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Jets beat Dolphins 31-23 to take first in AFC East

The Dolphins came into this game the AFC East's only unbeaten team.

They come away from this 31-23 loss in a three-way tie with New England and New York. All three teams have a 2-1 record.

The defense simply wasn't up to the task tonight, folks.

The run defense was leaky for the second week in a row, this night yielding 146 yards on the ground. Suprisingly, the defense that was so good against the pass the past two weeks, collapsed tonight. Mark Sanchez completed 15 of 28 passes for 256 yards and three touchdowns without an interception.

Chad Henne and the offense -- playing with one hand behind its back as the running game was a no-show -- stayed close for a time. Henne had his best game of the season, throwing for 364 yards while completing 26 of 44 passes with three TDs and no interceptions.

Jason Allen had a tough night, giving up a 67-yard TD completion to Braylon Edwards and also getting called for pass interference in the end zone.


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Ricky didn't get back on the field after that 2nd close call, did he? I wouldn't have put him back out there either at that point.

Ball at the 2 yd line, try a run at some point, no????



THE way M.vick throw the ball is magic .

ALoco, would you buy M. Vick a dog?


Should have run the ball at the 2, no question. Would have gone for it on 4th down to. If they didn't get it, whats the harm really? Jets would have been pinned.

No excuses for the L. But, this is a game Miami should have won. Playcalling & slipping aside, I look forward to the 2nd matchup & like our chances. This game should motivate Miami next week. This loss has no doubt left a sour taste in their mouth...& it should.

Joe, it certainly left a sour taste in my mouth and my dentist surely will not be impressed with the way I wore down my enamel.

ALoco, I agree with your point on Vick, he's been impressive and frankly, I never really cared what he did with the dogs anyway. Not to say it's right or should be condoned but the penalty was way bigger than the crime, in my opinion.

Aside from that, I loved the way Henne played yesterday. Showed a real gun slinger's mentality and bailed out Henning on more than a few occasions. The wildcat is dated and doens't fit our personnel these days. The wildcate worked when our biggest playmakers were Ricky and Ronnie. Now, our biggest playmakers are Marshall, Henne, and then Ronnie. I don't condone any formation that takes 2 of our best 3 playmakers off the field.

RICKY.W SHOULD be shipped to the nearest farm .

Ricky does look awful old all of a sudden, doesn't he ALoco???

The fumbles have always been a part of him but where is the power???

i say short gold now ,in fact i am shorting of last fri at the close the ticker gold .

ALoco, I do not agree with that move at all. That's the wildcat version of trading. I'm only financials right now, long gold stocks, long GOOG and PX

mark, only for 2-3 days .i hope gold lose a few bucks .google will take a dive shortly .it's up about 80 in september .

GOOG and PX are my 2 oldest trades and the money is made in those. I'm just waiting for them to reverse so I can sell. I bought GOOG at 479.

Yep, that would be the only way to possibly short gold.

The main reason for the loss NO QB PRESSURE/NO SACKS Sanchez had ALL day to throw..unlike Henne who was pressured all game and sacked. Defense blew this game! PERIOD!!!

henne was awesome. we have our qb. bad coaching when it mattered most cost us. no excuse to lose a home game. and the gatorade on taylor really pissed me off

its a huge loss, could of taken control. not jets have all control with wins over us and pats. our schedule is brutal next 5 games

Has anyone made a list of plays and their result from start to finish? It'd be interesting to see what happens after they break continuity with the Wildcat. If we can see it on paper, it makes for a stronger point that a feeling that it actually disrupts Henne's rhythm. For the record, I think it does and, except for a couple of times in the game (to throw the D off), it is pointless.

Allen overcommitted on the slip. He had a bad PI call, even tho he tried to get his head around - too late. The playing over top when he had help there and giving up the 1st down was a killer. Can Sean Smith tackle someone BEFORE they get a first down? Henning is a very erratic play caller. Why don't you try to hit BMarsh or R. Wallce (wide open) in the end zone instead of a triple covered Fasano? And so on...

