight gave me a golden shower when I fell asleep last nite. HELP!!!!!!.


Would you mind if I use your last post with some "slight" modifications? Thanks.

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come with Ireland being chronically STOOPID. He sure looked STOOPID today, and we need people that can PLAY on the field this first half of the season.

Thanks again dolfanSF.

the gold correction is underway .

odin, for ireland to do any thing re defense he has to get NOLAN and sparano' OK .

Have some faith Odinseye....

People had no faith comming into week 1. Now people have no faith comming in to week 2. What gives.

With Nolan as our DC i think its more about the scheme that it is the players. This is the first time in my memory when i felt like our scheme can beat the other teams Offense. Unless Dansby goes down our "D" will be fine.

A Loco,

You beat me to it.


i recommend every one go to nfl.com to read an article named ...

(( jets goes from toast of the town to....toast ))

I have faith that Parcels choose the right people to stewarded this team for the next decade. I hope your instincts are wrong Odin.



sorry for the grammer.

ALoco, why are you so bearish on gold? it's the best thing to own on the market long term.

F**KIN Quentin Moses, when he was on the field, the Bills ran right at him and he was clueless. What info does this guy have on teh trifecta to stay on this team???

Kris and Aloco,

I was hoping someone would disagree with me. That someone would help me "see the other side".

Thanks for the effort. I was starting to feel better until I read this:

Unless Dansby goes down our "D" will be fine.

Then I thought about Crowder backing up Dansby instead of Micah...........
Then I thought about how much Ireland looks like a big dumb Owl.............
Then I thought about Nolan's defense playing real well last year...for six weeks.........

Then I thought.......SHEESH, it's barely noon and I could use a drink ALREADY!!!!

Oh well.......I guess I'm still in.



you changed my mind.when in hell ireland will be fired ?

mark, gold was up 120 dollars last 3 weeks .time for it to fall .


i think we are good with mike nolan;he's a proven D genius. i worry about sparano and henning in his ultra conservative "dink and dunk" offense. henne looks very tight and uncomfortable in our offense. penne is comfortable in that type of offense because you don't need the big arm to run it. its all about ball security and no chances downfield. you don't need a 50 million dollar receiver to run it. i personally would like to see us in shotgun and 4 wideouts and let henne or thigpen run a pro offense(ala brett). take the handcuffs off and go out 100% to score TD's;it would be exciting football! we got the qb's;we got the big receivers;let's go get it! we have paralysis by analysis.

p.s. i have 0% confidence in ireland. he struggled in interviews that we know about(dez bryant and clark from pitt). he missed on draft picks and free agents. if parcells stops quick they will need a tow truck to pull jeff out.

man one thing i still cant figure out is with a top-5 run game how is it not possible we cant atleast get the ball 20 yards down the field with play action?

Greg z,

Paralysis by analysis? I think I had that. ONCE! It sucked!

When Henne came in for Penne last year it was the same way. Henne never got to open it up and throw the ball until our backs were against the proverbial wall.

We can't wait until were in that position. We need to open it up NOW and put OTHER teams in THAT position.

If Parcell's can take the trainig wheels off of that idot Ireland, then Henne can take em off of Henne.



That should read IDIOT and HENNINGS.

I repeat- Duh!

ODIN, how are you going to feel if HENNE opened it up and the interceptions count started to mount ?

600,000 ?

odin, i was at the bills game on sunday. we had a superior team player wise and outplayed the overmatched bills. even with that,they were in it until the last minute. we can't put teams away with handcuffs on our offense. henne looks soooooo uncomfortable with people preaching noooturnovers! an athelete can't perform that way. henne is thinking instead of playing. he couldnt even run down the play clock for god's sake. we turned him into a sanchez who is also paralyzed!


I've thought about that myself and I think it directly relates to what Greg just posted.

My thoughts:

Henne: Young inexperienced QB with no real no.1 receiever last year.

Henning: Dink and dunk till we DIE!

Parcells/Sporano: Manage the game, no turnovers, manage the game, no turnovers, manage the game, no turnovers.............

Now that we have some semblance of a Defense, solid running game and Brandon the Beast Marshall?

Henning: Chicken Sheet!

Vikings 31
Fins 13

Fellas, because it's you making these silly remarks I'm not gonna bash you, but I humbly ask you to calm down and reflect on what you're saying.

Greg, you have 0 confidence in Ireland over Dez (which had 0 effect on the team whatsoever) and Ryan Clark (who SAID that he was playing Miami because he really wanted to be a Steeler). So, if those are your reasons, I'm not sure Ireland has anything to do with either of them or if it affected the team more than a 1 day story.

Odin, you answered yourself. Dotson is exactly that (a 3rd-string stop-gap in case of injury). You should be glad he couldn't beat out those guys (as they are our starters). Also, if you think for one minute Ireland still isn't at least consulting Parcells on these moves, you're crazy. Yeah, Parcells is probably saying, "tell me what you're thinking first," but if he doesn't like what Ireland's doing, I'm 100% sure he won't let him do it.

If I remember correctly, Bess was an undrafted FA. Ireland WAS/IS the GM. Unless you guys know better, that means HE brought Bess here (so there's goes your theories about him not knowing anything). Dansby, Marshall, Dobbins, ALL FA pick-ups while Ireland was GM. I remember draft day, after the 2nd pick, this blog was RUN A MUCK by posters talking about, "who this Koa Misi?" He's a DE, and they're gonna teach him a new position?" Crying, crying, crying. Seems like (at least after 1 game) Misi is legit (not only that, only one of a few starting rookie LBs, so he's not dumb.

