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Jets beat Dolphins 31-23 to take first in AFC East

The Dolphins came into this game the AFC East's only unbeaten team.

They come away from this 31-23 loss in a three-way tie with New England and New York. All three teams have a 2-1 record.

The defense simply wasn't up to the task tonight, folks.

The run defense was leaky for the second week in a row, this night yielding 146 yards on the ground. Suprisingly, the defense that was so good against the pass the past two weeks, collapsed tonight. Mark Sanchez completed 15 of 28 passes for 256 yards and three touchdowns without an interception.

Chad Henne and the offense -- playing with one hand behind its back as the running game was a no-show -- stayed close for a time. Henne had his best game of the season, throwing for 364 yards while completing 26 of 44 passes with three TDs and no interceptions.

Jason Allen had a tough night, giving up a 67-yard TD completion to Braylon Edwards and also getting called for pass interference in the end zone.


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what started it was the lame pf call at the beginninf u cant stop in motion

Is there an OC available off the waivers?

Heart-breaking loss in a brutal battle. But I'm going to try to think positively: the offense has a real pulse and can build from this. I'd like to see more of the Henne/Marshall connection.

JT: Now that you've made your statement to Parcells, shut up, you turncoat!

One annoying thing about the loss: more of the Jests in the national media.

Number one priority for next year.
A real Offensive Coordinator.
Dan Henning is a mere stop gap.
Let's get someone who wants to win.

Tortued dolphin,

Sounds like you've had them stuck in your head so many time you've gotten brain damge.

There's a reason your upper lip smells like ball sack!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! i hate the jets!

We played TERRIBLY. Still had chances. I think some really good things came out of this game. The coaches saw that, yes, is IS OK to push the ball down the field. Pass protection looked good. The trick plays will go away. (Sure wish we still had Mike Westoff.)

BTW, do any of you feel the urge to waste your time on Jet message boards? I mean this completely seriously: how sad and classless do you have to be?

This wa not all on the D. I agree with the comments about the wildcat and gadget plays. We were on point with the passing game and taking Henne off the field killed us. when he has to take us out of 2 and 16 its drive killers. This is why we settled for field goals not touchdowns. We never asked to take the ball out of Marino's hands, not saying hes Marino but he cannot win games for us when we back ourselves up. Were 2-1 not 1-2. We just have to get it together for next week.

And I would love to see a website firehenning.com.

The main thing I thought was we just didnt come out with the agression and focus we needed for the intensity that this game would call for.Jets looked really hungry and wanted it more. Its only one loss but I understand how everyone feels, losing to the jets is harder than other teams. I just hope the team can get their act together for New England for another big night game monday.GO DOLPHINS!

The Wildcat is a Pussycat, which has to be eliminated. Special Teams were a no-show. Henne was AWFUL the first quarter, oh my gosh, was he awful. Glad he woke up, but only to have Henning call that stupid freak'in Pussycat. LOSE IT, HENNING.

Dobbins is bad but Carpenter is horrific. He should never see the field again except maybe special teams. Will Allen would have been back at week 6 where he would have been a big help but we decided to pick up some no name fill in players instead. All of which are no longer on the team. Way to go Ireland

Can we like promote CP10 to OC and dump Mr. Lethargic Brain?

lets get ready for the Pats.


Tough loss, a slip and couple of near ints away from a win. Henne had a breakout game, still a bit mechanical, but had some good throws and spread the ball around. Completely agree w/other posts, we really don't need the wildcat anymore, time to give it a rest, a nice looong rest. Unless we can throw out of it, it is a one dimensional, momentum killing trick play that everybody is prepared for. The D is young and is going to have growing pains, but the talent is there for the most part.

OK I know everyone is killing the wildcat, but it just needs to be used smarter. The Jets had 3rd and 15, call a wildcat play with Brad Smith and get the 1st down which leads to a field goal. Worked pretty well there. He had at least one other good wildcat run. It just needs to be used in smarter situations and it will be successful.

zaphod- The offensive identity is to establish the run first. 2 reasons we couldn't do that was we fell behind early, and 2 we got dominated up front when we did try and run it. The guard play on both sides off the line was bad tonight, the pass blocking was good, even very good at times, but we could not establish the line of scrimmage to run it. We won't win to many games against good teams when we fail to do this. As far as the offense "sucking" I disagree, we just got beat in one facet of the game(offensivley) We did score a bunch of points, we did move the ball, and our Qb did a good job of finding the right reciever, and recognizing where the pressure was coming from. I will say that we were handcuffed some by puzzling play calling, but that is easy to say after the fact. Basically in a close game, the outcome rests on 1-2 plays. Tonight those plays didn't go our way.

Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby earned their money tonight.

If stickum is allowed, Ricky needs it. The wildcat in positions when Henne was getting into a groove and building momentum with laser passes cost of two drives!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all a good, close game, but our run D without Fergie in the middle is killing us and the guys on the ends, need to learn to set the edge, the run by Tomlinson with Starks jumping killed us so did Wake biting on Smith WC run.

Fine DAN HENNING $5,000 for every Wildcat play he calls.

The offensive was great, but we needed better running. but the guy who lost the gae for us tonight was jason allen. our D got handled, but allen gave the game away - slips on an easy tackle, doesnt cover the underneath throw, doesnt turn around in the end zone. end of game.

I love the idiot posters talking smack on Henning. Henne just threw for his most yards ever, morons. The key was a lack of pressure on Sanchez, a bonehead Jason Allen play, and the D not tackling Brad Smith's first down run.

Reasons why we lost: Mental mistakes, special teams, Dan Henning, couldn't run the ball, couldn't stop the run. Take just one of those away and we would have won.

DAN HENNING does not fit into the "Youth Movement" concept.

JM- Sorry, I'm going to continue killing the wildcat, or it will kill me. I'm usually a positive person, try and look at the good side of things. But that formation is costing us momentum, and downs. It is pathetic right now



Just wait until the Jets get their starters back on defense. This is as good as it gets for the Dolphins.

Only an idiot would back Dan Henning and his antiquated Wildcat Crap.

How many drives did the wildcat kill tonight....4?...5?

I don't know why Mandos so down on Jason Allen.That was a slip on the touchdown and He had decent coverage on the other play. The interference was very questionable. He was covering there best receiver and the guy caught 2 passes . I mean cromartie gave up 10 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown to our number one receiver, and the commenator said he has a decent game. Sean Smiths the one that got smoked several times to Dustin Keller..

at times Dan play calls are great but too many cute plays puttimg us in long yardage

wildcat has to go

there was a time it was good when we had ni playmakers now we do admit it and be done with it.

A creative OC could have won this game with the talent that we have.
Time to find a "Franchise OC."

We lost, so what!....dolphins have a tough schedule! no doubt gentlemen! but it is what it is, no matter what we (the fans) say, what the reporters say, it doesn't matter....it's what the coaching staff dictates and what the players can accomplish! it is as simple as that and as complex as that! we shall beat the Pats and be back on top!!!!

Defense was disappointing---

Ybell cant cover

Misi and wake dont set edge, majority of runs spell to perimeter not on inside.
Dobbins over runs too many plays,

Jason allen has to play more consistent for most of the game he played decent but you cant make 3 mistakes goin against a wr like braylen edwaards

Henne played real well but i still think his inabilty to create time in pocket and to looke thhrough his reads is a major issue down the road---if the first read isnt there he doesnt trust his awareness or vision---

Brandon marshall is the best WR in the league---He made orton look like a starter...

we will go 9-7---schedule is real tough

last week was a fluke he has always sucked go back to special teams

Anyone who has ever played football knows that the 3rd down effort by Allen with safety help over the top should get him cut on the spot

Sanchez after the game thanked Patrick Turner for what he did for them in the game. He didn't do anything in the actual game so must be thanking him for the secrets to the wildcat and our offense. Thanks Patrick. Guess we need to change it up thanks to his big mouth.Sad that he would sell us out like that. We gave him every chance here. The Jets just used him for knowledge. They won't keep him

Need an OC that can grow with CH7 and BM19.
Need an OC that can relate to the talent that we have.
Need an OC that can think outside the Wildcat.
Need a long term solution to the OC problem.


A 10 yard pass that turns into a 67 yd td and you say he slipped
Sean Smith almosts gives up a td in the preseason and you poeple want him cut

I agree with Odinseye, you're spot on. I was at the game and was very frustrated by our play calling and how long it took Henning to unleash Henne and Marshall.
Basically our play calling on offense and our special teams' play cost us this game.
1. How do you not score a TD on 2nd and 3 from the 3 after Marshall's 30 yd catch? We had 2 chances to get 3 yards but we threw it twice and got zilch.
2. Does this senile idiot not realize that he's using the wildcat at the most inopportune times? Right after we gain 10 or 15 yards, right outside their 30yd line. If anything, use the damn thing inside their 10 yd line!

