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Jets beat Dolphins 31-23 to take first in AFC East

The Dolphins came into this game the AFC East's only unbeaten team.

They come away from this 31-23 loss in a three-way tie with New England and New York. All three teams have a 2-1 record.

The defense simply wasn't up to the task tonight, folks.

The run defense was leaky for the second week in a row, this night yielding 146 yards on the ground. Suprisingly, the defense that was so good against the pass the past two weeks, collapsed tonight. Mark Sanchez completed 15 of 28 passes for 256 yards and three touchdowns without an interception.

Chad Henne and the offense -- playing with one hand behind its back as the running game was a no-show -- stayed close for a time. Henne had his best game of the season, throwing for 364 yards while completing 26 of 44 passes with three TDs and no interceptions.

Jason Allen had a tough night, giving up a 67-yard TD completion to Braylon Edwards and also getting called for pass interference in the end zone.


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Stop bltching you bunch of cry babies, It's the NFL, your 2-1, better than 0-3

Tough loss to a team we could have beaten... we didn't make enough plays, plain and simple.

The special teams gave up field position right and left. Carpenter, keep the kicks in bounds...period. Next years draft class better have a slippery speedster of a return guy in it. Special Teams are a 3rd of the game so special teams shares blame. I can't stand it when Mike Westhoff gets happy vs the Fins!

The lack of stats from our NON EXISTANT Pass Rush were indicting. Either holds werent called as much as they should have or the Jets have stellar blocking. Even when the right play was dialed up it seemed ill executed. Vontae should have took a couple of steps towards Sanchez when he rushed him in the endzone. He didn't seem to be running fast like he was worried about a fine or penalty for a late hit. That could have been another hit like in Minn with a turnover and points.

Speaking of personal fouls that one on Clemons earlier in the game was lame. He didn't even launch himself and pulled up some.

No run game... It's gotta be there...period. In light of this, that is why I think the Wildcat should STAY...That's right, STAY! They just have to stop trying to get cute out of it. Ronnie gains 4-5 yards most plays he runs directly behind the unbalanced line. When they try the clever reverses and throws out of the wildcat formation is when they have negative yardage. Ronnie is no QB and besides the little dink tosses to a TE about 8-10 yards away I think he whiffs other passes. The toss to Marshall was quite off target. The formation has been effective over time when kept basic Ronnie Brown moving forward after the Ricky fake handoff. Ricky's sweeps have had decent success as well but not nearly as consistant.

Henne may be the long term answer. He still seems to struggle with accuracy at times. He makes a heck of a lot of throws so it may be you just have to take the good with the bad. Several drives stopped due to errant throws that you know he is capable of making but doesn't for some reason. The chains would have kept moving several times with more accurate throws. His version of the tuck and run is very Marino-esque. Not a strength for sure.

Henning's play calling has been odd, different, old skool, lame at times etc since he has been here. I am of the belief that he just shares part of the blame along with all the other things. I am not calling for his head. I do think that his unorthodox calls and timing could be tweaked. Brandon Marshall hardly has plays were he gets hit while in stride to set up YAC.

I can't fault Bobby Carpenter too badly for the 2nd Keller TD. He had to come from mid formation and cover a very fast TE. He was still bracketed pretty well and it was a pass right on the money. Same goes for Jason Allen as he should learn better techniques the more he plays. Langford on his potential INT would have been a nifty grab but win some lose some.

In the end I won't blame any one thing. Group loss where they hopefully figure out a few things.

Vs the Pats they better keep track of TEs Hernandez and Gronkowski. Let's beat the Pats and get back on track. Feed the Wolves...Or at least have them more hungry before releasing them vs the Pats.


special teams lost the game. jets had great field pisition with unacceptable kick returns and a blocked punt in the red zone. everytime there is a special team situation for the dolphins i throw up a little in my mouth!

We really need to look into our special teams. Poor tackling and that kick out of bounds hurt us. Defensively we had a poor night. Our offense had a slow start, but I felt they did a good job overall concerning the quality defense that the Jets have.