Random Thoughts:

We need to get Ronnie 20+ carries a game
No call on Helmet to helmet on Ronnie hurt bad.
Jason Allen had a bad night but his head was turned on the Pass Int call
The Helmet to helmet call on the phins was bs Clemons tried to pull up they ran into each other. Jets scored on that drive

Plain and simple, we got out physicled up front on both sides of the ball. We were forced into passing the ball because we couldn't run it, I said this last night but any team that we play that can force us into throwing more then 40 times. This was proven last night. Yes the passing game looked pretty good. But for this team to win games, we have to be more balanced. I will say at least we were able to recognize that the run was not there, and through the pass we were able to stay in the game. On Defense, we didn't get pressure, anytime this happens, any secondary is going to have a tough time covering people. We also didn't create turnovers, or get them off the field on third down. The people freaking out about B-Carp need to stop. On the Keller td, he was showing blitz, he was in deep, and had to retreat to coverage, and the coverage was good. The saftey was supposed to be the help, and he was late. Snachez made a good pass, thats it. So we chalk this one up,and move ahead.

Bill, I was telling a friend before the game that if the Dolphins won yesterday and next week. They would have had a 2 game lead over everyone with tie-breakers.

I am so furious with the coaching staff for yesterday's game. Jets dictated the pace the whole game and the coaches were so late on making adjustments. How many catches does a tight end need to make on your team to figure out that you need to scheme them out of using it??? Not like the first time it's happened. Not even the first time this month.

The reasons we lost this game in my opinion is the following

1. Terrible special teams play
2. No pressure from pass rush (or inadequate pressure at best)
3. Poor timing of utilizing wildcat formation and some questionable play calling by Henning
4. As much as I hate to say it the Jets out-coached us.

I hate the Jets but they seamed to have a better game plan and stuck with it and executed their play-calling on offense better than us. Look at how they utilized their WildCat formation compared to ours and how they committed to the run on the outside in order to take advantage of our weak containment.

Look against any other team I would not feel as bad as I do today. I just hate losing at home to the Jets. But in all fairness they did a better job of game-planning and executing then we did.

@12.04 What I meant was that most teams that force us to throw it over 40 times are going to feel that they have a very good shot at winning that game.

ill agree there, our special teams have to be the worst in football. blocked punt, had one in pre season also. have no return game at all

thatGatorade idea was all rex ryan right there. he wanted that win more than any jet fan, player and staff. and to pull the gatorade stunt was only to Rub it in some more.
IMO i think he should be fined for that but the truth is JT (as a person) deserved it plenty.
we faught Hard to win and Failed, They faught Hard to win and Did.
Let IT Go until we meet again.
and Yes I still believe,


Dolphins were 2-0 against the Jets when Pat White was on the team. Just saying

2-0 with tutu teddy also

if we had ted ginn on return ...well

bfish, you can joke about teddy but his speed KILLED against the Jets. NOt just the 2 returns in New York. Not just the bomb in the Monday nighter, but in 2008 in the 2nd game, he caught a huge long pass from Pennington to give us the division. For as retarded as he looked against most teams, he was All Pro against the Jets. He might have helped yesterday in the return game. The best thing you can say about Cobbs and Bess in returns is that they won't turn the ball over. I blame the coaches for this though. Even when they had Ginn, they were reluctant to use him in returns until Cobbs shredded his knee. They are afraid to win in some areas, and the return game is one. There are enough guys that play football that have speed and can return kicks, yet we never get them.