Point is, Ireland's done some good (you're blind if you think he's only done bad here). Point is, if you respect Parcells' football knowledge, HIS protege is Ireland (therefore, you're saying you know more about Parcells about football-minded people). Point is, Dallas DIDN'T want to let Ireland go, not 'cause he's a moron (and I think Jerry Jones has more SuperBowl rings than Wayne H, right?). So, you guys are getting a little too emotional on Ireland. Henning's another story, I agree that he can really destroy this team by his offensive philosophy, but Ireland WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT be the reason we win or lose game in or game out. It's now on the coaches and the players, 90% of the blame at this point rests with them.

ODIN, how are you going to feel if HENNE opened it up and the interceptions count started to mount ?

600,000 ?

Posted by: ALoco | September 15, 2010 at 01:05 PM

I'd feel the same way as I did when my son fell off of his bicycle. My instincts wanted me to be over protective, but I had to take the training wheels off sooner or later.

PS: Scared money don't make money!


I've been waiting for the sky is falling crowd to jump out of their skin when Henne throws his first int this year. It always happens and I actually get a wierd kick out of it.

The fact is, if you don't let the guy throw down the field and get his share of completions and int's you're hindering his growth.

Marino and Farve both threw tons of ints and they both turned out to be fine young men.

DCDolphan, from what i know,jeff was completely out of line with a young prospective player that we might draft and didnt apologize till he got caught. ryan clark said he didnt come because of jeff ireland. jeff has to take responsibility for drafting/wasting early picks on pat white,pat turner,sean smith and signing FA misses too numerous to mention.

time is different ODIN,marino did play for 100 years as QB .today if you fail in one season they send you to raise goats .

1- tebow will be sent to raise goats.
2- sanchez will be sent to raise goats .

odin, my point exactly. even in training camp henne did not take any chances downfield. i watched 2 solid weeks of screens and checkdowns. wouldnt you think camp is the place to find out what you got??? we couldnt score in 7 on 7's or full team scrimmages; no chances,ball security. so we really don't have a guy who learns from his mistakes because he's not allowed to make any. what if brady, brees or favre were afraid to throw the ball???

there is nothing wrong with an occasional interception;they happen in football. at the end of the year one has to believe you will have a favorable ratio of td's to int's. thats the way it is. you cant paralyze your offense because you're afraid to throw downfield. next you'll be afraid to run because you might fumble! lets see what we got!!! take the training wheels off.

Thanks DC for being the voice of reason.

A quick rebuttal on mine and greg z's behalf.

Ireland: What does your Dad do?

Dez: He's a pimp.

Ireland: What does your Mom do?

Dez: She works for my Dad.

Ireland: Duh, how much does she charge?

Think about it DC, I'm a F U C K I N G IDOT and I know the proper response. We all know the inference to be drawn, but even I wouldn't have jumped to a conclusion. Not at this critical juncture.

ODIN: In what capacity does she work for your Father. Ta Dah!

You put the ball back is his court! I'm just a Rum drinking idiot that loves to play guitar and I know this. Everything else aside, this "exchange" alone had to make me question his intelligence.

The rest of my tirade today is mainly because I loved Micah Johnson.

henne does just fine when the training wheels are removed. or have you all forgotten how many shoot outs he orchestrated last season with a lesser receiving core. maybe the cross winds affected play calling. maybe henne had a flashback to last years 3 int buff game and he didn't want to take any chances. i loved all the different looks the defense gave.

henne threw an interception last year in the last game , you remember ?

let's play football as the head coach see fit .

aloco. what about jon gruden coaching the phins.?

what's up Odinseye? i see you are thought of as a multi personalitied fan. peterson might brake a few but i have faith dansby and co. will have no prob tracking him down before he does too much damage. plus Bell will be right around the line of scrimmage eyeing him.

only thing gruden would bring to miami are multiple qb's that aren't starting material and running backs that can't stay healthy.


True Dat Home Bu-ooY! This is a very different day and age.

Raising goats-LMFAO!

On a serious note, I hope they DON"T put Sanchez "out to pasture".

I don't know how long it will take a dumb a s s like rex ryans to realize it, but the wetspots would be a much better team with Brunnell in the game.

I know, I know, he's old and he was never THAT good, but the fact is he's better at breakfast than sanchito is ALL DAY LONG!

Viva el sanchito!

I'm out. Get ready to see miami open up the passing game and light up minny's secondary as they can't cover and miami will find running room hard too come by.

sammo. it hasn't opened up since marinos' 2nd to last season which was 1998..and it's his b,day today btw.

Hairline fractures are usually the result of overuse, aren't they? Perhaps the Dolphins are pushing their rookies too hard.


Multiple personalities? Are you kidding me? I'm a F U C K I N G Chameleon.

I jump out of the shadows, I fit in any scheme!

Momma nick named me Triangle cause I try all the angles!

OK, that was probably a result of too much coffee for lunch.

Sammo, the way we kept Spiller and crew in check gives me a good bit of confidence facing Peterson this week. The way this new look D swarms to the ball, the second guy has to go for the strip. Peterson does have a slight case of fumbilitus.

My main concern this week is basically the same as last week. Jason Allen. This isn't a cut on Allen. Just a little(OK a lot)concern.

As pumped up as I was about Sean Smith, if Allen's outplaying him, he's my guy.

PS: Farve aint no Viking.

Kill the POSERS!

We realesed Micah Johnson...WTF...WWWWTF!!!!! I'm going on a vidulant crime spree today, pehaps a relapse into the dark world of glorious opiate abuse. What is going on here? What Am I going to do with the custom MJ jersey I had made for my sweet mom?

Of course Dan Marino's open passing didn't win us a Superbowl either

"Feed Me Man Meat"

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