I know Jason Allen had a tough night, but I don't point the finger his way only.

Tough loss, but at least it wsn't a blow out. A win next week would be big. especially before the bye week.

Did we sack Sanchez at all last night?

listen as a dolphins fan and of course a jets hater i hate to see miami lose!! but i saw a positive in the offense spreading out a bit and lets face it.. we knew the d was gonns flop like this we just werent sure when.. take most of allens screwups away like the 3 down daggers and meltdowns he had and we win the game.. two " timely" third down penaltys hurt too.. phins played sloppy on d and the jets took advantage.. i still feel positive about where this team is heading.. jets know we could have easily won if we didnt make some big mistakes on d






so much for our great defense, thet couldnt stop anyhing when it counted, Jason allen came back down to reality and played like always a piece of crap,and our special teams is the worst. we are an 8-8 team at best.

I agree, this was a team loss. We reverted to last year. Scores came aplenty, EXCEPT when most needed. Defense had some key stops, except at the most important times. Special teams made some key mistakes.

This is why I tell you folks (said it to ALoco after the last game) that we need to become a more pass-friendly team. While I think Henne did a good job, I don't think he looked very comfortable at times. That's because he knows he's out of his element passing so much, because he doesn't do it enough. I think if you have Brandon Marshall, you should be utilizing him, and working on timing and all that a successful air offense needs. Then, when you need a quick score (like at the end of the game), you have confidence you can do it because it's part of your DNA. Everyone knows that's NOT what Henning wants to do, so it adds too much stress and isn't consistently successful.

But I'm glad how the team fought. We lost this one, luckily we still are in a good place and have a whole season to bounce back. But, we need to win more of these close games than lose if we're going to make a run for the division or the playoffs.

Oh, and now I think Dobbins is hurting the defense. I saw him overrun about 5-6 plays, where he should have had the tackle, and instead got bounced out of the picture. We need Channing Crowder. O-line did a pretty good job.

Did you really think we were going to go undefeated? Sure the game could have had a better outcome but there were signs of improvement from our stagnant offense. Chad played better. He's building confidence and getting in sync with his receivers. Those our great things. Sure the wildcats time has come and gone....it kills momentum and the play calling needs a fresh approach but there is reason for optimism. Not sure if I'm ever going to be on the Jason Allen bandwagon. One good game does not a player make!!! Hopefully this lose will bring them all back down to earth and make them hungry. Special teams, run defense, and slow offensive starts need to shape up quickly!! Go Dolphins....take it out on the Pats!

fan since 71, if we beat the Pats next week, then at 3-1, we'll have had a MUCH better 1st month than ANYONE could have imagined in their wildest dreams. We're nowhere NEAR doomsday scenarios and fan decompression. We've beat the Jets 3 out of the last 4, and that's pretty good. You can't think you'll win every close game against a division foe. Frankly, if we beat them next time in their house, I think it'll be a better win because it will most likely mean more since it's later in the season. So don't get too depressed, it's week 3, there's lots of time to comeback (hell, we could go 15-1 for all we know).

I still have hope for this team. The defense still needs to gel. Don't forget, we had key injuries too. We still need to get better in certain areas (offensive playcalling being one). I think good things are in store for this team.








Polite needs more than 1 carry....EVERYTIME we need a yard or two give it to him on 3rd and 4th down. The guy is 21 for 21.....

henne ran for 300 plus yards
wake and dansby did great

if not for the baseball field ,we would win .still we lost to a very good team .

after last nights game.. i miss crowder. dobbins was the weakest link last night. sean smith gave up a play against keller that was his fault also... close game and i like that we wereable to play agressive on the offensive side of the ball.

we arent super bowl contenders yet.

definitly an improvement from last year.

but no matter what i will always be mad wen we lose to the jets...

we lost to a good team ans by all means we beat ourselves on many plays. d line didnt pay well, not much pressure on sanchez and we need a shutdown corner. our paycalling is strange. its always one extreme. either we run wayyy too much or we pass wayyy to much. we have a balanced offense yet we dont use it. special teams are awful. we do not have a kick return game.

