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Jared Odrick (hairline fracture) out two weeks

Conflicting reports are always interesting, particularly when I'm one of those in conflict so here we go:

This afternoon I reported defensive end Jared Odrick, nursing a leg injury, would miss this week's game versus Minnesota and was week to week for his return. I also reported the injury is not considered serious.

This evening, Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reported Odrick has a broken fibula and will be out six weeks.

And this is where we part ways.

I have been told by league sources that Odrick has a slight hairline fracture of the right leg. It does not require surgery. The X-rays were checked by noted Charlotte orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson and the prognosis is the Dolphins defensive end will be out approximately two weeks.

"Max," one source told me.

So six weeks or two weeks?

We shall see which source is correct.


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Hairline fractures can be from trauma. It's stress fractures that are typically chronic (i.e., from overuse). According to the information relayed by Mando's source, Odrick will be fine from a seasonal perspective. (Zach Thomas suffered a similar injury in his second or third year on a kick coverage, but came back fast and effective.) With that said, we'll need all McDaniel can gives us this Sunday against Favre and Peterson. Perhaps just having some fresher legs (even if due to a starter's injury) will be of greater benefit to us than usual given that Minnesota will have had 2.5 days more rest than Miami (which is significant in the NFL.)

kind of surprised no one has mentioned culvers goofs in the secondary that led to the td late in the game. It happened ealier also but we got to the qb b4 he could find the wide open blown coverage. Ditch culver and bring back nate ness. Also Odrick played good and we need him back quickly. Henne is taking to much time to make his reads, ball is late or short on the pass routes, and he is not moving well realizing the pocket is collapsing. Also he needs to have some smarts, dont take the sack at the end of the game, heave it downfield somewhere uncatchable, then mayb we get a field goal on that last drive.we were running the ball great on that drive, its first and 5 and then we pass imcomplete, 3rd and 5 he gets sacked,kncoking us out of potential score.

Greg/Odin, I'm with you on the stupidity of the Dez Bryant situation. That was all in Ireland's court and he f**ked it up ROYALLY. But, we weren't gonna take the kid (I was pushing for it back then). I could tell in all their actions that they weren't interested (plus, if we did, it would have meant NOT getting Marshall, and I think we made the right choice in that).

Greg, I give you Patrick Turner. But Pat White, it's KNOWN he was heavily lobbied by Parcells, so to me that's on him. If he wanted him that bad, I doubt it mattered what Ireland thought (I could be wrong, but that's my understanding of the situation). Sean Smith, you're just dead wrong there. Who would have started last year if we didn't have Smith? And, the kid was NOT bad for being a rookie and playing ALL year. Has he gone backwards, yes, can he recoup, YES! Not sure if you were one of those, "give Pat White a shot," people on here, but look where he is now, OUT OF THE NFL. Sean Smith will be in this league for MANY years to come, he's nowhere near done or close. He has loads of potential, I don't call him a failure yet.

As far as the others, I think Ireland won some and lost some (I mentioned who I think he won on). So, again, his has been an average tenure here so far. I'd give him a B-, C+. Not great, but not horrific. And, just to mention, if Ireland goes, you know who we're getting...Peterson of crappy Chiefs fame (not sure he'd be an upgrade).

Odin, I agree on Micah Johnson, no way we should have let him go (I'm hoping they know he'll be on the practice squad).

So I see everybody is still on the Henne sucks,Parcells sucks,the head coach sucks,Ireland sucks and basicaly our whole team sucks.You guys are unbelievable calling yourselves Dolphin fans.

Wow Mando,

During the offseason we were getting a couple of blog posts a day. No that the season has started we are barely getting one per day....

I guess your new radio show is keeping you busy....

Culver gave up aTD in the 4th quarter.....lets get rid of him.He's complete garbage.Henne got sacked....loser.Marshal droped a pass.....he's a waste of space.Oderick suffered a hair line fracture.....WTF is wrong with the front office,knowing full well that Oderick would get injured in his first professional game in the NFL?


Agree about Smith. He appears to be a high-achieving rookie who lost focus during the offseason. Once he embraces that hard work made him an outstanding starting rookie corner, he'll come back and I think strongly if he has the character to respond by focusing and working. (The gaping flaw in last year's secondary was not at the edges. It was the middle, along with the absence of LB's who could cover the TE.) Also, let's please give previous number 1 draft pick, Jason Allen, some credit as a legit starting corner. He survived the transition from Saban, to Cameron, to Parcells & Co. If he wasn't genuinely talented, Parcells & Co. would have promptly jettisoned him. Setting aside the fact that he's been subjected to different staffs, different positions and even different techniques within positions, guys develop at different rates in this league. For some the light bulb suddenly turns on, and brightly in their fourth and fifth year. (Cases in point: Miles Austin was an undrafted, fourth year player when he had his coming out party last year; Arian Foster is a second year player (technically a first year player because he was on last year's practice squad).

Brett Favre will go 33-33. 723 yards 9 TDs .
Adrian Peterson will have 25 rushes for 347 yards and 5 TDs.
The Vikings D will hold Ronnie

WTF...not showing my whole post?I can't remember all everything ?Damn.

Yikes.....that's not what I said either.I want my $ back for this app.


Very good comment about Austin and Foster. Agreed wholeheartedly. Not everyone gets it in year 1. I'm very encouraged by Allen's progress (and I was one calling for his head last year, so I admit my miscalculation there). He's an asset to the team. I think in due time Smith will be good too. After last game, I'm MORE impressed with our team, not less.

Everyone is taking Minn in the suicide pool at the Cantina this week, 3/4 the peolpe left as a matter of fact. This will be a good week to knock out a bunch of people. I've been taking a lot of flak from these hornblowers, each week the opposing team morphs into the team I hate the most, and now the focus is on Vikes.


Are you impostering me?

I love knocking people out in Catina's. Of course the bond money always interferes with my liquor budget. Priorities my good man, priorities.

I've been trying to get the lead guitar part down for Purple Haze and it's driving me NUTS!

Oh what I wouldn't give for an unsuspecting poser viking fan to drive up and ask for directions right now.

Patrick Turner loves my Vag_Ina


Darryl, that's cause Minn doesn't lose at home. Plus they've beaten us the last few times we played, so a semi-safe bet. But, you're right, good time to knock some suckers out. I'd go for Houston over Washington (that looks like a lock to me).

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