Pathetice to see how we let this one slip away because of our incompetence.

one positive is henne- marshall the d had an off day o well we will continue to improve lighten up people atleast we aint the bills lol

Just to be fair.....
Maybe we need to dump John Bonamego as well.

lighten up??? come on man! how can ypu lighten up on crappy play calling like that.
PLAIN and simple...inside the 10 yard line you throw the darn ball to BM and we would have been going for two...instead we throw to tripple coverage on fasano...made me sick people!

Henne did throw an interception. Sorry Armando but it ended the game so, I'm counting it.

i'd like to smack t-rex in the chops...

all of you guys calm down. one game does not a season make.. we can beat the jets 9 out of 10 times...

I pity the patsies...

we didnt run the ball bad play calling 2 down and 2 and you pass 3 and 2 and you pass knock on the endzone WTF!!

I was at the Game 50 yard line 6 row we didnt pound! the ball!! all we did was pass bad play calling when we should off run and our defense gave D-Sanchez all day

I think this game was lost early on. Our young team came out and faced a playoff team that came out ready to play. It took our guys the better part of the first half to match the Jets intensity. We can blame the playcalling, the refs, Jason Allen, or whatever. The fact is the team is young and quite frankly, they have not faced this type of pressure very often.

Once Henne settled down I thought he was quite effective, although I still think he needs to learn to look off his recievers, and throw with more touch at times, but that is nitpicking. He led us back dispite the Wildcat. The team just got outplayed tonight. The defense folded down the stretch. It happens, especially with young teams. They are still a few players away, but they will improve. Let's not over react.

I don't deny that the wildcat was hurting momentum the way it was used tonight, but that was because of when Henning was calling it. But I think if used in unexpected situations (sorry to bring it up again, but the Brad Smith 3rd and 15 wildcat play when he caught the Dolphins totally off guard and got the 1st down) it is still very successful and can catch teams off guard to produce big plays.

We should have been 3-0... The Phins were rolling on offense until Henning decided to get cute and do a reverse with Cobbs out of the Wildcat and lose 6 yards, and then the Ronnie Brown pass out of the wildcat. I think the Wildcat is effective when we are close to scoring... We should have ran the ball there when we were at the 3 yard line instead of throwing those fades... Oh well,,,hopefully the Phins learn from the mistakes tonite and come back next week shut down Tom Brady, and Crowder comes back healthy.. PS.. Jake is a beast he shut down JT

did we not beat the Jets the last 5 times we meet before this Game we might be young but we are bette than what we played on that field and better then the JETs the last couple of years we ran the ball right over them not this game very bad play calling on offense

When it comes to the Wildcat, we need to dump it from our playbook.
Other teams expect it and prepare for it.
It does not work anymore.

Prepare for the Wildcat to be used against us for the rest of the season because it appears we cannot stop it.

We wanna win GAMES not just stay close in games.

DAN HENNING - How do you live with yourself?

why did j allen have to center field turn (when he was in off man coverage), on an out route. And he wouldn't have "just slipped" if he would have did what little league kids are taught which is keep a good base and never bring your feet together.

Orton threw for over 400 yrds today just saying he is a starting QB already

Well lets be honest, our beloved defense was a no show today. Jason Allen return to his "old" form. It wasnt just the 67 yrds TD, but the interference call in the end zone and numerous times that he gave up a good chunck of yards. The running defense again was horrible. They should put Stark back at nose tackle and try to find a another DE. He was a no show and Solai well, he is just a decent backup, just a backup. No sacks, barely a pass rush and Langford had an easy interception but culdnt hold the ball. On the other side of the ball, our running game (again) fail badly. I dont know if our guards are not good on run blocking or what. And Fasano, if you compare him to the rest of the TE in our League, we need to upgrade. But at least the triflecta of Hennen, Marshall and Hartline had a heck of a game.

The Jets ran the Wildcat better than us 2 nite. Killing us w/our own poison. Brad Smith made key plays against us that has been overlooked either in the Wildcat or special teams. Disappointing loss especially to the Jets living here in NY working w/Jet fans

jason allen = bust. when does this team put him to bed? he sucked @ corner, so we moved him to FS, he sucked there, so we benched him. now he's back in front of 24, and sucks more. all he has done in 4 years is proven that he cannot tackle or defend a taller receiver. why is this guy on the payroll?

and yes, ......dan henning's play calling is so peewee football it hurts.

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