Jason Allen was directly responsible for giving up two touchdowns, and was the primary reason we lost. They need to put Sean Smith back in there. He may get burned occasionally but he doesn't make the kind of mental errors that Allen makes, and that's what doomed us. Better yet throw some draft picks at a team and trade for a corner that is capable and make a run for a super bowl this year. We're not going anywhere though with that hole in the secondary we have now.

Misi wake moses, were know where with pass rush---and dustin keller blocked all of them-----that is soooo ugly----a small TE-----

cry for channing crowder all you want the inside wasnt the problem----there is no outside contain---all of the jets run were to the edges----i thought pual soliai played real well inside----

My other biggest problem is YBell isnt good in coverage anymore---he cant cover any TE in league---Jason all fought hard he has to be more consisent, but i see him improving as we go foward---Bell needs to get moved he is the reason Keller scored both TDS----

OLB play, Ybell, Special teams doomed ussss all nite long----3 and 15 YB misses another tackle on brad smith-----i was soo tight

unreal, we could of had taylor back for league min. he comes in and kills us and gets a gatorade shower. cant lose a div game at home. how does sanchez always throw all over us??? i actually liked the play calling besides wasting 2 plays at the 3 yard line, a fade to hartline is a joke. when u kick fgs u lose games. now we have to play pats, at gb, pitt, at cincy, at balt. brutal. and next time we meet jets they will have pace, holmes, revis. pathetic loss

Good night overall... only complaint, when you have the ball on the 2 yard line that should run the ball. 4 straight pass plays. C'mon.

We have to run the ball more.

The only person man enough to say it is me. I've been saying it in here for 2 years:


the biggest mistake for BP and trifecta last year was to keep henning around. They should have fire him along with paul pasqualano. He's old and man everytime they brought the wild cat in I wanted to choke henning

Game Killers:

-On the drive Miami got it to 24-23, a Wildcat reverse to Cobbs netted a 6 yeard loss & killed ANY momentum & had to settle for a FG. I'm not for axing Henning, just lose the wildcat trickery except on the goaline!

-Allen's slip was the difference in the game

-3rd & 2 missed block causes Henne to rush a deep throw. The problem isn't with the pressure, WHY ARE YOU THROWING DEEP ON 3rd & 2 instead of trying to get a 1st down?

-Dobbins & Carpenter overshoot & miss too many tackles. Time to get Crowder back in there, at least he could tackle!

-When will this team figure out how to cover a TE?

With all that said, I still think Miami is the better team. If not for a slip & a couple of terrible playcalls, Miami wins that game.

STOP RUNNING THE STUPID WILDCAT!!! It's played out and doesn't work. Henning is really becoming annoying with his lame ass play calling. It ruins the flow of the offense and we obviously don't have the right people to run it anymore. How the hell can they not see that????

the better team,lol. jets were missing some of their better players and still came in here to our house and beat us. no way we can say we are better. jets killed us on the wildcat

Actual facts of the game tonight..... defense didn't bring the pressure, Henning called wild cat and run plays on plays we needed 10 to 15 yards.... Henning called pass plays onnplays we needed 2-4 yards inside the end zone, the run game was strong enough to score from 2 yards out even at the end of the game when they could have got a first down and spiked the ball have 2 plays at least from within the 3 yrd line henning screws the fans and team by trying to throw on a team that was rushing 3 players..... Failure of the night OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR

The Jets were missing Revis. Holmes hasn't played a down yet for the jets so who cares about him? Jenkins has always been hurt so he doesn't even matter. Not to mention, Miami had a better team than them last year as well when all those guys played and swept them.

Miami was missing Crowder, Jerry & Odrick. 3 starters.

A slip, bad tackling from ILB & DE(No Crowder/Odrick) & a couple of untimely play selections cost the game. So yes, I think Miami is the better team.