4 tds in 3 games during that streak of 3 straight wins against the jets.

constructive observations, henne still sporadically stares down recievers, even if it's 5 plays a game, that's 5 mistakes that can account for 5 incompletions or worse yet interceptions.. CORRECTABLE. the defense didn't show up, jason allen is doing well, but still after 5 years in the league is making rookie mistakes.. CORRECTABLE, needs to study the playbook more and needs to pick up a copy of the referee manuel(see RULES on pass interference). game plan was wrong, for games 1 and 2, teams that had played jets had great sucsess throwing an exceptionally high number of passes to tight-ends, this has to do with jets corners, nonetheless was the weakspot for opposing offenses.. CORRECTABLE. i expect game 2 to be even more difficult with the return of revis. defensive gameplan, no pressure schemes or blitz packages utilised to ratlle 2nd year QB sanchez, this was a mistake, if fins could have succsess against farve, why the hesitation vs. sanchez? CORRECTABLE. the first play of the game, BOMB to hartline? this play set the tone as hartline does not offer the same accuracy cushion as marshall, leaving little room for error on the first play of the game. CORRECTABLE, the bomb is designed for marshall's skill set, throw the bomb to marshall.

Dan Henne is truly an "OFFENSIVE" co-ordinator.

He can take his and lose to yours

He can take yours and lose to his

I'm no Bum Phillips, I'm just Bummed!

ricky is done, wildcat it done, henning is done and the defense looks to near done.
What is going on with Bell?? He seems to have regressed majorly.

? won the 1st 2 games.?.. the d, henne flat out failed to deliver when the d needed him most. stats r 4 losers.

ulitmatley i put this as a loss for the coaches. The team wasn't prepared. On defense they didn't know what to do with Keller and smith. On offense we couldn't run because we kep running the stupid wild cat.

Coaches let us down last night

Boulder, it was embrassing when Yermiah Bell raised both of his arms up like a girl, if he turns around hes got a pick,

why did this Dolphin team play so different than the other two games? The Jets changed there culture sooo fast.

Wildcat works but not when Henne is hot you stop the momentum. They did that all night.

We still can not find an awnser to stop or shutdown Tide Ends. That is so upsetting.

Odin, your boy Tim Dobbins sucks the major chulupa. Crowder is such an upgrade over every ILB they've had here other than Dansby since Zach left.

primetime, the Dolphins must have the only coaching staff that allows you to use a blueprint other teams used to beat you a year ago and it will still work. COVER A FRIGGIN TE, especially when teh other team has nothing on the outside to throw to and their QB sucks bollas!!

first STOP the wildcat, first loose Hennes arms to MARSHALL BESS HARTLINE,drop fasano,the defense sucks on run defense,solai and dobbins are back up no every down players,and please please use the wildcat on the 1 or 2 yard goal line stop tha crappy play. common man we have them in their own heels with 17 un answer points and then we flip flop.

After time to digest it was the lack of pressure on Sanchez that was really the cause of this loss. The Defense had a down game. After taking the lead on a nice drive the defense gives it up on one play.
Everyone knows how I feel about the Wildcat and how it takes away from Henne's momentum so no no sense in going there.
This loss hurts because it was such a great game and the energy in the crowd was amazing. It has been a long time since ive seen that at the Stadium. I called for 5-3 at the half way point with a easy second half schedule, I still think we get there. PS: Brandin Marshall is steaming MAD, Live to see that!! Guy is an incredible player, even Parcells gotta be smiling watching this guy play.

I got a good laugh when they dumped the gatorade over Taylors head.....right after they hit him on the side of the head first.
I felt we should have gone for it on 4th and goal from the 2 or 3 yard line in the 3rd quarter.We kicked the FG and Carpenter decides to kick the the ball out of bounds on the KO
We had the Jets sucking wind bad and the next thing you know,the refs take their time reviewing the potential INT by J Allen.It was so obvious that it wasn't,but it seemed to take forever for them to review the play.When a person,or team is gassed,2-3 minutes make a big difference as far as them getting rested.Then they decided to give the ref a new mic,before he went back on the field.Very convienient for the Jets.
It was a good game to watch but at least we scored some points and Henne threw pretty well.
We'll get those guys the next time though.

Dobbins and Carpenter played horribly no doubt we are missing Channing but i still think we need another elite WR badly Marshall was double covered the whole game.

