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Jets lead Dolphins 14-10 going to third quarter

It was looking ugly for a while -- as in the Dolphins were trailing 14-0 in the second quarter after Mark Sanchez connected with Dustin Keller for the second TD of the evening.

Then the Dolphins rallied.

They got a seven-yard scoring pass from Chad Henne to Anthony Fasano. 14-7.

Then they got a field goal from Dan Carpenter.

The Dolphins will get the ball first in the third quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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henning needs to stop the screens/marshall reverses/marshall sweep/wild crap

let henne throw!

week and week, season after season, henning calls such bad play calls at the worst time

henne gets on a roll. lets do a screen or reverse or wildcrap.

Yeah Henne needs to ignore Henning

we need a kick returner

wild cat needs to go. its done

NBC has to scrub off their Jets knee pads and rinse out their mouths ... what a bunch of rubes ... seriously ... NBC sucks ... get off the Jets lovefest for crying out loud!!!!!!

sadly, ted ginn > anything we have gotten in our return game

Henne should come in at 5AM and leave at midnight so that he can call the Offense

i agree zaphod.

test, that's no secret...I was against losing Ginn for that reason alone

a couple of things, why are we not working any screens? seem sto me like it would be a perfect way to punish the Jets to bringing in all the pressure, and second when are we gonna work some shotgun in there? Give the man a better view of the coverage....

its like they do not trust him and cuff him.. Henning said himself hed rather not throw a pass at all during a game.. this isnt 1923.. take a risk and let him take the helm

cobb has no business on kick returns. i understand bess on punts he has good hands

Is Don Strock doing anything right now? Seriously, if he's not busy let's bring him in to train Henne ... I mean, he didn't do such a bad job with a kid named Dan Marino!

Tried to tell ya about Dustin Keller.
Anyways, Go Dolphins!
I will keep the faith.

at least he isnt throwng any picks

the offense should run through Henne, the guy is making plays so give him the ball and let him win.

To win the 3rd quarter we need offensive pts and a big D turnover to keep the momentum

tight ends always kills us

well what i dont get is when you have on Oline that blocks and grades through the Dline you can have the run mentallity but we are average at est right now, let it fly...

Is Anna Kournakova there?

Whats Msrk Sanchez doing singing???

My Score Prediction ...

I've looked under chairs
I've looked under tables
I've tried to find the key
To fifty million fables

They call me
The Home Opener Seeker
I've been searching low and high
I won't get to get what I'm after
Till the day I die

I asked Bobby Dylan
I asked The Beatles
I asked Timothy Leary
But he couldn't help me either
They call me
The Home Opener Seeker

Miami Dolphins 31
New York Jets 24

this guy is nuts!!!!
Home does not know Dolphin football!!!
4-0 my ash, Dolphins will never beat the Jets!!!!

oh and where did the shotgun go?

Obama without commercial interruption is like a root canal without novacaine. Please END THE FREAKING PAIN!!!!!! NBC you suck on SO MANY LEVELS!!!!!!!!!

i feel santy will throw a pick. he looked a little rattled that las series

I bet Bill Parcells is on stage at the half time show lol

If we’re not going to throw out of the Wildcat, EVER, then just get rid of The Drive Killer. We’re not fooling anybody with it anymore.

nice long drive to open the half and a TD. then D can man up!

The Dolphins will score 31? Seriously? I just don't see that much production from this offense.

id like to see some screens going opposite of the pressure and some shotgun work for Henne.

lets go fins!!!!! now that we are settled down, lets come out and play our game. run it down their throats. run right at jt. he never could stop the run. then let it fly long
anyone know if brandon is hurt? tweets say last play he landed funny and was

Can anyone predict how long it will be before Brandon Marshall gets very upset about how hes being used?

That computerized crap at the 1/2 was painful!! Hope it motivates the Fins..

Ricky needs to sit. Enough of this split carry stuff. Ronnie needs to get in a rhythm.


Home will be at the game
Wearing Miami Dolphin jersey of player who should have big impact on this Sunday night game

Orange Jersey # 15
Simply The Bess
w/ Atomic Orange wrap around shades

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Posted by: Home | September 25, 2010 at 12:32 PM

HOMEY the NostraHomeUs knows nothing!!!!!!!!
Bess sucks!!!
Bess will do nothing this game!!!!
Dolphins Lose!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

Henne is going to be real good once he quits locking in on one reciever. He knows what to do he just is real sloppy at not staring down his primary reciever.He can make all the throws. If he had more time to look that would help. O line is weak on pass blocking.

stadium looks empty

ncfinsfan ... One and half weeks ago?

ok we need 7

No return threat.

Agreed.. so how long before it becomes public?

tv says brandon got an iv and will be back

iv?? what?? mando??

lex didnt block one person on kickoff

much more of the wildcat?? great

dolphins will win

Well, unless the D scores points we've lost this game. Henne has scored his one touchdown limit per game.

don't know ncfinsfan, but it may be soon.

nice run ricky

he was down



Seriously BENCH Ricky, fumble or not...I've seen enough

oh my god. ricky

hey look Ricki fumbled again.. lets give it to him again..

can we get ronnie in the game plz

We miss Jerry tonite....


Trhow the red flag

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