3rd and 15, Henne throws a pea to Hartline for a first down.

Henne comes off the field, wildcat goes in, 2 and 16. sigh


Sean Smith sits on the bench while you allow Keller to run wild against our substandard backup linebackers and safeties.

Dobbins is the new Akin Ayodele, complete garbage. Poor scouting to get this guy.

Dolphins allow the Jets best receiver to be continually matched up against our 2nd best corner (or 3rd best) while our future all-pro gets nothing to do all night.

Badly outcoached by the Jets. They only had one or 2 offensive weapons and our coaches did nothing to take them away all night.

Their defense couldn't stop our passing game yet we continually stop our own drives with the stupid wildcat.


Every year the infield dirt costs us at least one game. Whether it's a slip by Jason Allen or a missed FG, happens every single year. GET RID OF THE INFIELD DIRT!

miami vs pats..ar home ...........must win .....8 out of 10 we wil .
miami vs GB at GB.................... upset ...first loss for GB .
STEELERS AT MIAMI.................. WIN
MIAMI AT CIN........................... ???
MIAMI AT RAVENS................... ???
TITANS AT MIAMI.......................WIN
CHI AT MAIMAI..........................WIN
MIAMI AT OAK..........................WIN
CLE AT MIAMI...........................WIN
MIAMI AT JETS.........................????
BUFFALO AT MIAMI.................WIN
LIONS AT MIAMI.......................WIN
MIAMI AT PATS ..........................LOSS

Overall the game plan by the coaching staff was terrible and it showed in their start. They made adjustments in the second half, but gave up on the run, they should have run up the middle more often, and not try to run misdirection or end arounds so much. Special teams played bad, blocked punt, kickoff out of bounds, poor kick off return yards, and bad kick off coverage, along with bad tackling. That put the defense in tough situations all night. The defense played bad and no one made a game changing play, the LB's and DL were out of position, the db's gave up too many big plays, and poor tackling gave up too many first downs. Henne's passing was not very accurate and was costly, the easy td to Hartline was overthrown, the easy td to Marshall was almost intercepted and the late interception was costly. 2nd and goal on the 2 and we pass twice, what happened to the hardnose running game? Henning's play calling was good at some rare cases but overall was questionable. They needed to push the running game in the 4th quarter to wear out the defense but instead stayed with the passing game. Where were the screen passes? The OL pass protected pretty well, but our defense had no pass rush, and without a pass rush our secondary is average. Need alot of work to beat New England next week. We can't lose another home game if we want to make the playoffs.

Miami better find a way to contain the opposing team's #1 receivers and tight ends because next week it gets WAAAY worse. Moss and the super combo of Hernandez/Gronkowski is way more dangerous than Edwards/Keller.

Let us see what you have coaches.

And I hated releasing Grove to start berger. With Grove, he's the only centre since probably Dwight Stephenson to get movement up the middle that we've had. Berger was barely better than Samson Satele out there.

better team, lol, come on bro. we just lost at home to them. who cares about last year. and yes holmes will help them out alot. pure bias to say we are the better team. watching taylor get a pass rush every play made me sick, we didnt get to sanchez once

Mark, completely right. Miami should have thrown all night. I made a comment on these boards specifically wishing for that.

The wildcat reverse to Cobbs that completely stalled the drive was HUGE. The 3rd & 2 deep pass play was also another dumb mistake.

Lets face it, inspite of that, IF Allen stays on his feet, Miami probably wins. Even in spite of the fact that we can't cover TE's.

When Crowder & Odrick come back I think we'll see guys in better position. That Wildcat run by Smith should never have happened. EVERYONE was out of position!

The Wildcat bring us only negative yards. Dobbins misses 3 clear tackles and Carpenter can´t cover anyone.
Why we slip and the rivals not?? (J.Allen / Y.Bell, both TD)Our secondary still our weak link. Clemons is allways far of the Ball.
The defensive line never get near the QB and never get the RB on outside runs.
The offensive its starting to get hot

2 Things, the blocked punt killed us, And I hate to say it... wait for it... The dang refs!!! What on earth was that roughing the receiver call on a 3rd and 12 to give them a 1st down. Our defender pulled up. That would have ended in a punt of long field goal not a TD. Also was Keller in bounds on the 1st TD? His shoulder lander out of bounds... Not sure if I am right on that one though.