Dansby and Marshall... money well spent!!!

jason allen also took a wrong line on the 3rd down at the end of the game were edwards got the completion. he had help on top and he didn't take the from pass and they completed the 3rd down and scored. That could have been the game. So frustrating we could have won that game. But we're just not good enough yet. We're an 8-8 team. Although the Jets aren't any better

allen had an awful game no doubt

bobby righton. wildcat should only come out if by the second half if our offense cant get something going and maybe on short goalline play.

i dont agree with lb rating. should be a B mainly cause of Dansby. stud! if he puts his hands on u its a tackle.
henne looked good, dfense still young and really need to fix special teams. lets beat the Pats!

it's nice to see the jason allen we all know showed up last night. back to reality,and that is the dolphins can easily be 2 and 4 after these next 3 games. henne didn't deliver when he needed to the most, as usual so it doesn't matter how many yards he had or how many different receivers caught the ball. bottom line,he choaked!! the wild crap wastes downs thats it.

hey, henne did well. Penington doesn't have the arm for half if those passes. yes pennington threw interceptions too. The special teams were solely responsible for the lost. Jets had great field position all night except when Fields punted. the blocked punt was a line disaster. Someone on special teams HAS to step up!

offense looked really good but i agree with everyone else... the wildcat needs to go. i still have faith in our defense its just one bad game but we do need channing back BIG TIME. Henne played awesome along with receivers. vontae is a stud. j allen didnt show up. special teams was awful. where the hell was the pressure on Sanchez??? Dansby still played great. we'll get it straightened out though and be a top 10 defense. watch

the Jets Jets Jets are the better team

1) Jason Taylor, as a situational player, was a factor. He pressured Henne on a few occassions, aside from his sack.
2) The Wildcat has its place; and works when used sparingly and surprisingly. When Henne leaves the field, there is no surprise. Also, the Jets are one of those teams that defend it well because most of their players are on the line threatening to blitz...Ravens handle it well also.
3)Yes, J. Allen had a really bad game. After two very good games, it will be interesting to see how he does against the Pats (if he starts)....a superior passing team to the Jets.
4) Dobbins did not tackle well and over-ran several plays; Carpenter has apparent issues with pass coverage. I agree, Crowder might have done better...and he would have brought some emotion to the defense...which looked very emotionless.
5) When Williams coughs the ball up repetatively, and Brown isn't running as well, why did they not try Cobbs on a play or two?

and 6) Generally, the Dolphins appeared dereft of emotion...period. There appeared to be no "spark"....on offense, defense, special teams and/or coaching. It was Uninspired.

Watching that game was like watching shuffleboard on a retirement cruiseline. If not for the fans yelling, I'd of fell asleep. A close game should have been exciting; but I was guessing each offensive play...ask my 15-year-old. If I can guess plays on practically every down, Miami has no chance.

I think it will be interesting to see the response Monday night. Maybe Allen redeems himself. Maybe the Wildcat catches someone offguard. Maybe there will be some "inspired" playcalling and play in general.

Mio Fretello Sparano....your wolves didn't look hungry....they look bored.

drove 10 hours and feel like i wasted hard earned money on a game that wasn't well prepared for. its not the losing, but how we played that really pises me off c

Why is allen starting over Smith. I know allen has made some plays in the previous games but Smith is a true corner. Allen is better suited at safety. At least give Smith a chance to cover Braylon after allen gets burned time after time.

Bell hasn't showed me much thus far either. Just another reason to put Allen back there at safety and Smith starting corner. I think that's the best fit. Any thoughts?

it was surprising result for me.. Hope Dolphins play well in next game

I think the coach said it best the "THE SPECIAL TEAMS IRKS". If the dolphins do not improve in the "THE SPECIAL TEAMS" they will keep on losing close GAMES. They must keep in mind at all times during the GAME,that they MUST make plays,to keep them in the GAME. Where one of the three offensive,defense or SPECIAL TEAMS can come up to make a GAME winning play. The only other thing i seen so far is poor tackling.
Your Faithful Fan Forlife,

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