Please get rid of the Wildcat! It is killing this team and is not longer needed.

Allen played horrible last night.

Both he and Bell slipped on the sod. I would think out team would know this and have longer cleats or something.

I agree we need another LB. Put Johnson in he makes plays.

Without the Wildcat we probably win this game.

Mark, don't forget exposing matchups is how offenses work in the NFL. It wasn't always coverage (for the most part, the players were in the right places). It was a failure of effort. Not the the Dolphins didn't give a good effort, but in that they didn't succeed in their task. That one Keller TD, he's covered inside and out (Carpenter and Bell). As always, Bell was too far away to be effective, and Carpenter didn't turn his head around (why would he, he's a converted LB). All those TDs were well designed on their part. The only one that was a complete giveaway was the Braylon Edwards TD (thanks Jason Allen). I mean, correct play call again, all Allen had to do was tackle the guy. He whiffs. Defense just needs to trust their assignments and carry them out in a better fashion.

When we can get both of our sides (O&D) to step up at the same time, we'll be unstoppable.

Phins are going nowhere, in spite of what reporters say. Henne keeps underthrowing receivers at critical times. It happened yesterday four times. And Henning must realize that Marshall is going to be double teamed in all games. He is so dominant. So Henne must put it up there for Marshall to get it in the end zone. Jason Allen is the same Jason Allen we have known. His only change came at the Vikings game. And coaches must take extra time and effort to teach tackling. It was sad the many missed tackles last night. Bench those missing critical tackles and let rookies' hunger come to the field.

Everyone blames J Allen, yes, he lost his footing (unfortunate) and the pass interference was on him, but he tackled solid and had some good coverage most of the game. I blame this loss on poor offensive call-play. Why throw in the Wildcat when passing game was working? Example-4Q driving downfield, passing game working like charm, then Wildcat reverse that loses 5 yds which we ended up punting.

DC, excellent counter points to my thoughts. I'm just frustrated man, the jets made Miami get of ftheir game defensively and that made me angry. So angry that my teeth are sore this morning from the constant grinding overnight.

J. Allen needs to bounce back. I will give him the benefit of the doubt on the slip but not on the 3rd down conversion on the Jets final drive. He fell for the same back shoulder throw in week 2 against the Vikes. he had help over top, he needed to choke off the short stuff.

I'm anxious to see what they will do to stop Moss and the TEs. I'm not so afraid of Welker. As courageous as his comeback has been, I don't think he's the same player (how could he be?)

By the way, Bell, for as good a player as he is, has NEVER been able to cover a TE. Why the Dolphins coaches continue to let that happen, is beyond me.

I think the wild cat isn´t the problem, the problem is when we used it. when we are inside the oppnent 35 yard line or someting with 1 and 10 to go, Henning the most of the times send the wild cat, and sometimes a reverse.
The wild cat is very predictable even for me, so I can't imegine for the profesionals in this sport, as we saw yesterday they are very happy stoping the dolphins for a loss.

Agreed, Adrian. The wildcat used by the Dolphins was the Jets best defense yesterday. Let them off the hook when their defense looked so gassed in the 4th quarter.

Taylor got a rush all night? He got 1 sack because we had a FB blocking him. A BLOWN PROTECTION OBVIOUSLY. Who cares if they won last night? That doesn't mean they are better than us. Ever hear of a team shooting itself in the foot? You honestly think the Jets outplayed us? Becase thats clearly NOT what happened last night.

I'm not biased at all, I'm a realist. Miami's mistakes cost us a win, not the Jets.

This game came down to 3 or 4 plays which Miami botched. Everyone has gone over them. Did the Jets make Allen's cleats give way or was it the infield sod? The Jets didnt make Dan Henning make 2 ridiculous drive killing play calls, did they? The Jets didn't make Dobbins & Carpenter awful against the run, did they? Miami was hurt by injuries as well. Crowders absence is HUGE, who woulda thought!

You might be the only person I've seen say the Jets outplayed us. If that were true, the game wouldn't have gone down to the last seconds.


the donkey FANS think that dolphins should go 16-0

the coaching staff did WELL despite the loss.

next week we win,jets loss vs buffalo .

bess, were out of this world .

jason allen caused you to win the VIKES GAME SHAGGY DONKEY .

Calm down naysayers. The first 2 games showed how good the team (esp the defense) could be. This game showed how young they really are (and how new this all still is to a lot of them). billconnrs, not sure what team you're watching. But if you don't see the plays made by Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall, the progression of Hartline and Bess and even Henne, John Jerry, Koa Misi, all these are upgrades from the previous year. Fact is, we were 5 yards away from having a chance to tie the game (who thought we would have brought the ball down the field that quick at the end, not me). After giving them a 14 point lead. The team came back, fought all the way, and made a few more mistakes that put them in the situation they were in. All that said, they STILL had a chance to win. That's what this team gives you, a chance to win every game (at least every game this year so far). To me, that shows absolute progression from years past. If your point was to say they aren't there yet, I would most probably agree with you.

nice int. to seal the loss henne..lol

does the st's coach have pix of parcells and ireland on that vacation down in el salvador playing with those donkeys.?..lol

We played a competitive game against a good team.
Isn't that what we've been searching for?
Let's move on.
New England's defense is not as good as the Jets.
Henne beat them last year by throwing 55 times.
Look for the same this time.
I expect 80-90 points scored in the game.

Aloco, you are an ignorant clown.

Here's Henning's response when he's asked about play-calling (my prediction):

"Well, in the last game you said I didn't pass enough. In this game, you say I passed too much. (chuckling) Can't catch a break I guess. (stern look to reporter, like serial killer) Look, we take what the defense gives us. Last game, we saw holes we could open up, take some things they gave us, so we ran the ball to eat up time in a loud environment. This game, we saw that they bringing pressure, and we had one-on-one matchups downfield, so we took what was given which resulted in more passing..."

You get the point. MANDO, the very next question SHOULD be: "We understand that" (we're not imbeciles). "What we're asking about is the TIMING of the play-calling? Why do a silly reverse out of the Wildcat when, A) you're normal offense is working just fine, and B) you have new linemen in the game who will have more probability of making a penalty? Why was the Wildcat run on OUR 20? Since when do you run that formation on your side of the field? When you're five yards from the endzone at the end of the game, why not at least try one run play (that IS what you're supposed to be known for) for Ronnie or Ricky (maybe get you down to the one to ram the rock in)?"

Those are the questions people are trying to understand from Henning.

Look at last weeks game and see how much pressure we put on Farve. Allen has had 1 good game in his career. Sean Smith almost gives up a td in the preseason(ATL) and you homeys want him shot. Smith has never been targeted like Allen was last night

DC, personally I'd prefer not to ask Henning anything about the Wildcat. At this point, that formation is nothing but a hinderence. We don't need it anymore. We needed it 2 years ago when we couldn't open any holes and it was a surprise. Fact is, it don't work anymore. And until Sporano tells Henning to drop it from the gameplan, he'll continue to use it...and poorly.

Minus the minn game Allen is one of the biggest bust in team history.
The last time he covered Moss he gave up 200 yds and 3 tds not again

I think you are dead wrong about the running game not showing up Armando. It was there, it was just unused. The offensive play calling in this game was atrocious and did not seem to have any basis in what was happening on the field. Dan Henning needs to go the way of Paul P. - out!

The O put up 463 yds against a good D and made it look easy. You can always look back and question calls if that wildcat play works no one complains when it doesn't you say bad call
Henning called rollouts on overloads the run call with ronnie in the hurryup great calls

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